Homosexuals have sexy ass sex and suck

Homosexuals have sexy ass sex and suck
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book One: The Quest Chapter Seven: The Knight's Sacrifice By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Acolyte Sophia Western Deorc Forest, The Federation of Deoraciynae The two other elf hunters appeared silently out of the woods.

Like Xera, they were gorgeous, tall and lithe, their bodies painted in greens and browns to let them blend into the woods. Their keen eyes flickered at Angela and me, their ears twitching in obvious curiosity at the sight of two humans in their woods.

I was still naked. It was wonderful to not have to wear the robe. As an acolyte of the Temple of Pure, I had spent many years wearing next to nothing in the warm seclusion of our temple. While traveling with Angela on her Quest, I had to wear more modest robes and a cape to keep any man from seeing my naked, virgin flesh. But these elves were women. I still had Relythionaia's delicious, flowery pussy juices on my lips.

After I had healed the elf huntress, wounded by the basilisk, her passions grew amours and we made such wonderful love. My body still tingled from the experience. Her pussy had tasted so delicious, more like a flower's nectar than the salty musk I was used to, and she had an extra pair of labia that had been so much fun to explore and nuzzle.

The elves spoke in elvish. Xera—that wasn't her full name, but elvish names were such tongue twisters—was their leader. She addressed her four huntresses.

They all repeatedly glanced at Angela and me. I shifted, letting them drink in the sight of my body. I was an acolyte of Saphique, sworn to love all women and spurn the touch of men. Elves were hermaphroditic, but none seemed to actually have cocks, so I let them look. I was beautiful with green eyes that complimented my soft features, light-brown hair that fell about my shoulders in a delicious fall. My hips were lithe, and though my breasts were small, they were firm and perky, topped by pink nipples.

I toyed with my belly-piercing, a silver stud adorned with a ruby, as I smiled at the elves. Angela watched me. The knight was always watching me. She didn't love me.

She spurned my crush as something girlish and beneath her, and yet her blue eyes always seemed to find me. Her gaze made my heart beat for hope. I squashed that hope. She had made her feelings clear. She loved Kevin. A man. I smiled at the elves. They were beautiful.

Especially Xiloniasa. She had an innocence about her.

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She seemed the youngest, though it was hard to tell. Elves didn't age like humans, or so the stories claimed. Xiloniasa looked eighteen, but she could be a hundred. It was a shame all the elves were leaving save Xera. I could have some fun. When I made love to Relythionaia, my heartache for Angela was buried by lust.

But Xera was coming with us. She promised to guide us to the Lesbius Oracle, located somewhere to the north in the forest. Without her, Angela and I would have kept heading east and never would have found it. The elf hunters broke apart. "My huntresses will look for the red-haired elf and make sure she is fine." Angela nodded. "She probably saw the basilisk and just kept running." "Most likely," Xera frowned.

"I had not heard hair dying was practiced by the western elves." If all the elves had green hair, I wasn't surprised that a few wanted to dye theirs to stand out. I was sure she was fine, but it was lucky we came across her.

We would have missed Xera and her hunters. Xiloniasa strolled to me, moving with such grace. She stopped before me. "Thank you," she said in a musical accent, the words rolling off her lips.

"You're welcome," I smiled. I had healed her from being petrified with a ampoule of Holy Milk. "I'm glad I could save you." Xiloniasa nodded, though I saw something in her violet eyes. She didn't understand my tongue. "Thank you," she repeated. Xera must have told her these words. I put my arms around her neck. It was hard. Elves were tall. The shortest elf had the height of a man. She leaned down, her ears twitching above her green hair.

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I planted a hot kiss on her lips. Our breasts rubbed together as my tongue filled her mouth. Her arms wrapped around me, holding me tight as we communicated without words. I was a little breathless when I broke the kiss, and my pussy was on fire. I wanted to do more, but Xiloniasa broke away, joining the other elf hunters. Angela's eyes were still on me.

I looked at her and she jumped, turning to face the departing elves. The pain in my heart returned. Why did I have to fall in love with a woman who wouldn't love me back? Tears burned in my green eyes. I turned to my discarded clothing. As I bent down to pick up my robe, I surreptitiously wiped at my eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela My eyes drifted back to Sophia as she bent over to pick up her clothes. Whenever my thoughts wandered, my eyes found her. She was beautiful, in a spoiled brat kind of way. Her ass was curvy, and her shaved pussy glinted wet between her thighs. Memories of our shared passion flushed through me. My pussy itched, and my hard nipples pressed on my armor. My chainmail loincloth clinked as my hips shifted and my thighs pressed together.

Sophia was beautiful. I looked away as she stood up to pull on her white robe. Xera watched me. The elves purple eyes were studious, her long, pointed ears twitching. I frowned at her. She stood naked—the elves didn't seem to believe in clothing—with only a belt around her waist to hang her quiver and a pouch from. She smiled at me as she bent her bow and removed the string, tucking it into her pocket.

A bow strung for too long ruined the string. "Where are your supplies?" I asked. Xera laughed. "This is our woods. It provides food. We do not have to carry supplies like you humans." She glanced at our horses and their saddlebags. I nodded my head. "So how far is the oracle?" "With you humans, probably an eight day walk.

I doubt you can move as fast through the woods as me." "Dangers?" "Yes.

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We will have to slip by the giganraneae that surround the Oracle." I shuddered. They were a race of giant spiders. Intelligent and dangerous. They built traps with webs and hunted humanoids to lay their eggs inside. The monsters were birthed by the God Las. His uncontrollable lusts had compelled the god to fuck anything, including a werespider who birthed the first giganraneae.

"Lovely," I groaned. "And why in Pater's cock haven't you and your hunters exterminated the monsters?" "The Oracle likes them," the elf answered. "The giganraneae know to stay in her valley. If they leave, they will be killed. If we enter, we may be taken.and used." I shuddered, understanding her meaning. "Only the most daring of us would ever seek out the Oracle." Xera leaned in. "She likes her privacy." I nodded my head. That made sense. "She doesn't want to waste her powers on inconsequential requests." "Most likely." Xera looked around.

"Your.companion is ready." My cheeks flushed. The way she said companion was almost a caress. "That's right. My companion. Nothing more." The elf smiled. Sophia walked over, dressed again, leading her white mare.

Purity nuzzled at her neck. "Shall we keep trudging through this." Sophia glanced at Xera, ".amazing forest?" "Yes. We have a long trip ahead of us." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia It was on the third day of traveling with the humans when I came into heat. The humans were as slow as I feared. They had to lead their horses and walk. Sophia was the worse.

Her constant bickering made my teeth hurt.

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But her sweet caresses as we lay in her blankets helped to make up for it. Each night, she sought me out, kissing and loving me all while Angela watched. The human knight denied her affections for Sophia, yet her eyes always seemed to dwell on the petite girl. I knew the feeling. I was the same with my wife. The first time I had laid eyes on Atharilesia had sent a powerful heat through me.

She had been young, her green hair braided and flashing behind her as she danced around the linden tree on midsummer's eve. I had been entranced by her. All night, I couldn't look away. When I finally worked up the courage to speak to her, she had been overcome with excitment that a hunter paid her attention. Neither of us had been in heat that night, so we only made love as women in a bower of sweet moss. It took us three years before one of us was in heat when I wasn't out on a hunt.

Atharilesia took my cherry and we became wedded that wonderful night. When I woke up this morning, I recognized the signs of my impending heat. My clit throbbed. The transformation had begun. The nub ached. I wanted to stroke my burgeoning cock. Already, it was two inches long, thrusting pink before me.

My pussy was wet. I groaned as I stood up, fighting the urge to masturbate. We had to get walking. "Oh, wow, someone's excited," Sophia giggled when she saw my clit. "That's bigger than it was last night. I could just suckle on your clit." "I am going into heat," I answered. "My cock is sprouting." Sophia's eyes widened and she suddenly covered her naked body with her blankets.

The girl had never been modest before. "Oh, no. A cock?" She bit her lip. I frowned. Angela, buckling on her armor, said, "She is sworn to Saphique, the virgin goddess. She must remain pure." "But she has no hymen." I knew this first hand. I had fingered her several times, her pussy clenching down on my digits as she came. "Pure of a man's touch," Sophia answered. "No cock has ever entered my flesh, and I mean to keep it that way." "Oh," I said, swallowing.

I had hoped to fuck her. I couldn't impregnate a human, only another hermaphrodite. It wouldn't be cheating for me to fuck a human's pussy. I had been looking forward to it. I don't remember the last time I had fucked a pussy with my cock. The night I impregnated my wife had been a wild celebration. I had been so drunk, I didn't even remember much of that night.

For elves, it was adultery to have any form of sex that could result in a pregnancy. I had fucked plenty of elvish asses and mouths, but a pussy was something special. Sometimes I hated my hunter's duty taking me away from my wife so often. "Can you look away?" Sophia asked. "So I can dress." "Oh, yes," I said, my cheeks burning.

"My apologies. "It's okay," Sophia sighed. "I'm not sure how my vows work with hermaphrodites. I wasn't the best acolyte at paying attention to theology. I would just hate to offend my goddess." I turned my back. My clit throbbed harder. I glanced down. She was still swelling. It was slight, but I could see her growing a little larger.

Angela, for once, was staring at me, her eyes locked on my clit, her eyes twinkling. My pussy clenched; Angela certainly didn't have problems with cocks. I smiled at her. "Does it excite you?" I asked, stroking my growing clit.

"Are you turned on by the idea of a woman with a cock?" Angela shifted her hips. Her nipples were hard. She didn't answer, instead grabbing her half-breastplate and covering her breasts. They were large, round mounds, and her armor cupped them into a delightful mound of cleavage. A necklace studded with red gems dangled between her lush breasts. My cock grew longer. I couldn't wait until tonight. Sophia blushed every time she glance at my growing cock.

It began to swing between my thighs by midmorning, dappled by the sunlight streaking through the canopy of leaves. Angela's eyes smoldered every time I caught her glancing. The need to cum grew inside me. The first day of heat was always the worst. It was almost agony—sweet, wonderful, all-consuming agony—as my clit slowly sprouted. It throbbed with every beat of my heart. The pink nub faded into the more olive-green tinge of elf-flesh except at the tip.

That remained pink. It flared like a mushroom and a slit formed. Dewy precum beaded at the tip. My cock was full-grown as noon approached. It grew hard, rising up to thrust like a spear before me. It throbbed and ached. I wanted to stroke it. I gripped my bow and concentrated on leading them through the woods, following the game trails.

My skin was alive. The breeze that stirred the trees' leaves caressed my hard nipples and swirled between my thighs. My pussy lips shivered as the wind blew across my wet folds. The soil beneath my bare feet felt like silk. I needed to cum so badly. But I was a huntress. I could resist. "Can we stop for lunch?" Sophia asked as she leaned against the tree. "My poor feet are worn into leather." She wore shoes.

How could her feet be hurt? "Yes," Angela nodded. I looked around and spotted a delicious pine cone hanging from a tree. It was dry, full of seeds. I snagged and nibbled on it, concentrating on the spicy flavor of the cone instead of my throbbing cock. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela I kept glancing at Xera's rather impressive cock jutting from her body.

It was so.hot. She was a beautiful woman, round breasts, firm ass, sleek thighs, and then she had this amazing dick. It was so depraved and wild. I had never seen the like in my life. My body burned to touch her shaft.

I focused on chewing on my trail rations, working the dried meat with my teeth. Xera leaned against a tree, taking the last crunching bites of her pine cone.

I didn't understand how she could eat that. Bark, leaves, pine cones, and fern fronds made up her diet, seasoned with berries and bitter acorns. She could forage for food, but Sophia and I could not.

But we had enough provisions for a fortnight. Long enough to reach the Lesbius Oracle and cross through the forest back to civilization.

I hoped the Oracle would have the answers. I would complete this Quest. Kevin would realize what a fool he was to doubt me. Anger and hurt stabbed my heart whenever I thought of my boyfriend. I tried to ignore the pain as my eyes drifted down to stare at Xera's hard cock. It was like Kevin's.

The elf's hand stroked it. Sophia gasped, blushing and turning away so she didn't watch the elf masturbate. My mouth watered as I finished my jerky. That cock was amazing. My pussy itched. "Do you need help?" I found myself asking. "What?" Xera asked, her voice liquid and throaty. "With your cock." I swallowed. "I could help you out." "Would you? I'm sorry. It's hard on the first day to concentrate on anything but it." "Yeah, looks hard," I smiled. The elf frowned, not realizing the bad joke I made.

I moved to her, my armor clinking. I pushed my red hair off my shoulders before I fell to my knees on the dirt. Precum dripped from the tip. Last night, this had been a little clit.

"Amazing," I whispered as I seized the elf's cock with my bare hand. It was warm and throbbed. It felt just like a human's cock. I stroked it. A drop of precum beaded the tip. I had to taste it. "Yes," Xera sighed as I licked the tip. I gathered up the drop of precum. It wasn't salty or bitter like a human, but sweet, like a flower's nectar. Sophia had mentioned how different Elf pussy tasted. I lifted my cock with my hands so I could lick at the folds of her pussy.

My tongue swiped through her nectar, she tasted like a marigold's sweet scent, and slid my tongue all the way up to her shaft. Her precum was a little saltier than her pussy, but still far more sweet than a human's. She moaned as I wrapped my lips about the tip and sucked. "Wonderful!" groaned Xera. Her fingers ran through my hair. They were long and slim, brushing my scalp. I shivered as I sucked, my pussy growing wet. As I bobbed my mouth and stroked her shaft with my left hand, my right drifted down my body.

I rubbed my bare stomach and brushed the top of my chainmail loincloth. I dipped beneath the metal to rub at my hot pussy lips. I sighed around Xera's cock as I stroked my pussy lips. My mouth and tongue swirled about the crown of her cock. The elf moaned, her hips thrusting her cock deeper into my mouth.

Her breasts rose above me, painted green and brown like the rest of her body. She was so exotic and lovely. I fingered my pussy. Two digits plunged in and out as I rubbed the heel of my hand on my clit.

The pleasure was hot, trembling through me. I moaned and groaned, adding spice to my blowjob. My left hand moved between Xera's thighs to rub at her hot flesh. "You wonderful human!" groaned Xera. "Oh, that's just lovely. Suck my cock and finger my pussy. Oh, yes! Oh, wow!" My pussy clenched down on my fingers. My flesh was so hot. My finger were bathed in my juices.

Xera's hips thrust forward, sliding her cock deep into my mouth, brushing the back of my throat. I relaxed, suppressing my gag and deep throating her cock. I shoved my fingers deeper into my pussy. This was so wild. I was sucking a woman's cock. Sure she was an elf, but she was still beautiful and sexy.

I pictured sucking Sophia's cock, the wonderful acolyte staring down at me with love burning in her green eyes as I pleasured her. My pussy convulsed. My orgasm shot through me. My moans were muffled by Xera's thick shaft. I shuddered as I sucked. Her cock slammed harder and harder down my throat. It hurt. I savored the pain, driving away my impossible fantasy of Sophia. I concentrated on pleasing Xera's cock as my pleasure rippled through my body.

Xera's words exploded from her mouth. They were elvish, incomprehensible to my ears. They sounded like a bird singing. The syllables rolled from one word to the next, full of her passion. She drew her cock back so the tip was just in my lips. My pussy still spasmed about my fingers when her sweet cum flooded my mouth. I shuddered again, grinding my hand on my clit. A small orgasm flooded more pleasure through me as I swallowed the sweetest cum in the world.

It was almost like drinking honey. I swirled it through my mouth, letting it linger before I swallowed it. "Thank you," panted Xera. "That was what I needed." Her cock softened in my lips.

It didn't shrink back into a little clit, but it wasn't painfully hard and jutting out before her. Xera helped me stand and then she kissed me. No guy had ever kissed me after I blew them. Not without me washing my mouth clean. It was hot. Xera drank her cum.

I couldn't wait for tonight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I swore myself to purity. Xera's cock was no different than a strap-on. It wouldn't give me any additional pleasure. I needed to stop thinking about her. My pussy was on fire after our midday lunch. I tried not to watch Angela blow Xera's cock. But it was so hard. Xera's moans were so wonderful. She was a woman receiving pleasure. But she had a cock. A cock I wanted to sample.

I was so confused. I need to be pure. I swore myself to Saphique. No cock would touch me. And a hermaphrodite's cock was still a cock, even if she did have big tits. I rubbed my thighs together as I walked, caressing my clit. I silently orgasmed, stifling my moans. It was the third time since lunch, and I was still left frustrated. My eyes glanced at the elf's dick. It was hardening again. I shot my eyes forward. Twilight began to darken the forest. We would have to stop soon. I knew what would happen tonight.

It was so obvious. Angela walked near the elf, her hips shaking, an excited smile on her lips. She was eager to be fucked. I would be sleeping alone tonight. I had enjoyed Xera in my bed the last three nights. It helped to take my mind off beautiful Angela. I kept hoping Angela would join us. A threesome might be a nice way for her to relax and maybe an intimacy could form between us. I could show her my love and she would forget about Kevin. I knew it was foolish, but hope was all I had.

The shadows deepened as the sun sank to our left. My feet were sore. Despite the discomfort, I realized I was growing stronger. My muscles were toned and some of the softness had vanished from my curves, but I hated walking. I had a horse. I wanted to ride Purity. But the branches were too thick.

It was pointless to ride. Soon it was hard to see the trail we walked upon. My stomach rumbled. I was ready for another tough, bland meal of dried meat impregnated with fruit and vegetables. It wasn't filling, but it did provide energy. "Here is a good spot," Xera purred, her hand stroking her cock. Angela smiled. "Mmm, yes it is." My pussy clenched. I would have to listen to them make love. I wanted to join them. I wanted to feel Xera's cock in me. I patted the pouch at my waist. My magical dildo was in there.

I would need her tonight to avoid sinning and breaking my sacred vows to Saphique. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia Angela stripped naked as I lay on her blanket. Sophia was nearby, lying on her back, her blankets over her naked body. She had produced a dildo from her pouch and it was obvious the young woman was using it. I wished she would join us, but I respected her vows.

Angela skimpy armor quickly came off. The young woman was ready. In the gloom of twilight, I could clearly see her wet pussy. My eyes were far better than the humans. I only stopped for their sake. They couldn't stumble blind through the forest. I admired Angela's naked form. She was muscular and strong, but still had womanly curves. She was like an elf hunter, moving with the grace of a trained warrior. Her breasts were round and bountiful, her skin pale.

Lust burned in her blue eyes as she stared at my throbbing cock. "Damn, that looks great," Angela purred. Sophia sighed beside us. Her eyes flicking over at my dick before she squeezed them shut.

Angela sank down, her hand grasping my cock. I groaned as she stroked it before she dipped down to play with my pussy. I groaned, my flesh clenching on her invading fingers. She pulled them out, covered in my juices, and rubbed them onto my cock. Did she need lube for her pussy? Sophia always produced copious nectar. "Should I lick you first?" I asked. "Ready you for my cock." "Oh, I'm ready," Angela smiled. "I'm just feeling naughty." She licked my pussy, tasting my juices.

"Damn, that's amazing." I touched her breasts, giving her pillowy mounds a squeeze. My fingers brushed her nipples and she moaned. I grinned, pinching and rubbing her nubs. My ears twitched as I gave her pleasure.


Her thighs pressed together and the salty, tangy musk of her human excitement brushed my nose. Human pussies had a much earthier flavor than elves. My mouth watered. "Are you sure you don't want me to lick you?" "God, no. I'm too fucking horny. I've thought about this cock all day." She stroked up to the top of my shaft. "Pater's cock, I need to fuck you." I moaned as she slid up my body, her hand still stroking me.

Our breasts rubbed together as her lips met mine. I moaned into the kiss, my tongue swirling about her mouth. Her hand stroked me, sending shudders through my body. My own hands found her firm ass, squeezing her butt-cheeks and pulling her towards me. I broke the kiss. My cock ached. I needed to experience pussy. I couldn't knock her up. She wasn't one of the five hermaphroditic races. It was safe. I wouldn't be cheating on my wife.

"Mount me! I need to be in you! Please, Angela." "Oh, yes!" the human moaned in agreement. Her thighs straddled me. Angela lifted her body, her hips swaying as she grasped my cock.

I throbbed in anticipation as she guided me to her hot hole. I moaned as she swabbed the tip of my dick through her hot folds. "I'm going to love this," groaned Angela. "Oh, my," Sophia gasped. "Oh, wow!" Her eyes were fixed on us. Angela glanced over, a smile crossing her lips before she ripped her eyes away and stared into my violet eyes. I gripped her hips.

The tip of my cock was in her hot pussy. I groaned. "Please! Fuck me!" Angela slammed her hips down. I was engulfed in hot, tight, silky pussy. My back arched. My breasts heaved. I almost came. I bit my lips, fighting off the urge as Angela slid back up my shaft. Her pussy clung to my cock, massaging the tip. I was lost to the pleasure. "Thank you, Matar!" I moaned in elvish as Angela worked her hips. My hands found Angela's breasts as she rode me. I loved how supple they felt. My fingers sank into her flesh every time her pussy slammed down on my cock.

My dick throbbed, shooting pleasure through my body. I rejoiced to be buried in hot pussy again. "Yes, yes, yes!" Angela moaned. "Pater's cock! I fucking love it! Damn, Xera! Damn! Elf cock is amazing!" Sophia gasped and moaned nearby, squirming beneath her blankets.

Her small breasts were exposed as her blanket slipped down. Her hands worked furiously beneath her coverings, fucking herself hard with the dildo. The pressure grew in my pussy.

I wanted this to last as long as possible, but Angela was so hot and tight. The human leaned over me as she rode me, her beautiful face framed by her red hair. Her blue eyes burned with lust. Angela moaned, "Damn, damn! I'm gonna explode on your cock!

Slata's cunt!" The human slammed her cunt down on my shaft. Her pussy convulsed. She bucked atop me as she came. Her cunt slid up and down my shaft, massaging me, teasing me. I couldn't hold out any longer. My hands tightened on her tits. The pleasure reached its limits.

My cock erupted into her hot pussy's depths. I screamed my bliss as rapture pulsed out of me over and over. Angela crashed down on me, squirming as we came together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia</strong I was so glad when Xera woke up and her cock was gone.

The last three nights had been torture. I had abused my poor pussy with my dildo. I had no choice. I had to fight against my urges to join them and experience that wonderful cock. Xera and Angela were like rabbits. They fucked three times a night in every position. I had to use my dildo each time. The only plus side, I was so exhausted from masturbating, I slept through the night on the uncomfortable ground instead of waking up every fifteen minutes to roll over.

But this morning Xera woke up and her cock was gone. Only a clit remained. "Thank Saphique," I muttered as we headed north. Angela looked faintly disappointed. I wished I inspired lust in her like Xera did. The woods seemed to grow into thicker fir trees and the land grew hillier. On our seventh day, we were climbing over rises or winding around hillocks. The pace seemed to crawl. Between the hills were deep valleys. These parts of the woods were dark.

Less sunlight penetrated into the valleys, and the trees seemed to press down on us. I hated how oppressive it was. On the eighth day, we crested a hill and paused at the valley spread out before us. I shuddered. It was so much darker than the rest of the woods. Thick webs clung to the tops of the trees about the valley like sticky snot blown on a handkerchief. "Is that the." I shuddered, my voice trailing off.

"The Lesbius Oracle is in a cave at the center. See the small rise." Angela nodded. I couldn't take my eyes off the webs. They were spanning from tree to tree.

They were enormous. "How big are these giganraneae again?" "The size of your horses," Xera answered. "Leave the mounts here. They will only be an impediment down there. I swallowed and my body trembled. "Do we really have to do this?" Angela took my hand and gave me a comforting squeeze. "This was your idea. It's the only chance we have. I'll be right beside you." I was strengthened by her hand. "Okay." Xera led. We followed.

Angela had her sworn drawn. Xera had restrung her bow for the first time since the basilisk. I pulled out my enchanted dagger.

It glowed softly when danger was nearby. A faint, pink hue suffused the blade. I trembled. We crept down the slope into the valley.

I had thought other parts of the forest were dark. It was midday and yet it felt like evening. The trees were covered in webbing. It stretched in thick, dirty-white strings forming intricate patterns. Torn, old cobwebs dangled from branches.

I shuddered every time a sticky strand brushed my face, resisting the urge to yell as I ripped the strands away. Xera paused, pointing at the ground ahead. It looked normal, and then I noticed the delicate, almost invisible, spider silk rising up around it.

"Trap," she whispered. "Step where I do." My body trembled as we followed the elf's footsteps, creeping through the spider's domains. The woods were quiet.

Too quiet. There were no birds singing or animals rustling. This place was death. The animals of the forest avoided it. I gripped my dagger. The pink glow grew brighter. I nudged Angela.


She saw my dagger, her face tight. She nodded her head and kept walking, her eyes scanning the trees. Xera suddenly drew an arrow from her quiver and knocked it. She crouched, staring up.

Something skittered through the trees. My throat constricted. I caught sight of a black body moving on spindly legs creeping along webbing strung between the tree branches.

I held my breath. I wanted to run. But Angela was nearby. I wouldn't flee like I had with the panthopus. The giganraneae crept by. Either it didn't see us or it didn't care. Maybe it couldn't see.

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Maybe it would only know we were here if we brushed one of their webbings. That's how spiders worked, right? They waited for the fly to land in their web.

They weren't hunters, but ambushers. After what felt like an eternity, Xera relaxed and we kept walking through the forest. I had never been more relieved than when we reached the center hill and found the dirt hole that lead down into the earth. To the Lesbius Oracle. I shivered. I knew we would find hope down there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela I was glad to leave the gloomy, web infested vale behind and enter the oracle's cave. Sophia and Xera followed me. My stomach knotted as we entered the dark of the cave. An earthy smell filled my nose.

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Roots dangled down from the ceiling, forming a curtain that we had to push through. The farther we moved from the entrance, the darker the tunnel grew.

A light glowed in the distance at the tunnel's end. The light was a beacon, leading us on. The roots made me shudder. They were like the giganraneae's webs, but not sticky. Still, I flinched as they brushed my face.

"Slata's well-used cunt!" Sophia gasped, her voice echoing back and forth down the cave. I glanced at her. "What?" "I stubbed my toe on a stupid root!" she moaned. "It's not much farther," I told her. "Let's keep walking." Xera moved with grace.

The elf's eyesight was keener, and I doubted she tripped on every root growing across the dirt floor. The light's brightness swelled. It spilled golden around a bend in the cave, washing against the darkness.

The roots thinned as we neared. We moved deeper beneath the hill and more earth was above us. The light grew bright enough for me to see the ground again, able to step without tripping and falling on my face. It was a relief. My heart beat faster as I reached the edge of the golden light. A soft voice hummed. The Oracle. Please, Pater, Slata, Saphique, Gewin, and all other gods. Please let her have the answers that will allow me and Sophia to defeat Dominari. I didn't want to die.

I didn't want to lead Sophia to her death. I reached the corner and rounded it. The golden light flooded from a round room covered in silken pillows. Colorful curtains hung on the walls, hiding the earthen cave. More had been strung across the ceiling, sheets of silk that rustled and whispered as an unfelt breeze stirred them. Sitting in the center was a young woman.

The Lesbius Oracle. Her skin was dusky like a Hazian, and all she wore was silky, black hair that fell around her shoulders and small breasts. Her eyes opened. They were golden and so very ancient. She had to help me. Oracles were the daughters of Cnawen, the God of Knowledge, and Rithi, the Goddess of Art. They were demigoddesses, able to peer into the future and pass on what they beheld for a price.

"Welcome, Angela," the Oracle purred, her voice musical. "Have your companions strip your garb and approach." I nodded, trembling. "Yes, noble Oracle." Her golden eyes watched as Sophia and Xera helped me strip naked. My armor was removed, pulled off piece by piece.

Sophia's green eyes were wide, full of love and concern. Her crush persisted. I knew the feeling. I had the same girlish love for Lady Delilah, but I had long ago learned that such feelings weren't love.

I loved Kevin. Despite how angry his words had made me. My love only made my anger worse. He should have been my most passionate supporter. Instead, he tried to have me renounce everything that I had strived so hard to achieve. I was a Knight Deute. How dare he try and make me shirk my duty just because I faced almost certain death. How could he not understand who I was? How could he love me and fail so miserably to know me?

I grit my teeth and pushed him down. I would show him. I would kill the dragon Dominari. I would return and become a full-fledged member of the Knights Deute. He better be ready to give the biggest apology in the world.

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I wasn't sure I would take him back. His lack of faith in me cut to my heart. I did love, but could I be with a man that didn't believe in me? I wasn't so sure.

Why did love have to be so complicated? Why couldn't I have just stopped loving Kevin after those words? "You'll find the answers," Sophia said and gave me a hug, her robes soft against my naked body, the pendant Lady Delilah gave me rubbed between my breasts. I put my arms around her and held her.

"Thank you, "I whispered. I'm.I'm sorry I can't love you." My body grew flushed. She was so wonderful to hold. "It's.okay," Sophia sighed. She broke the hug, tears glistening in her eyes. I glanced at Xera.

The naked elf gave me a nod. "You will find your answers." "Thanks." I would miss the elf. She was an interesting travel companion, and her cock definitely added spice to our journey. I stepped into the room. The oracle rose before me. I gasped at her grace. She made the elves seem clumsy as she walked around me, her golden eyes sliding up and down my body as she studied me.

Her every movement made my pussy grow wetter and wetter. Sudden heat burned through me. Juices trickled down my thighs. The Lesbius Oracle was breathtakingly gorgeous. "Welcome, seeker," she purred when she finished her circle.

Her hands reached out, her soft fingers caressed my cheek. I blushed and shifted. Her touch sent fire rippling through my body. My knees weakened and I fell to the pillows. Her hands ran through my red hair. She pulled me to her pussy. A triangle of black pubic hair pointed at her hard, pink clit. Her heavenly musk filled my nose. It was unlike any pussy I had scented—divine and pure. Untouched by men. Just like Sophia's.

She moaned as my tongue licked through her folds. My nipples ached and my body shivered. Her taste was delicious. The silky, hot folds of her pussy caressed my lips as I nuzzled into her sex. My nose was filled with her divine scent. My mind grew foggy. My fears melted away. The Lesbius Oracle would give me the answers I sought.

I tongued harder at her folds. I wanted to pleasure this demigoddess. My fingers gripped the cheeks of her ass. They were perky and firm.

Just perfect. I squeezed and kneaded them as my tongue slipped through the folds of her pussy. "Yes! Imbibe my passion," purred the oracle. "Open yourself up to my touch." Her fingers stroked my hair.

My body hummed with electricity. Her touch seemed to reach so deep. I groaned into her hot flesh. My hips undulated. Pleasure built within me. My tongue wiggled and swirled. My lips kissed and nuzzled. I drank down her juices. They warmed my insides, sending fuzzy delight shooting to my pussy and nipples. "Oh, yes!" groaned the Oracle. "Show me your passion. Deliver pleasure unto me." My fingers worked between the cheeks of her ass. The demigoddess gasped as I teased her sphincter.

I sucked and nibbled on her clit as my finger sank to the first knuckle into her hot, tight ass. Her flesh clenched about my fingers. The Oracle groaned and hot juices poured into my mouth. I came. Delight burst through me. No erogenous part of my body had been touched, and yet the bliss of drinking her ambrosia had given me pleasure. My pussy spasmed.

My juices squirted down my thighs. I shoved my finger deeper into her ass as I moaned into her sweet pussy. I shuddered, holding onto the Oracle to keep from falling onto my back. I forced my mouth to keep licking as the pleasure burned through my body. I tongued her clit. I fingered her ass. I nibbled and licked. The Oracle's moans grew louder. Her hips undulated. Her ass clenched on my finger. "That's it! Deliver me to rapture, Angela." Her words spurred me to franticly flick my tongue on her clit.

A second finger pushed into her tight asshole. I worked them in and out. Another orgasm shuddered through me. My vision fuzzed. I never wanted to stop drinking her bliss. The Oracle came. Her juices flooded my mouth. I drowned in them. No woman had ever gushed so much. They poured down my neck to my breasts. I was anointed in her divine juices. The flood washed over my nipples, caressing them.

Electricity shot to my pussy. The flood continued down my stomach to my crotch. The world exploded in pleasure when her juices touched my pussy. I gasped and heaved. My mind burned. I fell back onto the silken pillows and stared up at the sheets of silk hanging upon the ceiling. They rippled and undulated just like I did.

"Pater's huge cock!" I gasped. The Oracle knelt between my thighs, spreading my legs apart. She licked at my pussy. Her tongue's touch sent another orgasm shooting through me. She curled her tongue through my folds, tasting me everywhere while drinking down my juices. "You have such passion to share," the Oracle smiled. "You brim with ecstasy, Angela. Ask your question." "Can you tell me how to defeat the dragon?" I panted. "How do I kill Dominari?" "Give unto me your love for Kevin," the Oracle purred and took a second lick through my pussy.

"What?" I gasped as my body bucked and pleasure raced through me. "You must deliver unto me your love for the man known as Kevin," she repeated. "That is my price and your sacrifice." I squeezed my eyes shut as her tongue circled my clit. It was so hard to think as the pleasure shot through my body. I loved Kevin. I couldn't give up my feelings for him. Right? My anger crashed into my love. Kevin hadn't believed in me.

He thought I would die. Why should I love a man like that? Why does love have to be so hard? My heart had pained me since I left Shesax. Kevin's words had weighed at me. I could be free of the burden. I could be free of my love for him. Why should I waste my affections on a man who didn't believe in me? I had my chance. I could choose not to love him any longer. "You have it!" I gasped as another orgasm burst through my body.

"You may have my love for Kevin." A woman gasped—Sophia. "Yes!" moaned the Oracle between licks.

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"It is so sweet." The pain in my heart faded. My anger towards Kevin diminished. Why had I obsessed so much over a man's words. He wasn't anything important. Had we ever even spoken before he said those words? He was never my lover. Just a man. No one I should at all care about. There was nothing special about him. I smiled, my heart suddenly lighter. Why had I wasted any time on the man?

What a fool I was. The Oracle licked up my body. Her tongue left heat burning across my skin. Her silky hair caressed my body. She reached my breasts. Her tongue flicked around my nipples, gathering up her pussy juices that had anointed my entire body. Her hands pushed my thighs apart. She settled between them, her hips undulating, her clit rubbing on mine. "Sweet Sapphire!" I gasped as the Oracle of Lesbius tribbed me.

Her golden eyes stared into mine. "Your future lies open. A path I do see," she purred, her hips undulating harder. Our breasts were pressed together, our hard nipples brushing. My body writhed. Pleasure burned through me. My pussy rubbed against her hot cunt. The Oracle's tongue licked and nuzzled at my ear. Her rhythm picked up. Her excitement growing.

She moaned into my ear. The cave spun about me. The pleasure hammered into my mind. Her every touch was ecstasy. My own hips bucked, grinding my pussy into hers. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to please this amazing demigoddess. To worship her with my body. I held her supple form, my hands roaming her back.

I groaned and gasped every time her clit nudged mine and sparked off another orgasm through my body. The air was heady with the divine scent of her passion. Her skin was silk, caressing my body. I held her tight, savoring every inch of our flesh pressed together. "Yes! Deliver your passion unto me.

Give unto me such sweet pleasure. Use your body, Angela. Consume me with rapture and the future shall be known!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped, humping faster.

My hands found her ass again. I pulled her tight against me. "So good!" she moaned. "That is it. That is the rapture I crave." Her hips ground harder, rubbing our clits over and over into each other.

Her head threw back. Her body trembled. The Lesbius Oracle came. "Daughter of Lilies, beset by betrayals Duty compels your darkness A sword is needed.

A sword reforged. To embrace your destiny, the shattered blade must be whole, Seek out the five holy shards scattered and lost Companions shall aide you, Daughter of Lilies All Betrayed The Virgin Whore touched by no man, The Quiet Stalker who moves unseen The Grieving Mage who commands the elements The Raging Warrior who mourns lost love The Seducing Bard who shall lose his heart The Silent Thief who steals more than gold The Nameless Shaman who shall find her heart The Flaming Woman who changes your destiny All Betrayed.

Wield the Hero's Blade, Daughter of Lilies In the Dragon's lair, Truth shall slay Betrayal's Lies." The Oracle's words seared into my mind. I shuddered and came one final time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King Edward IV Secaren Shesax, Kingdom of Secare "Are you still watching the knight?" my pregnant wife asked as she lounged naked upon our bed. Beside her, the slumbering Lady Danielle lay on her belly, my wife's fingers caressing her curvy ass. We had shared the young noblewoman tonight, but the moment my passions had been spent, I had to check on Angela.

"She is at the oracle," I growled. "She is receiving a prophecy." The words echoed in my mind as I held the twin of the amulet around Angela's neck. I could see and hear what she did. Lady Delilah's device worked as advertised.

With it, I had kept progress on Angela's journey. The revelation she sought her own prophecy disturbed me. "What does the Oracle say?" my wife asked.

I chilled. "She's told to seek the Hero's Blade." The words of the Oracle of Sekar echoed in my mind: You shall die, Mighty King, upon the Hero's Blade. "The blasted Lesbius Oracle has told her she needs it to kill the dragon. Illth's bloody pox!" My heart beat faster. "Lady Delilah's plan was to lead Angela to her death, not to arm her with the High King's sword." My wife awkwardly stood, stroking her pregnant belly.

My son grew in there. He would be the next king of Secare. No woman would unseat him, let alone the whore-descendant of the High King. Lavinia wrapped her arms around my neck. "You cannot let her have the sword," she whispered. "You must be strong. Be the king." "I should have just had her killed and damn the consequences of offending the Knights Deute!" "But now she is away. Out in the wilderness. Vulnerable." Her lips were hot.

A stir shot down to my cock. Her naked breasts rubbed against my shoulder. She was a gorgeous woman, blonde and buxom, as beautiful as any Zeutchian Princess. "I hear there is a warlock in Shesax." I froze. "A rogue mage of Thosi?" "Defeated by a warlock.

What a sad end to a promising knight's career." END of Book 1