Straight guys hiding the woods gay porn video Nate moans and breathes

Straight guys hiding the woods gay porn video Nate moans and breathes
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My Asian Treat Pt4 I Visit Kaykos Place I sipped on the remainder of my whiskey while I played with Kaykos slit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as the egg did its work inside her. Kayko just stood patiently beside me with her feet apart, her breath gradually becoming shorter with small gasps when I would hit her clit. I was in a mood to give her a treat like she had already given me. With the last swallow of my drink I looked up at Kayko and picked up the egg remote.

"Let's go to bed," I said as I stood up beside her, "it's my turn to do something special for you." The expectant look on her face told me she was really ready for anything. I leaned down and kissed her very gently on the lips while wrapping my arms around her back.

She is so tiny I can almost reach the elbow of my opposite arm while she is pressed up next to me. I reached forward with my right hand and cupped her pussy, sliding my middle and ring fingers up inside her.

Kaykos' mouth opened slightly and she caught her breath.

I closed my hand, gripping her pussy by her pelvic bone. "Let's go," I said and started walking toward the door, towing Kayko behind me by her pussy. She was absolutely sopping wet from my fingering and the egg buzzing away inside her. Kayko followed silently as I lead her into the sleeping room and switched the egg off. When we reached the sleeping mat I turned to her and pulled my fingers out of her pussy.

They were covered in her cum. Bringing them up to my mouth I started to lick them clean while looking directly into her eyes. I just barely caught a glimpse of her tongue running over her lips as I stuck my ring finger into my mouth, sucking her sweet juice off my slickened finger. As I pulled it out Kayko caught her breath a little, opening her mouth just slightly. I looked at her eyes; she was watching my fingers very intently. Slowly I started moving my hand toward her mouth while I watched her every move.

The closer my finger got to her lips the more her mouth opened.

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I stopped with my finger almost touching her lips, pausing to see her react. She quickly licked her lips again and then reopened her mouth.


She's hungry, I thought, as I slid my cum soaked finger into her mouth. Kayko gently closed her mouth over my finger and began sucking and licking it clean, her expert tongue swirling around and around. Damn! She's hot! My dick began growing again just to prove the point. I pulled my finger from her mouth with a little pop and began untying the sachet at her waist.

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Kayko stood still as I pulled the sachet free, allowing her robe to open and expose her front before dropping to the floor. I bent over a little and threw my arms around her in a big bear hug. When she put her arms around my shoulders I picked her up. She is as light as a feather!

Kayko wrapper her legs around my back and hugged me tightly with both her arms and legs. I looked at her and kissed her very deeply, our tongues playing tag in each other's mouths. For a few seconds it seemed like time stood still.

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Our breathing synchronized, our hearts beat together, and we kissed passionately. Kayko let out a little whimper as our kiss continued. I thought maybe I was squeezing her too hard so I broke away from our kiss. When I looked at her I was surprised to see tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Are you ok?!" I asked excitedly, thinking I had hurt her, "Did I hurt you?!" Kayko crushed herself against me and squeezed me very tightly with her legs and arms. "No," she sniffed while drying her eyes on the sleeve of my robe, "I am just very happy." She pulled her face back and looked directly into my eyes, smiling. I can not fully describe how I felt at that moment. My heart was pounding, my hard on was raging, and I had a lump in my throat. All I could think of to do at that exact second was to hug her back with just as much enthusiasm, pulling her tiny frame tightly against me.

We kissed again as I walked us over to the middle of the sleeping mat. Kayko is so light that I didn't need to let her down, I was able to kneel down and then lay her down on her back without letting go of her. Kayko opened her legs which allowed me to move down to her honeypot.

I had started out with a goal in mind, and I was going to finish it! As I lowered my face between her legs her musky smell again filled my nose. I could tell she was ready, and that I had a feast laid out in front of me.

I lowered my mouth to her pussy with my tongue extended. Kayko gasped as I began my assault on her clit, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. I grasp the antenna for the egg in my fingers and pulled it out, a long strand of her cum extending from her lips to the slick egg. I sucked her honey off the egg before discarding it to the side, resuming my feast on her sweet gash. Kayko began gasping as my tongue darted in and out of her hole. I was doing my best to lick up all of the sweet cum I could, savoring each succulent drop.

Kaykos back arched and her legs began to tremble as a small orgasm rippled through her. I responded by diving my tongue deep inside her to catch as much of her nectar as possible. Her delicious cum flowed into my mouth as her pussy grasped and pulled at my tongue as I wiggled it into her. Bringing my hand up between her legs, I inserted two fingers and searched around till I found her G spot.

Pumping my fingers in and out of her I continued my assault on her clit. Kayko was going crazy! Her hands were kneading her breasts like bread dough, her head was thrashing back and forth, and her legs were shaking almost uncontrollably. Kayko was on her way to an earth shattering orgasm, and I was not going to stop until that very thing happened.

Kayko began speaking in gibberish while I continued my dogged pace. Some of her words were in Japanese; some of them were almost English. Her breathing became short and crisp as her back began to arch upward, her orgasm was beginning to plow through her. I quickly placed both hands under her ass and picked her up, holding her wide spread pussy directly in front of my face before covering her gash with my mouth.

With two flicks of my tongue Kayko began screaming at the top of her lungs and shaking violently. She grasps two handfuls of my hair and ground my face into her pussy, moaning and writhing around in the throes of a super intense orgasm. Unexpectedly, her cum squirted into my mouth, filling it almost instantly, the rest pouring out down the sides of my face to drip off my chin.

I licked, sucked, and swallowed Kaykos cum as quickly as possible as she thrashed about, enjoying the orgasm I had just given her. I sucked her pussy into my mouth as much as possible and froze in place, allowing her an opportunity to start down from the intense high.

Within moments Kayko went almost completely limp. Her arms fell to the mat and her legs quit supporting her, relying completely on my arms to hold her up. Her chest was heaving up and down in deep heavy gasps with little droplets of sweat in her cleavage, her small rock hard nipples aimed at the ceiling.

I held her ass up with her pussy to my mouth until her breathing finally started to slow. It took several minutes. When I released the suction in my mouth Kayko shuddered really hard causing her legs to twitch. I eased her butt down to the mat before pulling my hands out from under her. She was virtually dead weight at this point.

That (my friends) is how to make a woman feel good! I got up to my knees and pulled my robe off before lying down naked next to her. She was lying still with her eyes closed, her long black hair strewn all over the place. I pulled the blanket over us and snuggled up next to her, placing my hand on her breast. I think she was happy. I know I was. Day 2 I was awakened by the familiar feeling of Kayko giving me a blow job. It is a very intense feeling to be waking up just before you have a morning orgasm.

Kayko did not disappoint me either. I shot, she sucked and swallowed. It was a match made in heaven. (You know, there are worse ways to wake up on a Monday morning) After her last swallow Kayko looked up at me.

It was already light outside and she was already dressed in a short yellow kimono with a black sachet around the waist. This kimono left almost all of her legs exposed, stopping at just above mid-thigh. She also had her hair spooled up in a nice tight bun at the back of her head with only a few strands hanging down at the sides of her face and her bangs framing her dark brown eyes.

Apparently she had already been up for a while. "Good morning," she cooed while kneeling down at my side. She gently rubbed her hand on the side of my cheek. Reaching up I grasp her by the front of her kimono and pulled her down on top of me, throwing my arms around her.

"Good morning beautiful," I said as I hugged her tightly to me. It felt good holding her next to me. A sensation I could definitely get used to. Kayko threw her right leg over me so she could straddle my waist. With her knees on the floor she tucked her feet under my legs and pulled herself down onto me, molding her body against mine. "And how are you this morning?" I asked playfully while squeezing her ass.

"Did you sleep well?" Kayko looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, "Yes," she replied with a little raise to her eyebrows and a twinkle in her eyes. "You are very good.

Thank you for such a beautiful orgasm last night." "Anything to please you," I said, giving her a little pat on the ass. "I have a special breakfast for you," she said while climbing off me and reassumed her kneeling position. "It is for good luck." "I'm sure I can use all the luck I can get," I commented while sitting up.

As I pulled my robe around my shoulders Kayko stood up and left the room for just a few seconds. When she returned she was carrying a small lap table with a tray, a bowl, a small vase with a single yellow flower in it, and a steaming cup of coffee arranged neatly on it.

She set the small table down beside the edge of the sleeping mat and knelt down beside it. Looking at the tray, the coffee cup was full, but the bowl was empty. "This breakfast will guarantee you successful business today," she explained while picking up the empty bowl. Standing up she spread her feet wide apart and squatted down while holding the bowl under her pussy, the short kimono opening nicely to reveal her delicious pussy.

With a push from her muscles first one and then two hard boiled eggs slipped out of her pink pussy hole and dropped into the bowl. "The eggs are for prosperity and a continuing future." Pulling the bowl from between her legs she resumed her kneeling position once again and offered the bowl to me with a bow.

I was not about to refuse this delicacy. I took the bowl and brought the first egg up to my mouth. It had the undeniable smell of pussy, and the mixed taste of egg and pussy. But more importantly, it was a gift from Kayko.

I munched down both eggs and sipped my coffee while Kayko readied my clothes. I think the eggs were fabulous, but then again my opinion is biased. She had picked out my dark blue suit with a red tie and a white shirt; a good power combination for a corporate meeting. I still could not take my eyes off her. Each garment was laid out with precision and care. Even my socks! By the time I was dressed the car Hirito had promised had pulled up outside.

It was a black Mercedes stretch limo. Handing me my briefcase Kayko said, "Good luck Mike." I leaned over and gave her a kiss. "After the breakfast I had this morning I have all the luck I need." As I started to step toward the car Kayko slipped the remote into my hand.

"Think of me," she said as I stepped off the porch, sliding the remote into my pocket. "Always," I replied as I slid into the car and closed the door. My day was going to be something. Sometimes business meetings suck. Other times they fly by and it feels like you didn't do anything. Today was unique to say the least. The first part of the meeting went well with my presentation and business proposal. Then discrepancies arose and things bogged down.

With a few phone calls things were going better by early afternoon. But the whole time we worked toward a compromise I kept seeing my 5 foot 2 asian beauty in my head. As I fondled the remote in my pocket I was actually missing Kayko. By 3 we decided to break for the day since we were now waiting on some fax information from my home office in the US. But the initial meeting appeared to be a success aside from a few details.

I was glad too because I wanted to get back and have some more of my Asian treat. I had the limo driver stop by a florist and I picked up some cut flowers for Kayko. Considering how nice she had been to me I wanted to give her a little surprise.

Little did I know that the surprise was going to be mine! As the limo turned down the road leading to Hiritos house I flipped the switch on to the remote to the on position. By the time the limo pulled into the driveway the remote had been on for a few minutes. I figured that by this time Kayko would be good a wet for me and waiting at my front door. I was wrong. As I hopped out of the car there was no one in sight. Granted I was more than an hour early getting back, but I figured someone would be about.

I stepped into the guest house with the flowers at the ready, but it was empty. Kayko was not to be found in any of the rooms. As I set my brief case down on the desk I could hear the egg vibrating in its little box. Kayko was not wearing it. Now I was a bit puzzled, where was she? After I stepped back into my shoes I started through the garden in the direction Kayko said her house was located.

It was a little further than I thought as the path wound through trimmed trees and ornate flower beds. There were also several little bridges over the brook that fed the pond. As the path turned up the hill Kaykos house came into view.

It was tiny! Maybe two or three rooms at best measuring no more than 12 feet by 16 feet total! Granted, the architecture matched the other buildings on the property, but to think that Kayko lived here made a lump develop in my throat.

I was now just a little pissed at Hirito. But I quickly reminded myself that this was a different culture with different standards as I approached the front door.

The front door was wide open as I came up the steps. So was the back door, allowing me to see straight through the house and into the back yard. What I saw made my jaw drop. The first thing I saw was a saw horse with five phalluses mounted along the top edge sticking straight up. They were graduated in size starting with the first being about 4 inches long and maybe an inch and a half in diameter. They gradually got bigger and longer before concluding with the last one.

It was maybe 7 inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter. All of them were highly polished from top to bottom.

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Taking my shoes off I walked through the house, checking to see if Kayko was anywhere around. She was not inside.

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When I reached the back door I stopped and surveyed the back yard. To the left, on a small wooden platform was a collection of wooden objects, five different sizes in all. They were shaped like slightly elongated hourglasses, but instead of being round they were rectangular. They reminded me more of square dumbbells than anything. From the center point, where the wood was the narrowest, stood an inch and a half wide, and five inch long wooden peg that was rounded on the end.

All of them were aligned in a nice neat row from smallest to largest. In the center of the yard was a narrow, low table made of thick wood. There was something behind it that I could not make out. As my gaze continued to the right I spotted Kayko.


She was hanging by her ankles under a large wooden beam that was supported by a pair of A frames at the ends. She was completely naked and out in the afternoon sunlight.

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The bright afternoon sun bathed her on the insides of her legs down to her delicious wide open pussy. Her legs were held wide open by a wooden pole extending from a strap around one ankle to another strap around the other ankle.

A rope from the center of the pole went up to a pulley attached to the beam and then back down to the ground next to Kaykos head where it was tied to a wooden cleat mounted on the wooden platform underneath the whole rig, the excess rope was in a small coil directly under her right shoulder.

Her eyes were closed and her hands were pressed together like she was praying. I was just about to say something when I saw Kaykos abdomen tighten. Slowly a round, grey cylinder began to emerge from her pussy. She was using her muscles to push it out! First and inch.then two …then three before it stopped.

She held it in place for several seconds before relaxing her stomach, allowing it to slide back down into her. She repeated this five or six more times before she opened her eyes. The look on her face was one of surprise and content as she saw me standing in the doorway with my mouth hanging open. "Hello Mike," she chimed while reaching for the rope. "You are home early." She untied the rope and began to lower her feet to the ground. "Yes.

I finished my business a little early today." I watched as she unbuckled her ankles from the straps and stood up. "So this is where you practice your magic?" I asked with a little grin as she walked over to me.

"Hy," she replied. "I practice every day to please you." With that statement she spread her feet apart and reached down between her legs. I watched as the grey object slowly appeared from inside her, coming to rest in her hand. She raised it up for me to see, holding her hand out flat. "This is used for strength," she said as she placed the object in my hand.

It was a very polished piece of stone that is about 6 inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter. It was rounded at both ends; however, one end had a small flat spot so it could be stood up. What really surprised me was its weight. I guess it must have weighed about 3 or 4 pounds. As I brought the stone up to my mouth to lick her juice off Kayko continued. "That is a special stone my grandfather brought back from a trip up into the mountains," she said while donning a robe.

"It is known for its weight and for not cracking when carved. My grandfather made this, under the direct instruction of my grandmother, to meet the requirements of the ancient ways." She had a smile on her face as she told me this, showing a bit of pride at the work of her grandfather.

I licked the stone a few more times before handing it back to her. "Tasty," I commented with a smile. "By all means, don't let me interfere with your workout." "As you wish," she said as she removed the robe she had just put on. "So what's next?" I inquired as I watched her step over to the saw horse. "This is how you learn…" she paused for a moment and furrowed her brow; she was looking for the word in English. "Acceptance?" I nodded yes as she raised her right leg and stepped over the horse at the shortest phallus.

Straddling the horse, she spread her feet wide apart, bringing her pussy down till it just barely touched the top of the first wooden peg. She then took a deep breath, and on the exhale she squatted down, enveloping its entire 4 inch length until her pussy sat squarely on the top of the horse.

She tightened and released her stomach, practicing that rippling effect that I love so much. I stood silently as she rode up and down for a few minutes before she stood up and moved to the next size larger, leaving the previous peg covered with cum. Again she did the same thing, squatting down until the whole thing was completely inside her. After a few minutes she stood up and moved to the next one. She continued this same pattern until she reached the last one.

By this time I had a hard on that would have rivaled blue steel. When she positioned herself above the last one she looked over at me. "This one is almost the same size as you," she said with a smile. After a deep breath and a strong exhale, she lowered herself down. Inch after inch disappeared until she stopped with almost an inch and a half of the largest phallus still exposed below her pussy.

Supporting her weight with her hands on the center of the horse, she slid up and down a few times, turned and looked directly into my eyes before pushing herself down firmly onto the last big phallus. A faint moan came from her lips as her pussy gobbled up the wooden dick, stopping with about half an inch still exposed. Kayko closed her eyes and began grinding her hips back and forth before lifting her feet and sitting down the remaining half inch, her pussy lips splaying out on the top of the horses back around the base of the wooden peg.

When she came to rest she turned her head toward me, opened her now glassy eyes and smiled seductively.

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All seven inches of the phallus buried firmly inside her tiny frame, holding her body in an upright position. I stood mesmerized by the sight in front of me. My beautiful Kayko, completely nude in the afternoon sun, sitting on a seven inch dildo mounted on a horses back, stretching her pussy.

And she was doing it all for me! After a few moments she began to slowly slide up and down, ensuring that she was down completely by lifting her feet off the ground with each stroke. Her hands were kneading her breasts while her thumbs and forefingers pinched her hard eraser like nipples.

It looked like she was really enjoying herself. As she worked her pussy up and down, the raging hard on in my pants told me that I had watched enough. Unzipping my pants I worked my dick out through the hole and stepped over in front of Kayko.

She was sitting all the way down, having just completed a downward stroke, when I grasp her by her waist and picked her straight up. The largest wooden peg made a squishing pop sound while exiting her body. Kayko kept her legs open as I brought her over and impaled her on my engorged member that was sticking out through my pants. She is so light that it felt like I was jacking off with her!

I slammed her up and down, driving my dick into her as far and as hard as I could. Kayko just balanced herself with her arms around my neck, gasping each time my dick drove into her. I pummeled Kaykos pussy, thrusting my hips forward each time I slammed her down with my arms. It was great, but short lived.

After a minute or so of this high speed pounding I was giving her my arms felt like they were going to explode. I had to stop. I lowered Kayko until I was buried completely inside her. I had worked up a little bit of a sweat and was breathing pretty hard, but it felt really good to have her wrapped around my dick again. Kayko locked her legs around my waist and began sucking on my dick with her pussy. Her muscular control is incredible.

"It seems like you missed me today," she mused as I turned and started to walk back toward her rear porch. "Yes I did," I replied as I carried her through her house.

Kayko suddenly squeezed my dick really hard. "Take me in here," she said as she pointed to her right. I turned into the small room. It was Kaykos bedroom. At the far side of the room was a beautiful Anwar made of mahogany. "Over there please," she said, pointing to the piece of furniture. Kayko resumed the milking action on my dick with her pussy as I carried her across the room. Opening the door revealed several kimonos of various lengths and colors, a few business dresses, and various other garments.

Kayko reached in and pulled out a white kimono the same length as the one she had on this morning. A short mid-thigh length kimono decorated with roses and other flowers. Without setting her down or pulling my dick out of her, Kayko donned the garment and tied the sachet in the front.

The two sides rolled out over her legs that were wrapped tightly around my waist. "Ok," she said as she wrapped her arms back around my neck, "I'm ready." I walked back through the garden toward the guest quarters in which I was staying, carrying Kayko with her legs wrapped around my waist and her exquisite pussy milking me the whole way.

Kayko paid no attention to where we were she just gazed into my eyes the whole way back. I gave her a little kiss before saying, "I really appreciate what you are doing for me.

An American woman would never go through so much trouble." Kayko switched the milking action of her pussy to the rippling effect, making my dick get even harder. "I have wanted you since the first time I saw your picture," she said as she drew herself tighter against me. "I decided that day that I wanted to be the best lover you have ever had. I have trained every day just to please you, and I will continue to train just for you. You are the only one who has been inside me." She paused for a moment, looking at my face, shirt clad chest, shoulders, and hair.

Then she said, "And you will be the only one." I stopped in my tracks right in the middle of the garden. Kayko stopped squeezing my dick with her pussy and just sat motionless.

I could feel her trembling a little bit in my arms, her breath was really shallow. She had just opened up and exposed her true intentions. She wanted me and only me. And apparently it was a for keeps kind of deal. I felt that weird feeling deep inside me again, almost like butterflies in my stomach.

I pulled Kayko very close to me so our noses were almost touching and looked into her eyes. "So am I to understand that you are giving yourself to me?" Kayko gave my dick a firm squeeze with her pussy before answering. "Hy." Time stopped. That's the only way I can describe it. Here I am, standing with my dick inside the most beautiful Asian woman I had ever seen in my life, and she had been training her pussy to please me for the last ten years! I had butterflies swirling around in my stomach, my heart was beating hard, and I could not think of anything getting any better.

I tilted my head to the side and kissed her very passionately, hugging her tiny frame tightly against me. I could feel Kayko shaking against me, her breath now coming in short shallow gasps. When we finally separated I looked directly into her eyes. "I accept." What else could I say? End Pt.4