Drilling deep inside juicy cunt makes curvy teen horny

Drilling deep inside juicy cunt makes curvy teen horny
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When I was thirteen my parents finally decided that I did not need a babysitter and that I could be left home alone. In my new found freedom I would often take to laying out by our pool, just getting a tan. Three years passed and it was no different.

During the summer, on days I wasn't working, I would put on a bikini and just go lay by the pool.

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That one fateful day I was feeling a little bit horny.okay very horny, and I decided to do something about it. Moving my hands to my tits I began to rub my nipples through the thin bathing suit fabric. They instantly hardened so I began to rub them harder, tugging them, etc.

I was so lost in my reverie that I didn't hear the car pull up, or the door slam, or the door to the back porch open.

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"You know, you could probably do that better if you took the top off." Snapping out of it I looked up into the face of my father. A face that had a hint of.lust in it? Why not? I was a sixteen year-old girl with a fairly good body, who was masturbating. A turn-on for any guy, no? "Wh-what?" "I said you could probably do that better if you took the top off. You know, free your boobs so you can have free-range of them." Still being extremely horny I decided to go with it.

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I untied the top and threw it into the pool. "Like this Daddy?" "Yeah baby, just like that." "I suppose I should continue what I was doing. Let me see, ooo yeah, that feels so good. My nipples are hard and need to be rubbed. Ah, yeah, that feels so good.so good" "It looks like it does honey, it looks like it does." "If I pull them like this it feels even better." "Uh-huh. Don't you think you would feel a little better taking your bottom off?" Sarcastically, "Daddy!

I can't do that! You would see my pussy then!" "Yeah, well, I'm just thinking of your comfort, darling." "Aww, thanks Daddy! I believe your right. Let me get this off." Lifting up so I could pull the bottoms down, I spread my legs giving my father a bird's eye view of my sweet, little cunt.

"Oh girl, your pussy is so beautiful. So pink and perfect." "Thank you Daddy. But I think it needs to be wet. Don't you?" "Yeah, wet your pussy for me darling." I reach down and start to rub my already throbbing clit.

Sliding one finger in, then another, I pump then in and out, while rubbing my clit with the other hand. I see my father pulling his pants off and start stroking his cock. "Yeah, yeah, oh God, oh God!" "Come on girl, rub that pussy.


Rub it hard for Daddy. Yeah, that's the way to go about it. Fuck yeah!" Watching my father stroke his massive cock sends me over my edge and I squirt my cum onto the deck chair. "Oh, that is so hot. Yeah." "Daddy, do you need to cum? Your huge cock is awfully hard." "Yeah darling. That would be wonderful." "Let me help, Daddy.

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Let me suck your cock." "OK, baby, you can suck Daddy's cock." I get off the chair and crouch down in front of my father's cock. Reaching out I grab his cock and place it in my mouth.


I suck it as hard as I can, trying to get as much in my mouth as possible. "Yeah, baby, suck Daddy's cock. Suck it hard." I deep-throat my father's cock and he loses it, blowing his load in my mouth. Swallowing all of his cum like an obedient daughter I glance up at him when he's done, "Is that better Daddy?" "Yeah, baby it is. Can I ask you something?" "Sure Daddy." "Can I eat your pussy? I wanna lick your pussy clean." "Of course Daddy! You don't have to ask." I get back on the chair and spread my legs, then my pussy lips.

"Here you go Daddy. Come eat my pussy." My father slowly licks my pussy, teasing me, then puts his tongue in. Rubbing my clit while licking my G-spot it isn't long before I cum.

"Oh God, yeah, yeah!

Eat my pussy Daddy, eat my pussy! I think I'm going to cum!

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Yeah, yeah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" When I came I came hard. Squirting my cum all over my pussy, my father licked it all up for me. "You taste so good, baby. Your cum is so sweet." "Thank you Daddy, I'm glad you liked it." "Well I guess we should go in now." When my father got up I looked at his dick and noticed that it was hard again.

"Daddy, do you want me?" "What?" "I said do you want me? Do you want to fuck my pussy? You can if you want to.


I won't mind." "You know what, I would love to fuck your pussy. Get up and let me sit on the chair." I got up and let my father sit down. With his dick sticking straight up I lowered myself down and impaled myself. When my father's dick was all the way in I had never felt more filled in my life.

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"Oh Daddy, your cock is so big! It's filled me up to the hilt." "I know babe. And your cunt is so tight! It's been a long time since I've had a tight pussy around my dick." Bobbing up and down on my father's dick I can feel the orgasm building up. When I can no longer ride his cock my father pulls me back and starts thrusting upwards. He goes harder and harder until I'm screaming, it feels so good." "Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck me, fuck my pussy!

Harder, harder! My pussy wants your cock Daddy! Yeah, give it to me!" "Oh shit! Your pussy is so tight, baby, so tight. I love fucking your pussy!" "Daddy, I think I'm cumming! Oh God, I'm cumming!" "That's right babe, let it all out.

Lock my dick in your sweet pussy. Oh God, fuck yeah!" When I came, my father did too. Locking his dick in he spilled his hot, sticky cum into my cunt.

It was the best feeling in the world. Now, my father comes home from work early everyday so that we can fuck, so I can feel his cum in my pussy and be the happiest girl on Earth.

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