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Milf Schritt mom hart gefickt it4reborn
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Summer of 79- Chapter 6 I went by the store on the way up to the pool and picked up a few Cokes and a Snickers bar, (back in 79 we didn't have "energy drinks" or "power bars". A Snickers bar and a Coke will still do the trick.) I got up to the pool, signed in and went to find a lounge chair over by the diving boards.

As I was coming out of the locker room Vicky came out of the office and handed me a small red nylon package. "What's this? I asked" her. "It's your new suit, life guards, MY life guards wear red Speedo's." Vicky said tipping her sun glasses down her nose to look at me. She hooked a finger into the front of my shorts and pulled them out and away from my waist and looked down.

I knew she could see my cock, she smiled and said. "Blue, typical swim team, go change or I'll change them for you!" I smiled at her and said.

"But I'm not working right now. Isn't this like a work uniform?" "You'll wear the red as long as you work here and even when you aren't on duty and here you wear the red, understood. Now change!" She said. "Yes ma'am, right away ma'am, anything you say ma'am!" I said throwing her a left handed salute.

I went back in to the locker room to change into my new suit. I turned on the hot water and ran the new nylon Speedo under the hot water and rinsed it out real good.

I'd found out that if I didn't do this before wearing a new suit it would cause a painful rash. The Speedo was a: "Life Guard" suits with a white cross in a circle and had the words "U.S. Life Guard Association" running around the outside of the circle. The suit was tight and didn't do much to hide what I had which was only made more noticeable because it was wet. Vicky was standing outside waiting on me as I came back out and she grinned and said. "My oh my, that looks good and the suit isn't too bad either.

I'll talk to you later hot stuff. Have fun, you go on at five and we close early tonight and you'll be helping me." I went down and found a lounge chair beside a table and laid out my towel, there weren't many people at the pool at this time of day so I could have my "spot" as I liked to call it.

I then went for a few laps in the pool to warm up.


After that I headed over to the diving boards. I started out with a cut away dive that broke the water with very little splash and came out to Mary Anne standing on the side of the pool clapping her hands. As I came up the ladder her eyes got big and she was looking right at my cock. She licked her lips and staring straight at my cock said.

"My God, Vicky was right! You do fill out that suit nicely!" "You like?" I asked winking at her as I headed over to the high dive. "Oh yeah, I like it, I like it a lot.

Can I sit with you?" "Sure you can baby, but I want to do some dives before I lay out. I'll meet you over there.

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Oh, hey, there's a coke in my cooler if you want one." I said. I climbed the ladder to the high dive and walked out on the board.

I took a deep breath and walked back, concentrated on the edge of the dive. I wanted to do a full gainer with a twist, which was a dive I'd been working on all winter. This was the first time I was going to do it in "public" The dive was perfect and several people were sitting up watching me as I came out of the water.

The P.A. system came on and my buddy Joey's voice said. "Ok "C" stop showing off!" He blew a raspberry and keyed the mike twice so that it squealed. I climbed back up the high dive and did a one and a half (my best dive) and swam under the rope and over to my towel where Mary Anne was sitting sipping on a coke. "God Chris watching you dive and swim just makes my pussy so fucking wet.

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I wish you could fuck me right here!" She whispered. I toweled off and put my shades on. "Sorry baby but I don't think the "family crowd" would go for that much. Could you please put some oil on my back?" "Ok, then you can do me." She giggled at that as she got the tanning oil out and I sat on the edge of the lounger.

Mary Anne started at my shoulders and worked the oil in real good, giving me a massage as well. She worked oil down my arms and across my chest then down over my abs and right to the top edge of my suit. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, Mary Anne slid her hand into my suit and stroked my cock a few times, coating it in sun tanning oil.

Her hand slid up and down it smoothly with the oil and she knew how just how hard to squeeze it. "Bad girl, you better stop it now or I'm going to spank you hard and then I'm going to fuck your ass hard, like a pussy!" I growled "Oh promises, promises, won't you eat my pussy for me first?" She purred in my ear.

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"Nope, that will be your punishment; no pussy eating or pussy fucking I may spank it too but your asshole is going to be sore, I promise you that young lady." I said in a low, not to be fucked with voice.

She finished putting the oil on my back and then she lay down on her belly on the lounge beside mine. She looked at me, batting her eyes and said. "Now do me please." I took the oil and squirted some on to her back and started working it around her shoulders and down her back, I put more oil on the backs of her legs and worked it in from her ankles all the way up to the leg band of her suit.

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Mary Anne parted her legs and gave a soft sigh as my hands worked on her leg muscles. I moved over so that I was kind of sitting on her calves "Oh God yes, that feels so fucking nice." She moaned. As my fingers dipped inside the leg band of her suit and rubbed oil over the lips of her soft haired pussy and asshole.

I had made sure that no one was looking as slid a hand inside either leg of her suit and pulled her pussy open, pushing my index and middle fingers from my right hand into her hot little cunt while at the same time pushing two fingers from my other hand into her asshole. "Oh fuck!" Mary Anne hissed as I started fucking her holes with my fingers.

There were very few adults around, like I said the pool was kind of dead this time of day and most everyone else was in the pool swimming and playing around in the cool water. I pulled my fingers out of her over heated pussy and pulled my cock out of the leg band of my suit. Taking my fingers out of her tight asshole I yanked the crotch of Mary Anne's suit over to one side and slid up her legs until I was in just the right position. Then I bent my rock hard cock down and pointed it at her unsuspecting, oily, pink asshole and pushed forward slowly sliding me entire cock into her hot ass all the way to the hilt.

"Oh fucking Christ!

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You bastard, fuck my ass like that! Yeah, just like that!" She hissed looking over her shoulder at me as I started to slide slowly in and out of her oily defenseless ass. With her legs together it just made her already tight ass that much tighter and it wasn't long before she was whimpering and moaning quietly as I pumped into her, slowly enough not to be noticed but at a steady enough and hard enough pace that she was cumming in no time at all, I pulled my cock out of her twitching asshole and pointed it at her slightly gaping, puckered star and blasted a load of my own hot cum all over her sweet ass.

"Oh, that's not fair you son of a bitch! Now I'm going to be all sticky!" She said looking at me and smiling. "Just jump in the pool and let it wash you off Hot Stuff." I said patting her ass as I tucked my cock back into my suit. "I gotta go and get ready to start working in a few more minutes. You know the pool closes early tonight, they have to back flush the filters and Vicky said I had to help her with it." "Yeah, I have to go home soon anyway; Fitz is coming by to take me out to dinner so I have to get ready." Mary Anne said as she stood up and headed for the edge of the pool.

Putting one hand up over her head and grabbing her suit at the back she said "Have fun tonight!" and dove into the water, she swam the length of the pool underwater and came up on the other side and waved at me as I headed up the steps to the office. "Good diving bro!" Joey said as I went into the guard office. He looked around and handed me a time card and a whistle.

"Put your name on this and punch in, you don't want to be late for your first day, well night on duty. You know the rest period signal already but if something happened and you have to go in to save someone you blow three short blasts on the whistle and go in.

That will let all the guards know that there's an emergency. Got it?" He explained. "Sure thing bro. Where are you going to want me to sit this afternoon? Diving well or swim lanes?" I asked. "Why don't you sit over by the swim lanes for the first hour? Dude, remember that if you do have to go in after someone the water is only three and a half feet deep there so do a racing dive of we'll be having to pick you out of the water too." Joey warned.

"Yeah, that's a good thing to remember, thanks man." I said as I punched my card and headed out to do my first watch.


Everything went well and I only had to "bench" three kids, two for rough play and another one for hanging on the ropes after I had warned him like ten times not to. He whined about it and his mom came over and told me that he wasn't a good swimmer so he held on to the ropes. "Sorry ma'am, but that isn't what they are for. He knows that. If you think it would help him we have swimming lessons every Tuesday morning at eight a.m., they'll teach him to be a better swimmer in no time." I told her.

I thought she was going to get mad but she just looked at me and said she'd talk to her husband about it. I blew the rest break and let the kid go as a few of the mothers got into the water and started talking. I noticed that they liked to move in the water so that their tits were floating and kind of bouncing in a lazy way in the water. I had my sunglasses on so I could stare as much as I wanted to and no one was wise to it.

I did notice many covert, yet hungry looks in my direction and remembered what Vicky had said about the "Pool Moms" eating me alive the other night. "Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into now?" I wondered. Vicky came down the steps and walked over to my stand. "You are doing alright?" She said to me as she looked up. "After this break is over we are closing, I'm going to announce it in just a minute so don't let any of the kids jump in." "Ok.

You think I just shouldn't blow the break and just let you give the announcement instead?" I asked looking down at her through my shades, from the way she was standing I had a great view of most of her tits and my mouth was starting to water thinking about sucking on her huge nipples again. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Come up to the office after you make sure everyone is out of the water and headed for the gate." She said smiling.

"You got it boss lady!" I said smiling back at her and taking one more glance at those delectable tits of hers. I watched her walk away and admired the way her muscular ass cheeks rolled in her red one piece suit as her hips swayed. "God she's got the nicest pair of legs ever!" I thought to myself. Vicky made the announcement and while there were groans from the kids everyone got packed up and headed for the gates, within a half hour it was just Vicky, the other guards and I. We closed the parking lot gate and locked the pool gate.

Joey was counting the cash from the snack bar and visitors, the other guards were busy cleaning the locker rooms and hosing down the decks of the pool. She handed me a bucket and said. "Go around and empty the skimmer baskets then pick up any trash you see and put it in the dumpster. I have some paper work to fill out; I'll see you in a half hour." I did what she wanted and even replaced the trash bags in the cans that were getting full.

By the time I came back to the office she was just letting Joey out the main doors to the pool. "See you tomorrow dude, have a good night." She said as she locked the doors behind him.

Vicky turned around to me and said. "Ok. Chris, we have a long job to do so we may as well get to it come on." We went down the steps and across the deck to the pump house, which was near the diving boards. The pump house was a cool place, it was made out of cinder blocks and had a reinforced concrete roof, when we were kids we always thought it was a bunker. There were steps going up to the roof which was fenced in and people could go up there and lay out in the sun.

Vicky led the way down the steps and around to the back of the pump house. "I hate this place; it gives me the fucking creeps!" She said as she unlocked the doors and turned on the lights. Inside was a large cement box, about six feet by eight feet square and at least five feet high, inside of it were a series of mesh frames that the pool water was filtered through. Pipes came out of the floor and ran into four large pumps, each the size of a 350 chevy engine.

There were chemicals and a small step ladder as well as water testing kits. "First of all we shut the output pumps off." Vicky said pointing to a series of red and green buttons in an electrical box on the wall. "You hit the two red ones on the right when I tell you to." She said as she went over to the two pipes that had arrows going into the filters. She pulled two leavers up and said "Hit it!" I pushed the buttons and she said.

"Now hit the other two when I say so." At the pipes with the arrows going out she pulled two more leavers up and said "Now!" I shut the pumps down and turned around just in time to see a wave of water come over the top of the filter box and almost drown her. "Motherfucker I hate it when this shit happens!" She screamed.

I looked at her and not only was she drenched but she was also covered in a white film of wet diatom powder! "Shit, shit, shit I always get that fucking backwards!" I couldn't help myself and started laughing. "The directions are right on the wall three feet from you!" I said "Fuck you too!" She said. " Come on and help me get these filters out of here." I helped her get the filters outside and leaning up against the back wall of the pump house. Vicky handed me a brush and said.

"Ok smartass, you can scrub the fucking things while I use the hose." She turned on the water and we went to work cleaning the filters. As we were cleaning them Vicky was spraying me with the hose as much as she was the filters. The evening air had gotten chilly and we were both getting a bit cold by the time we were done.

"Don't you want to clean some of that stuff off of you?" I asked her. "Yeah, I guess I do look like a zombie, I'll take a shower when we get done here, we won't be much longer. Let's get these filters back in the box and start the pumps. And you can stop staring at my tits anytime now!" Vicky said. "Sorry but they are sticking out and really hard not to notice. And you were right they are some very nice girls." I said smiling at her.

"Flattery will get you everywhere." She said laughing After we set the filters screens in place she turned the pumps back on and added the diatom powder to the filter box. "It will take all night for the filters to pick up the powder and the pool to go clear." Vicky explained to me. "I'm ready for that shower now, come on." As we got back to the main building Vicky said. "Put on some tunes will you please?" I headed into the guard office and turned on the radio as she went into the women's locker room and started the shower.

I was sitting in the office just chilling out to the music when she screamed my name. "Chris come in here quick!" "What's going on?" I asked as I came into the shower room, Vicky was standing on top of a bench, buck naked looking at the floor where a small green snake was laying. "Get it out of here NOW!" She yelled pointing at it. Ok,ok, don't freak out, it's only a grass snake, he's harmless. Really he's a good snake; he helps keep the bugs down around here.

After all, you don't see many spiders around. Do you?" I said picking the snake up and carrying him outside. I came back in and told her I'd let him go near the fence. I helped her down off the bench and said. "You missed a spot." "I missed a lot of spots after I saw that fucking snake." She said in a shaky voice. "Well if you'll tell me which spots they are I'll wash them for you and keep a look out for snakes too." I said with a grin.

"Hmm, sounds like one of the best offers I've had all day." She said stepping back under the hot water. "But if you do you'll have to get out of your suit, you'll be getting wet… really wet, besides, hot water will fade it and I don't want my life guards running around in pink suits. It just looks too funny." I wasted no time in pulling my T-shirt off and slipping out of my sandals. I untied the string of my Speedo and pulled it off, as I did my cock just started to expand from being cramped inside of that small suit half the day.

I stepped under the flowing water with Vicky. Picking up the shampoo I poured some in my hands and started washing her hair, ears, neck and shoulders. Then I did her arms and worked all over her big double D sized tits, squeezing and massaging them, paying special attention to her huge nipples, rubbing and pulling on them.

Vicky ran her hands through her hair, picking up a handful of shampoo suds and reached for my cock which was now starting to get hard. She started stroking and rubbing her thumb across the head of it while I worked down along her rib cage and soon had it standing up proud and hard enough to pound nails with.

I turned her around, unfortunately making her release my cock in the process and started working on her back and down to her near perfect ass, massaging her muscles as I went, using the shampoo like a body wash.

(Hey, we didn't have anything called "Body Wash" in 79 so this was the next best thing!) Using more shampoo I started washing the crack of her ass with one hand while washing her very hot pussy with the other. I teased her holes and clit but didn't put any fingers inside of her, and was driving her a bit wild because she was moaning and moving her hips, forward trying to get me to push a finger into her pussy or backwards trying to get me to push a finger inside her gorgeous ass.

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I soon moved down to her legs and spent extra time washing her all the way down to her little, size 6 feet. I stood back up and pushed her under the flowing water, rinsing all the soap off of her and out of her hair. Grabbing a bottle of conditioner I started working it into her hair when I noticed just how slippery conditioner actually was and had a naughty idea.

Taking some of the conditioner and rubbing it all over my stiff cock I also worked some into the blonde hair on her hot cunt and around her pretty, pink puckered asshole; laying my cock in the crack of her ass I started sliding it back and forth across her asshole and down to her cunt. Vicky got the message and pushed her ass out to meet me, placing her hands against the wall like she was being searched by the cops.

She was moaning hard and rocking her hips and really getting into it as I drew back a bit further then I had been before, dropping my cock in perfect line with her tender pink asshole, pushing forward with a steady pace, past her tight muscular ring and deep into her darkest depths.

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"Oh God, nobody's ever fucked my ass before! Mmm oh yeah, I like it! Oh you're such dirty fucking boy! Shit, keep fucking me with that hard cock! I'm going to cum, don't stop fucking my ass!" She moaned arching her back and pushing her ass out towards me.

Grabbing her hip in my hand I reached under her with my free hand and started stroking her huge clit while ramming my cock into her tight, overheating asshole lifting her up onto the balls of her feet. I could feel myself getting ready to cum and I wanted to keep this going a little longer so I pulled out of her and turned her around dropping to my knees and pushing my face in between her legs.

I sucked her big clit into my mouth and started licking and sucking it. Vicky started cumming almost right away, squirting her pussy juice all over my face, onto my tongue and into my mouth. Her legs were shaking and she was gripping my hair so tightly I thought she was going to pull it out by the roots.

I stood up and pulled her to me and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth and letting her taste herself. Reaching down and grabbing her ass I picked her up and carried her over to the bench, laying her down on it and lifting her legs up and putting them on one of my shoulders.

Vicky put her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, opening herself to me. Her asshole was slightly gaping open and the way she had her hands on her ass pulled open her hot, wet, pink pussy, unknowingly giving me my choice of holes. I pushed my steel hard cock into her wet cunt and started fucking her hard. "Oh you motherfucker, oh yeah, fuck me harder, yeah do it boy fuck my pussy!" She was yelling as I pounded into her.

She grabbed her legs behind the knees and spread them open. I reached down between her legs and opened her pussy with my finger and thumb, exposing her huge clit and started playing with it as I was fucking her hot hole. Vicky was making animalistic noises and wailing as I bottomed out in her cunt and ground my cock against her womb.

She started cumming again and her pussy became wetter and wetter. I wasn't ready to cum yet and again pulled my cock out of her tightly contracting cunt hole, holding it in my hand and smacking it against her big clit, splashing pussy juice all over us. Vicky was still on her back, holding her legs open and I pushed my cock back into her asshole and started fucking her abused ass all over again.

"Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yeah!" She started chanting. "Fuck my asshole some more you dirty boy! Oh it's sweet, oh yeah, I love it!

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Cum inside my ass, I want to feel you shoot your stuff in my asshole boy!" I picked up the pace of my thrusts in her ass and shoved two fingers into her pussy and was playing with her clit with my other hand.

I knew I was close to cumming and just let it take over, burying myself as deep in her ass as I could and cumming hard inside of her.