Stefany redhead fucking with legs up

Stefany redhead fucking with legs up
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"So what do you want to do tonight?" My sister Abby was lying on my bed as I came out of the bathroom. It was Friday, and we'd just gotten home from school and had the house to ourselves. "I have a few ideas," I said.

I walked over next to her, standing next to the bed. "I think I know what you have in mind." She leaned her head towards me and softly kissed my dick through my pants. "Last night you didn't really get a chance to savor it." Abby and I had been sharing my room since hers was flooded in a storm, and had spent over a week being more than a simple brother and sister. The night before, I'd come into my room to find her already deep asleep, and too horny for her to be satisfied with porn, I had started touching her.

As I grew bolder, I had ended up rubbing my dick against her lips until they had wrapped around my head. After only a moment I'd pulled out and cum. Only after I was done did I find out she had been awake.

I sat on the bed next to her. Our heads leaned together and we began kissing. After our lips separated, she pulled away. "I just remembered, I have a science project I need to work on this weekend. I'd better start on it tonight." She told me what it was. I'd had the same teacher the year before and had done the same project. "I remember that one. Isn't it a group project, though?" "Yes, but the other members of my group didn't volunteer to do much.

It's better if I do it myself." "Abby, don't be such a pushover," I told her. Abby had always been shy, and was afraid of confrontation.

"It's not cool that your group saddled you with all the work. Why'd you let them do that?" "I don't know, I didn't want to be the bitch." "There's a difference between being a bitch and standing up for yourself." "Sorry." "See, there, you're doing it again," I teased her. "Stop it!

You can't be so afraid of making other people uncomfortable." She rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll try next time." She worked on the project a while, then we headed out to grab some burgers for dinner.

We got our food and sat down at a table. Abby opened hers, sighed a bit and pushed it to the side. "They get your order wrong?" She nodded. "Take it back up there and get them to make you a new one." "That's alright, I'm not that hungry." "This is exactly what I'm talking about. A little confrontation won't hurt anything. They get this a dozen times a day; they don't care. We paid for it, they should get it right." She still hesitated. I rolled my eyes, then took the burger back myself.

I came a couple of minutes later with a new one. "See." "Fine." She was obviously annoyed at my pushing her. I decided to drop it for now. We went home and Abby declared she was taking her dog for a walk.

Feeling anxious that she was mad at me, I grabbed my dog and went with her. We walked down to the park together as we'd done for years.


When we got there we let the dogs off their leashes and Abby threw a ball for her dog Angie, a blue healer. My dog Willow, a German Shepherd, ran and beat her to it. "Your dog's being a jerk," she said to me. She was clearly still annoyed. "My dog's fine. I think Angie's just being a push-over." I'd reverted to my older, more antagonistic big brother self.

My comment clearly didn't go over well. "No she's not! I bet she beats Willow this time." "You're on." Buster brought the ball back to me, and I tossed it back to Abby. As she picked it up, I stepped closer to Angie. When Abby threw the ball, I grabbed Angie's tail a moment, giving Willow a head start. "See. Angie is a push-over." "Cheater.

You're afraid of a fair race." Willow had always been the faster dog. There wasn't really any question who would win, but now Abby had committed to backing up Angie's honor. I decided to exploit this. "Tough talk. What are we betting?" "Loser has to be the winner's slave for a day." "Alright." It was a bet we'd done once a couple of years ago. I had won, and had made Abby follow me around taking small orders and then clean up my room before I lost interest and did something else.

This time, however, the old kid game had an entirely new subtext. Ideas were already coursing through my head for what I'd do with her. Mom had 12-hour shifts tomorrow and Sunday both, giving us free reign of the house.

I could have her bathe me and get dressed, or have her pose naked for some pictures. I didn't want to push her too far out of her comfort zone, but a little might help make her a little more assertive.

Mostly, though, I wanted to get my dick in her mouth again. I wondered how many blowjobs we could get into one day. I got the ball from Willow and handed it back to her. She paused a moment. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" she asked. I wasn't about to let her back out now. "I do if you do," I said, somewhere between confident and condescending. "Alright," she said. She turned to her left and hurled the ball a different direction than before, and the dogs went rushing after it.

Even as I wondered why she'd thrown it that way, I saw the other dog down there. Willow may have been faster, but Angie was the better trained. As soon as Willow saw the other dog, she rushed towards it. Abby had spent more time teaching Angie to follow commands and avoid distractions.

Willow had just started sniffing the other dog when Angie grabbed the ball. Abby had flat-out outsmarted me. Somewhat flabbergasted, I went down and collected Willow.

On the way home, Abby smiled, whistled, and was almost skipping, all trace of her earlier grumpiness gone. At home we headed to my room to get ready for bed.

Abby hit the bathroom first and came out already dressed in her pajamas; a white tank top and very short shorts. She walked up to me and slowly wrapped her arms around me. Her mouth approached me as if to kiss, then she stopped abruptly. "You'd better get a good night sleep tonight, brother. Tomorrow's going to be a long day." She released and slid past me to the bed. She climbed to the far side and pulled the covers tightly over herself, facing away from me.

For the first time in over a week, I had to go to sleep without release. I woke up before Abby on Saturday, just early enough to see Mom head to work. I had breakfast and sat on the couch, wondering what Abby might have planned for me.

Around 10 Abby came in and sat down on the couch next to me. "So, what are you going to have me do today," I asked. She seemed a little uncomfortable. "This is kind of silly. If you don't want to do it, its ok, I understand. I don't want you to do anything you're uncomfortable with." I should of known she'd try to chicken out.

I couldn't stand seeing her wimp out again. "You're being a push-over again, Abby. You won, fair and square. I have to be your slave today." "Alright, just making sure. Since you're so adamant that I shouldn't do that project myself, I've decided you should do it. Let's go to your room." We headed to my room and she went into the closet and started rooting through my stuff.

I wondered what she was looking for, but was too distracted by her ass to ask. The shorts she wore for pajamas barely covered, and when she bent over slightly, they sunk into her crack and the curve of the bottom of her ass cheeks stuck out the bottom.

After a minute, she found what she was looking for. She turned around holding a bowtie I had worn to our cousin's wedding a year ago. "This is what you're going to wear today." She tossed it over to me, and I put it tied it around my neck. I turned to the computer to start on the project.

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"Hold on there, brother. I said you would wear the bowtie, I didn't say anything about a shirt or pants." I turned back toward her. She stood waiting. I took off my shirt and pants, leaving just my boxer-briefs. She stepped over to me. "These, too," she stuck her fingers in my waistband and pulled the front down over my partial erection. She then slid my underwear down my legs, crouching down as she did, until my dick was right in front of her face.

I stepped out of my underwear and she tossed them aside. She reached up and lightly grabbed my cock with her fingertips, then moved her head to one side of it, then the other, examining it. She held it straight up and with her other hand, lifted up my balls in her fingers, as if weighing them. She brought my dick down until it was pointed right at her lips, just inches away.

"Today's going to be fun. But right now you have work to do." She released me and stood up. "The instructions for the project are in my folder by the computer.

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I'll be watching some TV." About an hour later she called me into the living room. I walked up to the couch, very conscious of my nudity. Being naked so close to her, I couldn't help from getting hard.

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"I want some lunch," she said. I went into the kitchen and made her something. I took it in to her on a tray and put it right in front of her, standing in front of the TV. My dick pointed right at her, hovering above her food. "Looks good," she said. She patted the side of the couch. "Wait here until I'm done so you can clean up." I stood beside the couch as she took her time eating, my dick at attention a little ways from her.

When she finished, I took the tray back to the kitchen and returned to the living room. "I need something to do until my next show starts," she said.

"Come stand over here again." I walked over to the couch and again stood next to the armrest, facing her. Abby reached her arm around me and ran her fingers down my back and across my butt, then grabbed with her palm.

With her other hand, she tickled my balls a moment, then ran her finger up my shaft and in a circle around my head. She pinched my dick firmly with her fingers and began stroking me, watching intently, until I started oozing pre-cum.

With the hand on my butt, she pulled me toward her slowly until my dick came to her wet lips. Still stroking, she slurped the clear liquid off the tip of my dick with three long kisses, then ran her tongue from the bottom of my head across the tip to the top. She pulled back very slightly, hovering her lips next to my dick, then glanced at the TV.

"Oop, my show's starting." She released my butt and dick and sank into the couch. "That's all for now. Go work on my project." So horny I couldn't talk, I turned and walked away. It was clear she was going to be an insufferable tease today. I decided I'd have to take some of the edge off. I went into my room and shut the door.

Moving all the project stuff aside, I sat at my computer and started browsing through porn sites and stroking myself. After only a couple of minutes, I heard the creak of the door behind me. "I thought I'd better check on you. I don't remember giving you permission to do that," Abby said.

I didn't even have enough time to close the browser. It wasn't the first time she'd come in while I was looking at porn. I desperately hoped she'd repeat her previous reaction. I kept stroking myself in front of her, hoping she'd come over and help me. "Are you still my slave?" she asked. "Yeah." "Then I don't think you should be doing that on my time." I reluctantly released my dick. She climbed onto the bed next to me and sat facing me with her back to the wall. She spread her legs apart with her knees bent.

She looked at the computer. "That does sound like fun right now. Why don't you show me some things?" I complied, my frustration mounting. I went through some pictures and videos like what we'd looked at before.

Several minutes of handjobs and pussyeating went by and I noticed that Abby's hand had slid between her legs. With no panties on and her legs spread apart, her shorts pressed against her pussy. Little hairs stuck out from under the fabric on both sides. Her fingers ran smoothly along her camel toe. "Need any help?" I asked hopefully.

It was obvious how horny I was. My dick throbbed slightly. She waited a moment. "No thanks." She nodded back at the computer. "Continue." I could barely stand it. I clicked to a handjob video. "I think his dick is bigger than yours," she said.

She pressed her legs together and lifted her butt up slightly to pull her shorts down over them, then lifted her legs up.


She pulled her shorts up to her knees slowly, revealing her bare pussy. The lips were round and soft, but I was close enough to see that the skin was covered in tiny goosebumps where her short fuzzy hairs came out. She pulled her shorts off entirely and spread her legs again, running her fingers across her pussy. I decided if she was going to taunt me, I'd have to call her bluff.

I closed the video and started surfing other things, intent on finding something shocking enough to embarrass her out of what she was doing. Despite our time together, she was still just 15 and hadn't been exposed to much sex, especially anything real kinky. "Let me show you some other porn I like. Just let me know when you're ready to stop," I said. The next few videos showed deepthroat blowjobs and one where the girl was sucking a guy's balls. I looked over at Abby and she looked back at me, not showing any discomfort.

With her left hand, she spread apart her lips. Her right forefinger ran along the pink flesh inside, then plunged inside. She closed her eyes and moaned for my benefit, then looked back at me and nodded toward the computer.

I continued. A girl with a small vibrator on her clit cums, squirting as she orgasms. A girl is tied to the bed and fucked in the mouth, swallowing all the cum.

Two lesbians suck each other's tits and then share a dildo. Abby wasn't backing down. Seeing that I was looking at her again, she pulled out and slid her fingers up to her clit. She closed her eyes again and pressed down. Her pussy lips wrapped around her fingertips, as if deeply kissing them.

She started to rub in small circles. Her left hand ran up her stomach, pushing her top over her tits, and grabbed the left one, pinching the nipple slightly in her fingers. "Mmmm," she moaned. I'd have to push her a bit further to break this. "This is one of my favorites," I said, and pulled up another video. It was a threesome, starting with a blonde and a brunette sucking a dick. They continued by taking turns eating each other out. The brunette bent over, letting the blonde lick her from behind.

After a minute on her pussy, the blonde's tongue ran up to the brunette's asshole. I looked at Abby, expected this would be too much for her, and slightly regretted pushing it this far.

However, Abby was continuing to watch and rub herself. It seemed she knew what I was doing and wasn't about to back down. In the video, the guy fucked the brunette from behind, while the blonde situated herself right below them and licked between her pussy and his dick. He pulled out and came on her, dripping cum down the brunette's ass and pussy into the blonde's mouth.

I looked back at Abby. She continued to rub herself, now with her eyes closed, I don't know if she'd been watching much of the last video. She was rubbing herself vigorously, and her body was tense.

Her pussy lips were now wide apart and glistened with moisture. Her fingers were moving so firmly now that her whole pussy molded to every circle. Her thighs were tense and spread so wide they almost pressed into the sheets. She started to cum. Her free hand grab at the sheets, and her feet pressed into the bed. Her butt lifted up, her ass cheeks squeezed tightly, and her whole pelvis moved up and down in irregular, spasmed thrusts. Her pussy lips were wide and wet, and I could see her vagina squeezing rhythmically.

A few drips of white liquid ran out and slid down her ass crack. She started to relax and lowered back onto the bed. Her breathing started to settle. She opened her eyes and looked at me, blushing. I smiled at her. Her eyes fell down my naked body to my dick. "I thought I'd told you not to touch that." Watching her masturbate had made me start stroking my dick again without even thinking.

I let go. It was rock hard, and throbbed on my every heartbeat. "It's been hard so long it's starting to hurt," I told her. Abby sat up. "I'm sorry. We can stop this slave thing if you want. I don't want to make you uncomfortable." I couldn't back out now. It would mean going back on our deal, and it would mean eating my words to her earlier about being a pushover. I knew she'd backed me into a corner, but I wasn't going to give in.

Plus, I really wanted to know where she'd take us. I just shook my head. "You want me to finish your project now, ma'am?" "Yes." She put her shorts back on and lay on the bed reading a book.

It took me another two hours to finish the project. I finally finished and told Abby. It was starting to get late, in another hour or so Mom would be home from work.

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I turned my chair to face Abby on the bed. "The day's almost over, Abby. Anything else you want me to do as your slave?" "You've been such a good slave. I have one more thing for you. All this schoolwork has made me tense. I could use a massage." She peeled off her shirt and lay facedown on the bed. "Start on my shoulders." I sat on the bed next to her, my bare skin touching her side. I gently brushed aside her long red hair from her shoulders and massaged.

"Now get my back." With my thumbs, I pressed into her lower back, letting the fingers on both hands slide along her sides, caressing. I worked my way higher and higher on her back. My fingers brushed along the sides of her breasts, and with each knead of my thumbs; I let my fingers pull on her a little.

My thumbs worked out from the middle, letting my fingers get closer and closer to her nipples. "Get my legs." Still being a tease. I shifted down to sit by her legs. I worked on her calves, then moved up to her thighs. I worked up them slowly, pausing on the inside about halfway up. "A little higher up." She was getting more relaxed now. The sly teasing in her voice seemed to be gone. Massaging more lightly with just one hand, I moved up a bit higher and worked. "Little higher," she said again.

As my hand moved up, her legs spread apart slightly. My fingers just a couple of inches from the fabric over her pussy, I kneaded a bit, then slid my hand up to massage the back of her thigh, my thumb running against the edge of her butt under her shorts.

I moved my hand to the near thigh and worked inside again, teasing my finger an inch from her pussy. Her legs spread even more. "A little bit higher." She was almost whispering. Lifting everything but the finger, I ran it up to the top of her thigh, just underneath the fabric.

I ran it along the seam of her thigh and groin, feeling her short fuzz. I pulled back and moved it to the other thigh, repeating the caress but letting it just a little bit farther onto her pussy. I took my finger and slowly and lightly pressed it on the fabric right in the middle of her pussy, then ran it gently up and down. Pressing just a bit harder, I made a slow spiral motion down its length. My finger moved back up her thigh to the side of her pussy, and with my other hand I pulled the soft fabric to the side, giving me access.

My finger explored in her crack.

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I was sitting on the bed with the side of my butt pressed against her knee, turned facing her top, my arms stretched to where they needed to be. As my finger started to work deeper into her hole, she reached her hand back, slid up my thigh, and gripped my dick. I pulled my finger out and brought to my mouth, tasting her juice.

Moistening my thumb, I slid my finger back into her pussy and, sliding my thumb under her, gently rubbed at her clit. Suddenly she released my dick and raised her butt in the air, pulling away from my hand. She slid her shorts down to her knees, and with her ass still in the air pressed her chest into the bed. I slid her shorts the rest of the way off. As I moved to put my finger back into her, she spoke.

"Kiss my butt cheeks, slave." I was surprised at her request. I couldn't believe my shy sister would ask for that. I wasn't about to refuse, though. I climbed onto the bed between her legs. I lowered down to the white, smooth skin of her cheeks, and gently kissed one. Though I'd seen it in porn, I'd never thought about doing it myself before. Another time, I might have just thought it was weird. But right then I was hornier than hell, and having my shy sister command me to do it was easily enough to put me over.

I kept kissing along one cheek, then the other, each kiss becoming deeper until I just ran my tongue across her butt. "The middle, too." I started kissing deeply down her crack to the middle, then ran my tongue back up. "Kiss my butthole," she said. This command wasn't as forceful, but almost pleading.

Too horny to bother thinking about it, I started kissing softly on the inside of her cheek next to her hole. I pressing my face between her cheeks and pressed wet lips against her butthole. She exhaled sharply.

I ran my tongue in a circle around her hole, then spiraled in and made small circles on it. She arched her back, thrusting her groin more towards me. Running my hand along her thigh, I started lapping up her crack across her butthole, first lightly, then more heavily.

With each lap I went lower, reaching the fuzz between her pussy and ass. Pausing just a moment, I moved down and ran my tongue deep between her pussy lips and up until I reached her asshole, doing another circle. I repeated a few times, then brought my hand back up and pushed my finger deep into her pussy. She pulled off my and turned toward me on the bed on all fours. "Lay down." I brought my chest straight down onto the bed under her head.

"Turn over." I flipped onto my back with Abby's tits dangling below her right over my face. Before I could even rise to suck her nipple, she crawled over me, bringing her knees to my elbows. Pushing up on her arms, she lowered her pussy right onto my face. I buried my lips and tongue into her pussy, sticking my tongue as far down her pussy as I could, my nose pressed against her butthole. She lowered her chest down, raising her pussy off my face just slightly, and I stretched up to keep licking her.

Her weight on her elbows, I felt her hand wrap around my dick. She pulled it to her face and wrapped her mouth around my head, sucking and slurping as she stroked.

I reached my arm around her leg and got my finger wet in her juices and started tickling around her butthole. I moved my mouth to her clit and started licking and slid my finger back into her pussy. Feeling her lips wrapped around my dick, I wrapped mine around her clit and sucked gently, quickly rubbing my fingertip up and down along the front wall of her vagina.

Abby started to cum. She sat up almost straight on my face. She clenched her thighs to keep from smothering me, but squeezing my face slightly. Her hand kept stroking my dick, and her other hand pressed into my stomach. She started pulsing, hard than before when she was masturbating. Her thighs pressed tighter a moment, and then her pussy pushed hard against my face, pinning it down to the bed as I kept sucking.

Her vagina squeezed my finger in spasms, and again a bit of white liquid dripped down around my lips, finding a way into my mouth as I sucked. It was the hardest I had ever cum. I felt the first squirts shoot out like a rocket. A whole days worth of arousal came firing out in spurt after spurt. It took several minutes for us both to come down from our orgasmic highs. She finally unstraddled me and fell into the computer chair. I just lay where I was and looked over at Abby.

Globs and lines of my cum ran up and down her belly, on her tits, on her face and in her hair. She smiled at me, and I watched a glob roll off the side of her nose, over her top and bottom lip and stop on her chin before she wiped it off with her finger. Smiling, she started to say something, then paused and averted her eyes as if she thought better. She giggled a bit and looked back at me. "See, if you think I'm a pushover, you can kiss my butt." I couldn't help but smile at her bad joke.