Alissa ist eine spezielle redtube Sandwich

Alissa ist eine spezielle redtube Sandwich
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I'd been living in my new place for a couple of weeks now. My first and very own apartment. At the age of 20 I'd become totally self sufficient. I was holding down a customer service job and actually doing pretty well having been promoted twice in the 2 years I had been there.

It more than paid the bills in my small suburban apartment. I knew it wouldn't be long before my sister got in touch needing somewhere to crash. My sister Chloe was 2 years younger than me and had a very rocky relationship with our parents. She was a lot more open about the fact that she liked to party and generally didn't give much of a shit about anything besides that. This lead to her disappearing for days at a time then coming back home in a whirlwind of shouting and arguments before she disappeared again.

So I knew it wouldn't be long before I heard from her. Now, despite how I might put her down me and Chloe have always been close.

We just have very different ways of dealing with mum and dad.

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I'm a lot more discreet with hiding what I get up to. Saves a lot of arguments. Path of least resistance and all that. So I got the text. "Hey Becca. I need somewhere to crash for a couple nights. Can I use the sofa bed in your spare room?

I'll keep out of your way and won't be any trouble :P xx" How could I turn down my sister? Besides, god knows what trouble she could be in. "Of course you can.

I'll make the sofa bed up just now. Tomorrow's my day off so we can hang out. Come on over Xx" About 45 minutes later, my buzzer went. I opened my front door as I heard Chloe get near to the top of the steps. First thing I saw was that huge cute smile of hers. She was known for it. Whens he smiled her whole face lit up.

And it was infectious too. She's always been what you'd describe as "alternative" as much as we both hate that description.

She had a few tattoos, a couple of piercings (that I knew of), porcelain white skin and jet black hair with highlights that would often change between red, blue, purple, green. whatever. Today they were a deep red, almost blending into the black of the rest of her hair. She bounced up to my door, throwing her arm around me and giving me a huge kiss on the cheek. "You're cheery!" "Just happy to be out of the house. Also, I may have had a drink with a couple guys I met on the train." I let out a chuckle.

"Fucking hell Chloe. Any excuse for a party, eh?" I motioned her in and we went through to the livingroom, Chloe dropping herself and her bag onto the sofa. "Have you eaten?" "Yeah I'm good thanks. Could do with another drink though? Maybe a smoke.?" Her eyebrow raised, obviously trying to suss out if I'd gone full grown-up yet. "If you got it, roll it" I smiled. I poured a couple rum and cokes and brought them through to the living room. Chloe had already got some music playing on YouTube and was half way through rolling a joint.

"So what happened this time?" "Ugh, just the usual. Mum thinks I'm out whoring myself to anyone that will take me. Dad is still convinced I'm going to end up date raped or murdered in a ditch somehwere.

I don't know why they can't just be cool." "You really need your own place. I've only been here for a couple of weeks and already the freedom is amazing.

I mean look at us, having a drink and getting high on a Tuesday night. You could NOT do that at home." Chloe laughed. "No kidding. Those two tyrants would lose their shit. So have you had a moving in party yet.

Or got any guys over!? I never even realised, you don't have to try and keep the noise down any more!" I let out a massive grin. Growing up, we shared a room so we know quite a lot about each other. We've seen most of each other's bodies over the years and were well aware of the fact that we both needed some "alone" time in our room from time to time. We used to have these cutesy little signs that you could having over the door handle.

One said "Chloe's Room", the other "Rebecca's Room". If I was in having some alone time, I'd hang the sing that said "Rebecca's room" over the door handle and Chloe would know to stay out until it was done, and vice versa.

To our parents, it looked like a turf war between two playfully rivaled sisters. "Put it this way, it's been Rebecca's Room EVERY night" We both chuckled, Chloe finally lighting that joint. "So who's the lucky guy?" she asked curiously. "Oh, no sorry. No guys. I just mean me. Alone. But very liberated. I can make as much noise as I like. Do it wherever I like. Watching whatever I like. It's awesome" "Sounds it!" she smiled, passing me the joint.

I took a long drag and held it in. It'd been a few months since I had smoked anything, so it hit me a lot harder than I expected. I dropped back into the sofa and spaced out to the music.

After what seemed like only a moment, I opened my eyes and Chloe was gone. The rum was half way drunk and there were a couple more joint roaches in the ashtray. "What the fuck happened?" I said to myself. The door to my spare room was closed and Chloe's bag was still by the sofa, so she hadn't left. I'd obviously passed out and she's gone to bed. What a shitty host I was. I got up, picked up my laptop and went to my bed.

I flopped down in the mess of covers and didn't even bother getting undressed. My default sleeping spot was always laid right along the wall with my laptop propped up on some pillows in front of me. This made for good movie watching and also freed up my right hand for me time.

I got wrapped up in blankets and laid down, one hand scrolling through Reddit when I started to hear a very faint electronic "ping" sound. I sat up trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. I listened around until I realised it was coming from behind me.

My wall bordered with my spare room and the sofa bed was almost exactly where I was. And I knew that pinging sound! I'm no stranger to the delights that can be found on the internet and that ping was the tip sound from a camgirl site!

My sister was lying watching camgirls, right next to me. Separated only by a thin wall. My mind started whirring. Who was she watching? What sort of thing was she into. I'd assumed she'd hooked up with girls before but there was something much more immediately exciting about this. I could feel my crotch heating up. I hurriedly opened up the camsite on my laptop, plugging in my headphones in a clumsy, sleepy panic. I started on the first cam, listening against my wall with one ear to see if the "ping" went at the same time as the cam I was looking at.

Girl after girl I skipped, my pussy getting wetter as I looked at them, desperate to find out who my sister was getting off to. When I finally hear three pings in a row sync up, I knew I had found it. My hand immediately slid down the front of my jeans, one ear pressed against the wall as I watched the cam in front of me. My fingers plunged deep inside me as I looked at the closeup pussy shot on the screen.

A perfect pink little pussy, shaved bare with neatly tucked away lips and glistening with girl cum. I pulled my fingers out, swirling them over my clit before burying them inside me again. My other hand lifted my shirt and bra, pulling hard on my nipple making me wince in pleasurable pain.

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I stifled moans and whimpers, not wanting to let Chloe know what I was doing, when all of a sudden, I froze. I was in paralysed shock. The camgirl had sat back and moved her cam up, showing her from hips to shoulders.

Only now I could see more of her room too. My room. My spare room, to be more precise. I was watching my own sister. No as I said, we shared a room for years and had seen a lot, but we weren't spreading our legs in front of each other or masturbating in the same room. It was all very civilised for two normal young girls lumped with sharing a room.

But this was different. The almost crushing force of my pussy muscles made me realise my fingers were still deep inside me and hadn't stopped moving while the rest of me was paralysed.

I could barely even breath. I let out a small squeak as my body was locked in orgasm. I could feel myself running down my leg as I came harder than I ever have before.

I slumped back as it finally let go of me, allowing me to regain my senses and try and take stock of what just happened. I sat there, watching my sister's body as she pinched and played with her perfect tits, each nipple sporting a small and very understated silver bar in each. Her milky white skin almost reflecting light back into the camera and blinding it. I'd guess she was a 32C, and those things defied gravity.

So firm and bouncy with pointy, light pink nipples. She looked so.

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delicious. I watched the chat as guys were saying all manner of horrific things to her. "I wanna destroy your asshole baby" "Yeah, I'm rubbing my big cock to you now" "Me and my boys would love to gang fuck you!" I'd be horrified.

if she was. But she seemed to be loving it.


That's when I noticed the title of her cam show. "SHHHH! QUIET SHOW!

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SISTER SLEEPING NEXT DOOR. MAKE ME SQUIRT!!!" Oh my god. That filthy bitch! She really was as bad as mum made out she was. I wanted to speak to her, like, now. But I couldn't just go barging in. Of course! Send her a message! My username was more than random enough that she wouldn't know it's me. I typed in "PM?" and sent it off into the chat room.

almost immediately she responded saying to PM with her would cost 50 tokens. Fuck! I normally try and avoid buying these tokens if I can help it.

They're expensive and porn is generally, well, free. I'd bought them a couple times in the past though so my card details were already stored on the site. I ordered 200 tokens and as soon as the payment completed I tipped her 50 tokens and the PM came through. "Hey, how are you?" She must get a million PMs from guys every time she was online. How do I make myself stand out? Well, I'm not a guy for a start. "Hi. Good thanks. Do you get many girls watching you in here?" I saw her eyebrow raise and a small grin appear as she started typing again.

"Not nearly as many as I should! It's such a turn on!" "You're such a turn on! You're body is absolutely perfect. Pity I can't see your face though!" "Yeah sorry, face in private only" God damn it. Private cost a fortune on these things. She has a tip menu though!

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20 tokens for titty flash, 50 for pussy, 100 for fingers in pussy, 150 for fingers in ass, 200 for toy in pussy. The list went on and my jaw dropped further. At the bottom it read "1000 tokens for instacum".

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1000 token! That was like £70. Still, I REALLY wanted to see her cum. I ordered up the rest of the tokens but didn't tip immediately. I wanted to explore this further and I still had 150 of my first lot of tokens left over.

I sent her another 50 token tip and wrote "Can I see that perfect pussy again" in the tip note. She immediately lifted her hips off the bed thrusting her crotch towards the camera. Her light pink pussy took a second to come onto focus but when it did, I could see every crease and bump, every fold of skin and shimmer of pussy juice.

I immediately hit the screenshot button on my keyboard. That was too good a shot to miss and would certainly come in handy in the future. She splayed her fingers, spreading her lips wide as I gazed into the depths of her pussy. My own pussy responding my clenching up as tight as it could like it was trying to remind me that it was there.

As if I needed any reminding. I messaged her again. "100 tokens to tell me about your fantasies?" and she agreed, so I sent over the tip. "what do you want to know?" "Well, when you're not on here, what do you get off to?" "Like, what porn do I watch?" "Yeah, or what do you think about?" "I like the taboo.

I like to be dominated and degraded. I like a lot of things I probably shouldn't like." "Like what?" "Well you might think it's fucked up, but forced fantasies. Sometimes with people I'm not meant to." I was genuinely curious now. What did she mean?" "With people you're not meant to?" "Yeah like when I was in school I fantasied about teachers a lot.

Now that I'm a bit older, married men and women (I like the danger of getting caught). People in positions of authority.


A couple of family members." My heart stopped for a second time tonight. "Family members? Like your Dad or something?" "Haha, eww gross, no" she replied. "I have a cousin that's super cute, but he's really she and reserved" She was talking about our cousin Mark.

Not only was he quite, the kid was 16! He's be cute someday but today and to me, he was just Mark. Almost more surprising than her crush on Mark was how jealous I was that I never got a mention. But I had an idea. "That's so hot!" I said "I have a little surprise for you". I sent over the 1000 token tip and she bounced around with delight.

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"Oh my god! Thank you! That's so generous!" she typed as her excited bouncing jiggle her beautiful tits. "Well, you got me super wet, so I thought it only fair to return the favour! So, Instacum?" Chloe spread her legs and started rubbing her clit in circles.


"I can cum pretty quick so watch close. This one's for you!" She reached behind her so that she was almost sat on her left hand as her fingers gently pressed against her ass hole before disappearing inside her. The fingers of her other hand almost a blur as she rubbed her clit. She shifted her weight as 2 fingers slid effortlessly inside her before starting to jackhammer her pussy with her hand. Her stomach muscles visibly tightened as she started to cum.

She pulled her fingers out before again rubbing them into a blur on her clit. I heard a moan through my one headphone and the wall as she came, squirting pussy juice all over my sofa bed and down the insides of her thighs.

Her fingers slid out of her as she relaxed. One hand soaking from her pussy moved up to rub her pussy juice into her tits, pinching and pulling her nipple. Her other hand came up to her mouth, tasting her own shiny clean asshole. "I think your sleeping sister may have heard that" I joked in the pm "Nah, she's passed out cold in the livingroom.

The girl's a stone cold fox, but she cannot handle her weed haha" I felt the happiness from reading that in my heart and my pussy. "So you have a crush on your sister as well as your cousin?" "I have a crush on my cousin, my sister is something else. So laid back, so funny, so beautiful and she doesn't even know it.

I left that response to linger in the room a while as Chloe went back to talking to the main chat room. "Did you like that last surprise I gave you?" I said, after plucking up the courage. "Mmmmm, very much BB. Do you have more for me?" "Well, one more.

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Knock knock" "Knock knock?" she replied curiously. With that I knocked twice on the wall and her body froze still. There it was, it was out there. I hadn't thought any further ahead than this, what the fuck was I expecting to happen? Her cam went blank and a message appeared saying "Performer is away" To be continued.