Fit girlfriend makes him cum without trying

Fit girlfriend makes him cum without trying
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My Name is Stacy and this is my story about how I met my boyfriend. It was the end of the school year and my best friend Rachel asked me to spend the night at her house. Since this wasn't the first time my parents easily said yes. But what I didn't know was that her older brother Mark was home from college. He was the cutest thing you had ever seen 6'2,195pounds all muscle, blue eyes, and brown short hair.

I could never tell Rachel that I had a crush on there brother I would just die. The one thing I loved about her house was that I had the best pool. We changed into our suits and dove right in.

Her brother aka the man of my dreams came out if the back door in his swim trunks and drove doing a cannon ball making the biggest splash! We all splashed each other for a while when Rachel said she was water logged and got out. He asked me "If I would make my famous Peanut-Butter Cookies?" of course I said yes.

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After swimming around some more I got out of the pool and started walking back to the house but looked over my shoulder and asked "when he wanted me to make them?" he said "tonight".All I wanted to know was if he was looking at my ass when I was walking away and he was.

A couple hours later Mark left the house to go to some friends house. When I was in the kitchen baking the cookies Mrs. Smith came and said that her and Mr. Smith would be leaving the house to go to an emergency meeting with there job. After I finished I cleaned up the mess and found Rachel watching TV in the leaving room.

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I sat down on the other side of the couch and watched with her until Mark came back. Rachel told him about the meeting and he went into the kitchen to get something to eat. When he came out and said "nice cookies".

I said 'your welcome". He want upstairs and into there little gym room. We sat and watched TV a little longer and around 12am Mr. Smith called and said "they would have to spent the night working to lock all the door".


Rachel said she sleepy and went to bed. I sat there for a little while longer and went to take a shower. When I got out Mark was in bed. I went into Rachel's and went to sleep. I woke up a couple minutes later and could get back to sleep. So I decided to go back downstairs to watch some TV but on my way back downstair I heard the TV already on. When I got downstairs Mark was already watching TV.

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I walked over to the couch and sat next to him. "Can't sleep" he said." nope you too I see".We sat and watched for a while and talk about how school was and how happy it was the summer. And he put his arm around my shoulder and started tickling me.


We were rolling all over the floor when he stopped and as we were catching our breath I couldn't help but look into those beautiful eyes of his and he looked into mine and he kissed me. It get more and more heated by the second. He slid his hand over my chest and pinched my nipple through my shirt and I moaned into his mouth. He took off my shirt and bra and started kissing his way down and sucked on my nipple and with his other hand played with the other.

I took off his shirt and pushed him to the floor I held his hands above his head and kissed him hard on the mouth. I started kissing his neck and ears and licked my way down to his stomach.

I took off his jeans and boxers and he was fully hard at 9inchs and about 3inchs long. It made my mouth water to look at it.

I licked his cock from the base to the head and sucked about half into my mouth. I could hear him moaning.

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I sucked a little harder and got faster. He pulled me up and said he did want to cum yet. He told he had wanted me for since the first time he say me. I told him that I did too. He sat me on the couch and took off my shorts and thong and started fingering me"aaahhhhh.ooohhh yes".

I first I felt of his tongue on my pussy I came. He said I was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. After about 3 orgasms I picked his head up and told him I needed him now.

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He slowly put in me so I could get used to the size. When it was all in he held there for a couple of seconds and started slow."You've got the tightest and wettest pussy" he said."aaahhhhhh yes faster ahhhh" He was pounding away at my little pussy. "AAAAGGGGGG YES" I came and he kept pounding away a I just kept cumming one after the other I thought I could have died from pleasure.

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He said he was about to cum. I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth and all over my tits. He got up and I started sucking his huge cock as hard I could "aaaaahhhhh I'm cumming aaaahhhhh" in the middle of him cumming I pulled it out of my mouth so I could feel his cum all over me.

He picked me up off the floor and kissed me. We went to the bathroom to clean up and went back downstairs to clean up. Kissing and touching each other the hole time.

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After that things were never the same we started going out and we've been together ever since.