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Double penis gay porn movie knight  this man is closing  slow and
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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 2 A fortnight had passed since Harry and Hermione's session and Harry had thought of nothing else since.

With the pressure of losing his virginity lifted, Harry felt a lot more confident around the girls and a lot happier then he'd ever been. Both Harry and Hermione were desperate for an opportunity for round 2 to happen but with the immense work-load that was piled on the 6th years, both were too busy to hook up again. Harry's cock was aching for some more action and little did he know he was soon to get his wish.

Little did Harry and Hermione know, but the common room was not empty that day of their sex session.

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Sat in the corner in the shadows, too shocked to move or speak, sat little Dennis Creevey, too mesmerised by watching his hero Harry fuck the brains out of the gorgeous Hermione.

Rumours slowly spread through the school of their love-making until finally they reached the ears of a certain Cho Chang. 'Apparently Harry Potter shagged Hermione Granger in the Gryffindor Common Room a few weeks back,' said Padma Patil casually in the Ravenclaw toilets one morning, whilst doing her make-up in the mirror. 'What!?' quizzed a stunned Cho, who was stood besides her also doing her make-up for the day. 'Yea, well it's just a rumour,' continued Padma, 'lucky Hermione I say.

I'd do anything to get Harry in the sack.' A few of the other girls in the vicinity murmured in agreement. 'You've kissed him haven't you Cho?' questioned one of the other Ravenclaw girls. 'Yea I have, it was nothing really, just a quick kiss,' commented Cho. 'Lucky bitch!' Padma said with a giggle. Cho just smiled weakly then continued with her own make-up. Since last year now that He Who Must Not Be Named was confirmed to have returned, Harry had become somewhat of an idol, especially to the girls of Hogwarts.

Every girl dreamed of fucking Harry, and Cho mightily regretted choosing Cedric over Harry only 18 months ago. She felt a burning sense of jealousy towards Hermione build up inside her.

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'What does Hermione have what I haven't' Cho thought to herself. She stared at herself in the mirror. She had beautifully tanned skin and a round face, with large, beautiful brown eyes.

Her hair was jet black and contained a few curls, which flowed down her back and across her face. She possessed a toned, athlete's body from all them years of Quidditch and had lovely, C sized tits with tiny pert nipples. Cho's main asset though was her ass. It was large, pert and moon shaped and looked perfectly juicy.

Every guy in school would do double takes at her ass as she walked past them around the school which filled Cho with a sexual confidence. 'Harry Potter,' she thought to herself, 'get ready for a fucking of a lifetime.' * It was lunch time and Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way towards the Great Hall.

They sat down and Harry and Ron immediately pulled the nearest platters of food towards them and started wolfing it down. 'Pftt.boys,' muttered Hermione. 'Sowee 'Ermione,' spluttered Harry between mouthfuls. He swallowed, 'but I have to eat fast, I've got to go and see Professor Flitwick about the Charms homework he set, all the way on the 6th floor!' Harry groaned. Cho, sat just a few chairs along on the Ravenclaw table next to the Gryffindor table heard this. 'This is my chance,' thought Cho and she finished eating and left the table, hurrying up the marble staircase towards the 6th floor.

'Right,' said Harry standing up, 'I'm off, see you in next class.' Ron barely acknowledged Harry's farewell, too focused as ever on his food. 'See ya Harry,' Hermione said with a cheeky wink.

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Harry smiled then went off to see Flitwick. The 6th floor corridor was deserted when Harry arrived. It always was usually, especially since everyone was having lunch. Suddenly, Cho Chang turned around the corner on the opposite of the corridor and began walking towards Harry.

'Hi Harry!' Cho said cheerily as they both slowly approached each other. 'Hey Cho,' Harry said confidently. Harry and Cho briefly had a thing for each other a few years back but nothing came of it. As she approached him, Harry couldn't help notice how hot Cho was looking.


She was wearing tight, light blue joggers, which hugged her amazing ass and her hair was glistening. She was also wearing a small sports bra, which showed off her toned, naked stomach and accentuated her full, pert breasts. She looked like she had just finished Quidditch practice but what would she be doing up here on the 6th floor thought Harry. Cho's eyes locked onto Harry's with a quiet determination. Harry was looking really hot.

He had grown a few inches since last year and now stood at around 5 foot 10.


His body had also filled out slightly and thought still slim, had defiantly toned up. Along with his messy, jet black hair and soft lips, Cho was looking forward in anticipation to what she was about to do.

Just as they passed each other, Cho grabbed Harry quickly by the arm and pushed him into the girl's toilet that was opposite them.

'Cho!' Harry exclaimed, 'what's happeni.' but Cho pushed him further in, until they were both in the far toilet cubicle. Cho locked the door behind them. She turned around; Harry was sat back on the toilet seat looking confusingly at her.

'Harry,' she said softly and seductively, putting her finger to his lips, 'don't say anything, I've heard you and Hermione have been rather naughty together,' Cho said with a wink.

Harry's eyes widened in shock, how could she know? 'Ssshhh,' whispered Cho who judging by Harry's reaction figured it to be true, 'it's ok, I won't tell anyone. But why should the famous, handsome Harry Potter be only limited to one woman? Harry, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me silly like you did Hermione.' Harry's breathing started to become strained; he felt his cock rising underneath his robes. Cho turned around slowly so her back was towards Harry and slowly lowered herself down, so she could see Harry's face between her legs.

Slowly, she started lowering her joggers, to Harry's astonishment, she was wearing no knickers. Harry could not believe his luck. 5 minutes ago, he was sat eating lunch, moaning about a stupid meeting with Flitwick.

Now he had the gorgeous Cho Chang's fine ass only 10 inches from his face. Harry stood up, and walked over to Cho, her firm, round ass wiggling invitingly at him. He placed a hand on it, admiring it's pertness with his fingertips. He quickly gave it 3 hard slaps which left a faint red mark on her gorgeous, tanned cheeks. Cho moaned with each slap.

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Harry's hand lowered, so now he was feeling her tight cunt. He slipped one finger in and was surprised to find Cho was already sopping wet. Cho moaned even louder as he began to slip his finger in and out with a steady rhythm. Harry removed his finger and licked it clean, savouring the sweet taste of her pussy juice.

Cho turned to face Harry and gave him a long, passionate kiss, feeling the residue of her juices still on his soft lips. Cho could feel Harry's hot rod poking out at her from under his robes. 'Mmmmm,' Cho purred, 'want me to help cool that down with my mouth,' she said teasingly as she removed her sports bra, releasing her tits which bounced three times before settling.

'O God yes,' panted Harry, as he took her left breast in his mouth and suckled on her tiny nipple. As Harry continued fondling and sucking her breasts, Cho removed Harry's robes, revealing just his tight boxers and a small, plain white t-shirt.

She removed his t-shirt, revealing Harry's small but powerful body as Cho began to stroke up and down between his bare chest. Cho lowered herself to the ground, showering Harry's body with small kisses until finally her face was directly in line with his boxers.

Cho could see the outline of Harry's 7 inch cock through the thin cloth and felt excitement creeping up inside her. She suddenly bit lightly at his cock through his boxers, which encouraged a low moan from Harry. Slowly, she removed his boxers, until his cock sprung free in front of Cho.

Cho was amazed. It looked so big and juicy, she quickly licked the pre-cum off the tip, then grabbed Harry's bum with both hands as she lowered her head onto his cock. The feeling of Cho's small, wet mouth on his cock felt amazing along with her hands which were placed firmly on his bum, pulling his hips further towards her. Cho kept sucking for a good 10 minutes, alternating between long, slow sucks and then short, faster ones focusing on his head.

Harry could feel his climax looming so pulled out of Cho's mouth with a small pop before he cummed, wanting to tap some of Cho's fine ass. 'Bend over,' Harry demanded of Cho. Cho obliged as she bent over, so Harry's hard cock was directly in line with her juicy pussy.

Harry took hold of Cho's firm ass with one hand and with the other, guided his shaft straight into Cho's pussy. 'Uhhhhhhh,' moaned both Cho and Harry as his cock went into Cho.

Cho was tighter then Hermione due to her only ever having sex a few times with Cedric which was so long ago. Her pussy was so warm and wet, and it constricted around Harry's cock, which sent him wild. 'I'm gonna pound you good Cho,' grunted Harry and with that, he took her firm ass with both hands and rode her pussy faster and faster. 'Urghhh.urghhhh.URGhhhhh,' Harry panted as the combination of Cho's saliva and pussy juices around his cock helped him ram her pussy harder and harder.

He slapped her ass hard, and then grabbed her tits roughly as he continued to fuck her. Cho was in heaven. Harry's cock was at least 2 inches bigger then Cedric's ever was, and even though this was only ever his 2nd time, he was riding her like a pro. His cock felt so good in her pussy and his hands on her bare ass felt so good as they continued to slap and feel it.

Harry took hold of Cho around the waist and guided her, to the toilet. He lowered the seat so she could sit on it and then spread her legs, and continued with her relentless pounding.

Her breasts bounced up and down so Harry grabbed them, feeling the soft mounds between his fingers. He then lowered his hand to her pussy and began rubbing her clit, to which Cho moaned loudly. 'ahhh.AHHH.Harry, I'm cumming,' shrieked Cho, as she felt an unstoppable warm, electric tingling spread through her body.

'Me too Cho,' panted Harry, he could feel Cho's pussy tighten even more around his cock as she began to climax. 'O MY GOD.UHHhhhhhh,' panted Cho, her now sweaty body seized up in Harry's hands as her pussy juices gushed all over Harry's rod. This sent Harry over the edge and he pulled out, wanting to cum all over Cho's face.

Cho quickly lowered herself to Harry cock as he continued to pump his shaft with his hand. She flitted her tongue all over the head in encouragement, and massaged his balls. She felt them tighten in her hand as suddenly, his pearly white juices started to spray out of his cock. 'URGHHHH.URGHHHHHHHH.UUHhhhhh.uhhhhh.mmmm,' Harry grunted, as 6, thick strands of cum flew out of his cock, coating Cho's face with his seed.

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Cho smiled and quickly scooped the cum off her face, gathered it in her hand and then guzzled it down greedily. 'Ohh Cho,' Harry said, whilst they both quickly re-dressed, 'that was incredible, even better then Hermione was.' Cho smiled widely, honoured that she was the one who gave the famous Harry Potter the time of his life. 'Thanks Harry, you weren't bad yourself,' she giggled. With that she gave his bum a quick slap and went to leave the toilets, 'anytime you like,' she said as the door swung and she left.

'Wow,' Harry thought, as he left the toilets and continued onto Flitwick's office with a spring in his step.

'Could this year get any better,' Harry thought with glee.