Real Hooker From Beach Blvd Getting Fucked

Real Hooker From Beach Blvd Getting Fucked
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CHAPTER ONE Joanie sat on the lounge near the pool, knowing they were looking at her. Her brief bikini concealed hardly anything, but that was the way she wanted it. Leaning back with her eyes closed, auburn hair loose about her shoulders, her slender body glistening in the sun, Joanie was beautiful. They weren't the only ones looking at her, Joanie knew. Many people looked at Joanie, men and women. But she wasn't interested in any of the other tenants of the apartment complex.

Joanie's rounded, up tilted tits strained at the halter, even though she was leaning back. The soft under curve was visible, somewhat whiter than her golden tan. Her waist was small, then rounded out to lovely hips that flowed into long, sleek, graceful thighs and curvy legs. Her feet were parted at the end of the lounge chair, pointing toward the window of her apartment.

Inside, Joanie had covered the window with a plastic sun shield. You could see out, but not in. Before the window stood Gary and Randy, her two young sons.


They were looking at their mother. She knew they were looking at her. They enjoyed this small game. Joanie knew but her sons didn't know she was aware of them looking at her. Joanie loved to be looked at by her sons, it made her shiver and tingle all over. Everyone else in the apartment complex was at work. She and her sons were the only ones home.

Joanie's bikini was bright red, a sensuously sexy scarlet. The small triangle covering her cunt was hardly adequate and the fabric bulged out with the puffy lips of her cunt. Shifting her rounded, tight ass, she let her feet drop over the sides of the chair, exposing her crotch. Joanie had a very hairy cunt and the dark curls stuck out teasingly from the material.

Gary and Randy saw it, both of them grinning from ear to ear. Their cocks were hard, bulging inside swim trunks. Every time they peeked at their mother, they got hard-ons.

"I'm gonna fuck her," Gary groaned, rubbing at his straining cock. "I'm gonna fuck her!" "You're gonna do just like I do, asshole," Randy snorted. "Jack off." Randy, being the oldest by a year, usually led his brother. Gary was not passive, but it seemed that Randy should be the leader. Both boys were equally interested in fucking their mother but neither had ever felt a wet, hot cunt wrapped around their cock.

They were much too young, but they still wanted to fuck very much. Randy could make his cock come, squirting out the thick juices. Gary was still trying. As they watched their mother, Joanie swung her legs open and closed, spreading them very wide, enjoying the hot sun on her body. She wondered if Gary and Randy had nice hard-ons. She tried to imagine their cocks, seeing them in her mind, so long, thick and strong. A tingle burned around her clitoris, a tingle of desire.

She moved her hand up and down her thigh, caressing the soft skin and sliding her fingers along the creamy inner surfaces. She had never gone this far in her teasing game before, but she getting anxious. The boys didn't seem to be getting the message so she was going to hurry things along. She moved her fingertips lightly upward, stroking along the tight edge of her bikini crotch. She could almost hear her sons panting and gasping and feel their hot, young eyes on her. Very slowly she dragged her palm up and down the bulge of her cunt.

Up and down, up and down, feeling the moist heat on her hand. She wiggled her hips slowly, twisting them as she rubbed at her hidden cunt. Her hunger to have Gary and Randy fuck her was becoming stronger and she could almost feel those cocks pressing into her pussy, spreading the fiery lips and going in deep. Joanie's body shuddered as she made herself come. Sometimes her orgasms were wild but sometimes they almost shattered her to pieces. She never had problems coming.

She came so easily; she could come just by looking at her sons, and come hard if she saw the outline of one of those young, sweet cocks. Gary and Randy saw their mother shudder, but they didn't know she had come. They became very excited while watching her rub between her legs. "You see?" Gary said. "Mom's hot, Randy. She's a real hot piece!


If she's gonna touch her cunt that way, that means she's hot, doesn't it?" "I guess you're right," Randy replied. "But that don't mean you're gonna fuck her. She's your mother, asshole." "I don't care if she is," Gary replied. "I wanna fuck her so bad." They fell silent, watching Joanie again. Joanie turned onto her stomach, her tight, rounded ass swelling up enticingly. The bikini, so very small, exposed the lower half of her creamy ass cheeks. Gary and Randy looked at her for a while longer, then left the apartment.

Joanie heard them coming and lifted her head, smiling brightly at them. "Well, it's about time you two decided to come out. Why don't you swim a while? The water's wonderful." Her eyes flicked over the fronts of their shorts. There was nothing to see. She decided to buy them each a pair of tight, elastic trunks, the kind that would mold and cup and expose their cocks and balls.

The boys dove in, racing the length of the pool. Joanie turned back onto her back, letting her legs dangle over the sides of the lounge chair. She watched her sons as they splashed water, and since she was close to the edge, she got wet, too.

Laughing, she watched them as they rested their chins on the edge of the pool, both of them staring at her. She was amused because they tried to keep from looking between her legs. But Joanie teased them, writhing her ass, trying to draw those young eyes to her crotch. Suddenly, she sat upright. "Move over. I'm coming in." She dove over their heads, cutting the water neatly.

"Can't catch me!" she laughed. "I bet you can't catch me!" Gary and Randy started after her. They raced from one end of the pool to the other.

Finally Joanie slowed and let them catch her, and when one of her sons accidentally closed a hand about her tit, she became weak.

The hand was jerked away as if it had been burned. Joanie smiled at Randy, the boy who had touched her tit. "For shame," she murmured. The quick feel of his mother's tit caused Randy's cock to lurch into hardness. He turned to swim away and Joanie deliberately swung the back of her hand along his front.

She felt his hard-on, and smiled wider. Gary came up behind his mother and she felt small hands sliding up the back of her thighs and very briefly touching the cheeks of her ass.

Joanie shot Gary a grin over her shoulder. Gary, catching his mother's grin, pinched her ass.

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"Is that nice?" Joanie asked, her voice a throaty purr. "Pinching a girl?" Gary nodded at his mother, grinning with shining eyes. Joanie saw the desire in her youngest son's eyes and could not help shoving her ass against his front. It was a quick shove, but enough for her to feel his cock, sweetly hard, against her ass.

Gary did not miss the significance.

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He reached for his mother's hips, managing to get his hands on them before she wiggled away. Joanie laughed as she climbed from the pool, standing with her legs parted, tossing her wet hair back. Water streamed from her, and Gary stared up between his mother's long legs. It looked to him as if she was pissing right through that bikini.

He saw the dark cunt hairs along each side of the crotch. Joanie watched Gary's reaction and then suddenly, impulsively, she did a very slow bump and grind, then shot her hips forward in a lewd invitation. Gary gulped loudly, his eyes enormous. "Well," Joanie laughed, "that's what you wanted to see me do, right?" "Gosh, Mom!" Joanie giggled, the sound innocent and yet lewdly promising.

"Nice, huh?" she murmured. "Did it make you feel warm, honey?" She leaned down to help him from the pool.

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Gary wanted to stay in the water, his cock was about to burst, it was so hard. Joanie looked down at it. "Oh, my! Did I do that, baby?" she gasped. Gary wasn't embarrassed now that he was out of the water. He saw the way his mother grinned at him, the way she looked at his cock, making a side-ways tent of his trunks.

Joanie could not resist. She pressed her palm into her son's crotch, cupping his young balls and hard cock. "Mmmmmm, nice," she whispered huskily. Randy was near the built-in barbecue, under the slatted patio area. He had not seen his mother and brother. Joanie closed her fingers around Gary's cock, squeezing it. Gary groaned with pleasure. She moved close to her son, his young face level with the swell of her tits. She held his cock tightly, her fist moving very slowly, up and down his hardness.

Looking down at her son's big eyes, she rubbed the front of her halter against his face. Gary stood rigid, excited and just a little frightened. "Don't be so nervous, baby," she whispered to him. "I know you two have been watching me for a long time. And I know you've been playing with yourselves. Why do you think I've done these things? Because I knew you and Randy were watching, that's why!" "Gosh, Mom!" Gary's mouth brushed the bikini halter and Joanie could feel the heat of his lips on her nipple.

With a quick movement, one hand still clinging to his throbbing cock, she pulled his face hard against her tit, smashing his mouth at her concealed nipple.

She released him just as quickly, stepping back and looking at his cock. It stood tight, the head pressing at the thin fabric. "Ooooo, yummy," she purred, then turned from him. Gary stared after her, his eyes seeing the roll and twist of her pretty ass.

Joanie glanced back at her son, giving her ass a saucy jerk. After his mother was gone, Gary ran to his brother to tell him what happened. "Gary, you're gonna have to stop telling lies," Randy said. "Listen, asshole, Mom can get any man she wants.


What would she want with a kid like you? Besides, Mom wouldn't do anything like that, not out here where someone could see her." From inside the apartment, Joanie watched her sans, smiling. She knew Gary was trying to convince his brother of what happened, and she knew Randy wouldn't believe it. But he would, she told herself, he damn well would, and soon. By the time Gary and Randy returned to the apartment, Joanie had showered and lay on her bed.

She was naked, covered only by a huge towel. All she had to do, she felt, was wait. She was right. Soon Gary came to the door of her bedroom.

He wore only a pair of cut-offs, his chest bare. Joanie lifted one leg, bending it at the knee. From where Gary stood, he saw the hint of her turn surrounded by dark curls of hair. Joanie smiled at her son, licking her lips slowly, her eyes on the front of his shorts.

Letting her bent knee open a bit, she slipped the towel from her tits. Gary's eyes burned, his mouth open in awe. Joanie's tits did not flatten, but remained upright, her dark pink nipples very hard.

She heard her youngest son starting to pant, and began to slowly pull the towel from her body. She lay naked on her bed, with Gary staring with searing excitement. His cock pressed against his cut-offs. Joanie let her bent knee fall to one side and her cunt was revealed to her son's eyes. Gary saw the thick triangle of pussy hair and the pink wetness of his mother's cunt. The head of his cock slipped beneath the frayed ends of his cut-offs and he thought he was going to come.

"Don't be afraid, Gary," Joanie whispered. "Look at me all you want. I like it when people look at me. I like it best when you look at me. Aren't I beautiful, baby?" Joanie stroked her tits, circling her hard nipples with the tips of her fingers. She moved one hand downward, caressing her flat stomach. The other hand cupped a tit and gently squeezed it. Then she ran her fingers through the lush curls of her cunt, her hips twisting gently.

Gary stared, hardly believing it, seeing his mother part the wet lips of her pink cunt with two fingers, then pull up on it. He saw her clitoris glistening with readiness. "Come here, Gary," she purred, rubbing a fingertip along her distended clitoris. "Come to Mother, baby. It's all right, don't be afraid, honey. Come to Mother." Staring hard between her thighs, Gary moved on jerky legs toward the bed. "Isn't it pretty, Gary?" Joanie mewled, moving her finger about the puffy lips of her cunt, her legs spread as wide as they would go.

"Doesn't this give you some ideas, Gary? This should tell you how Mother feels, what Mother wants, what I need." Standing at the side of her bed, shaking, unable to take his eyes off the first cunt he had ever seen in his life, Gary could hardly breathe. Joanie kept sliding her middle finger up and down her cunt slit, feeling the heat of her clitoris, dipping one finger into her pussy now and then. She moved her other hand up her son's trembling thigh, a finger sneaking under the frayed edges of his shorts.

She tickled his balls, making her, son gasp. She shoved his shorts away from his cock and it sprang upright. "Ohhhh, nice," she whispered, moving her fingertips about the throbbing cock shaft.

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"You're very hard, Gary. Very hard." She slipped the crotch of his shorts all the way to one side, revealing his hairless balls and hard cock. She cupped her son's balls gently, her smoldering eyes watching his cock lurch up and down.

"Oh, God, I can't stand it!" she hissed. "Do it! Do it to me -- now!" Joanie pulled her son on top of her naked body, grabbing his hard cock and stuffing it into her fiery cunt swiftly. She shot her hips up, the puffy wetness of her cunt swallowing the full length of her son's cock.

She felt his balls against her ass and began to come immediately. Gary felt his mother's cunt clawing at his cock, squeezing the base. It felt as if he was being sucked on by a hot, wet, hungry mouth. It felt better than his fist ever had. He held himself up with his hands, staring in awe at his mother's contorting face. He knew she was coming, he had seen the same expression on his brother Randy's face when he came off.

After a bit, Joanie hissed up at her son, "Fuck me, Gary! Goddamn, fuck me!

Ohhhh, I'm going to come again and you haven't fucked me yet! Please, please, fuck Mother!" She grabbed his tight, young ass with both hands, throwing her hot legs around his back and humping her cunt up and down on his cock.

She squealed and whined and whimpered, her body shaking with ecstasy. Gary felt his mother's hot, wet cunt smashing against him, dropping away, riding his cock. The pleasure of that streaming wetness about his cock thrilled him. He started pumping his ass up and down, driving his cock frantically into his mother's accepting cunt.

Joanie, feeling the friction of her son's cock stabbing in and out of her cunt, began to moan softly, digging her fingers into the tightness of his young ass. The roughness of his cut-offs excited her, rubbing at her inner thighs, the sensitive flesh. His cock seemed to stretch the puffy lips of her cunt and her clitoris was being scraped by something. The orgasms started again, each one wilder and hotter and more exquisite than the last. She thrashed beneath her son, biting into her lips to hold back her screams of ecstasy.

Gary pounded into his mother's cunt, panting and gasping. His eyes, level with her tits, watched them jiggle from the violence of his thrusting cock. Instinctively, he lowered his mouth and began sucking on a hot, tight nipple. "Ooooo, yes!" Joanie moaned. "Oh, yes, baby! Suck it. suck Mother's tit! Suck Mother's tit hard, darling! Ohhhhh, God, fuck me, Gary! Fuck me hard and fast and suck my tit! Oh, I can't stop coming! I don't want to stop coming. ever!" She bucked her hips up, driving her son almost to his knees.

She drew her legs back, lifting her cunt high, loving the hard banging of his cock into her burning cunt. She had wanted to be fucked by her son -- either of her sons -- for so long. She wanted to fuck them both and wallow in fucking with them. She wanted them to fuck her until her naked body was a mass of trembling ecstasy. "Ohhh, fuck that cunt, baby!" she groaned. "Fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt! My pussy is so hot and hungry for your beautiful cock, Gary!

Ooooo, I'm still coming! Feel Mother's cunt coming.

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Cry! Can you feel Mother's cunt burning your sweet, hard cock! More. fuck me more! Don't stop fucking me -- never!" Gary sucked hard at her tit, his tongue licking frantically, his cock pounded with a frenzy, his balls slapping his mother's upraised ass.

The higher she pulled her knees, the closer he came to standing up. Joanie was clinging to his hips, jerking him forward with almost brutal force. Through the spasms of her coming cunt, she could still feel the hot throbbing of his prick.

Gary's gasping grunts excited Joanie and she pressed a hand at the back of his head, smashing his mouth hard onto her tit. His licking tongue swirled about her sensitive nipple, increasing the delicious sensations of orgasm in her cunt. She twisted and wiggled and tossed her ass about wildly, urging her son to fuck harder and faster. She wanted him to come, to feel the boiling squirt of his come juice splashing and filling her greedy cunt. But Gary's cock remained hard, banging into her slippery, convulsing cunt.

His hips was flying up and down, the wet sounds in the room. Joanie was gasping loudly, becoming weak from the intensity of her multiple orgasms. She had to lower her ass and spread her legs out. She lay shaking as her son continued to fuck her. She lay with legs and arms spread wide, eyes closed, her cunt going through the final convulsions of ecstasy. Gary finally stopped fucking her, resting heavily on top of his mother. "You didn't come," she whispered.

"What's wrong, Gary? Isn't it good?" "I can't, Mom," he said, sounding ashamed. "I can't come." Joanie understood immediately. He was still too young to come.

She caressed his back. "Don't worry. When the time comes, you're going to really come. Don't worry about it, baby." "Randy can come," he said. "Oh, he can, can he?" "He told me you'd never let me do this with you," Gary said. "I guess we showed him, didn't we?" "Wait until he finds out!" Gary said.

"You're going to tell him?" Gary lifted his face and looked at his mother. Her eyes seemed moist and very bright.

"You don't want me to tell him?" "Oh, I don't mind, Gary," she said, pulling her son's face back to her tits, smiling at the ceiling. "I wouldn't mind at all. Sure, tell him we're fucking."