POV of Blonde Slut Ex GF Getting Fucked In The Ass

POV of Blonde Slut Ex GF Getting Fucked In The Ass
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it was back just after i turned thirteen, i was out for the day with my mother shopping.

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we decided to call into my grandparents house as we had not seen them for a while. we pulled up outside an knocked on the door and to my surprise my older cousin answered the door, we went inside and settled in and got chatting. i was about 5'4, tall for my age but it has always been that way with me, i was about 115 pounds with short jet black hair i played rugby for my local team so i had quite a figure compared to other boys my age.

my blue eyes always seemed to catch the girls attention with my smile helping out aswell, i wasnt shy of girls i was constantly talking and chatting them up so you could say i had a bit of charm on my side. i was sat in the front room with my cousin watching the t.v as the adults sat in the backroom around the table and had the usual gossip about things.

"how come your mums not up here jess?" i asked thoughtfully "oh, im stayin here with nan and grandad tonghit because me and nan are goin into town tomorrow to do some shooping.my mum dropped me off earlier." said jess, her eyes fixed on the t.v, "oh yeh." my words jus dropped off, i cudnt help but stare at how good she looked sat there on the couch.

she was only a year and a month older than i was (14)god she was sexy.


she was about 5'3 about 110 pounds a nice slim body with soft bouncy b cup tits, she had the peachiest ass you can imagine with long slender legs she had very dark brown hair almost black reaching about half way down her back, she had lovely hazel eyes with the cutest smile ive ever seen when she smiled she had those cute little dimples 1 on either cheek.

she sat there in a figure hugging pink top that really showed off her her figure and juicy tits with a pair of tight black school trousers on her hair was just combed out and left down. she sat there with one leg crossed under the other and one left to dangle off the couch, she was twirling her fingers round in her hair and blowing bubbles with the chewing gum she had be chewing.

and there it was life down in my trousers i cudnt help but get a hard on as i watched and fantasized about her. i have had many a fantasy about haveing sex with her but knew it was wrong and never really thought i would actually do it, but things started to look up.

" john!

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" my grandad called from the back room " yeh grandad? " i replied " ive just bought a new shed, and i need some help building it up would you give me a hand mate?

" he asked " yeh thats alryte i aint got nothing better to do anyway " i said with a little laff "you can stay for tea aswell if you want john " my nan said hinting me to stay for a while as i havent seen her for a while " yeh why not i love your cooking nan!

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" i said " you can stay the night if you want theres another bed in the spare room where jess if staying " " yeh allright then if its allright with you mum, gives us a chance to catch up nan " i had trouble saying that because all the thoughts going round my head about jess!

i started to get hard again and had to sit down. " yeh i dont ming love less cooking for me tonight " my mum joked " so your stayin the night then, yeh? " my mum asked " yeh ill help grandad then catch up on things " i said " right then im off i still got to cook for your brother you know, so ill pick you up tomorrow about mid-day then, ok?

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" mum asked "yeh alryte then see you later" i said my goodbyes and got stuck into building the new shed up with my grandad. later on during the evening we all sat down ate out dinner and went to watch tele. it rolled around to about 11 o'clock and my grandparents were off up to bed, which means me and jess had to go aswell, we was a bit annoyed because we was about half way through a film we was watching. we went and washed up and entered the spare room, in the room there was a bed with a tele at the foot of it and over in the corner out of the tele veiw was another bed.

jess had already snathed the bed with hte tele at the foot so i climbed into the other one. my grandparents came in to say there goodnights and told us the tele worked and was welcome to watch it if we wanted and told us the channel the film was on and with that left and shut the door. only problem was that i couldnt see the tele screen so i made a bed up out of quilts next to jess's to watch the rest of the film. " you alright down there? are you comfy? " asked jess in almost a whisper " yeh not to bad i got a few pillows here so its ok.

" i said bak starting to yawn a bit, what she asked next almost made me have a heart attack!! " you can get in here if you want. we can go top and tail untill the film ends " she said my mind was blown, the girl i mostly had fantasy's about just invited me into the bed she was sleeping in! " yehmay aswell till the film ends " i said in a nervous and shaky tone so i climbed into the bed with my head at one end of the bed and hers at the other.

the thoughts that was now rushing through my mind was unbelievable. i was exstatic and before i knew it the blood was rushing into my young cock and making it painfully stiff!.

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with the covers over us she had no idea what kind of state i was in i was hornier and harder than id ever been, and its not like i could just take my hand and relieve myself like i normally did. we led the silently watching the film for about 10 minutes every now and then i could see her look at me in the corner of her eye, i was led there still with the hardest of hard ons i have ever had thinking about trying it on with my beautiful cousin.

but thoughts popped up about how would she react to me trying it? would she scream and wake my grandparents or would she go along with it. eventually my hormones being the young horndog i was got the best of me i swiftly swung myself around in the bed so that i lay behind her and pulled the covers bak over me, she looked around at me kind of confused. "i couldnt see the tele properly" bloody hell i was thinkin to myself you call that an excuse john you are an idiot!

but she just smiled and said nothing and turned bak around and carried on watching the film. i was so relieved to see that she didnt question the veiw i had before i moved up behind her. right nows my chance i was thinking if she reacts bad just piss off and leave it, my breathing got heavy as i built up the courage to make a move on her not to sudden but try getting closer to her. i knew it was incest and your not ment to have these feelings about family members or even have sexual contact with them but my i was to far gone to think about that now.

i slowy moved my hand up onto her waist and left it there waiting for a reaction. but there wasnt one. my blood was rushing around in my body and i got so excited i nearly came right there. yesssss im in i thought i was so excited a little shiver went straight through me, now i had more confidence i slowly started rubbing my had up and about on her hip and yet she still did nothing.

i kept goin starting to cover more area on her body i eventually was moving my hand up so far it would brush past her left tit and back down agen all the way down to her ass were i would cup it firmly in my hand. i noticed her breathing started to get heavy and that was a sure sign she was enjoying me touching her this way. i pulled her by her shoulder and leveled her out so she was flat on her bak with me still next to her led on my side.

she lay there and smiled up to me we was caught up in the moment both breathing heavy, so i dived right in and kissed her softly on the lips ohhh my cock throbed. i led there now looking at her and took my hand and started unbuttoning her pj top sshe made no resistance but moved her hand over onto my leg.

my cock felt like it was going to explode from all the presure so then and there i reached down and ripped off my shorts releasing my hard on to her. she gave a little school girl giggle and just stared at it. at that time my cock was only about 5 inches and was pretty meaty.

"touch it " i whisped between breathes she grabbed it in her tiny soft hands and just held it there, i continued workin on her tits and had mine and her tops off in no time.


" play with it " i whispered again, it was like she had never even seen a cock before anyway she started to pump on it as i leaned in and took a soft puffy pink nipple into my mouth she gasped and flinched i carryed on without lifting my head and started to work the other nipple.

i wasnt that expirienced with playin with tits and was eager to expirience sex, i pulled bak from her chest and took her hand away from my cock it bounced about and she couldnt take her eyes of it. i then pull off her pj bottoms and ran my hand of her her pubic hair covered soft love mound ohhhh it felt so good i ran my finger down her slit and felt the wetness off her little fuck hole it was gorgeous, i manuvered myself btween her legs and felt her soft little hands run softly over my back, now face to face with her i was like a little animal but i could tell she was shy about all this she had a really nervous grin on her face god she looked so innocent beneath me i took a hold of my cock and positioned it.

" i wanted you to know i love you jess " i said breath-lessly " your my first john ive wanted to to take me for ages now and was wondering when you was gona do it!" she giggled this shocked me alot, i just froze. yeah she wasnt any good with her hands but i never thought she was a virgin because of how fit n sexy she was a real cock teaser. there it was my cock head met her hot wet little hole i pushed slowy and gentle at first i felt my cock head slip right in she gasped loud and i stuck my hand over her mouth.

god she was tight i had a job fitting any more of myslelf in. i kept on pushing and could hear tiny squeals comming from under my hand i lay on top of her still pushing and whispered in her ear "ssssssshhhhhhhh baby " then i felt it her hymen broke and i slipped myself right the way in "ooooooooooohhhhhhhh " i moaned and released my hand from her mouth and replaced it with mymouth "owwwwwwwww" she moaned for a bit as i thrust in and out of her but then it was taken over by sounds of pleasure.

my thrusts were getting alot harder and her pussy was rising off the bed to meet my thrusts, SLAP SLAP SLAP was all you could hear from my cock and her pussy conecting in rythem our mouths joined together so tight locked in a frech kiss. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" then i felt it i was about to erupt, no i didnt want it to end yet, so i pulled out quickly and switched places and pulled her on top of me.

we locked our mouths again in a deep kiss as i slid my member deep inside of her. she rode my cock violently and harder than any pornstar could ever handle! " OOOHHHHHHH YEA RIDE IT" i cried out loud she slapped her hand on my mouth and leant down and whispered in my ear " ohhh mmmmm shut up mmmmmmm youll wake ohhhh nan and MMMMMMMMMMM grandad up" she then put one finger across my lips and cried " ohhhh shhhhhhhhhhhh sexy" that was it we was grinding so hard it actually hurt my pubic bone .

then i felt nuthing like i have ever before her pussy contracted on my cock and gripped it tight then wave after wave of her juices came flooding onto my cock that was it still in rythem i felt it in the pit of my stomach the biggest orgasm my balls went as stiff as coconuts and i fired load after load of my hot steamy cum in to her soaked pussy " OHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMM OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!! " we both let loose horendusly as we both had an orgasm. she jus collapsed on my chest both just panting and nakered, we shared one last kiss .she fell asleep on my chest wrapped in my arms and shortly after i did aswell with my little love muscle still inside of her.

in there morning we both awoke to my grandad knocking on our door telling us to wake upshe sprung off me scowering for her pj's and i just ripped then covers over myself tryin to find my shorts! close call or what ?