German MILF get fucked in the ass

German MILF get fucked in the ass
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The slender blonde girl struggled as the cruel army officer forced her into the other room. Her wrists were tied behind her back, and a leather collar had been snapped in place around her neck. Amy felt degraded, owned…ever since Karzec and his fellow army officer had kidnapped her and her girlfriend Vivian.

Soon afterward the two teenage girls had found themselves in hell, in a foreign country with no one to help them, in a run-down house in the middle of nowhere. Amy had already been raped twice - once by Karzec and once by Anatoli. Even after Vivian had been forced to lick out her sex and swallow their cum, Amy's young cunt still felt unclean, and traces of leaking cum had dried along her inner thighs. She groaned, revolted with herself, remembering her orgasm as Anatoli had fucked her furiously from behind.

What else could these psychos possibly dream up for them? Her eyes widened now at the new scene of horror unfolding. Karzec had thrust her into a smaller room off of the main basement chamber, and this was what she saw… There was a stool bolted into the concrete floor with a nearly 12-inch tall pink dildo rising from the seat, its surface ribbed for extra stimulation.

There was also a 'shock box' and electrodes hooked up to it, three in total, and a generous coil of rope among a plethora of sinister sex toys lying on the nearby tabletop. Along the far side of the small room sat a dingy bed, its sheets rumpled, and the headboard faced the stool. "No, please don't!" Amy wailed. "Don't put me on that thing." "Shut up, bitch." Karzec muscled her over to the stool and then lay the flat of his knife across her clitoris.

"You don't want to piss me off, slut. Now don't struggle or I'll cut you." Amy whimpered as the tall, muscle-ripped officer with the goatee untied her hands and then retied them above her head using a rope dangling from the ceiling.

Then he took a riding crop, smacking it hard across her sex. Amy cried out. "Get on it, bitch. Sit your pussy down on that cock and be quick about it!" Amy groaned, stepping over the stool and looking uncertainly down at the huge, bulbous cock head which lay just beneath her exposed sex.

She slowly engulfed it, groaning louder as the thick head pushed between her swollen labia, as she slowly encased it inch by inch until it seemed to fill every part of her.

When she had finally bottomed out on it with the whole shaft vanished inside her sore twat, she let out a sigh of relief. For a fleeting moment the teenage girl actually felt almost fortunate that the two men had already come inside her pussy and made Vivian lick it out so that she was at least slick and lubricated; plunging down on the huge, ribbed dildo was not as painful as she'd expected.

Karzec glanced back at Anatoli, who had brought in the naked young brunette. Vivian struggled, and Anatoli slapped her across the face before tossing her on the bed. "Stay on the bed, bitch. You get a front row seat to watching your blonde girlfriend have her clit and tits tortured," the handsome army officer growled. Anatoli helped Karzec tie Amy's ankles and hips so that she sat snugly on the stool, fully impaled and barely able to move except to wiggle and squirm on the seat.

Content with their handiwork, the two men stepped back and admired their prize. Amy's lithesome, naked form sat on the stool with her perky breasts jutting forward, her pussy fully sheathing the huge dildo as she trembled in fear. Amy closed her eyes, her cheeks glistening with tears as she begged even more fervently.

"Please…you don't have to do this!" Anatoli and Karzec exchanged a knowing look. "Right. Let's get to business then," Anatoli said, rubbing his hands together. He walked over to Amy, palming her ass and sliding his hands up the sides of her torso, feeling up the lush curves of her body even as he ignored her babbled pleas for mercy. "You want mercy, little cunt? Then tell us who gave you the drugs you smuggled into our country.

It is not a hard question." Amy shook her head as fresh tears slipped down her cheeks. "Please, I've already told you. We don't know anything about any drugs!" Her plaintive tone would have been heartbreaking to anyone else, but not to these cruel captors who seemed not to care about anything except for tormenting her sexy young feminine body.

Karzec approached to attach one of the alligator clips to Amy's right nipple, and the girl groaned as it cut off the blood flow to her tiny bud. Then he did the same with the left nipple, the bite of the clip creating a new hyper-awareness in that nipple too.

"Ohhhh god…please!" Amy sighed. She looked down now, eyes widening with sheer panic as Anatoli applied the last alligator clip, pinching her clit with a tight squeeze. "Uggghhhh!!!" she wailed. "Oh god it hurts, take it off!" Amy begged. But the two men ignored her, taking a step back. Karzec glanced at Anatoli. "Why don't you fuck the brunette and let her watch the action?

Let me take it from here." Anatoli nodded at his senior officer and dutifully strode over to the bed. Vivian sobbed as the big man retied her wrist bindings in front of her and lay down on the bed. His cock stood erect like a giant spear, a hideous sculpture of pulsing flesh. He pointed at it. "Climb on, bitch. Be a good fuck slave now. You get to watch us torture your blonde girlfriend's pussy and tits, but you might as well give me some enjoyment while you watch, eh?

So climb on this cock and fuck yourself." 'Oh god,' Vivian thought. The idea of willingly fucking her rapist made her cringe. She hesitated, biting her lip, and that was when Anatoli provided some extra incentive. The scar-faced officer jerked his head in Amy's direction. "Maybe you want to ride the shock chair instead, bitch? You want your pussy fried with some electricity too, huh?" Vivian quickly shook her head, her beautiful, heart-shaped face transformed with desperation.

"No, please Sir! Don't. I'll be good. I'll do…I'll do what you want." She sighed, slowly straddling her rapist, lining up his cock between her cunt lips and sliding herself down his rigid length with a sigh, her bound hands pressing against his chest to keep herself upright. His cock fit her like a key into a lock, its girth and length pulsing inside her velvety-soft, snug little passage. "Good girl. Start humping my cock, and keep your eyes up and trained on your friend.

I don't want you to miss even a second of the show!" Anatoli said sadistically. The gorgeous brunette teenager groaned, her naked body writhing atop his cock as she gyrated her hips and felt those awful, shameful sensations assaulting her sore, brutalized snatch.

She pumped herself up and down the same cock that had already raped her ass, marveling at the size of Anatoli's shaft which was nearly as big as the dildo in Amy's pussy. It showed too, for she could feel every inch of him straining inside her. Vivian groaned, her breasts aching and bouncing as she fucked his prone form, wishing she had some kind of weapon.

With Anatoli lying back blissfully on the bed, she yearned to knock him out with any object that might be blunt and handy - yet there was nothing she could grasp. Anatoli folded his hands behind his head, letting Vivian do all the work as she humped his shaft, watching the mesmerizing movement of her jiggling breasts and the two nipple rings adorning each of them as if to proclaim 'Don't forget, this female is property of her Master!' Meanwhile Karzec had not been idle. While Anatoli had initiated Vivian in her demeaning task on the bed, Karzec had turned on the 'shock box' and begun to slowly apply the voltage to Amy's tits and pussy.

The slender blonde groaned, squirming on the seat of the chair as the first electric stimulations zapped her sensitive clit and nipples. Karzec began on the lowest setting, watching the girl shift uncomfortably at first, yet the jolts gradually began to awaken and incite arousal deep inside the blonde girl's loins. "No&hellip.stop!" Amy begged, but even as she said it the words seemed to die in her throat, her body humming with gratitude at the constant, gentle-grade, pulsing pleasure of stimulation, a libido-enhancing invasion like no other.

The young blonde opened her mouth to beg again, but only a moan came out, and her head snapped back as her nipples felt the jolt of the electricity create this deep, yearning-to-be-filled void that shot to her very core.

Her pussy began to quiver with need too as her tiny clit beaded up hard, fully aroused. "Are you surprised, sweetie? You didn't think it would be this much fun did you?" Karzec asked with a grin. He turned off the voltage temporarily, striding over to her and cupping her chin, giving her a surprisingly tender kiss.

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Amy moaned into his mouth as his tongue explored her, and when he drew back he saw the dazed, tormented look in her eyes. "Please…no more," Amy sighed. But Karzec ignored her. "I'm done playing nice, little cunt. It's time you learned what happens to sluts who don't appreciate my fun sex toys." He stuffed her mouth with a ball gag, fastening it firmly. Her eyes were wild and desperate as she cried out for mercy, only to have her pleas cruelly muffled. "What's that, bitch?

I can't hear you." Karzec returned to the shock box, turning up the current. Suddenly Amy's beautiful young body began to twitch uncontrollably, her nipples and clitoris receiving the full brunt of electroshock. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her body squirmed on the stool, grinding the blonde's helpless cunt on the awful phallus. Her muffled screams echoed throughout the house.

Meanwhile Anatoli was having fun watching the growing fear and disbelief coloring Vivian's face. The big-breasted brunette was humping her rapist enthusiastically, her young snatch greedily slurping up his cock as she watched the much more terrible fate that had been forced on her friend.

'Oh god please I don't want that to be me. Please, I can't take that.' The idea of electroshock to her most sensitive, intimate parts terrified Vivian. While the scar-faced army officer looked up at her, Vivian crooned and gyrated her hips even faster, fucking him as if it was her only purpose in life. "What do you think, slut? You like your girlfriend's show? She's really enjoying her ride on the electro-chair, huh?" Anatoli's face broke out in a cruel smile as Amy's muffled screams grew into ever more frantic shrieks.

Vivian moaned, unsure what to say, too horrified to say anything right now. But her decision was made for her when Anatoli reached up to swat at her sensitive nipples. "OW!" she cried. "Tell me how much you like your girlfriend's show as she gets her pussy and tits zapped! Tell me how grateful you are to be fucking a real man's cock while you watch her." The sexy brunette groaned, her mind in tatters as she let her will crumble and chose to obey.

"I…I love watching Amy's tits get shocked, Sir. Th-thank you." She choked back a sob and moaned as she bottomed out once more on Anatoli's cock, grinding on his shaft with the entire slab of rigid man-meat inside her. "Thank you for letting me fuck a real man's cock.

Your cock feels so good inside me. My pussy doesn't deserve such a huge, manly shaft." "Very good, bitch. Now you're catching on." Anatoli stroked her hips and caressed the undersides of her breasts while Vivian continued to bounce on his shaft. The wet-squelchy sounds of their coupling soon joined the chorus of Amy's muffled cries.

This went on for perhaps another 15 minutes when Vivian felt her pussy finally become aroused despite the background of horror and her girlfriend's screams. Ashamed of herself, Vivian tried to downplay the dripping-wet fluids starting to trickle down her rapist's hard length.


She squeezed her eyes shut, wailing as Anatoli pinched her pierced nipples just to add to her discomfort while she fucked herself. "Open those eyes back up, slut. Keep watching your blonde friend!" Before she could though, Vivian noticed that Amy's screams had gone abruptly silent. She snapped her eyes open, her heart ricocheting in her ribcage as she wondered… as she dared to ask herself.

Was she&hellip. Was Amy…? Had the bastard killed her? Amy sagged lifeless on the stool, her head drooping like a soulless doll's. Karzec grinned, sauntering over toward the bed as Vivian continued to pump her pussy up and down her appointed cock.

"Oh god. Is she&hellip.?" Vivian couldn't finish the question as she looked up into the older captor's eyes. Karzec chuckled. "No, silly bitch. The slut just passed out. Couldn't handle a little shock to her clit and tits. Worthless cunt." Karzec shrugged. "Guess we'll let her sleep for a while. Might as well since I can still play with you." Vivian felt a fresh surge of dread even as her loins reached a new apex of lust. Her pussy gushed hard on Anatoli's shaft as the big man underneath her growled and began thrusting upward, filling her young snatch with savage fucks.

Her face contorted, blushing with the badge of shame as her nipples beaded up even harder, her pussy happily squeezing the manhood raping her intimate depths. "Ooohhhh!" Vivian cried, panting as her sex continued to convulse, the orgasm ripping through her very soul. "Look at the slut. She's coming right after watching her friend pass out! Damn, this little fuck-slut must really love cock!" Karzec said. "Shut up," Anatoli growled. "I'm going to come." The muscular army officer grunted, stiffening like a dead man as his cock lanced deep toward Vivian's cervix.

Her pussy felt the hot, hard member inside it twitch frantically, potently, pumping her pussy full of scalding jism. She moaned, feeling his despoiling cum fill up every inch of her sex. 'No!' she thought. 'Please don't let this monster get me pregnant!' When Anatoli's last spurt of seed had been emptied in Vivian's thoroughly fucked snatch he shoved her into Karzec's arms. "You want sloppy seconds, she's all yours." "Please Master, let me fuck you too!" Vivian said helpfully.

The idea of fucking her other captor seemed infinitely preferable to being tortured. The beautiful brunette wasn't stupid. "Hmmm. I may take you up on your offer, bitch, but first let's put you in a more seductive position." He tied Vivian to the bed spread-eagled face-up, her ankles and wrists knotted with rope.

Then he kneeled between her sexy thighs, nestling his cock-head between her swollen labia, getting ready to shove her full of cock. At the last second he pulled back, spearing two fingers deep into her despoiled sex. She moaned at the feeling of his fingers plunging into her sore, ravaged cunt. He pulled them out, putting them to her face. They glistened with the awful cocktail of Vivian's own sex and the cum of her most recent rapist.

"Taste yourself, bitch. You're one filthy little whore, aren't you?" Vivian dutifully opened her mouth, licking up the nasty mixture of male and feminine fluid from Karzec's fingers. She gasped then as Karzec suddenly rocketed his cock deep into her quim, fucking her with animalistic zeal, pumping his shaft in a blur of motion. The bed shook with the force of his thrusts, his cock raping her at top speed.

His grunts melded with hers, and her pierced breasts jiggled with the force of each fuck. Finally, after a half hour of constant, pulverizing penetrations, Karzec's body stiffened in the same throes of delirium. His cock burst with seed, cum spewing everywhere inside her thoroughly raped slit.

Vivian closed her eyes, almost wishing she were dead as she felt his hot seed invade her most intimate places, her sex ravaged beyond words. "Aaahhhh… fuck. I stretched your pussy good, didn't I little cunt? I bet you're glad you had the good fortune to receive a pair of hard fucks instead of riding the electroshock chair, yes?" The sexy brunette opened her mouth, her deadened eyes betraying her hollow enthusiasm.

"Yes Master. This slave feels very fortunate. Thank you for fucking me and emptying your seed deep inside me." With all hope receding fast, Vivian felt the anchor of despair. 'Surely these bastards are going to keep fucking me until they get me pregnant.' As if Karzec sensed her unspoken fear, the old army officer grinned.

"Ahh. I see the look in your eyes, sweetie. It's a look I've seen before. You're wondering whether we've gotten you pregnant yet, hmm? We've fucked that pussy and filled it with a lot of cum, haven't we? And that's only the beginning. Wait until you and your girlfriend over there host our rape part tomorrow night! You'll have so much cum between your legs you'll feel a sloshing with each step you take." Karzec laughed.

Anatoli handed his superior officer a fresh towel. "Sir, it's time to report for maneuvers. What should we do with these cunts?" Karzec rose and walked over to the semi-conscious blonde girl.

Amy was just beginning to stir, her breasts moving with the rise and fall of her chest as her eyelids flickered. "Ugghhh…" Amy groaned. Karzec smiled. "I know what we'll do. Let's leave these little cunts in bed together. They can comfort each other until the new torments and rape party tomorrow." Karzec and Anatoli took off the leather collar around Amy's neck, untied Amy's bonds, and then lifted her sore cunt off of the phallus on the stool.

They then tied her facedown on the bed on top of Vivian but with her head facing the opposite direction of Vivian's. The sexy young brunette had a perfect view of her girlfriend's swollen cunt and anus. Amy's wrists and ankles were tied just as tightly to the four corners of the bed and she lay there just as helpless.


Karzec gave Vivian a quick, savage kiss on the lips before smacking her lightly across the face. "Sleep well, sweetie. You'll need it." ***** Vivian groaned inwardly, praying for any chance out of this nightmare, no matter how remote.

Her gaze slipped with unwilling fascination to Amy's overused sex, which still glistened with the arousal she'd experienced before the electroshock had rendered her unconscious. An irrational part of Vivian yearned to lean forward and lap at her poor friend's sex - to give her that forbidden comfort even if it meant doing the appalling act of eating our another girl's pussy. Slowly Amy stirred, and the moment vanished.

"Ughhh… Viv?" "I'm here, Amy." Vivian wished that her friend could at least look at her. She imagined the deep blush on her best friend's face as Amy realized that she was tied up in the most humiliating way, Vivian able to see every part of her. "Where did they go?

Ahhhh… I ache all over. Did they say anything before they left?" Vivian didn't have the heart to remind Amy about their promised 'rape party' so instead she sighed. The sight of Amy squirming and shrieking tied to the stool with the electrodes attached to her breasts and cunt was still too fresh.

"I don't know, can't remember. They're gone…probably for the night. They tied us both to the bed and I can hardly do more than wiggle." Vivian tested out her bonds again just to be sure, to no avail. Her wrists and ankles might as well have been chained in iron. Amy squirmed too, testing out her own restraints. With a choked sob Amy asked plaintively, "Do you think we'll get out of here alive Viv? Oh god…these men are sadistic.

They're inhuman!" Vivian nodded automatically before remembering her friend couldn't see her. "I know Amy. We'll find a way out of here. I promise you I won't give up." What else could she say? She had to give her best friend hope, even if it was false. She had to keep their spirits alive just in case -- in case some opportunity or miracle presented itself.

They just lay there then, one beautiful girl on top of the other, naked and helpless until sleep mercifully took away the world's cares. At least for Vivian. Amy's dreams were much more troubled. She dreamed of riding a demon's cock while a whip slapped cruelly across her breasts, leaving scores of tiny welts.

She cried out as the demon underneath her bulged, his member stiff and ready to spurt its awful seed. The demon's talons gripped her tighter and tighter about the waist until the sexy young blonde could feel the skin break.

Looking down in horror she saw blood trailing down her hips. Amy felt her pussy impaled ruthlessly on the demonic cock, the tempo increasing, her passage stretched to the limit.

Her nipples beaded up with excitement as the demon burst inside her, and in her mind she heard a disturbing mantra as an orgasm lanced right through her. 'Yes. Yes. YES.' Cum roiled through her overused sex, and then the nightmare's bizarre twist engulfed her. She squealed as a demonic baby grew inside her.

The demon beneath her shoved her away and she felt the birth pangs, the baby suddenly ready to be born… ***** Amy awoke covered in sweat and realizing she had peed herself.

The degradation seemed worse than ever. Early morning sunlight barely filtered in through the bars of the basement windows when the two Argenistani army officers tromped down the concrete steps. Both men were wearing their uniforms even if their morning hard-ons were evident for anyone to see.

"Rise and shine, little cunts. Did you have a good rest?" Karzec asked. Anatoli frowned. "The two sluts both peed the bed." He shook his head. "Looks like we'll have to get them cleaned up in preparation for their fun activities today." The two soldiers proceeded to untie the girls' restraints.

Anatoli pulled Amy from the bed while Karzec took Vivian. The two girls were so stiff from being tied in the spread-eagled position for an entire night that they could hardly move. The men dragged their captives upstairs, turning on a shower in a dingy bathroom with faded, yellow tiles. As the two girls stepped into the shower they handed each of them a bar of soap and a small vial of shampoo.

"Wash up as best you can, sluts." The two officers stood back and watched. There was no shower curtain and it was humiliating to have to clean themselves right underneath their rapists' constant gaze. Amy was still haunted by the horrific nightmare from last night, and she worked mechanically, cleaning out her sex -- though no matter how much she soaped up the tender area it seemed that the grime would never completely go away.

At last, when the girls were reasonably clean, Karzec and Anatoli took them downstairs and fed them a meager breakfast of yogurt and sliced apples. The girls ate in silence as they sat on the floor beside the dingy bed that now smelled of urine. Karzec grunted at Anatoli. "Take away the mattress. We'll use one of the other rooms anyway." After the girls had finished their meal, Karzec led them into another basement room which was slightly larger than where they'd spent the night.

This room had two mattresses thrown on the floor side by side and a long workbench and table. Along the table were all kinds of instruments and sex toys.

Amy shuddered as Karzec smiled his cold, unsettling smile. "Now, blonde cunt, we start with you." He began to pull her toward one of the mattresses. Amy tried to struggle, but her limbs were too weak and still stiff.

"No. Wait! What are you doing?" The army officer ignored her protest, muscling her face-up onto the mattress and tying her spread-eagled in the same position as before with Anatoli's help. He then retrieved a needle, some rubbing alcohol, and three barbell piercings.

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Each one glinted gold in the morning sunlight. "What…what are you doing!?" Amy cried. Karzec shrugged. "Yesterday we decided that you needed a little enhancement, just like your girlfriend over there." He nodded over at Vivian, who knelt in the corner with her silver nipple rings resting like tiny jewels on the tips of her breasts.

Vivian looked away, squeezed her eyes shut and tried to blot out what she sensed coming. Anatoli growled at the naked brunette. "What do you think you're doing? Open your eyes and watch. Stupid cunt." Anatoli stripped out of his uniform and knelt behind Vivian, cupping her breasts as he growled in her ear. "You will watch every moment and relish the scene of your girlfriend getting her special little upgrade, yes?" He squeezed Vivian's breasts until she groaned loudly.


"Yes Master! I'll watch, I promise," the brunette sighed, grateful as Anatoli let up on her supple cones. The next few minutes were beyond torture for Amy. She couldn't move because her ankles and wrists were tied with such precision.

She looked down at her exposed pussy as Karzec prepared to pierce the hood of her clitoris. The needle looked impossibly sharp and bright. "NO! Please stop!" Amy cried out. The pain was like a cruel stab through her guts as he pierced her in that too-sensitive spot. Her whole body reeled. It grew even worse when he pierced her labia in two places and worked the symmetrical piercing through the tissue, affixing the barbells to her pussy.

It felt as if certain areas of her intimate parts were on fire. Tears slipped down her cheeks at the barrage of pain. Amy couldn't believe she'd stayed conscious, the intensity of the pain almost rendering her senseless.

She went limp on the mattress, lifeless and overwhelmed as the enormity of what Karzec had just done began to sink in. "No. My pussy…" she sobbed. Karzec gently pinched her nipples and sucked on each of them as if they were a rare, tasty treat.

"There, there, slut. That wasn't so bad, was it?

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You look really pretty now!" Karzec turned back to Anatoli and gestured him over. "Shall we try out our new and improved sex toy? You wish to do the honors?" The barrel-chested, more muscular officer of the two nodded as he stepped away from Vivian. Anatoli's tall, rigid cock stood at attention as if to salute the slender blonde girl's freshly pierced clitoris and labia.

He climbed onto the mattress, looking down at the girl's sore cunt. He gently rubbed his thumb across her clitoris and along her cunt lips, watching Amy groan and squirm. "Ooohh. She is very sensitive now, Sir.

This will be quite a privilege breaking her in." "Stop it! You sick freaks!" Vivian had spoken without even realizing it. Seeing her friend debased in this way was too much for her. Now the naked brunette realized her mistake, hushing up as Karzec's gaze swiveled her way. Karzec began to strip as he spoke to Anatoli. "Go ahead, Anatoli. Fuck the blonde bitch and see if the piercings give you that nice added stimulation.

I'll take care of this other slut and show her what happens to little cunts who speak out of turn!" Amy's blue eyes shined with a quiet, tearful plea as Anatoli lined up his shaft near her opening. He slowly eased himself in, fucking her with a surprisingly gentle rhythm at first.

His hips launched forward again and again, his shaft sliding home as he felt the tiny metal studs ricochet along the length of his manhood. It was a pleasant feeling for the male captor, and he moaned with excitement each time his cock vanished inside Amy's cunt. As gentle as his fucks were, Anatoli made up for it with depth, each stroke of his manhood completely filling and stretching the blonde's teenage snatch.

He kept pumping into her, growling appreciatively. "Uhhh! This tight young pussy is an even better fuck now, Karzec. You outdid yourself!" Anatoli grunted louder as he buried his cock inside her warm sheath to the hilt, his balls smacking against Amy's inner thighs even as he made the clit piercing press against the top of his pumping penis.

He placed his hands on Amy's breasts, cupping them like stress balls, squeezing them as he launched himself inside her no longer gently but savagely now, the loud smack as his cock penetrated her now filling the room.

"Please…ooh god!" Amy moaned. As sore as she was, the man's constant penetrations began to awaken something the moment he reached down with a nimble finger to deftly stroke her clit.

He kept stroking her even as he watched his shaft slide out of her, only to slam himself once more deep inside her. "You want a little pleasure, slut? Here, I give you pleasure," Anatoli grunted. He looked down at her, bare and spread for him, as his cock ravaged her pussy, fucking her with deep, measured thrusts.

He grunted each time he pounded his member into her snug passage, feeling her quiver a little as he rubbed his finger up and down her exquisitely sensitive clit. Vivian could only see Anatoli's pumping body and wiggling buttocks as he raped her best friend. She closed her eyes and tried to think of anything else even as Karzec approached her. "What's wrong, slut? You not enjoying the show? Maybe we make one of our own then." Karzec knelt behind the shapely girl, smacking her ass cheeks hard.

"Ass up, slut! Let me see that pussy." Vivian obeyed, whimpering as she felt his enormous cock-head prod at the entrance to her sex. She grunted as Karzec started a rhythm, his shaft spreading her cunt lips as he raped her with strong, punishing thrusts. His hands slid to her shoulders, holding her in place as he fucked her. Vivian watched Anatoli's balls shake back and forth as he continued to launch his barrage of pulverizing thrusts deep into Amy's sex, Amy's grunts and pleas joining the slapping sounds like part of some twisted symphony.

Vivian's heart broke at how helpless she was to help her friend. The gorgeous brunette was meanwhile only vaguely aware of her breasts shaking with the force of her captor's merciless thrusts, his cock spearing her pussy again and again as her nipple rings jostled back and forth, her cunt slowly milking her captor's shaft toward a powerful orgasm.

"Ahhhhh! See, slut. This opening is much more useful than your mouth," Karzec grunted. "It yearns to be filled by a hard, plunging shaft. I see you getting wet for me, bitch. Don't try to deny it." Vivian closed her eyes, stifling the moan even as she acknowledged that the quickly pumping shaft inside her pussy WAS creating sensations she didn't dare acknowledge.

Her hands pressed into the hard, cold concrete floor as Karzec's grip on her shoulders tightened. His cock flew into her pussy at top speed now, penetrating her like a knife as she felt his manhood straining inside her soft folds. Vivian surrendered, the terrible reality of their situation unmooring her from what used to be sanity. She began scooting back, pressing her shapely ass back to meet Karzec's thrusts.

She helped impale her pussy on his pumping shaft, shuddering as she felt his cock fill, stretch, and rape her. "Ohh.


Oooohh!" Vivian moaned. Just one long, drawn-out syllable…and yet it said everything without using a single word.

The surrendering to pleasure in that tone, in Vivian's cooing sigh, said it all. Karzec looked down at his shaft as it pulled out of Vivian, slimy with his pre-cum, before ramming it back into her sex, thoroughly filling her snug, moistening cunt. "You bitch. You're creaming up on me. This wasn't supposed to be a reward for your back-talk," Karzec hissed. But he said nothing more, just grunting with the timing of his thrusts, as his hands slid down underneath her torso, cupping her breasts for perfect leverage as he continued to pummel her aching slit with his cock.

Meanwhile Anatoli's efforts were bearing fruit. The burly officer was grunting more and more loudly as his cock lanced into Amy's pierced sex, buffeted by delicious stimulation. He muffled her pleas by kissing her passionately, his tongue plundering her mouth as their lips met.

He grunted and grunted with each swift plunge, his cock feeling the intriguing sensations of the labia piercing and the clit piercing as they provided extra tantalizing stimulation. He slowly eased himself out of her, pausing to catch his breath as he reached down to rub and cajole Amy's joy button. The sexy blonde girl groaned, her wrists and ankles pulling helplessly at her bonds.

"Please stop! I'm so sore from the piercings. Please…oohhh." A wet sound came from Amy's exposed cunt as Anatoli continued prodding at her clit, patiently rubbing and coaxing it toward release.

He spit on her cunt, kneeling between her legs to drive his tongue up and down, back and forth, playfully nipping at her clitoris before squeezing the nerve bundle gently between two fingers. Amy squirmed, her breasts aching with arousal as her cunt cream trickled down to stain the bedsheets.

She was so wet for him now…wet and ready to be filled. "SHHH sweetie. Just look at me, big and hard for you. Enjoy the hard fucking you're about to receive as I break in your newly upgraded pussy." Amy's eyes looked down in horror at the huge, vein-bulging cock of Anatoli as he lined it up between her legs, slowly thrusting it between her swollen cunt lips.

He groaned appreciatively as her snatch clung to the sides of his shaft like a velvety sheath. He re-established a firm rhythm, fucking her with deep, powerful strokes as her grunts, pleas, and moans mingled with his more masculine sounds, all of it underlined by the constant cadence of the slaps each time their bodies fully joined. Unfortunately for Amy the guilt ripped through her heart too, because the sensations went both ways. The new piercings on her clit and labia, despite making her sore, also created an odd feedback.

Each time Anatoli's cock penetrated her, sliding in fast and deep, the new sensations as the shaft rubbed against her piercings created an excitement deep within her loins. There was no way to quite describe it. She felt a burning heat between her legs, an ache deep inside her sex. It was a fire she couldn't put out, and instead she found herself no longer groaning…but moaning. "Please…Uhh! Stop fucking me.

Have mercy. Uuuooohhh!" Amy half-sighed, half-moaned.

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Her body betrayed her. Her wet juices were slick along Anatoli's shaft as he drove himself into her again and again and again like a jackhammer. His balls smacked loudly against her thighs each time he fucked her without mercy. Anatoli looked back and saw Vivian's fascinated, horrified face as the brunette beauty watched the gorgeous blonde get the most thorough fucking of her young life.

"Sorry bitch…Ooohh! This is too much fun. Your cunt is a real cock-squeezing masterpiece. Mmmm!" He growled, looking down as Amy suddenly squirmed and convulsed on the bed. "No! Oh god I'm coming!" she cried. Amy felt her lithe body flail ineffectually in her tied and spread-eagled position, her pussy spurting its cream as it frantically gripped her rapist's rigid length.

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She wailed, her cheeks blushing crimson as the full ecstasy ripped through her soul at the same time as Anatoli's ravaging cock. "UhhhH!!! That's my girl. Milk my balls just like that with your pierced fuck-hole," Anatoli groaned. He stiffened, his hands gripping her shoulders hard as he felt his head throb with the impending orgasm. His mind emptied of all thought.

For a moment it felt like a hammer pounded in his skull as surge after surge of cum spewed from the tip of his long, thick shaft. He felt himself empty inside the naked blonde teenager, his cock pressed as deep inside her as humanly possible. Only when his last twitch had emptied every last semblance of his seed—impregnating Amy as one of Anatoli's swimmers pierced one of her vulnerable eggs—did Anatoli pull out.

He looked with satisfaction at the slender blonde's pierced clit, a dollop of cum oozing out just beneath it. "Ahhhh&hellip.Look at you, slut. You're so beautiful." He reached down, rubbing her clit and smearing the cum along her little joy nub. "Please stop!" Amy huffed. She groaned as the overstimulation of her clit began to feel more painful than pleasurable. Meanwhile Vivian had watched it all, numb from the surreal nightmare that had become their lives.

She sighed as Karzec's rigid length pummeled her cunt again and again, sliding through her like a sword, only one made of silken-steely flesh instead of metal. Her breasts felt the lingering imprint of his hands even after he stopped playing with her nipples and now gripped her by the shoulders, his pelvic thrusts strong and deep. "Ooohhhh… Almost there now, cunt. So close." Vivian's pussy was an inferno of want - of need - as she felt herself moisten up on Karzec's penis.

She closed her eyes, continuing to ram her hips back to meet each of his raping thrusts. It was so wrong…but also so right, at least according to the tormented libido surging through her, the one thing that could replace the numb despair in Vivian's soul. She groaned as Karzec thrust to the hill, his testicles hanging just behind her ass as his cock felt every warm, wet, and snug inch of her sex engulfing him&hellip.As his cum shot forth like a gushing river, totally penetrating her as one of his swimmers reached the ultimate prize, impregnating Vivian just as her teenage girlfriend had been impregnated moments earlier&hellip.

The army officer stroked his goatee with one hand as he pulled out his withering member. Karzec grunted, looking at the pool of cum which had seeped from Vivian's well-fucked snatch.

He grabbed her by the neck. "Come on slut. Clean up your mess. You should know to do this automatically by now." Vivian stifled a groan of disgust as she licked up the cum of her rapist, tasting her own sweetness, the mixture of her cunt's guilty surrender. She had had a brief orgasm just before Karzec's explosion. Vivian thought sadly of her friend Amy.

Her pussy would literally never be the same. The brunette thought of how painful it would be for Amy to have potentially dozens of cocks slamming into her sorely pierced sex during the 'rape party' that these two monsters had planned for tonight.

Yet the awful fates of the two beautiful 18-year-old girls had a silver lining of redemption. They had not been kidnapped for nothing. Their disappearance had been noticed and reported.

All of a sudden men with guns and body armor burst through the basement door, hurtling down the steps. "Nobody move!" A harsh voice shouted. Karzec barely had time to look up before a bullet pinned him in the heart. He fell backward without a sound. Anatoli turned to run and the special forces shot him in the back. He fell like a puppet with its strings cut, blood pooling all around him.

A commando wearing a mask with sympathetic eyes knelt beside Amy, who was already sobbing from relief as she looked up at him, imploring. "Please help us. Thank you…oh god&hellip.thank you for saving us!" Amy cried. The soldier immediately began cutting her out of her bonds. She clung to him naked, like a child, sobbing on his shoulder. Vivian sat, completely stunned as another body-armored commando covered her with a blanket.

"Ma'am, please come with me. You're going to be okay now. You're safe." In the midst of the new jarring reality of being rescued, Vivian was vaguely aware of voices in the background. She heard one in particular which sounded like the leader of the rescue team. "Let's get these girls evacced now. The embassy can't play dumb with those Argenistani bastards forever. Karzec and his thugs are done kidnapping American tourists. Maybe this will send a message to the regime - no more tolerating their bullshit." As another officer grunted in agreement Vivian could only shudder with relief.

As awful as this nightmare had been, the worst of it was over. At least for now… *********** THE END I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, this is only a fantasy. Indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. ~gaggedKitty