Alexander Greene gets his fine ass fucked by collegebf

Alexander Greene gets his fine ass fucked by collegebf
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I have been going through craigslist finding girls or women to have fun with and met a couple of them. This particular girl was looking for a dominant man to meet to sexually satisfy her since her fiancee was not doing it for her.

I contacted her and we planned that she would lie in bed leaving her door unlocked and be blindfolded unable to see me.

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It turned her on to be taken by a stranger and roleplay as daddy daughter, as a dom I love the idea. I grabbed a toy that I use with my wife and started to go to her apartment.


I was excited and could not wait to see my new conquest. I pulled up to her apartment and walked up to the door my heart was pounding.


I put my hand on the handle and sure enough the door opened. I was so excited sure enough she was lying on her bed in her panties, which I instructed her to wear, with the blindfold waiting for me.

She was a little chubby but nothing I didn't mind I immediately stripped down and climbed between her legs.

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I put my face close to her crotch smelling her perfume and flicked my tongue on her thigh which I could taste the chocolate body wash she had used. I began to reach up with my hands touching her nipples as my mouth began to lock and kiss her panties and thighs making her moan and feel her panties get wet. I love d the taste of her it was intoxicating with her smells and taste.

I reached for the vibe and ran it along her pussy lips over her panties.


As I ran the vibrator over her lips I would whisper "mmmm my lil girl is getting so wet, you taste so good." During her ordeal she was closing her legs calling for her daddy that she felt so good. She reached down to rub her nipples as I continued to play and rub her pussy licking her juices as I pulled her panties to the side.

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I couldn't take it anymore I grabbed her panties pulling the off sniffing the crotch and then sharing her panties to her making her lick the crotch. I shoved the vibe deep in her pussy working it back and fordth as I leaned down licking sucking and biting her nipples.

She closed her legs hard whimpering as she came. I left the vibe deep in her pussy as I kissed her lips then moved up her body. I kept telling my lil girl to cum are for daddy as I slid up her body reaching down and grabbing her hair as I began to face fuck her with my cock.

I pushed it deep and felt her choke on it encouraging her to take daddy's cock. My cock was coated in her spit and I was close to cumming but did not want to end the ordeal so I moved forward having her lick my balls under the sack making her take them in her mouth as I pulled her hair.

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As she was sucking and licking my sack I reached back and started to pump her pussy again with the vibrator feeling it all slick as my fingers mixed in her juices. I could hear her moans and feel her cum again as she closed her legs tight raising her hips. I reached my hand to her nipples pinching them again as I left the vibrator deep in her pussy.

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I couldn't take it anymore I moved back down her body pulling the vibe out and spreading her legs I pounded my hard cock deep in her pussy as I began to fuck her.

I leaned down kissing her neck and cheeks as her mouth parted I begam to kiss her. I felt her wet pussy tighten as she reached up pulling me into her as we continued to kiss.

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She was giving herself all to me. I pulled out of her and went back down to eat her pussy tasting her juices.

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She was grinding her hips and reached down and spread her pussy lips for me as I sucked her clit in my mouth and bite and sucked her lips.

I began to kiss her thighs tasting the chocolate as she begged her daddy to fuck her some more. I climbed up and began again to fuck her pussy again as her hands roamed over my back and I was pounding hard into her as she moaned in my ear. She came again and asked me to cum on her face.

I kissed her again as I felt myself close ready to cum.

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I pulled out and climbed up to her face stroking my cock as I shot stream after stream of cum on her face and her breasts. As my last stream hit her I got up grabbing the vibrator and pulling on my clothes not saying a word and walked out as she layer there with my cum on her.