Sie liebt Anal Spielzeug und Gangbang

Sie liebt Anal Spielzeug und Gangbang
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*First ever attempt at this. Any feedback is welcome! Feel free to comment or message me any thoughts, suggestions, etc. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it! Kyle was starting to regret taking a sick day at work to catch up on errands that had been piling up. He thought going during the week would mean less crowds at the local grocery store, but it seemed to be the exact opposite, as if every housewife in town decided to descend upon Kroger's like it was an amusement park.

Kyle's tall, athletic frame made it difficult to navigate the busy aisles as countless moms clogged up each line, striking conversations about their children's most recent "accomplishments" or their latest trendy workout plan. It seemed every one of them was covered head to toe in athletic gear, but Kyle had a feeling that the only workout those clothes ever saw was getting taken in and out of the closet.

As he scanned the shelves in front of him looking for the next item on his list, he heard an audible gasp come from behind him. "Kyle? Is that you?" the woman's voice sounded older, but familiar, a voice he hadn't heard in years. Kyle wasn't one to make small talk in public places. Most times if he saw someone he knew while out, he'd make sure to take a route that would lead him away, even if it meant adding unnecessary time to his plans. Reluctantly he turned to see whom the familiar voice belonged to.

This might have been one of the very few times he was actually happy to run into a familiar face. Coming down the aisle was his childhood friend Rick's mom, Sharron. Kyle hadn't seen Sharron since he was probably 16, when Rick and him were good friends. However, as they grew older they grew apart. Which lead to seeing Sharron less and less after years of being a frequent guest at their house. Even though it had been about 10 years, Sharron looked like they had barely age since the last time Kyle had saw her.

She was quite a bit shorter than him at only 5'2, something he always teased her about since he was taller than her since he was 12. Her blond hair was still just below her shoulders and hugged her round face. She always had a great figure; something Kyle started to pay extra attention to once he hit puberty. He was happy to see she still loved wearing low cut V-neck shirts that showed off her perky B cup breasts. But the thing that always stood out to him was her fantastic hips and beautiful bubble butt.

While he was growing up, sweatpants with sayings on the back were all the rage. Sharron seemed to have a pair in every color and was always wearing them around the house when he would visit.

Kyle couldn't help but stare, as a kid whenever she walked by, her ass is what made him an ass guy in the first place. He was sure that she had noticed his lingering eyes on her backside, she would even sometimes comment to try and catch him. He'd always try and play it off that he was simply reading what they said, but they both knew what he was truly focusing on.

Kyle was happy to see though that in the years since she had upgraded to leggings, which made it even harder to not stop and stare at her marvelous ass. "Oh my god, Kyle, it is you!" Sharron exclaimed as she closed the distance. "I haven't seen you since you were just a boy. Wow. You sure have grown into a man haven't you." she said as she looked him up and down before reaching out for a hug. Her small frame was completely engulfed in Kyle's 6'3 frame.

As they broke their embrace her hand seemed to linger on his right arm before slowly slipping to her side. "Yeah, it's been a while Sharron, all grown up now, not that skinny kid who spent all his time at your house," replied Kyle. He couldn't believe he had run into her, he hadn't seen Rick since they had a falling out in high school. Which honestly, he never really minded not seeing him anymore, it was not getting to see Sharron as often that was the disappointing thing.

"So how have you been Kyle? What are you up to that's got you shopping amongst all the housewives and stay at home moms?" she asked. Her hands seemed to continue to linger near Kyle's arms, as if she wanted to reach a little further and touch him, but she was hesitant to actually make contact. "Things were piling up so I took a sick day to catch up on things around the house and all those errands I had been putting off. Typical guy move, putting things off until they absolutely need to be done," He answered.

"How have you been Sharron? How's the family?" he asked. Kyle had been friends with Rick since they were 8 years old, they met playing little league after Kyle had moved to town. They were inseparable growing up, on every sports team, classes together, and constantly over at one another's houses.


But as they grew older, their interests and personalities started to conflict. Kyle coming from a single parent home was more polite, respectful and courteous to others, as well as was content with not pushing the limits on the rules established, especially when it came to drinking and drugs.

Rick on the other hand only wanted to party and try everything. He started to drink more frequently, do drugs more often and his attitude towards his family and friends started to change.

Basically, he became a huge prick. There were countless times he'd be over at his house and witness Rick treating Sharron rudely and like she was merely there to do whatever he wanted. Unfortunately, something he got from his father Mark. Who since he was the breadwinner and Sharron was a stay at home mom, it was his way or the highway and controlled her life.

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Kyle would come to her defense when this would happen, in large part because if he had ever mouthed off to his own mother the way Rick would to Sharron, he'd be hitting the floor. It was because of this, Sharron always made a point of telling Kyle he was her favorite of Rick's friends. Especially when they'd host parties and the drinks started flowing, Sharron would always come up and find Kyle, hugging him and making sure to tell him how much she adored him, as well as forcing him to partake in the occasional dance whenever one of her favorite 80's songs came on.

At the time Kyle just thought it was the booze talking, but he didn't mind the playful groping from the attractive older woman. Since, in high school Kyle never had the best luck with girls, he was attractive, but hadn't really filled out into his body yet.

His height and lanky frame weren't exactly "poster boy" material. So any attention from Sharron he always appreciated, even if it was fueled by one to many Bud Light's. "They're good.

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Rick moved to South Carolina after school for work, Craig is now a sophomore in college, Mark still has his practice and seems to always be working, and I'm still adjusting to the empty nesting, but I'm doing fine, better now that I get to see my favorite kiddo." She responded.

"Actually it's perfect that I ran into you! Mark just bought this ridiculous TV and stereo setup for the basement, but of course he can't set it up himself and he refuses to pay someone to do it. You were always so good with electronics growing up; hell you were the one who got our last TV working down there.

Any chance you'd be able to stop by and get it setup?" she asked. Sharron wasn't wrong, Kyle could remember the few times Mark had gone crazy with his money and bought some new tech that he had no idea how to work, or what it even was.

Rick was no help in that department either so they always seemed to leave it till Kyle visited next and he would spend a few hours getting everything up and running while Rick sat on the couch.

"You know what, I'm happy to put a hold on the rest of the errands I got for today, heck I've always waited to do them this long, what's a couple more hours going to hurt." He replied. "Oh thank you Kyle! If memory serves me correct, I was always able to bride you with food, does that still count as adequate payment for your services?" asked Sharron.

"Anytime I don't have to cook for myself is good for me!" responded Kyle. "Oh good!" Sharron seemed to light up from his response, smiling from ear and to ear and gripping his forearm.

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"You still live on Farmridge right? Let me just grab the last couple things on my list and then I can head over." Said Kyle. "Yup! Still at that old house.


I'll see you soon." Answered Sharron. Hugging him once more she pecked him on the cheek as she said goodbye and headed down the aisle. Kyle couldn't help but stare at her tight, bubbly ass and it swayed back and forth. Maybe it was just his imagination, but he could have sworn Sharron was swaying her hips even more than usual with each step, not that Kyle minded.

It felt like forever since he had last pulled up into their driveway. He had just gotten his license and first car at the time. He figured he could still walk in through the garage like he always had. He couldn't remember if he had ever even used the front door in the 8 years he knew Sharron and her family. He knocked on the door and was greeted with "it's unlocked, come in!" from the other side.

Sharron was standing around the island in the kitchen sorting through bills. "I swear, he may bring home the bacon, but I'm the one always dealing with all of the responsibility." Said Sharron, clearly irritated by the fact that Mark once again left all of the bills to be handled by Sharron.

Yet another example of what a "standup" husband he was… "That does sound like Mark, always pays more attention on what to buy next rather than how to pay for it." "So where's this new TV setup you want me to take a look at?" asked Kyle.

"Well it's suppose to be downstairs in the basement, but surprise, he couldn't even get it down there himself." Replied Sharron. "Not a problem, not the first time I've had to work around Mark's lack of effort when it comes to electronics," he joked. "Hahaha I swear, we wouldn't have watch any TV for years if it weren't for you back then." Kyle always hated the built in cabinet setup Mark and Sharron had in the basement for housing the TV and audio systems.

It was hard to find a good spot for his tall frame to fit and reach every outlet and connections needed to get it working. Despite the tight quarters he was nearly finished getting it up and running when Sharron came down to check on him. Since the audio system was turned on to make sure it was working properly, Kyle had no idea Sharron had made her way downstairs.

As he laid inside one of the cabinet openings to hook up the next wire connections, he was startled when he felt Sharron's foot kick his own. Shooting up, he drilled his head on the cabinet overhang.

"Ow! Shit!" he yelled in pain. Gripping his forehead and he looked up to see Sharron standing over him. "Oh no! I'm so sorry! Are you okay? I didn't mean to scare you!" Sharron asked with concern in her voice. Luckily he hadn't cut his head, but it was definitely ringing from making contact with the solid oak cabinet. However, his pain seemed to vanish when he noticed Sharron's cleavage right in his face as her v-neck pulled away from her chest as she bent over him.

He could see her black lace bra that was holding her perky little breasts in place. What he wouldn't give to see them out of it. Something he's wanted to see since he was 15. "Yeah I'm fine, just a bump to the head. Do you have an ice pack or something though?" He asked, his eyes not breaking contact with her cleavage.

His staring was too obvious for Sharron not to notice, but she made to move to break his view. "Of course, let's go upstairs and grab it." She responded. Kyle was happy to go back upstairs, especially since it meant he got to watch Sharron make her way up them, her ass jiggling with each step in her tight leggings.

The 15 year old in him was dying over the sights of Sharron he had gotten so far today. He sat down at the island in the kitchen while she fetched the ice pack from the freezer. It was located on the top shelf all the way in the back, which meant Kyle got to enjoy the show of watching Sharron stretch and bend to try and reach it. Her ass on full display and with the stretching she was doing he was certain he could see what looked like a black lace thong underneath the thin material of her leggings.

Upon seeing this he couldn't hold his urges back anymore. All the little glances and views he had been getting of Sharron had caused his cock to roar to life in his pants. He could feel it growing and making his pants tighter and tighter. He tried to readjust while he sat at the island, hoping he wouldn't need to stand anytime soon.

Sharron came over with the ice pack and softly placed it against his forehead. Kyle quickly moved his hands to cover his growing cock so that she wouldn't notice his current predicament. Unfortunately in doing so his elbow knocked one of the bills that had been stacked on the table to the ground. Sharron quickly bent down to pick it up, but she froze midway through getting back up.

Her eyes were locked on the thick bulge that was in Kyle's pants. She'd always assumed Kyle was well endowed because of his height and the few glimpses she got of him around the house over the years when he'd wear tight shorts or was changing out of a sports uniform, but she had no idea just how big he truly was.

Kyle looked down and realized what had caught her attention. He quickly shifted in his seat, hoping to break her eye contact with his bulge, which seemed to only be growing stiffer now that she had seen it. This was definitely not the first hard on Sharron had caused Kyle. Whether it was seeing her in tight clothes around the house, in a bikini at the pool, or after a workout. Sharron had long been the subject of many of his jerk off sessions and orgasms. In fact he had probably cum more for her than any other woman in his life.

He had always dreamed what it would be like to fuck her, and not just fuck her, but to really take care of her sexually. Something he was sure she hadn't gotten in a long time from her husband. Kyle had heard the rumors growing up and the talk amongst his friend's parents.

Sharron had always been putting up with Mark's shit, his unfaithfulness, gambling issues and just overall dismissiveness of her. Kyle always had the feeling that their sexual life was purely for his own satisfaction not hers. In fact, the few times he heard rumblings from their bedroom when he spent the night where almost always over about when they began and the noises came predominately from him. He knew if he ever got the chance to be with her, he'd make sure she knew what it was like to properly be fucked.

Sharron finally got up and placed the bill back on the island. Still thinking about the large bulge in Kyle's pants she instinctively licked her lips, as her mouth seemed to start to water. She always thought Kyle was the most attractive of her son's friends, especially because he was always so kind and respectful. But now that he was a full grown man sitting in front of her. Her pussy started to tingle just thinking about what he could do with his thick cock.

She stood there silently, her fingers playing with the bills laid out in front of her. Then she felt two hands placed on her shoulders.

It sent chills down her spine, feeling his touch against her skin.


"Sharron." He said nervously. She waited for the next words, but no words seemed to come. He paused, "Sharron. You deserve to be treated properly. To be treated like the beautiful woman you are." He said as he turned her around to face him.

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She could see the look of lust in his eyes, but also that of passion and care. She saw his eyes move down to her lips, she didn't know what to do or say. Part of her wanted to tell him to stop, that he was her son's friend and couldn't do this.

But the louder part of her wanted him so badly, the same part that always wanted him in a way since he was just a boy, the part of her that was begging to feel his large hands all over her body, to feel his lips on hers.

She couldn't muster any words as she stood there staring into his eyes, feeling his hands slowly work their way to her face. He pulled her in to kiss her lips, as their lips met Sharron's legs quivered. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Any one other than her husband in over 20 years hadn't kissed her and here she was in her home kissing another man.

A man she had known since he was just a kid. But all she could think about was how amazing of a kiss it was and how much she enjoyed feeling his hands on her body. She hadn't been kissed like this since before Mark.

Even he wasn't up to Kyle's level, in fact everything about Mark had grown so tiresome that the rush she was feeling was making her pussy the wettest it had been in years.

"I have to be with you Sharron, I've wanted you for years. I need to be with you.," said Kyle as he broke their kiss to tell her. "Then have me," replied Sharron, letting lust and passion completely take a hold of her. That was all the permission Kyle needed.

He immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her onto the island. He ripped off her tight leggings, finally exposing the black, lace thong that lied underneath. Sharron quickly removed her shirt as well, sitting in anticipation for his next move. Kyle leaned forward kissing her, before making his way down her neck, to her chest, he kissed the tops of each of her breasts, pulling away the lace bra so he could nibble and kiss her hard nipples. Which sent a jolt through Sharron as she shook from the rush of pleasure.

He continued kissing down her stomach, slowly inching closer to the heat of her wet pussy. The smell of her sex filled up his nose as he kept kissing her thighs and groin. Sharron bucked her hips as he kissed trying to force him closer to her pussy, but his movements matched hers and he kept eluding her. The more he teased, the wetter her pussy got. The anticipation to have his mouth on her pussy was killing her. It had been so long since she had a tongue buried in her. Mark was never much of a giver in regards to oral, and even when he did he barely spent any time down there.

Finally, Kyle gave in to her desires and drove his tongue deep into her pussy. This sent her shooting up; she looked down at his face buried in her cunt. It turned her on even more to watch his tongue work on her lips and clit. She could already feel an orgasm coming on as his tongue continued to find every inch of her pussy. "You're pussy tastes so sweet" Kyle said in between licks.

Hearing this sent her over the edge. "I'm going to cum!" she screamed. This only made Kyle's tongue work faster. Soon enough her pussy started to gush with her juices as she came. Her hips bucking wildly as each wave of her orgasm hit, she couldn't seem to control her legs as they quivered around Kyle's head.

His tongue made sure to lick up as much of her juices as it could. Licking every inch of her pussy until he got it all. Once the final wave hit, Sharron collapsed back onto the island, it had been so long since she had that kind of orgasm. The euphoria she felt was invigorating and only increased the lust she had for the young stud.

"I think it's my turn to take care of you." she said. Sharron hopped off the island and pushed Kyle back against the kitchen counter behind him. Dropping to her knees she quickly removed his pants.

When she got to his underwear she took her time. She examined the massive bulge that was barely being contained by the cotton trappings. She gripped it with her hand and couldn't believe just how big it felt wrapped in her fingers; it was easily the biggest cock she had ever felt. It wasn't a monster, but it was long and thick.

Something her husband's wasn't. Pulling the underwear down, her mouth watered when his cock popped out and nearly hit her face. Sharron starred at the 8-inch cock before her, feeling it pulse in her hands with anticipation.

She couldn't wait any longer to have it. Kissing the thick shaft, till she got to the fat head, before licking her way back down to his large, full balls. She started to think about all the cum that must be in there for her to enjoy. Eager to get it out of him she took the head into her mouth.

She'd never had a cock this big in her mouth before so it was an adjustment in order to take as much as she could. She went down as far as she could till she gagged, causing herself to drool all over it. She could feel it grow even harder inside her mouth as her tongue played with it. Seeing this sight, the woman he had jerked off some many times to on her knees with his cock deep in her throat drove Kyle wild as she looked up at him with those beautiful hazel eyes.

He grabbed the back of her head, putting as much of her blonde hair into a bun in his fist as he could. He then started to pull her head off of his cock. "I don't want you to use your hands, okay? Just that cute little mouth of yours.

I want you to take as much as you can and cover my cock in your spit." He growled to her. Sharron loved what she was hearing, here was finally a man that could really fuck her and take control, that could make her quiver and shake.

She gladly did as he said and opened her mouth. Kyle started to push her head back on his cock, inch by inch until she had almost gotten it all in. He held her there while she gagged on his thick member. Her eyes starting to water looking up at him he finally let her go, spit dripping from the sides of her mouth.

He continued to fuck her face until she had covered his cock in her spit. Kyle let go of her hair, his cock standing completely erect and dripping in her spit. Sharron's pussy was begging to be filled, but first she wanted to taste the cum that was filling his balls. She immediately went back to sucking him, fast and slow, deep and short bobs. His cock seemed to keep growing in her mouth as she bobbed up and down on it.

Kyle's groans became louder and more frequent as she continued to suck. "I'm going to cum!" he yelled. This made her suck even faster, eager to finally taste his load. He grunted and she felt the explosion of his warm cum start to fill her mouth, she quickly sucked up every drop she could, making sure not to waste any. After the last pulse she backed off his cock, opening her mouth to show him her prize before swallowing every last drop of it, licking her lips to get any that was left.

Despite draining his balls of his load, his cock still stood rock hard in front of here. Her pussy dripped in anticipation of being filled by it. Kyle didn't hesitate and as soon as she swallowed his cum, he pulled her off her knees and bent her over the kitchen island. With her fat ass in front of him he couldn't resist getting a taste. He dropped to his knees behind her and spread her cheeks with his hands as he started licking away at her pussy again.

She yelped in pleasure as his tongue hit her lips. He slowly started working his way up until his mouth hovered above her tight, pink, hole. Her ass had been the object of so many of his orgasms before, he couldn't believe he was about to taste it. As his tongue hit her hole, he could feel the shock go through her body as she lurched up when she felt the sensation. Despite her shock she didn't stop him from continuing, in fact she shook her bubbly ass to make sure he kept going.

While he worked his tongue in her ass, he took two fingers and slowly slid them into her tight pussy, fingering her while licking her tight hole. "I need you to fuck me!" Sharron yelled. Kyle was happy to oblige her request. Standing up he lined up his thick cock with her eager, wet hole. He was about to finally fuck the woman he had desired for so many years.

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He couldn't wait any longer and slide all the way inside her. Sharron arched her back as his cock filled her pussy. It was so much bigger than her husbands, that she wasn't sure she could handle it. But those thoughts soon left her mind as she felt Kyle start to slide in and out of her.

He started with slow, deep thrusts before he quickened his pace and was soon pounding into her. "Oh my god! Yes! Fuck me!" Sharron screamed in ecstasy as he continued to fuck her tight cunt. "Your pussy is amazing! It's so fucking tight." He responded. The sounds of their skin smacking against once another only seemed to drive them wilder. "Bounce that fat ass on my cock, show me what you can do." Kyle demanded.

Sharron quickly started to bounce back and forth onto Kyle's cock, riding it harder and harder. Her fat ass bouncing against him. "I'm going to CUM!!!" Sharron moaned. "Cum all over my cock Sharron! Cover me in your juices!" he yelled back. Soon her legs started to shake as the orgasm hit her. Kyle kept pounding into her as she went limp with pleasure, unable to control her body as wave after wave of pleasure flooded her senses.

Her pussy tightened as she came, squeezing his thick cock even harder. This drove him to the edge as his balls filled with another massive load for her. "I'm going to cum!! He barked. He thrusted into her a few more times before his cock started to pulse widely.

Sharron could feel his warm cum filling her pussy, the load felt like even more than the one that had filled her mouth earlier. After the last pulse he collapsed onto her, his cock still inside her, while his cum dripped from her.

They both laid there breathing heavily, still enjoying the last rushes of their orgasms. Neither said anything to break the silence, merely enjoying what had just happened. Finally, Sharron spoke up.

"So, I think I'm going to need you to come by again soon to finish setting up the TV system." "Only if this replaces my payment instead of your homemade pasta!" replied Kyle. They both laughed and kissed each other, relishing in finally being able to act on years of mutual lust and passion.