Seachfemale teacher in class school gang bang

Seachfemale teacher in class school gang bang
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"Aah, it's a good few years since I had a girl where you are now" Ben chuckled as he looked down at Nurse Mary who was drying his feet after his bath. He sat on the stool as she knelt in front of him and she looked up with a twinkle in her eye and replied "Now Ben, you naughty old devil you. I thought you were a gentleman and not a lecherous old man!" "A few years ago you wouldn't be saying that now nurse, you'd be reaching out and taking hold of it before I had chance to catch my breath." "Reaching out and holding what?" she responded with a tease, although she had to admit to herself that even now Ben had a cock a lot of men would be proud of and if he could still get it up it was handsome enough to give any girl a good time.

Ahead of her and level with her eye line, Ben's cock hung over the edge of the stool and in it's flaccid state it was still about six or seven inches long and a good hand grip thick with a bulbous purple head. Ben chuckled again and she came out of her daydream to see him grinning at her fluster at being caught studying his cock.


"Go on," he said, "you know you want to, I can tell." "Ben!" she exclaimed, "behave yourself. What makes you think I'm that sort of girl?

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I'm just helping you with your bath and that's all." "Ah, come on now Mary. You're a nurse so you have seen plenty of cocks in your time and I'll bet you know how to handle one too. A body like yours and the way you flash those eyes and that smile says everything about you. You can't look that sexy and still be innocent." "Ben! What's got into you today? How innocent I am or not is for me to know and you to mind your own business.

Now come on, enough of this sort of talk and let's get you off to your room where you can rest up and watch TV." That had been nearly a year ago now and had changed her whole approach to nursing Ben and some of the other old men in her care.

She had tried to ignore it when she took Ben back to his room that day but the way he had directed her thoughts to his cock and the way he had described her as being sexy had played on her mind the rest of the day. She had found herself checking her image out in a mirror later that day and she had to admit she looked pretty good. At 44 she still had a trim waist with a good shaped figure and pert breasts which were only just starting to sag a little.


She knew she attracted admiring glances in the street but since a painful divorce three years ago she had avoided getting into any sort of new relationship and spent her time either at work or browsing stores before heading for the comfort of her house. She had found herself getting wet as she recalled the sight of Ben's cock before her eyes that morning and almost before she realised it, she decided to take things further and ease these feelings without risking the hassle of another relationship.

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That evening before she finished her shift, she deliberately called in on Ben in his room having undone the top button of her dress before she entered. She knew he was still staring at her and she leaned over his chair in pretext of reaching for a tissue behind him and this lowered her chest to his level giving him a clear view down her cleavage. "Oh my God Mary," he gasped, "what beautiful tits you have there." She heard him catch his breath as he peered down the top of her nursing dress and she deliberately breathed heavily across the side of his neck.

"Now Ben!" she purred, "you shouldn't be looking there and taking advantage of me forgetting to button up properly" and then, she thought to herself "Right you horny old bastard, let's see if you have the nerve to follow up." "Oh look at this mess here Ben. You've dropped your book and pen off your table. Let me pick them up for you." With that she turned around and with her back to him she bent forwards from the waist and reached down to the fallen book and pen.

Again she heard him gasp at the sight of her rear with her dress riding up to reveal the backs of her legs and she spread them a little more to make it hike up further. As she stretched down she looked back at him from beneath her arm and she could see him just sitting there entranced at the sight in front of him. His eyes were bulging as he stared at the backs of her legs. "Now Ben," she chastised, "you have me at a disadvantage here and you shouldn't be trying to look up my skirt when I'm doing things for you." "Oh Mary, you are certainly doing things for me now.

That's the best looking ass I've seen for years and those legs look magnificent. What I'd give for one little stroke!" With that he reached forwards expecting her to move away but she remained as she was and looked into his eyes as his hand advanced and he placed it on the inside of her leg above the knee.

Now it was her turn to gasp and she moved back slightly to give him better access. He needed no further urging and slowly slid upwards along the inside of her thigh, past the stocking top and over the flesh to the warm wet patch of her panties.

He held still there for a while as he felt her slick wetness through the material and then he slid his thumb along the side and up into her soaked pussy opening. With the anticipation she had built up during the day she needed nothing more than his touch and came immediately, pouring her juices over his hand as he began to fuck her slowly with his thumb whilst rocking against her clit with the ridge of his hand.

After several minutes of stroking her and fucking her with his thumb he said "Oh Mary, this is marvellous. I can smell your cunt from here. Let me taste it" and he pulled his hand out and licked her slick moisture off it, savouring every drop as he looked at her and with an impish grin said "Your turn now." She knew she had gone too far to stop and, keeping her eye on the door she moved alongside him so that his hand remained touching her and she eased his cock loose.

Already he had begun to harden and a few slow strokes brought him to a hardness she had not expected. She had to admit he had a superb cock and now he was hard it must have been over eight inches long and was thick and heavy. She felt her pussy twitch with excitement as she stroked his cock but this wasn't the time or place to go further.

"Right Ben, let me see this lovely cock of yours shoot its cum. We can't do much more as the shift change is close and the night staff will be here soon and wanting my report." "Ah Mary, let me put it in you. It's years since I've had a fuck.

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You can't tease me like this and not let me fuck you." "Not now Ben!" she gasped, thinking what it would be like to have that superb cock inside her, "maybe next time and I'll fix it so that we have time with no threat of interruptions. Now, keep stroking me like that and keep pushing your thumb up into me and I'll make you cum. It might be years since you had a fuck but I'm the same and I just want to watch you spurt today." She spat onto his cock to lubricate it and began to speed up as he fucked her with his thumb.

He lasted longer than she expected but then suddenly he tensed and grunted and she felt his cum surge through his cock and she watched as it flew across the floor, the sight of it, and knowing the control she had now, making her cum as well. She pumped him again and watched with entranced concentration as his spunk spurted from him and when he had almost finished she could contain herself no more and she dropped her head down and took his cock into her mouth to suck the final drops from him.

He looked down at her head bobbing on his cock and he pulled his hand from her again and licked her juices from it. "My oh my, Mary. I knew you were all woman and I was right. Now please let an old man fuck you and die happy." "Don't talk like that Ben. There are many years left in you yet and from what I've just seen with that cock of yours, I'm going to help you be happy for a good number of them." -------------------------------- That day was the start of a change in the way Mary nursed Ben and a couple of the other old men.

Her frustrations were met whenever she wanted now. When she returned from her days off duty, Ben buzzed for her almost as soon as she got through the door. She knew he would and she also knew what she would do when he did.

"Good morning Ben," she said as she entered his room, "how about I give you a nice bath this morning?" He nodded his eager agreement and she helped him walk down to the bathroom where she stripped him behind a screen as the bathwater poured into the tub.

With the water run she sat him down on a chair and took his cock in her hands, stroking it firmly. "Suck it for me again Mary." He pleaded, and she obliged, bobbing her head up and down the shaft and swirling her tongue over his cock head. He felt and tasted wonderful to her and he leaned forwards to try and grasp her tits through her uniform dress.


"Today Ben," she said easing her mouth from his cock and standing up before him, "you get your wish." "What do you mean? Are you going to let me fuck you Mary?" he asked her, not really believing this was going to happen.

"I might let you fuck me," she replied with a wink, "but first I'm going to fuck you for a while." She straddled him and raised her dress as he sat on the chair. Then with her left hand she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and with her right, she guided his cock as she lowered herself onto it. She positioned the bulbous head against her pussy slit and eased herself onto it.

"Oh Ben, that feels wonderful after all this time.

Oh yes. It's so good inside me. You just keep still and don't over exert whilst I do the work for now." Ben didn't need telling again as he marvelled at what was happening to him. He sat there with Mary impaled on his cock and he fondled her tits through her dress. She had her hands pressed on his shoulders as she slowly raised herself along the length of his shaft and just when he thought she was going to pull it out of her, she slid back down with all her weight slamming him as far into her as he could go.

Then she began to rock on his cock, teasing the head with her cervix which rubbed across him, easing his precum onto it. "Oh Ben, this feels so good! I'd almost forgotten what a hard cock feels like. My poor little neglected pussy is so hungry now I'm going to chew on it for you" and she began to twitch her pussy muscles so that they clenched and then relaxed on his cock. "Mmmmm, that's so good! How do you like it Ben? Did you think your little nurse would fuck as good as this?" "Ah, Mary, this is the best fuck I've ever had.

'Course I knew you would be this good. I told you that yesterday. Now how am I doing for an old guy?

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Nothing wrong with this cock is there?" "Definitely not" she giggled, "you are so thick and hard I can't believe how good it is when you are this old. Now, come on before we get disturbed. We are still in a nursing home you know. I want to feel you shoot your load into me and I want as much in me as you shot on the floor yesterday so no holding back!" "Don't you worry about that.

You just get your ass pumping on me and I'll give you more cum than you can deal with." She grasped him by the shoulders and began to heave up and down on him as she clenched her pussy muscles tight.

He began to gasp and she knew she had him again and then, with a breathless grunt he began to cum and she felt thick spurts of his spunk pulse up into her and her own orgasm flooded her. She clenched her cunt tighter than ever and slowly rose and fell on his cock to squeeze the last drops from him before finally resting on his lap to catch her own breath. "Oh Ben, that was fantastic.

I've cum so much I can hardly breathe. Let me taste myself on your cock" and she eased herself off him and dropped to take it in her mouth and lick his cum and her juices from it.

"Now that I've got you nice and clean we can probably let the bath water out now." As she leaned over the bath to remove the plug he raised her dress from behind, "Now I'm going to taste you Mary before we go back. Just stay there and spread your legs for me so I can lick that lovely cunt of yours." She widened her legs for him and felt his head push against her and his nose nuzzle her ass hole as his tongue began to lap across her dripping pussy lips and he drank the mixture of his spunk and her cunt juice.

"Lovely! Now don't move from there whilst I show you there's still life in this old dog yet." He grasped her by the hips and stood up behind her and then she felt his cock nudge against her.

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"Hell Ben, you are hard again already!" "Course I am. I'm not going to waste this chance and just have one little fuck when I can get two!" and he slid his cock back into her from behind and began rocking into her. "Steady Ben you are going to exhaust yourself and collapse" she muttered, feeling herself getting hot again and revelling in the feelings of this long thick cock again. "Don't you worry about me Mary. If I die fucking you what better way to go? Now keep that pose whilst I fuck you now.

God Mary, you should be here seeing my cock disappear into your lovely cunt. What a sight. What a sight. Here it comes again now!" She felt him grasp her tighter and thrust harder and faster for a few strokes and then he pulled her hard onto him and shot another load into her.

She felt him throb as he came and her cunt joined in by twitching and clenching as she came again. He emptied into her and gasped, "There Mary. I told you I could do it. My final years in this place are just going to get better and better now. Maybe tomorrow you can take me out into the grounds for a little walk and if we get out into the copse of trees we can go again and this time I'm going to fuck your ass hole as well.

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What do you think?" "That sounds good to me Ben, and maybe I'll start having some fun with some of your friends as well. Just in case you run out of steam eh?" and with that they both laughed at the idea and the thought of what else they could do in the future together.

Although Ben thought she was teasing him about the other residents, Mary was more than certain she would be fucking at least a couple of the other old men and if anything happened to Ben she would still keep herself satisfied.