Ladyboy shasha impaled on a big dick tube porn

Ladyboy shasha impaled on a big dick tube porn
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The Master had demanded that she make herself cum 8 times in the four hours that he would be gone. This was probably very hilarious to him knowing that there was no clock in the room or any way to tell time.

Lita, noting this, was immensely paranoid that he would come back before she knew 4 hours was passed and hadn't masturbated enough. The pressure in her pussy and ass was overwhelming. Her ass, just having been deflowered the night before, was still extremely sore even before he stuffed the conical toy inside. Now the thick base of the cone was straining against the taut rim of her asshole.

Her pussy, more adjusted and flexible, was sporadically spasming around the huge toy that shoved deep inside. She didn't want to be punished so not long after he left she moved her down her stomach an onto her clit, already swelling, and began rubbing in a circular motion.

Immediately she began to grow wet and the pressure and pain melted together into an enjoyable sensation that was frantically rising. She tried not to look at the camera, being embarrassed that she was playing with herself. But she had to. She could feel liquid leaking out of her pussy and bubbling out of the seams in the tape and she started rubbing more quickly. Lost in the moment and forgetting the camera, she started bucking her hips and lifting her knees into the air. She felt the intense sensation rise and then finally climax and she moaned in ecstasy.

As usual she started squirting when she came, the tape obstructing the normal flow and causing it to be more pressurized. The liquid sprayed out of whatever hole it could find as she whimpered in satisfaction. And then almost immediately she felt ashamed and guilty.

She glanced at the camera and knew he would watch this later and taunt her for it. She sighed knowing there was no help for was either this or take whatever crazy punishment he would dish out.

The cum on her thighs and trapped in the wet tape began to grow uncomfortably cold and the tape began to itch.

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She laid there daydreaming of her escape for a moment and suddenly she snapped back into reality. How long had I been daydreaming?!

Was it a couple minutes or closer to an hour? She grew worried and tried touching herself again, it took awhile and some will power but she got aroused again.


A couple hours later she had managed to cum 8 times, and she squirted 5 of those times. Leaving a puddle on the table and making the tape feel all slimy. She lay there half relieved, and hoping that she counted correctly and hadn't missed a time. Then the door slammed open and she quickly turned her head to see the Master with his dogs at his heels.

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"Well, well, well. It looks like someone's been having fun! I didn't know you could enjoy yourself so much without me?" He was laughing, " You're just rolling around in your own cum puddle.God, you love being a filthy little whore." Lita just stared up at him blandly, trying not to cry or blush. She was tired of constantly crying. "What a mess!" He said as he started stripping the wet tape off of her. The anal toy immediately shot out of her ass as it was still incredibly tight, but the one in her pussy remained.

It had been inside so long, and her soaking pussy so expanded due to it's presence that it just remained lodged in. Lita, who had always taken pride in her tight twat, was very mortified by this.her eyes started tearing up. She thought, even if I do get free someday I'll be ruined! Noting her distress at the remaining dildo, the Master laughed again " You don't want it to come out, do you, slut?

Well, you've been having fun too long! Squeeze it out now! Go on!" Lita contracted her cunt muscles and out the dildo shot with a wet sucking noise. It feel to the floor completely covered with her milky cum. "You are a complete mess! You slimy fucking slut. Let's see what you've been up to while I was away!" He taunted and detached the video camera from it's tripod and walked to one of the work tables against the wall. He reached into a messenger bag and pulled out a lap top and began hooking it up to the camera.

"Come here, slut." He motioned towards her. She slowly got off the table, uncomfortable with all the cold cum dripping down her legs, and got down on her hands and knees to crawl over to him.

Then she knelt beside his chair while he pressed play on the video feed. It showed Lita, spread- eagled and face still covered in his dried cum from he jizzed all over her face. She had forgotten it was still there til now. She turn bright red when the screen showed her bucking around on the table and then squirting everywhere with her moaning. "Damn, you horny little bitch!

I should punish you for having too much fun!" He laughed as he yanked at her hair from time to time. He fast forwarded and watched all the parts of her cumming, teasing and degrading her the entire time. Finally the video was done, " Well, I guess you did cum 8 times! What a spoiled little bitch. Now it's time to clean you up." Lita looked up at him questioningly.

"What? You didn't think I'd touch you when you're all covered in crust and slime? Ha! You look like a little gutter whore that's just been rabbit fucked by a bunch of bums." She didn't know why she should even care what this cruel man was saying but she felt so degraded and disgusting at his words.she started to fight back tears once more. "Alright, come on, bitch" He said as he put the leash back on her collar. He led her back to the corner of the compound with the drain the floor where she had released her enema the day before.

He tied here there over the drain and grabbed a hose that was raveled up on the nearby wall, and before she really knew what was happening he turned the nozzle and she was shot with an intense stream of freezing cold water. She shrieked and tried to move out of the way but she was tied to tightly and couldn't move around much. The water was so pressurized it stung and it was freezing cold, making her shiver and shake while pleading for him to stop. "Just shut up! Open your legs, bitch.

We have to clean that sloppy cunt!" He yelled Knowing better than to defy him, she reluctantly opened her legs and was quickly shot with spraying water. She could feel the cold hard water pierce her pussy like a freezing knife.she thought maybe even some of the water was entering her vagina which was even more shockingly freezing.


After about 5 more minutes of being sprayed down he finally shut the hose of and she remained shivering the fetal position.

Without a word he strode towards her, grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked her towards one of the work benches.

He threw her doggy style over the side of the bench and immediately thrust his dick into her pussy and started pounding her mercilessly. Lita began whimpering, she was still extremely cold and wet and was now being rammed from behind.

He was fucking her so hard she thought her hip bones would shatter. And finally he ripped into her deeper than ever and let loose a hot stream of jizz into her stretched pussy. He pulled out and has her lick his dick clean again.which by now became the least of her troubles. She could feel her gaping pussy hole dripping cum. She had thoughts about how loose she was going to be after all this was over.

Just one more reason to be depressed and humiliated. "What's the matter, cunt? Mad that I didn't let you cum that time? Ha, don't worry.I'm sure you'll have more fun before the day is through." He said and then picked up her leash again and led her back to the ceiling hook and restraints. Once she was restrained again, standing up with her legs spread and arms suspended, he reapplied the nipple and labia clamps. However, this time the nipple clamps had weights too.

Her nipples still hurt and were over sensitive from last time so the feeling was really intense. She was constantly wincing at the pain, and any small movement she made would cause the weights to swing and cause even more pain.

"Just sit tight, slut." He said as he gently pulled on her nipple weights, "I'll come back later with a surprise you're going to love." He grinned at her and she didn't like what he was getting at. He didn't leave the dogs there this time which was a relief. She stood there for what seemed like ages. Her arms and legs started to ache terribly, not to mention her cunt lips and nipples.

She hated the way her nipples looked all red, swollen, and pulled downwards. The weights suspended from her pussy lips seemed bigger and heavier to her than last time. She looked at them some more and was sure that they were. Finally the door opened again and she looked up, almost happy because she thought she would be let down.

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But whatever joy she had was immediately destroyed. The master was there.but 5 other men stood behind him. They were all carrying packs of beer and laughing with each other. All looked to be around 40, like Master, except a couple looked even older than that. The two older men, probably in their mid 50s, had big beer guts. "Surprise, slut!" The master shouted as he walked over, followed by his friends.

Lita just looked at Master and the men back and forth, eyes wide with fear and shock. They all started making little comments about her. "She's a young and ripe little piece of cunt!" "Yeah, just begging to be fucked!" They all circled her and started groping her.

Hands were pulling at the chains connected to her nipple and cunt clamps.others were squeezing her tits and ass. "Master.Please, no! me!" She whimpered. The master responded and swiftly pinching her clit and twisting it causing her to cry out. "See what I mean? She still needs some breaking in" The Master said, addressing the men. "Well, that's what we're here for!" One of the men said.

The master untied her hands and unbound her feet and then removed the clamps. Once again, intense pain rushed to nipples and cunt lips as the clamps were removed. Her nipples were harder and larger than she had ever seen them before. Someone reached out to pinch them and it stung incredibly bad. Master led her to the large table and pushed her onto it. He then thrust a large vibrator into her hands. "Alright, slut. You know what to do. These men paid me good money and they want to see a good show!" He said snidely to her.

Lita was splayed out on the table completely naked, her nipples and cunt on fire, she looked at all the men who were drinking beer and laughing while staring at her. Some of them yelling insults at her.

She knew that he wanted to to her herself like before, as a show for them. She began to grow hopeful, maybe they just paid to watch her cum.and then they would leave. He probably didn't want to share her anyways. This hope spurred her onwards. She clicked on the vibrator and positioned herself with her legs opened toward them and started rubbing her clit with it while they shouted lewd encouragements. The master walked up again to the table with a beer in his hand and poured it down her snatch.

She jerked slightly at the cold but kept going. "Fuck that pussy hole, slut!" "Come on, you dirty bitch! What a fucking slut." She closed her eyes as they shouted and kept rubbing the vibrator along her clit. She had never used a vibrator before and was surprised at how good it immediately started to get her clit swelling and her cunt leaking.

The men noticed this of course and kept taunting her because of it. Come on, fuck that cunt, you nasty whore!" She pressed the dildo with ease into her wet slit and began fucking herself with the vibrating dildo.

She started to feel a climax build up inside her and started rocking her hips and arching her back. And finally with a loud squeal she came.

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Her convulsing cunt pushed out a rush of cum and the men could see her hole spasming, opening and closing as she panted.

"What a fucking horny slut!" "She didn't even ask us if we wanted her to cum!" One mad said. The master walked over to her, "He's right, you know.

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You came without permission, you greedy whore." "I'm sorry, Master" Lita fearfully apologized. "Well, you'll just have to do it again right." He said and the men cheered. He brought out an even larger dildo, in the shape of a penis, with a suction cup at one end. He stuck it upright to the middle of the table. Lita looked at it dismally.

"Alright, slut, squat over that and fuck it good. And don't even think about cumming til we say so.but also, if you don't cum when we say so you'll be sorry." He threatened as he pinched a nipple and walked back to sit down with the other men to drink.

Just wanting to get this over with she crawled up to the dildo and then crouched over it, trying to squat over it. She felt it enter her, the size of it stretching and straining her already used pussy.

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She started pumping up and down by bending her knees but it was really awkward. Suddenly an empty beer can came flying at her and hit her right on the head. "Come on, you fucking bitch! Fuck that dick like the whore you are!" The thrower yelled. She increased her speed and was moving up and down the shaft of the dildo and the men started gathering around her. They start pulling her her tits and nipples, slapping and pinching her ass, and she was fucking the table dick.

The toy started to feel good and she fucked it but she warned herself to not cum until they told her to. One of the men took hold of her hips and started slamming her pussy down onto the dick vigorously making her fuck it harder and deeper. Another man joined in and with a strong thrust they rammed her pussy onto the toy right down to the table causing her the scream. One of the men started sucking and licking at her sensitive and swollen nipples while another started flicking at her clit.

She was driven completely over the edge and couldn't even keep track over who was touching her or what they were doing. Was delirious and soaking wet, the men were still raising her up and down onto the dick at a quick speed while toying with her. And finally she couldn't take it any more and with a loud moan she orgasmed and completely soaked the dildo with pussy cream.

Before she was even recovered, still panting and with orgasm waves rushing over her, the master slapped her face hard. "Bitch, we didn't tell you to cum. You dumb fucking slut." She was ripped off the dildo and before she knew it someone grabbed her hips and dragged her to the edge of the table where the man whipped out his thick hard cock and started pounding it into her slick and gaping pussy.

Another man took his dick out and shoved into her mouth, nearly gagging her and started throat fucking her. The dick in her mouth made tears start streaming down her face. She tried to beg for them to stop but she couldn't speak with the cock thrusting in and out. Then she was roughly picked up and dropped on the floor where a man grabbed her and placed her on top of his rock hard dick and started fucking her madly. Two other knelt in front of her and grabbed her hair to pull her face down to their dicks and made her take turns sucking and licking them.

Another man went behind her and mounted her from behind and stuck his dick into her ass, which required some shoving but with all her cunt juice it slid in. She screamed but barely anything came out over the cock shoved deep in her throat. This caused the man to cum and started choking on his hot jizz, but the other man shoved his dick in right away and started fucking her face furiously.

The men fucking her ass and pussy were pounding away making her feel like she was being split in two, and causing her tits to bounce wildly. She thought she would consciousness at times from the pain and lack of breath. Finally the man fucking her mouth pulled out as gobs of sticky sperm splattered and clung to her face.

Both of the men fucking her ass and pussy had cummed in unison and she felt her ass and pussy simultaneously filled with the hot ooze. She felt both holes leak briefly but then two other men took their places. Their cocks were fucking her like pistons, making sick sloshing noises as her holes were filled with cum. Another dick was shoved in her mouth and she wanted to just pass out. After what seemed like forever the man fucking her sloppy cunt blew his load inside her, causing sperm to strongly gush out of her cunt.

Someone shoved a cold beer bottle into her cunt and started fucking her with that while the other man fucked her ass harder than ever. Finally the man fucking her face finally pulled out and jizzed all over her face too, while the man pounding her destroyed ass came too. Completely packing her ass with sperm. They all stood up and she, almost unconscious, thought that it was over. But then the Master grabbed the bottle out of her pussy and held it over her. She could see that it almost half full of cum that had been in her cunt.

He shoved the opening of the bottle into her mouth and held her head down, forcing all the cum and pussy cream in the bottle down her throat. Then they all looked down at her, mostly laughing.

She was completely naked with red tits and ass, completely cum spattered. Her face was completely covered with jizz, even over her eyes and lips and definitely in her hair.

One man leaned in closer to hear and grabbed his penis, Lita thought he was going to ejaculate on her again somehow, but a hot stream of piss poured down and splattered all over torso and cunt. This made the men laugh more and they all zipped up and started to walk away. Lita just lied there gasping for air traumatized. All the men left leaving her alone for awhile but before long she heard the door open again and she looked over.

It was Master and his dogs. "Well, did you have fun, Squirt? Wasn't that just your kind of night, whore?" Lita couldn't bring herself to say anything. Just lied there and looked at the floor. "Come on, whore! Answer me! Say how much you liked being a dirty cum whore? You are a whore, don't you know?


Those men paid to fuck you and piss on you." He yelled at her. "Yes.Master. I really lie.being your whore.Th-thank you" Lita whimpered. "You're welcome, Squirt!" He said smiling. "Now, I don't want to touch you so just follow me, got it?" He walked over to wear the metal rings were bolted in the floor and she slowly crawled over.

Her whole body was sore and her ass and cunt felt like they were on fire.she was sure her asshole must be torn somehow. And she was dripping with jizz and piss. Once she got over there he chained her hands to the floor and the metal rings and then then he spread her legs and shackled them into more metal rings that she hadn't noticed before. Even though she was extremely dazed she grew alarmed that he shackled her legs apart. "What are you doing? I mean, Master.What do you want?" She pleaded.

"Hmmph!" He snorted, "I don't anything from you, you dumb bitch. Look at're the sloppiest whore I've ever seen seen. There's still cum dripping out of your mouth!"He laughed for awhile while she gazed at him sadly. He started setting up the video camera again. "But anyways, I felt selfish having all the fun tonight while Tiberius and Drake were left out.and I figured you were so sloppy right now that they could play with you before I washed you again." "Wh-what?"Lita said.

But the Master just walked away and out the door leaving the dogs. Lita started struggling against the shackles desperately and the dogs started slowly coming towards her. Finally she stopped struggling.

I guess some dogs licking at me will still be better than what happened to me, she thought. The dogs grew less nervous and came over to her. They both started licking at her thighs and her spread and gaping pussy. She felt their slobbery tongues run over all the folds of her cunt furiously. She noticed they seemed to be fighting over it and she hoped they wouldn't bite her if they started fighting. Finally Tiberius bit Drake on the snout causing him to yelp and recede.he instead walked over to her face and started lapping at it.

Tiberius continued lapping hungrily at her cunt for awhile and then moved his paws up to her stomach. His claws were uncomfortable so she started to shift but he just moved them closer to her chest and suddenly she realized he was trying to mount her. She screamed and started thrashing violently. "No!!!! Help!!!! No!!!!" But both dogs started to growl and bare their teeth causing her to stop screaming and fighting.

She looked to see his red dog dick protruding from between his legs. And she felt him push it near her gaping opening and then finally he jammed it in.

He fucked her roughly and way faster than she had ever been fucked before.his claws scratching her torso as he frantically raped her. About a minute later she felt yet another hot stream shoot into her cunt. But knowing that it was dog jizz she almost threw up. By then Drake was pushing at Tiberius and trying to get in between her legs as well but Tiberius' dog knot was stuck in her pussy and he couldn't pull it out right away.

Finally he yanked it out and Drake immediately replaced him, stabbing his slimy red dick at her cunt. He missed the first few times and she felt it jab into her but finally he pushed into her snatch and start pumping in and out wildly as well. A moment later he blew his load inside her too and tried to pull out, but his knot was stuck inside her too. Instead of fighting though like Tiberius he just laid down on top of her.

Lita looked up at the ceiling cry, covered in jizz and piss with a dog's dick knot stuck inside of her. And then she looked over and saw the camera she had forgotten about.

This sadistic man had footage of her being fucked by dogs. Then she heard the door open again.