Unusual chick masturbates cunt and gets licked and shagged in pov

Unusual chick masturbates cunt and gets licked and shagged in pov
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I walked home with Cynthia.

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We barely talked, and mostly about school. Before we got to her house, I stopped her. "Listen, about this morning. I was caught up in the excitement of us doing it in front of those others.

What I said about doing it again I didn't mean it." "Oh that? I know, I don't care about that silly comment. I know how guys are." She said smiling. "Come on no avoiding it you're going to have to face my sister and me, and probably my dad too.

She had said it didn't matter but after that she was smiling more talking more and practically skipping home. It was my turn to be quiet, face her and Bella fine.

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Her dad was another matter. He had physically thrown Mark out of the house. She talked the rest of the way there. Bella was talking to some friends at the corner of the street. She saw us and watched us walk over. I only had eyes for her, she was so radiant. She didn't really look pregnant but two months along I guess didn't change her too much.

Her breasts were bigger, that much I could see. Her a-cup bra was barely able to hold her. She was at least a b-cup now. We got to her and Cynthia spoke first, "alright Bella we need to get home, mom needs us to finish our chores." Now up close i recognized the two girls Bella was with. Katy and Tiffany from a few weeks ago, they knew about me and Bella.

I was going to kiss her but remembered they knew but Cynthia didn't know how they knew and probably wouldn't be so happy if she found out the three girls and I had been intimate. I stood quiet. I smiled at Bella. She flashed a smile back then glared at her sister. "Well I better go or the warden will drag me home." The other girls laughed. Cynthia acted huffy and walked ahead of us. I gave Bella a quick kiss for the girls to see then held her hand as we walked home.

The girls smiled at us and walked across the street. We walked into their house and went to Cynthia's room.

The sisters sat together on the edge of Cynthia's bed, I stood by the door. "Look you're both great and I am crazy for you both but Bella's going to be having my baby so I think that is the relationship I need to focus on." I explained. They just sat listening as I spoke and I went into greater details giving logical reasons.

When I was done they sat still looking at me. They turned to each other simultaneously, "I want him to myself but if I'm going to share him it's going to be with you." Bella said. "And we share everything we know and hear," Cynthia said.

They both looked to me. It suddenly felt warm in her room. "He's slept with my friends and me, Amber, Tiffany, Katy and Nicole," Bella admitted. Cynthia's mouth worked for a minute she turned angry eyes at me. "He's slept with his sister." It was Bella's turn to turn angry eyes at me. "What?! Oh my god! That's disgusting." "They didn't know, really. I mean they should have but she thought he was her boyfriend and he thought she was me." Cynthia said. She never mentioned she acted like my sister for me.

But they began going into more details of what and how things happened. I just sat sweating and turning red. By the time Cynthia got to this morning she made it sound like I had tried to screw that other girl right there on the spot. Bella looked at me. "Ok we are good then," Bella asked Cynthia looked at me. "Now to make sure you understand. If you ever cheat on either one of us with anyone without one of us agreeing you're out.

Out of my life-" "And more importantly out of this baby's life," Bella rubbed her little belly. "I have fun with you and other girls but that will only happen if Cynthia agrees. And you will wear protection every time that it does happens." "Consider yourself lucky Joe, you get to date two sisters at once and don't even have to hide it from the other one." Cynthia told me.

"I am lucky I know. I just don't see why you act like I'm the one that's going to screw this up." I defended myself. "We're sisters, you're a man, if anyone will fuck up a good threesome it will be you. So next time you see a hot girl you better tighten your pants and keep walking." Bella said. Cynthia wouldn't leave it at that, "and even if you think you're fucking one of us you better ask and turn on a light to be sure so you can't bone any whore and say you thought it was one of us!" Was that a slight against my sister?

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I wasn't sure until she continued. "How do we keep him from screwing his sister?" Cynthia added. Yep, she's pissed at Aida.

Bella looked at me. Her hazel eyes searching into my soul. "If I find out you fucked your sister-" "Wait, I did fuck her, two more times." I had to get this out. They had the sounds of 'everything on the table, deal is sealed' and I didn't want them to find out later and hold it against me then. Better for it to be out there now. "Once after the accident we swam together and she took me in her room." Cynthia's face was turning red. Her eyes looked like fire.

I thought she would jump at me to rip out my throat any minute. I had to finish. "The third and last time was a few days ago when I caught you with Mark. I went home so angry with so much frustration and anger I took it out on her." I breathed a heavy sigh as I finished.

There it was out. Cynthia seemed to lose some of her steam at the mention of Mark. Bella looked at Cynthia. Cynthia shook her head angrily. "Cynthia, he's admitted his own mistakes if we ever expect the truth from him we have to accept it when we hear it." She turned and looked at me, wisdom beyond her years. She must have heard someone else say that once. She smiled and walked up to me. Arms out she hugged me and started kissing me. It was nice, I leaned down to kiss her passionately back.

She pulled at my pants until they started to slide down. She knelt down and pulled my pants off my legs. Then Cynthia came over to kiss me. I felt Bella's little hands pulling on my still soft meat. The two sexiest sisters I know had just decided to share me for the rest of my foreseeable future.


And it was starting now. I felt Bella's mouth sucking on my stiffening staff in. Cynthia broke the kiss long enough to pull off her clothes. She knelt down and replaced her sister's mouth with her own. Bella took off her clothes as well. She kissed me on the lips then went back down with her sister. Cynthia had my shaft in her hand and tip in her mouth.

Bella crawled below her sister to lick and suck on my hanging balls. I was raging hard in no time. Cynthia popped me out of her mouth. She backed up and Bella replaced her sucking on my mushroom top. Cynthia tapped her sister's shoulder. Bella stopped and looked back, "oh right." They backed up to climb on the bed together. Two beautiful naked girls. 15 and 13, dark brown hair and light brown hair. One with dark brown, intense eyes the other with majestic hazel eyes.

I walked to the bed to meet them. Bella climbed on the edge of the bed and spread her legs to take me in. Her bare pussy calling to me. I wanted that smooth wet slit so bad. I stepped between her legs and they wrapped around my waist. I rubbed my cock against her little pink treat. Looking down I had a great view of her bigger boobs, they had passed her older sister's in size.

Between them was a beautiful deep valley of cleavage. Below that I saw, now that she was nude, how big her pregnant belly really was. She had hidden it well in her loose clothes. I created that round little belly.

Her skin on her breasts and belly was shinny and smooth from stretching. Now she didn't look fat, and it's not as if she was huge, but it was clear she was pregnant.

"Yes! Do it, put it in me," she called for me. I pulled back and let my cock head slide between her lower lips slowly parting the wet curtains. She was purring my name. I pushed forward entering her love hole. Her sister, Cynthia, straddled Bella right on top of her, careful to lift her body up over Bella's growing belly. The two started kissing.

I looked down to see Cynthia's nice round ass staring right up at me. Her own wet slit calling for my busy pole. I pumped Bella several more times before pulling out.

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I put my hand on Cynthia's lovely ass and she immediately sat up bringing her pussy down to my level. I just had to jam my length into the her ready pussy. Cynthia called out incoherently. Slowly I drove my dick in then out and back in as far as her hole could handle. I had learned over the last few months that Cynthia like to have sex, slowly and deeply. Bella preferred fucking, fast and hard. She wanted my cock inside her as much a possible while Cynthia liked me to pull it almost all the way out.

I used what I'd learned and took turns pounding these two sister the way they liked it. "I'm going to cum!" I announced. "It's mine, give it to me this time!" Bella demanded.

"She got it this morning." As my little queen wished. I pulled out of Cynthia and thrust deep into Bella's tight cookie.

Filling her with my baby cream. I wasn't done now Cynthia wanted more. She was jealous of her little sister's creampie. Cynthia got off the bed and began licking my deflated dick. Bella got down next to her sister and joined in the lick fest.

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I couldn't help staring at these two young beauties working together to lick me. Bella sucked my tip into her mouth. She was taking it all for herself, swallowing half my length. Each little gulp pulled more in and made my cock swell in her throat. Cynthia had given up on my shaft and moved down to my balls. Sucking and tugging them in her mouth. "Oh damn! I'm in heaven," I said watching the most spectacular blowjob. Cynthia popped my balls out of her mouth then got up. She tapped on Bella's shoulder.

"Let me show him heaven," she said. Bella got up smiling. Cynthia pushed me around on to the bed. As I tried to get comfortable she climbed up on me facing away from me. "Oh that sexy ass! I love seeing your ass," I told her. As she reached behind her to direct my beating shaft into her heavenly tunnel of love. As she blissfully rode me, her sister climbed onto the bed. Bella straddled my face and dangled her delicious pie over my hungry lips. I lifted my head to taste her delicate pink slit.

Her pussy was dripping from both our juices. I could taste my own salty cum with her savory sauce. I sucked at her smooth lips and licked her slit up to her tender button. Bella moaned for more while her sister began rocking slowly on my stiff pole. I slowly rolled my pelvic back drawing my hardened meat out of her as she rocked back. Then we both swayed forward driving my dick deeper into her. Both girls were moaning happily. I put one hand on Cynthia's smooth little butt and gave her a gentle smack.

My other hand I maneuvered around to rub Bella's swollen breasts. I gently rubbed her nipple between my pointer and index fingers. This allowed me to still grip and squeeze her tits with my thumb. Cynthia began rocking faster and I kept up my pace rolling my pelvic in sync with her.

She steadily got faster and faster. With my hand on her ass I began pushing her onto my cock with her forward rocking. Her moans turned into small yelps and squeals. I could tell Cynthia was getting close. Now to focus a little more on my dessert. I sucked at Bella's clit, pulling it into my mouth. I moved my lips side to side around the edge of her clit. Immediately she started her own squealing and praying.

"Oh god!

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Yes!" She repeated over and over. "Just like that!" I'd let her clit slip out of my mouth so I could give her whole slit a good licking. Making sure everything got some tongue time. Then as her hips shifted on my face to bring her little clit back to the tip of my lips, I sucked her button back in my mouth.

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Sliding my lips around it. Oh she tasted so good, the saltiness of my cum was gone now it was just her flowing fluids I was lapping up. Both girls were going to cum together. They knew it and couldn't and wouldn't stop it. Bella grabbed my hand as I was tweaking her nipple. She pushed my hand down to her belly and held it there.

I rubbed our baby bump and sucked her clit in again. Cynthia's pussy gripped my dick as we thrust together driving it deep into her soaking pussy. Over her squealing I could hear her pussy make a sloshing sound. She let out a loud cry of ecstasy. Bella was right behind her.

Her legs twitched around my head and her whole body shook over me. I could feel her orgasm, as juices dripped onto my face. Her hands pulled my head back away from her sensitive clit. I was content with watching her tremble as I felt the same tremors on my stomach. I was close too, I couldn't stop lifting my butt with my legs to keep fucking Cynthia's gracious little parts.

I gladly blasted her hole. Bella rolled off me to lay right next to me. She was breathless and shook a little, like the after effects of getting electrocuted from a light socket. Cynthia flipped off me also out of breath. "Damn, Joe.

I didn't know if you could. handle us both." She panted. After laying together for a few minutes Cynthia got up. "I need something to drink, you want something?" "Soda if you have?" I asked. She nodded as she put her clothes back on. Then walked out to the kitchen. Bella snuggled in my arms and kissed me slowly and softly.

I heard a new voice from the living room, "I know your not giving that to your pregnant sister. She's not allowed to have caffeine." "No it's not for her." Cynthia had been caught off guard by her mom. "Where did she come from," I whispered jumping out of bed scrabbling for my clothes. Bella was trying to get up too having a little trouble because of her belly.

I found my shirt and threw it on. "I'll give her water, ok?" Cynthia said to her mom. "Yes, in fact why don't you both have some water." She told her. Good job stalling Cynthia, I thought as I threw Bella's clothes at her. I helped her with her bra behind her back. Then picked my underwear off the floor. They were inside out so I was flipping them when the door opened.

Cynthia's mom stood there, mouth open. My underwear still in my hands, only my shirt on and it was not long enough to hide my hanging sausage. Bella was the first to move, pulling her shirt over her head. As if that released me from my daze I put my feet into my underwear and yanked them up. "I assume you are the father, Joe?" MrsT asked. Bella and I both nodded and continued to get our clothes on. Before she could say more Cynthia ran up behind her.

She hadn't realized her mom had come here while she got the water. Her face was pale as a bone when she looked in and saw us still buttoning up our clothes.

MrsT turned and looked at her then back into Cynthia's room. "Seeing they are doing this in your room, does that mean you were taking part too?" She asked very directly. "Um." Cynthia tried to think of an explanation that her mom might believe. "No." Bella and I said just as Cynthia said, "yeah." We all looked at each other for a long silent moment. "Get in there and sit on the bed next to them." MrsT instructed. "Well, I didn't expect my girls to be so loose. We didn't raise you to be like this." "It's not their fault, I sort of pushed them into it." I tried to take the heat.

"My husband might have bought that lie but I know it's not true. See Cynthia has been caught in this situation before and Bella is pregnant." She shook her head dissatisfied. "Now you three need to end this playing around! You are going to be a father and she is going to be a mother! I expect you two to act like it!" Her voice was getting louder and higher pitched.

"Yes, ma'am." I agreed. She yelled for a several minutes before slowly calming down. She made it clear that if our threesome continued no one could know. Bella and I would take on the public roles of boyfriend and girlfriend plus mom and dad to our soon to be baby. Cynthia had to keep her involvement secret from everyone! We would have to be extra careful no one could even suspect what was really happening.

She would talk with MrT and make sure he understood that I was the father and had to be involved, not beaten up and thrown out a window! Poor Mark, I thought briefly. But MrT could never know about Cynthia's inclusion to our partnership. MrT didn't find out about Cynthia. I'm sure he may have suspected now and then but we didn't let him catch the three of us. Or even catch me with Bella. The most I did in front of him was kiss her on the cheek.

He didn't warmed up to me even after the baby was born. I practically lived in their house for the next year.

My parents were proud that I was taking an active role and they were very supportive of Bella and I. My dad even got me some part time work at his office to make a little money but not take too much away from my time with little Antonio, our son. ------------ Author's note: I'll be taking a hiatus on the Joe chapters so I can work out storylines for a few parallel characters. Look for works about: Jeanette (Cynthia and Aida's other best friend), Aida (before and after sex with Joe), eventually some of the parents will also have a storyline.

Thanks for reading, hope I can get you all to cum again.