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Beauty handjob more of a nasty tease
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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Still shaking slightly Alan arose unsteadily to his feet. Teetering Alan was surprised when Helga grabbed him guiding him to a couch. Shaking his head he got a moment of clarity then it was gone.

"As much as I have increased the last few weeks this shouldn't have wore me out as badly." Alan stated. "Alan you are delving into several areas of repairing the mind. Just because you can easily do one thing does not automatically make the others easy! Humph! Like I remember your mother saying earlier, for one so smart there are times you can be soo stupid!" Helga said exasperated with her hands on her hips. Alan looked up at her with a weak smile as he felt the energy slowly seep back into him.

"At least now I have all of you strong enough that the son of a bitch can't do this to any of you." Then he stared at Helga, "everyone that is except you Helga. I know I fixed a lot in you but this I never checked, may I?" Her eyes large Helga nodded then she held up her hand. "I think that you should rest some before you do this Alan. I don't want to be the reason you are unconscious again for a day or two! Your mother and I were good friends so I don't want to do something to hurt her." "Well!

At least someone cares about other people's feelings!" Angelika said as she was staring hard at Alan. "Hey! I told you I was sorry besides after what I did you are a lot stronger than you were!" Alan cried out, the hurt apparent in his voice. "Yes, yes I know you are the good son always thinking of your mama! I just have a bone to pick with you about the way you go about it is all!" Angelika said a small smirk on her face. This of course started Truda, Madde, and Helga into a round of giggling.

Throwing his arms up again Alan decided not to fight it. He'd already lost, no point in giving them more ammunition to use against him later! Sighing Alan motioned for Truda and Varick as soon as the giggling stopped. "I need all of you to work on Madde and Uncle Emory. Afraid I need more rest than I thought." Both nodded then got a serious look on their faces. "I'm just worried that we might miss something Alan." Varick told him. "I have the same fear. You seemed to blanket everything, you made it look easy." Truda replied.

"As you can see it was anything but easy. I am hoping since you both have had power longer than I, you can handle this at a slower rate. I don't want to give that asshole a single advantage!" Alan told them then with a sigh nodded and closed his eyes. Again as before Alan was flying stopping inside the now familiar defunct bunker where all this had started.

Looking down he saw that once again he was at the beginning. Then he saw his own image as it appeared the times he'd visited before. 'Strange,' he thought, 'none of the before hims' could detect or feel him' After they moved on Alan reached in looking at all the adjustments he'd already made. Shaking his head there had to be something he could do that would prevent the Doctor from doing this again. Try as he might though, almost everything he wanted to do had dire consequences.

Going forward Alan checked each time his former visits left. Trying to adjust almost anything gave him the same. The day the bunker exploded he had to wait for his former self to leave. Reaching in he smiled as he saw that the Doctor had finally formulated the plan to have a son and take the body.

He could also feel the Doctor's abilities as they started to grow. He had to do this before the man could affect changes. What felt like an eternity later Alan smiled again at what he'd left.

That should make a hell of a lot of differences when it came to finally killing the son of a bitch! Snapping back like a strong elastic band was pulling on him Alan awoke with a huge smile on his face. His mother, Madde, Truda, Varick, Harman, and lastly Helga were in a discussion about him across the room.

"You know," Alan said as he tried to sit up. "It really is bad manners to talk about someone when they are in the same room! All five of them turned and nodded then they all walked to where he was now finally sitting up. "I know that look, I think." Truda said a moment later as she looked hard at Alan's face. "You were back there again weren't you?" Alan nodded then went into what he'd done. Then laughing a bit he told them about the last part that he'd had to wait to do.

"I'd wondered why every time I tried to do something about the present situation all I saw was bad possible futures. I guess I know now huh Truda?" "Well, duh!" Truda said matter of factly. "Hell Alan I could have told you that!

For crying out loud I know I'm not as strong but I have been at it a whole lot longer!" Alan nodded with a smile, "I'll remember that in the future Truda." "You better!

Then again are you really wanting to find out first hand if the old saying 'hell have no fury like a woman scorned' is in fact true?" Truda said her hands on her hips as she stomped to emphasize her point. Alan again threw up his hands in surrender backing away from Truda.

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"Like I said I'll remember that." Alan said. Helga walked up to Alan, her eyes turned down as she asked in a whisper, "you didn't see me did you Alan? I really don't want you to see the shame I went through in order to survive.

I was nothing to them. Only a receptacle for their lustful wants. I don't want you to see me that way. Alan." "No Helga I didn't, nor did I try to. What you did in the past shall stay there. I told you before I don't want to reopen old wounds, old pain. Don't forget I have my own pain, I'm not really wanting to relive it. Just as I don't want you to go through yours again." Alan said as he raised a hand to Helga's face and gently caressed it.

"Thank you for that Alan. It means far more to me than you can even begin to know." Leaning over Helga passionately kissed Alan seemingly sending a huge shock through them both.

Breaking apart proved far harder than either of them thought it would be. Both fell to opposite ends of the couch panting for breath. Suddenly a saucy look crossed her face as Helga stated, "Ummm keep that up lover boy and I just might fall for you after all!" Looking over Alan saw that Truda had huge tears in her eyes as she rushed up to hug him.

Whispering in his ear, "Thank you Alan, you have done so much for her she feels almost normal again." Then his mother hugged him also as she said almost the identical thing. Finally untangled from the females Alan started to outline his plan to finally end the Doctor. The only problem was he wasn't sure if they could withstand the bastard long enough.

Looking at each he could see that they were all at an altogether different level than they had ever been, but would it be enough. Finally an hour later Alan nodded as what he'd seen of Varick, Angelika, Truda, and Varick.

They were indeed where even the Doctor would have a hard time controlling or over coming all of them. Madde, Emory, and Aldrich walked up a moment later. "I do hope you realize that if you do this without us I will kick your ass!" Madde started. "For all the terror and loss this bastard has caused for me and my family I owe him also!" Emory stated.

"If they go I go!

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I made a promise that I would help to protect mother. I intend to keep that promise or die trying!" Aldrich said a fierce look on his face. Then to all their surprise, Alan nodded his head. "Good! I was hoping the three of you would want to help. Though you all aren't as strong as we are you do have quite a bit of power.

It just might be enough to push his defenses to the point of collapse." "You just tell us what you want us to do Alan. We'll be there to help all of you finally end this hideous piece of filth!" Emory told him with Madde and Aldrich vigorously nodding their acquiesce. "We need to go after him now. I hurt him when he came after me. I also planted a part of me in him like he had in the others. I just hope that it is able to keep him occupied long enough to defeat him." Alan told the three before him.

"Like father said, whatever we can do to end this we will gladly help you to do." Madde replied. "I honestly hope that you do kill him, I've heard of many of the atrocities he did. NO ONE hurts our family and gets away with it!" Aldrich growled out his power slightly raising as his ire went higher. "You'll get your chance to help believe me. With all eight of us against him I can't see him surviving for long.

Still I would like to look in all of your minds again make sure there wasn't something I missed." All three of them nodded with wide eyes. "I'll go first." Emory told them as he opened up to Alan. Alan went as fast as he could for an hour, finding nothing that the Doctor could use at all. Looking at Madde she nodded as Alan delved in reaching all the way to the beginning of her mind.

Like with Emory, Alan did as wide a scan coming out as he could. Almost another hour later he pulled out satisfied that Madde was also clear. Moving over to Aldrich, Alan waited for the youth to nod he was ready. When Aldrich's face twisted into a mask of pain Alan went in as fast as possible. "So my bastard son, we are once again at odds.

Though as you can see this time I am holding this stupid, useless youth's heart and lungs in my hands. This time there is nothing that you can do! Leave and I will kill him, stay and I will kill him. Either way this useless piece of meat is dead. How does it feel to be completely powerless my traitorous son?" The Doctor sneered at Alan.

Alan cursed he hadn't foreseen the bastard taking one of his family. "You might be powerful, you might have more experience but remember. I started on you a lot longer than you did on them!

As I have always said get used to disappointment!" Seeing the Doctor relax his grip but a moment Alan hit him with everything he had. "Too late! The youth will be dead in moments I know you can save him. So I suggest you do so!" Alan felt a surge for a moment then smiled as he reached out to Aldrich's vital autonomic systems.

As he expected the Doctor started to power a bolt when he was suddenly screaming in pain. Several bolts of energy were blowing the visage of the Doctor to pieces faster than he could regroup it.

<We have to get him to leave! I'm not sure I can sustain Aldrich that much longer! The bastard waited 'til I was at a lower amount of energy when he struck!> Alan's thoughts reached out to the darkness where the energy bolts were coming from.

"NO! There is no way you can have this much power! I will ki. NO! you again! Stay away you bastard! How are you in my mind and here! NOoooooo!" Came the Doctor's screams as he was suddenly gone. Breathing a sigh of relief Alan had already restored Aldrich's heart rhythm. Now it seemed he was having trouble re-establishing Aldrich's involuntary breathing.

Alan could feel his energy starting to fade but he held on. Suddenly he felt Truda and Helga there trying to add to his energy. "Thank you both, Aldrich!

Where are you?" Alan was trying to shout out. He had to make sure the youth was alright before he left. Not far away behind what appeared to be a huge locked door Alan thought he could hear the youth yelling. "Cousin Alan!" Came the muffled voice. "I'm here I can't get the door open! Help!" Alan looked at Truda and Helga nodding as the both directed their energy at the door.

A sudden cracking let them know that they were starting to break through. Thing is they had to stop supplying energy to Alan, the sudden withdrawal had left Alan holding the youth's breathing in his hands alone.

The strain though was starting to take its toll on Alan. Alan could feel his energy starting to fade again. A moment later there was a huge cracking crunch followed by the sound of something heavy falling.

Alan felt a hand on his shoulder, "It's ok Cousin you can let go." Came the voice of Aldrich. Nodding Alan let his hands and arms drop, almost immediately he felt somewhat better.

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Not looking back Alan started to head up out of the youth's mind. Though as he watched he wasn't moving all that fast. An arm hooked into each of his as he saw that both Truda and Helga had caught up to him pulling him out a lot faster than he knew he could right now. They were almost out when to his shock he saw Angelika, Varick, and Harman near the opening out.

"Good you got him." Angelika started to shake a finger at him then smiled. "I am so proud of you Alan. What you did took more than I think I could ever do." "Thank you mother, think I need a nap though." Alan told her then they were all out. Groaning Alan tried to raise his head off the couch. Only to find he had absolutely no energy at all!

Madde rushed to him as soon as his eyes opened. "Thank you for saving my son, Alan. Now I want that asshole more than before!" Alan tried to speak but again could only get squeaks out. Then he nodded closing his eyes. Even as the darkness started to drag him down he felt Helga beside him. "You were so brave Alan, please rest up. We'll watch things 'til you are up again." Alan nodded as Helga moved off and out of his mind. Alan was starting to relax when a sudden thought occurred to him.

Helga had entered his mind easily, she was developing faster than he thought she would. He'd have to clamp down on his thoughts more before she stumbled across his past. It was about twelve hours later that Alan awoke feeling as if he'd not eaten in a week. Reaching out Alan started to panic when he couldn't feel anyone. Relaxing a bit they were suddenly all there. This wasn't good it felt a lot like something the Doctor would do though not really. <I hope that didn't scare you,> Alan heard Helga's thoughts.

<Helga, we need to talk as soon as I eat.> Alan told her. <Ok, I always enjoy your company Alan.> Helga replied. Alan was heading to the kitchen when Truda caught up to him. "Alan you're going to have to do something.

Helga is going into almost everyone's mind. She isn't asking she's just going. If this keeps up someone might get hurt or hurt her in the process." Sighing Alan nodded, "I know, she has an ability to learn as fast as I do. She has already found many of the back ways into a mind that I know. I am going to talk to her as soon as I eat.

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God I'm starving!" Alan woofed down probably five plates of food before he felt he was nearly back to his old self. Grimacing he now had to find Helga and straighten her out about the mind invasions.

"Helga," he said as he caught sight of her as he rounded a building. "Hello Alan," she stated. It was at that moment that Alan felt her probe reach out to him. Shutting all his pathways up Alan saw her shock as she hit a wall.

"What was that?" She asked. "My defenses, unfortunately I am the only one that can produce one this strong." Sighing Alan sat beside her. "Why am I feeling that I did something wrong?" Helga asked.


"Uh. yeah you might say that. You have been going into minds without permission. This has me and a few others afraid that you are going to get hurt.


Worse you might hurt someone without meaning to." Alan explained. Helga put her head in her hands as she started to cry. "I'm sorry Alan I never meant to hurt anyone! My god! I could have hurt my friends!" Shaking her head she put her head on Alan's shoulder. "I am especially sorry to you." Alan started to tell her she didn't have to be when he felt the zap of a taser! Tears were flowing from her eyes unending as she said.

"I have no choice Alan he has all my children. They are all I have ever had." As Alan felt his body convulse he knew he'd let far too much of his guard down. <You could have come to me I would have helped you. You can't believe he will honor his promises. Let me, let us help you!> Alan thought to her.

"I can't take the chance Alan I'm sorry." Grabbing his arm she and Alan flashed out appearing near the long building that Alan had faced the Doctor in. <Good girl Helga. You've always been a good girl. Now bring him to me, then I will release all of them.> The Doctor's thoughts came to them both. <NO! I want to see them now! If they are hurt in the least I will kill you myself!> Helga was shouting in her thoughts to the Doctor. <Of course my dear,> suddenly a vision of all thirty of her children tied up and helpless appeared before her.

Nodding her head Alan shook his head no.

<That wasn't your children Helga. I know how they fell more than any but you. I'm telling you that wasn't them!> Alan just hoped he got through to her they were far too close for him to be comfortable. "What!? Of course it was them I. wait. You know how they feel? How could you?" Helga asked. <Did you forget I knocked them out? I had to find the energy of them in order to do that. I'm telling you that wasn't them!> Alan thought hoping he was getting through to her.

He thanked god that she hadn't given him a very big charge. Already part of the paralysis was starting to fade though he wasn't sure it was enough. Helga shook her head this was getting more and more confusing. <Think Helga, who was always there to help you after the soldiers hurt you so bad? I wouldn't hurt your children.> The Doctor thought to her. <Helga take us back before that bastard can do anything to you and me. We are nothing to him only to be used for his perverse experiments.

I tell you what, you wanted to know why your pain felt so familiar to me? Look into my mind Helga see my life.> Alan thought to her.

Opening up to her he let her have all the pain, the pulling so far into his mind he was almost dead on the outside. Then the pain started again and again.


Helga's eyes got large as the pain started, pain elevated by the thoughts of a child. Then she felt him withdraw so far he almost died. Huge tears started to fall as a wail came from her throat. <You see. If they were hurting they would find you. They have you. Like you I had no one for so long. If the Doctor wins then we all are dead.> <HELGA!

he is lying! You know I have always helped you!> The Doctor interjected trying to sway Helga. <YOU!> Came Helga's thoughts. <You are the one that gave me to the guards and soldiers!

You no good piece of filth! It was because of you that I was always hurting always being used and beaten! I am going to kill you!> Alan watched as Helga sent an enormous wave of energy that the Doctor was trying to counter, almost.

<You traitorous little bitch! Watch them all die!>" The Doctor was screaming in his thoughts as he showed what appeared to be all her children being crushed screaming for their mommy. <HA! Now I know that, that wasn't them! Let's go Alan!> Helga told Alan.

<NO! I will have Alan's body I.> The Doctor started. <You talk far too much you putrid old man!> Helga said sending another wave then flashing out with Alan. Appearing in his room again, Helga made Alan comfortable and sat in a chair to wait. Moments later several people burst into the room. Alan shook his head and held up a hand. "Give me a few minutes for the shock to wear off." He told them as the retreated to just outside the door. Helga was sitting across the room her head down as large tears started to fall.

"I will accept any punishment you think I deserve Alan. Please don't hurt my children, they are all I have left of a family." Angelika stuck her head in as soon as she heard this. "What you did was wrong Helga. You should have known we would help you. We will never hurt your children, though you and they need to learn a few things." Helga's head dropped lower as she stated, "I know Angelika, Alan was telling me when I took him.

I know now what I did put us all in danger. I expect you will. wait! You said me and my children need to learn. You mean you aren't going to punish me?" "Helga, the hell you went through was punishment enough don't you think?

Besides there are a few things I can do that will help you." Alan said from the bed most of the feeling having returned to his hands and arms. He'd have to risk trying adjust her a bit more. Hell Alan thought if I can fix Harman she shouldn't be that hard right? Looking at the shocked look on her face he decided it might be harder than thought. In a low whispering voice Helga told Alan, "Thank you Alan I will do my best to learn.

Anything you can do to help me more would be greatly appreciated." "I hope what I do helps as much as I think it will. You will have to let me though Helga. If you fight me at all I could hurt you, and that I don't want to do." Alan said as the tingling in his legs was less. "I won't fight you Alan I will accept anything you do.

It is the least I can expect after what I did." Helga told both of them. "We both have forgiven you, as I am sure Truda has. Varick will see most of the points though I think that Angelika can explain." Here Alan sighed, "I am worried the most about Harman. I know for a fact it takes a hell of a lot to garner his trust. He might prove far more difficult to convince even with Truda there." Nodding her head without looking up Helga replied, "I know Alan though I have to try.

If I don't help you destroy that monster I will never forgive myself. Just like all the others all he did was use me. Used me for even more perverse things than the guards. I want him dead as bad as you." 'We'll see,' Alan thought as he was finally able to rise from the bed. 'Yes we'll see indeed!'