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Wwe fake porn
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Disclaimer This story is not real just some fucked up shit I thought of. Lel. The start is just background, but give it a chance and it will be totally worth it in my opinion! It gets on pretty quick! -- A week had flown by after the start of Semester Two in the all-boys private school that I attend. I was in Year 10, 15 years of age and I was known a shy kid, and I am always low in confidence because of it.

My confidence also falls through my small stature of 5 foot 5 and a half, and my shyness grows through there. My privates also have a role in all this. I am not hung, not even close. In fact, I have a 4 inch, pencil dick, which is a respectable 4 inch girth. Considering the length of my penis, I felt the girth was sort of an achievement. But, it was still small and thus, I'm afraid to talk to females.

As such, jealousy is something that occurs to me a lot, seeing a lot of my classmates around girls after school and growing physically bigger, week by week. They were all so much more muscular than me and witnessed their confidence around girls. I, on the other hand, was just a bystander, buoyed by articles online mentioning how women don't like small dicks or small men. Thus, I was only able to dream of touching a girl, let alone date one.

I was friends with most of my classmates, but I wasn't close with any. They always jokily pick on me for my height, and I had built quite a reputation for being the quiet one when it comes to sexual conversations. These conversations caused students to speculate stuff like my virginity or the size of my dick, but I could never must any confidence to say anything in return. It was all true. In Year 10, I was depressed; jealous of everything I could have had, had life turned out more fortunate, or if I have the balls to do anything about it.

At the center of conversations were often the school's teachers, and the one mentioned most was Ms Emilia Lea, my English and Class 10B teacher (The year level is divided into A, B . up to F). She was well-known around campus for being unbelievably attractive.

Ms Lea, resembled the actress Emmanuelle Chriqui but was also similar to that of former French porn actress, Clara Morgane. Her hair was a curly black down past her neck, skin tanned, and the color of E. Chriqui. Her tits though, were certainly DDs and they looked perfect in every way.

The way they just sat there during class and on evidence of her cleavage, and when she walked, her tits were natural, constantly bouncing and skin silky smooth.

Camp was soon upon us Year 10 students and we gathered into a small room to assign tent buddies. We were going on a 6 day, 100 km hike 4 hours east of Melbourne, near Lakes Entrance, and we'd be hiking with our Year 10 group; in my case, Class 10B, with our staff supervisors being an outdoor education staff member named Luke and Ms Lea.

As best mates started to partner up, I ran out of partners and ended up stranded on my own. "Well, we already have 5 pairs here, and we only have 6 tents for the lot of you. Normally, teachers would have a tent to themselves but considering our limitations, you will need to share a tent with Ms Lea, if she's ok with it." Luke said looking at Ms Lea. She smiled. "Yeah, I'm cool with that!" The other kids' reactions to the news were just priceless.

Some just stared at me whilst others just looked devastated. I had no objections to the proposal as well as we were very comfortable together. I was excited to be spending nights together with a very attractive female! The bus trip to the campsite arrived and we sat on the bus next to our partners.

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My excitement was overwhelming at this point and we got on but Ms Lea had not yet arrived. Starting to get worried that she may not make it, she eventually turned up and it's as if time just slowed down.

She'd decided not to wear any makeup. She was going natural and I hadn't seen her this way yet. He lips were a grayish red colour, obviously, she hadn't applied lipstick and he eyes were beautiful brown and round.

Her brown hair was let down to one side of her head and over her shoulders, over her tits. This was too much and at the sight of this, my cock stiffened. She wore a simple white cotton t-shirt and her tits and their shapes, easy to make out.

They were perfect for squeezing, sucking and fucking. Her nipples also visible through the shirt. As she sat next to me, I covered my hard 4 inch cock with a magazine as it was still visible in my sports shorts.

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"Hey! Excited? I sure am." Her high pitched voice was just heaven. "Yeah, definitely, but it will be a tough hike and I am definitely not built for that." I chuckled but realised how embarrassing I was after I had said that and quickly stopped. "Naw, you're so cute," Ms Lea said.

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At the same time, she put her hand on my shoulder and pleasantly rubbed it before dropping her hand back down. The bus ride was just too long.

I struggled to make small talk with Ms Lea but we did discuss study and school in general. Thankfully, she did have a snooze and while sleeping, her face was facing me. Her breath was minty fresh and I so desperately just wanted to lean in and kiss her. My cock was pretty much hard the whole way, fantasizing about her. As we arrived and exited the bus, a few classmates brushed passed me and wished me luck. They encouraged me to do it and fuck her.

However, I really hadn't thought of making a move as I really liked Ms Lea as a teacher and respected her.

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I was a well behaved student and I wanted to keep it that way. The first day of hiking was tough and dinner with Ms Lea was delightful. We actually bought over a steak for the first day and she cooked it deliciously. I got to know her much better about her teaching career and such and we developed quite a friendship. As we climbed into the tent for the night's sleep I stumbled upon a pack of pills lying next to Ms Lea's sleeping bag.

The second day of climbing was a real tough one. We hiked 7 hours and walked 30 km, carrying heavy bags. Dinner came and went and Ms Lea and I climbed into our sleeping bags.

Ms Lea asked me to look away as she got into her sleeping bag. I wondered what she was doing. As a turned back, I saw her shirt on the floor and her tucked away into her sleeping bag. The teacher looked at me, with her big brown round eyes and had a short chat before Ms Lea went to sleep.

Again, I found the pills next to our sleeping bags again and I decided to feed my curiosity. I poked at Ms Lea but got no response. I poked at her again and again she didn't move. I pushed her harder but she didn't awake. "Is it sleeping pills?" I thought as I looked at the bottle. I shook her sleeping bag aggressively this time but again got no response.

I lay there and looked at her. Oh she was beautiful. I pulled her and her sleeping bag closer to me, and stared some more. My cock began to rise and I made sure the tent was securely closed. I leaned into Ms Lea's face and kissed her on the cheek gently. Getting no response, I went in for the lips and gave her a big long kiss. Her lips were so smooth and the noise of our kiss was wonderful.

I continued to kiss her and lick her lips. I grabbed her head and continued to kiss, more and more aggressively. I ensured that I also got some of her tongue. She may not have brushed her teeth for maybe a day but I was loving her taste. To finish the kiss, I bit her bottom lip and released our locked lips.

I slowly zipped open her sleeping bag and mine so our bags were now conjoining. As she lay on her side, I placed my arm and hand along her neck and moved down her back. As I suspected, she was topless and oh the ecstasy; her smooth skin! I moved her on her back and climbed on top of her. I gave her a few more long kisses and wondered my hands onto her chest. My hands reached her perfectly shaped DD tits. I grabbed them and pulled them to my mouth and licked them aggressively.

My hand caressed her tit above the nipple I tasted. I shook them and motor-boated her tits before continuing down the sleeping back towards her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties either! I rubbed her pussy and took a quick whiff.


"My first pussy! Oh my god!!" I turned on my torch to the lowest possible setting and saw a small pink outline around her pussy.

I went in and licked this outline before moving onto her clit. I sucked the living daylights out of her whilst sticking a finger inside her pussy. Her pussy was tight. Very tight. I could feel her walls around my one index finger. I tongue fucked her so I could get any of her vaginal juices and continued down to her asshole before halting my oral session. The shy Asian kid has now had oral sex with the hottest teacher at school. I climbed back up to her face and kissed her some more.

I filled her up with saliva and open her mouth. I grabbed my pulsing dick and slowly pushed it into her mouth. I thrusted in and out of her mouth, panting heavily between each push. The feeling was unbearable and just 20 seconds of this I had to pull out. I again saw the sight of her majestic double Ds and grabbed them, and placed my dick between them.

I pounded her tits hard, grinding as aggressively as I could. The speed of it meant Ms Lea was just bouncing moving up and down on the floor. This sight of her tits and face combination made me crack and I unloaded a large load of cum onto her chest. I continued to fuck her tits for another minute, taking in the softness of her breasts before resting back into my side of the sleeping bags. I cleaned her tits of my cum and went in for another kiss.

Letting go of the kiss, I turned away from her. "Did you enjoy that?" "Aaah!" I backed away into the corner, heart pounding.

I was scared. I knew I had just oral raped my teacher and sexually assaulted her, but obviously thought she was knocked out "Don't be scared! Come here." I slowly returned back to Ms Lea, and she pulled me in aggressively. She moved in closer to me and put her arms around my body.

This time, she initiated the kiss and I obliged with no hesitation. She went in with her tongue and in no time, her hand grabbed my cock as saliva dripped from our mouths. "It's not that big is it?" "No, it's not", I said with a rather sad face. "Don't worry," Ms Lea said, while giving me a gentle kiss. "I only want a small cock like yours right now. I'm still a virgin." Are you ready to take my virginity?" I couldn't believe what she had just said.

A 27 year old beauty of a teacher was a virgin and begging me for my small 4 inch dick.

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I nodded quickly and I rolled on top of her. I carefully placed my dick against her pussy and it rubbed against her clit. She moaned as our lips continued to connect. Finally, I rose up so I could see my dick enter her fine pink pussy. "Don't go too fast. I'm not sure how this will feel." I nodded.

I didn't care how fast I could go, I was just keen to get it in there. I pushed the head of my penis in slowly and immediately felt the friction of the contours inside her vagina. As I slid in, I could feel her moist vaginal walls. I thrusted in and out while holding her tits and kissing her passionately.

She hugged me tightly as I thrusted in and out. Every area of our bodies were touching each other and I inevitably increased the speed of my thrusts.

"Faster." She said "Faster…" "Faster…!!" I thrusted into her once every second. Each thrust squirting her juices out of her pussy and bringing me closer to orgasm. My small cock was doing the job alright! She closed her eyes and I knew she was in a state of orgasm. I licked her neck and went down to her beautiful tits and sucked them dry. Now pounding her almost twice a second, her tits swung and rippled. I squeezed her tits so I could get a good look of them and I couldn't hold in any longer.

My cum shot out of my dick, into the warm inside of Ms Lea. "Omg, OMG! I came. Hang on, I want to keep fucking you as I warm down." I thrusted some more as I lost a little touch of reality. "Oh no, I came in you! I wasn't wearing a condom!" "Don't Worry, what do you think the pill is for?" She said with a sly smirk. "I was hoping you'd make a move last night. I could tell you wanted me, I saw your erection on the bus and during dinner." I had heard enough.

I again went in for another long kissing session. I licked her cheeks and we kissed until our saliva was freely dripping. I slurped all her saliva from her mouth and tongue before she rolled on top of me.

As she leaned in for a kiss, she grabbed my cock again and lined it up to her pussy. She pushed down onto my cock and began bouncing on it. Oh the sight was breathtaking. Her beautiful curly hair and huge and perfectly shaped DDs were bouncing and swinging, her eyes rolling constantly.

As she bounced I grabbed her tits and slapped them, squeezed them and did the same with her lovely round ass. She turned around into the reverse cowgirl position and I now had the first sight of her ass.

It was almost the same consistency as her tits. They were soft. A minute of this passed and her ass leapt off my dick. However, she lined it up again but unbeknown to me, she this time, placed my dick up her ass. She started out quite slow but gradually sped up before it was almost 1 pound a second, anally. Her ass was almost squeezing the blood out of my erection but the joy of all of it was unbearable while I squeezed her ass. "I'm going to cum, it's very close Ms Lea!" She quickly climbed off and squeezed my dick with her hand.

"You cum when I tell you okay?

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Otherwise, we're not doing this again." She said, smiling. She began to lick my penis gently, occasionally, every once in a while, putting the whole cock into her mouth. She was edging me and doing a damn good job. Each suck I was close to losing it.

"Alright, if you can last 20 seconds, fucking me from behind, I'll suck your cock as you cum." And I obliged. I smashed her from behind and each time, feeling that unique feel my hands never gave me.

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The ridges of her vagina were to die for and I pounded her for more than 2 minutes. "Fucking put it in my asshole!" she demanded. And I did. I pounded her fast. Each thrust having her moan with pleasure. "Ok Ok Ok. I'm done. Considering I'm on the pill, why don't you blow your load into my pussy again?" I told her I wanted to go missionary and she happily accepted. My chest squeezed her tits flat and our faces met as I my cock thrusted in and out of her pussy.

As my thrusting sped up out kissing stopped and my penis erupted for a second time. In the minutes following, I continued to fuck Ms Lea as we continued to kiss. We spent the night snuggling in Ms Lea's sleeping bag, with my cock deeply shoved up her pussy.

Morning came, my small, semi-hard cock still rooted inside Ms Lea. Watching her sleep soundly stiffened my cock right up again. Buried inside her pussy, I again began to thrust in and out of Ms Lea's pussy. I pounded her so hard that I didn't even care that she was still sleeping. "Yes! Make love to me" She whispered excitedly into my ear. I smashed her hard, each repetition making a loud thud noise as our bodies collided.

Her tits waved around in front of my face and edging closer to orgasm, I sped up.


"C'mon! Cum in me. Cum in ME!!! Aaaaah" She screamed. My dick exploded. This was the best of the lot. It was fast and I didn't have to wait. I left my cock buried in her as we kissed for a further 30 minutes before my cock finally left her pussy.

"Thank you, Ms Lea." I whispered, putting on my clothes, getting ready for another day of hiking. As Ms Lea kissed me, she put her arms around my neck. "It's not over yet. You'll be getting more of me tonight. Unless you don't want it." Winking, she left the tent and left me to ponder what she was to come. --- Next Ms Lea and I continue