Julia enjoys her steamy pussy

Julia enjoys her steamy pussy
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I have a huge crush on my maths professor, Kasey Pallis. He's really the only reason a have a math class 'cuz I hate math with a passion.

So it was no surprise when it turned out I was failing that class, I wasn't worried until he called me into his office and told me if I didn't pick up my grades he was going to have to drop me from his class. I was frantic!

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I mean I didn't care about the class, but if he dropped me I wouldn't be able to see him anymore. I absolutely couldn't have that no matter what I had to do, I'd even start studying! That's how much I wanted him and wanted to stay in his class so I could continue seeing him everyday. I couldn't even think about it. "professor I'm sorry I'm failing-" I started to say but he cut me off saying in a stern voice "Anne you're an intelligent young lady and you always pay attention in my class, but you don't turn in any work why is this?" "Well I'm kinda busy and don't really have time to do my homework-" I started again but he cut me off and in a voice slightly tinged with anger said "You're lying to me.

I checked with your other teachers and they say you turn in all your work on time." I didn't know what to do I couldn't exactly tell him the only reason I'm taking that class was so I could see him everyday.

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Couldn't tell him that I masturbated everyday when I got home thinking about him and wishing it was his cock slamming into me not my fingers. Instead I said "I'll try harder I promise just don't drop me please!! I'll do anything you say!" He looked at me thoughtfully for a few moments then said he wanted me to get a tutor.

I asked if he could maybe tutor me and he said yes he would!!! But, if I didn't show improvement in two weeks he was dropping me and that would be that no more chances.

I was ecstatic! I couldn't believe he was actually going to tutor me. ME! I thanked him profusely and after promising him I'd be there after school the next day (Friday) I hurried home to plan my outfit.

As soon as I got home I went straight to my room, but instead of looking for an outfit I quickly striped off my cloths and masturbated furiously. I had three fingers slamming into my pussy while my thumb played with my clit.


I pumped my hand faster and faster pushing myself ever closer to climax. When I finally came I screamed at the force of it. I hadn't ever had a climax like that before!

After I stopped coming I licked my fingers clean wishing feverantly that it was Professor Pallis's cock that I was sucking. After taking a few minutes to recover I got up and took a shower to clean myself.

Where incidentally I ended up masturbating again. When I got out of the shower and dried off I went to my closet to look through my cloths and decide what I was going to wear tomorrow. I decided to wear my hair in pigtails 'cuz of my long hair and it was subtly provocative.

I choose a dark blue shirt that showed off my cleavage and made my eyes appear darker than their light blue-green, and my favorite white satin half-cup bra, that showed everything it covered hehe, and a matching dark blue skirt that barley went halfway to my thighs, if I bent over anyone looking would be able to see my ass I also was not going to waer panties tomorrow.

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I was going to wear my new blue garter belt (I bought it thinking that Professor Pallis would like it) with shear stockings. To complete my outfit I was going to wear my knee high black vinyl boots with a six inch heel(again bought for Professor Pallis).

That night I was so excited I didn't hardly get any sleep maybe two or three hours. Despit my lack of sleep the night before I could hardly wait to get to school, I was wide awake and excited!!


I only hoped this would be a private tutor session so I could flrit with him. I knew I looked hott because every guy I passed tried to hit on me.

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I was stoked(very very very excited). When I got to my math class Professor Pallis looked me over then asked if I rememebered that I was coming after school to study with him. I said of couse I rememebered that I wouldn't forget Something like that (if only he knew).


Sense I sit in the front row, directly in fornt of him when he lectured, I kept my legs discretly parted so that he could see my bare pussy he wanted to. And see it he did; not only that but he kept looking at it everytime he glanced around the room!! I couldn't hardly believe it. And by the time class was over my pussy was dripping wet! As I left class Professor Pallis Told me 3:30 p.m. sharp and not to be late I promissed him I wouldn't. I was in a daze for the rest of my classes ,not to mention extremly horny, and I praticly ran to Professor Pallis's room when the bell rang on my last class.

But, when I got there it was to find half a dozen other students there as well. I was so disappointed I almost decided to leave but it was too late Professor Pallis had seen me and told me to come in. "Good afternoon professor", I said while looking up at him from under my eyelashes. He just smiled at me and told me to take a seat. All through the study session the other girls there flrited outrageously with him but he didn't take any notice.

By the time the study session was over I had completed my frist homework assignment for Professor Pallis's class and I was no longer horny just depressed. As I was getting my things together Professor Pallis asked if I could stay a few minutes more he wanted to talk to me privatly. I nodded and waited until everyone left then he surprised me by closing his door and locking it!

Maybe all my hard work wasn't for nothing. He turned and leaned against the door and stared at me for a moment then said with a husky note that I hadn't heard before "Spread your legs. And touch yourself." I couldn't believe it!! One of my wildest fantasies was comming true! I moved to sit on the edge of his desk ,'cuz it was bigger, and spread my legs wide forcing my skrit up to my waist.

I licked my fingers first then slowly started rubbing my clit feeling myself get wet all over again. I gradually started rubbing faster and pressing harder almost forgetting he was watching. After only a few minutes of this he ordered me to stop and get down on my knees with my hands behind my back. I immedeitly complied and watched as he pushed himself off the door and stalked towards me. When he reached me he streched out one hand and grabed one of my ponytails and yanked hard saying roughly "you dressed for me today didn't you, slut?" "Yes", I replied "Yes what?" he Asked me coldly pulling on my pigtail again "yes sir, I dressed just for you hoping you'd like it." I said.

He grined at me wolfishly and said "Ohh I do like it. now take my pants down with just ur teeth!" He comanded me sharply then dropped my hair folded his arms across his chest and waited. I instantly grabed his button with my teeth and started trying to get it undone. It took me a little while but I finally managed it, then I took down the zipper which was easier than the button.

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When I was done he told me to take his pants down with my teeth. I complied and when his pants and boxes were down around his ankles he told me to suck him off! I eargly devoured his thick dick but I couldn't fit it all in my mouth. he told me to jack what I couldn't suck and to fondle his balls.

I did this for about ten minutes alternatly sucking and jacking him off, I even sucked his balls.

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He then pulled me up by my pigtails and forced me to lean over his desk and thurst into me hard from behind. He wasn't the least bit gentle either he fucked me harder than I've ever been fucked before, I was pretty sure I was going to be sore but I didn't care! I loved every minute ofthe pain! I came in a torrent of juice. When he felt me surendder to the bliss he started fucking me even harder and faster grunting with the effort.

Then suddunly he was comming, gushing into my still twitching cunt and that, him comming in me, was enough to push me over the edge again. When we were both done he made me clean his dick off with my mouth and told me he'd see Monday after school for another private tutoring session. I can hardly wait and I'm already planing Monday's outfit!!