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Ebony teen amateur in glasses fucked hard
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Now What 2 Sandi and Jim ate dinner as usual, she wiggled in her chair a bit as her stinging butt cheeks were very uncomfortable. As they finished dinner her cell phone dinged, a text message. It was from Matt, better give hubbie a heads up we may be over Saturday or Sunday. The thought of seeing them again repulsed her but she had better play it safe. "honey you know that pipe in the basement that leaks a little well a couple of the woman in the neighborhood told me their sons would come by to look at it.

Their mother said any odd jobs we have they would be happy to fix as they always could use a few bucks. They stopped over this afternoon and said they could fix it, maybe this weekend". "That's great Sandi if you want I'm sure a ton of little shit they can fix".

As she stood loading the dishwasher she thought they are fixing me as well. Sunday about 1:30 Jim was watching a game on TV when the doorbell rang, he got up to answer it. There were Matt and Rob, "Hello Mr. A I'm Matt and he's Rob, your wife has a leaky pipe so were here to fix it, if it convenient for you"?

"Come in guys she up stairs I'll get her", they headed into the den while Jim went upstairs and told her the repair guys were here. She tried to smile but her stomach was in knots, "give me minute I'll be right down. As he left the room she got a text, very sexy underwear! She quickly changed into a yellow lace half bra and yellow French cut panties. She put on jeans and a t shirt and headed to the den.

Matt and Rob were telling Jim about their high school, as she entered the room they both stood up. "hello Mrs. A were here to work on the basement pipe".

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She nodded "Jim do you want to show them the pipe"? "No honey you do it I'm watching the game". The three of them headed for the basement.


As they got to the bottom Rob grabbed Sandi "well slutty Sandi how about a hot kiss". She opened her mouth her tongue darted in his mouth when Matt pulled they apart, the basement had a small guest room with a bed, chair and TV the three entered.

"Get that shirt and jeans off bitch". She wasted no time in stripping, matt grabbed her and pulled her down across his lap. Rob handed him a ping pong paddle, five vicious slaps to each cheek. She was crying softly; her cheeks were bright red as the paddle hit much harder then the hair brush. "When we come over from now on you will always show us to where we are going, do you understand"?

Through crying she managed to get out yes. "You know we haven't drained our ball sacks since Monday that is your new job, got it"? "Yes, I know what I'm suppose to do please no more paddle".

"That depends on you and your attitude", now we've been thinking get naked and spread I want to bury my cock in your soft tight cunt". As she took off her bra and stepped out of her panties she realized the better she fucked them the quicker they would cum and the ordeal would be over, (or so she thought). Rob mounted her and rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy lips. Her pussy started to respond as it was getting wet and as a little precum leaked from his cock they were ready.

He pushed his cock almost all the way in, "wow Sandi you have one tight warm great pussy". Realizing he hadn't cum in almost a week she looked into his eyes smiled and tighten her pussy muscles around his cock, "baby I'm getting use to your big cock" For the next five minutes her pussy to give the cock the best fucking it ever had. The problem was she was fighting not to have an orgasm with this blackmailing bastard cock in her.

Unfortunately, she was loosening the battle she knew he was close but so was she. Suddenly Rob stiffen involuntarily her cunt tighten around his throbbing cock it started to pump out a very large amount of cum deep into her unprotected pussy. That pushed her over the edge, her cunt tightens up around the throbbing cock as she shuttered and squirted pussy juice out in a violent orgasm of her own. They both lay there panting for at least 45 seconds, as his cock deflated and slipped out of her cunt cum and juice flowed out of her.

She started to sob realizing she had given the bastard an incredible great fuck and enjoyed it, she was ashamed. Rob rolled over "Sandi you are one fantastic fuck your pussy is silky warm and tight. That was fantastic believe me we will be doing a lot more of that.

Now suck my cock clean including my balls and asshole". "I don't suck assholes" was what she got out before she realized it was a huge mistake. Five more whacks to each cheek which were now on fire, without saying a word she sucked the cock and balls and lapped his asshole.

Matt rolled her over "my turn to feel that silky warm and tight cunt Sandi". Her freshly fucked cunt accommodated the larger cock with no problem, she knew a repeat performance was necessary to insure they would not use the paddle on her again.

She did her best to wiggle, squirm and tighten her pussy around his cock, after five or six minutes he raised up stiffening she felt what felt like a quart of hot cum flowing into her. She pretended to have another orgasm as it was what he expected of her. As soon as he pulled out she want to work sucking his cock, balls and asshole clean.

All three stopped as she heard her youngest son calling "mom can you help me with my homework assignment"? She jumped up opened the door "I'll be up in a minute there almost finished". The two guys chuckled "Sandi put those panties on and let go upstairs" sad Rob.

Matt looked at her "Sandi you had better fix yourself up a bit you look like you've been fucked senseless".

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She was fastening her bra, she looked at them "I have been fucked senseless did you forget"? Sandi wiggled as a large glob of cum leaked out of her cunt into her panties which were already soaked. "Now get dressed but don't wash the dried cum off you lips and hands, because when we get up stairs kiss your asshole husband with those lips, now let's go".

Her ass was burning, her pussy was soaking wet and her legs hurt where the paddle had hit low they headed upstairs. "Honey the boys finished the and did a great job I must say, I told them we'd have several other projects to be worked on when they have spare time". The boys were smirking as she told them and her husband she would let them out through the garage "let go guys".

In the garage Matt looked at her I think a goodbye blow job is in order Sandi "but my husband and kids my come out"! "Well then start sucking like you want a mouthful of cum". Sandi dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until he held her head and pumped a good size load in her mouth. "Before we leave go inside and kiss the dumb bastard on the lips", she was beaten so without hesitation she walked in the house and gave him a full kiss on the mouth.

"Sandi you've got bad breath do something about it". "I will let me say goodbye to the guys". As she came out she saw her neighbor from three houses pushing her 2-year-old in a stroller. Both guys were staring at the neighbor.

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"Matt look at those tits they may be bigger then Sandi's I want a piece of that". Now Rob faced Sandi get friendly with her because we want to work that pussy too". "I'll do my best, she several years younger then me and her husband works shifts at the warehouse". Matt reach into his tool bag and removed the paddle her eyes went wide open.

Sandi, we had better be fucking her in 30 days or those sweet cheeks of yours and mister paddle will be getting together a lot, do you understand"? Sandi realized he wasn't kidding, the last spanking she had received a couple of hours ago was still burning like hell. "I'll get it done don't worry". Matt chuckled "now give us both a kiss on the cheek and wave good like you really want to"! She kissed each guy on the cheek and waved as they drove off.

Michelle the neighbor was heading her way. Her ass was on fire and the pool of cum in the bottom of her panties was causing her hair to stick to her, but she knew she had to get to know the woman. Michelle stopped "hi your Sandi right"?

"yes, your Michelle right"? The two women shook hands, "who were those two guys, your kids"? "No actually there a friend of mine's kids, they do odd jobs for me around the house, so my husband is free on the weekend".


Michelle looked at her for a minute, "the taller one was cute". Sandi smiled "for my money there both cute, young guys have a lot of stamina besides". They both chuckled then Michelle looked around to be sure they were alone "I could use a good hard young cock there days, with hours Andy works I haven't gotten laid in six weeks".

Sandi smiled "listen why not bring your husband and kids over about 4 the guys can watch the game; the kids can entertain each other we can split a bottle of wine and chat"? "See you at 4 girlfriend". After the kids went to their rooms to play video games the husbands settled into the den to drink beer and watch the game the girls headed for the kitchen. "So, tell me about these guys" Michelle inquired. Sandi explained they did light repairs and housework, so her husband didn't have to, they worked cheap and were semi-dependable.

Michelle smiled "well I think there hot", "I think they think the same about you as they were watching you walk over to us, I think they were staring at your tits". Michelle chuckled "I caught that too" "I think yours are even bigger than mine what size are they Michelle"? Proudly she announced "they're 42DDD and when I get hot my nipples stick out an inch, I can orgasm just by having them sucked on. For the next three hours the women discussed the boys, it was apparent to Sandi Shell as she liked to be called was a horny dirty talking bitch.

She could use it. The next day they talked on the phone and Sandi told her the next time the guys were over she would call her. After lunch she texted Rob and outlined her progress.

He called a few minutes later. It was a simple plan, they would go into the basement to do something. After a few minutes Sandi and Shell would come down stairs with wine and beer and flirt for a while.

Shell told Sandi she was hot and wet just thinking about it. Thursday Sandi called Shell, "the guys will be here at 11 interested"?

"I'll work out the kid thing and be there at 11:15", she hung up. At 11 the guys showed up Sandi let them in each guys gave her a deep tongue kiss while messaging her ass and tits.


They had brought weed and pills to dissolve in Shells drink. At 11:15 Shell showed up in tight jeans boots and a loose blouse showing plenty of cleavage, she and Sandi got a large glass of wine took a couple of stiff swigs and headed for the basement.

When they opened the door the faint smell of pot could be noticed, when they got down the guys were by the bathroom window trying to blow the smoke out. The woman laughed the guys froze, Sandi smiled "its ok guys this is my friend Shell got any more weed"? Rob smiled "we sure do her you go", he handed them a joint each. "Come on Shell let go outside to smoke these". Shell was wiggling her ass more the normal and the guys smiled as the woman got to the stairs, "can we join you guys"? Shell turned a big smile sure come on".

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After they had smoked most of the joints Shell looked she realized the wine glasses were in the basement, "fuck we left our wine downstairs". Matt jumped up "I'll get it girls" and headed off. When he returned the glasses were half full, they drank it down and Rob offered to get them a refill. Sandi's wine wasn't laced so she was a bit mellow but not out of it, Matt suggested they go into the den to be comfortable, it took both guys to get Shell in.

They were feeling her up and she was loving it, Sandi was doing the videoing at this point. Shell looked at the guys "apparently like big tits because you've been feeling me up for five minutes", they both looked at her "its ok guys I really like it". They put the phone down, so it could record the event, they went over to Sandi grabed her and stripped her down to panties, then they both stripped naked. They went over to Shell stood her up it took them 30 seconds to get her stripped down to her panties.

Matt started kissing her tits and massaging her clit, she was soaking wet her nipples were sticking straight out and she kept moaning. Rob walked over to Sandi, "panties down bitch on the floor and spread". Shell was on the floor naked spread eagle, Matt put the head of his cock on her cunt lips he pushed forward. Shell moaned, pulled him close to her, her cunt was already milking his cock, she was moaning with pleasure as the first of several orgasms swept over her.

"She started moaning and crying while telling Matt "fuck the cunt baby, dump a good hot load for momma I need it" AHHHHHHHHH as another orgasm hit her.

She was trashing about like a wild woman still moaning with an animal lust. "Fuck me deeper baby I need it bad AHHHHH" another orgasm hit.

This kept up for several minutes the dirty talking and moans from Shell had caused Sandi to have two good orgasms, Rob stiffened and dump a large load she screamed with pleasure just as Matt stiffened "her it comes cunt". His cock shot at least four blasts of cum deep in Shells pussy, she had another orgasm her pussy muscles milked every drop out of his cock.

Shell passed out cold after that, the three got her up put her clothes on and got her home. As they were leaving Rob smiled at Sandi "your fucking skills are really improving slutty Sandi, that was really great today".

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She smiled as she realized he knew she had had several orgasms which he was responsible for. "Thanks, you're not bad either", they smiled at each other he got in the van and they drove off. It was four before Sandi got a call from Shell, no hello just "my god Sandi are you ok"? "Yes, Shell but we need to talk, the event of today is quite blurry to me". Shell paused "blurry for you, all I'm sure of is I got fucked quite good, I'm leaking cum like a leaky faucet".

"Listen Sandi I've got to run out and get the little one from day care watch for my older one and bring him to your house until I get back". She hung up before Sandi could respond. After Shell got home and fed the kids she showered did her hair and called Sandi. "Hi Sandi, can you talk"? "Sure can Shell, Jim's not home yet, do you have idea what we did this afternoon"? There was a long pause before she responded, "Sandi as close as I can figure we smoked the grass got stoned and by the was my cunt is still leaking cum I'm going to say we had a great time and had our brains fucked out".

Sandi was smiling "I would agree we got fucked cause I'm still leaking as well. The question is what now"? Shell asked when the guys were scheduled to come back "sometime between tomorrow and Sunday.

"Ok when they show up call me". Shell hung up sitting at her kitchen table she thought NOW WHAT!

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