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Dane feeds Bree Mitchells his big cock sucking it deep throat
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(If you have not read Part 1 it would help to read it to get the background and continuity. However, I will give a short introduction below.) INTRODUCTION My wife and I had taken a 7 to 9 day vacation in a cabin on a lake in the northern part of the state for the past 20 years. After last year's vacation we discovered my wife had advanced cancer and she died a few months later.

Before she died she had made me promise to go to the cabin at least 1 more time after she died. Sarah one of the housekeeping and restaurant staff for several years had thanked me for helping her over the past 5 years to improve her basketball game by having sex with me, Sunday, my first morning on my vacation. 2ND MORNING OF VACATION My next morning went as usual. I had the free continental breakfast, then returned to my cabin and sat on the porch to do some reading.

At about 11:00 housekeeping came. It was Maggie. Maggie was 5' 6" or maybe 7". She was not as thin as Sarah, but was by no means overweight. She had sandy brown hair, a terrific smile, pleasant personality, and a very pretty face. I had met Maggie 5 years ago. FIVE YEARS AGO My wife had gone out shopping after breakfast. I was on the screen porch reading enjoying the morning cool morning air. "Good morning Mr. Thomas," said Maggie looking at her assignment sheet as she walked up to the door.

"Do you need anything special?" I told her to just replace the towels, make the bed, and empty the garbage. She walked past me on the porch, went inside and reappeared with the garbage and used towels. She went to her cart to get replacements. When she walked back through the porch a book dropped. "Oh, sorry, I will get that on my way out," she said. I picked up the book. It was a high school sophomore geometry textbook. It was summertime so I wondered why she had a textbook with her.

So once she came back, I asked, "What a you doing with a textbook during the summer?" She went on to explain that she had gotten sick near the end of school year and missed over 3 weeks of school. She had to make up many of the assignments and tests she had missed. She just had geometry and one English paper remaining to complete.

However she said she was having trouble with the geometry. Her teacher was away on vacation until July. This was early June so she might have to wait nearly a month for help. I had been very good at math and had earned a degree in computer science in college. I offered to help her if she would leave the book with me and come back when she was done with work.

She thanked me and said she would be back about 1:00. When she left I reviewed the material starting at the chapter she told me and then reviewed the next couple of chapters. I ate something light for lunch and waited for Maggie to return. Just after 1:00 I saw her walking up the sidewalk toward the cabin with a backpack. "Good afternoon Mr. Thomas," she greeted me just before opening the door to the porch.

"Do you think you can help?" she asked pointing to the book on the table. "Yes, I believe so," I answered. Maggie had a personality that made you feel comfortable and pleasant to be around her.


She came off as being very intelligent, composed, confident, and mature. She put her backpack on the floor, opened it at retrieved some paper and pencils.

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"Where do you want to start?" I asked. "Do you just want to ask some questions or go through chapter by chapter?" She took the book and answered, "Let's go to the first chapter we spoke about and I will go to the pages I have questions about." We went through chapter by chapter.

I was able to answer her questions and clarify things where she was unclear. Through the process I learned that she had just completed the 8th grade, so I asked why she was doing 10th grade mathematics. She told me her school had the option of a self paced curriculum for math. She had completed 7th and 8th grade math in 7th grade.

She was on pace to complete 9th and 10th grade math in 8th grade until she missed several weeks of school. She was planning to complete 11th grade math during 9th grade. I hadn't realized she was only 14 years old until then. Her mannerisms and speech combined with the text book led me to believe she was older. She thanked me for the help and asked if she could stop back while I was there with any other questions.

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I readily agreed. FOUR YEARS AGO The next year when my wife and I where at the cabin on vacation Maggie stopped by the cabin before her house cleaning shift. I introduced Maggie to my wife. "Very nice to meet you Mrs. Thomas," Maggie greeted her warmly.

"You have a smart, kind husband. I was hoping to get some of his time for math tutoring." My wife and I had plans for the day so after some discussion I set up time with Maggie for the next day. "What type of math are we speaking about?" I asked Maggie before she left for her shift.

"Analysis or pre-Calculus," she said.

"Should I leave the book?" She pulled the book out of her backpack and put it on the table, before I could answer. Maggie left. "Is she the one you helped last year?" my wife asked. "Yes. Looks like she will finish high school math during the coming school year and she only going into the 10th grade," I said. "Smart girl!" my wife said. "Well let's go." We were gone for the whole day. We got home too late for me to want to look at the textbook.

The next day my wife left for the day for a day of antiquing.

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I spent the morning quickly going through several of the first chapters of the book. Housekeeping came. The person was familiar, but she had always been very focused on just doing the job. She never said more than "housekeeping" and "hello", so I never learned her name. She finished and I went back to the textbook.

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Maggie came by about 1:00. "Hi, Maggie," I greeted her. "Hi, Mr. Thomas," Maggie replied. She came and sat down at the table.

She pulled some paper and pencils out of her backpack. "Why are you doing math during the summer this year?" I asked. "I'm just trying to get a head start on the coming year," she answered. "Where do we begin," I asked. We worked through the first several chapters with her asking questions as we went.

We continued on doing the same thing a few days later. I gave her my phone number I case she had questions later in the summer. She called a few times and I was able to help her over the phone. This type a tutoring continued for the next 3 years. Maggie completed two years of college mathematics before the end of high school.

She was accepted into college in pursuit of a degree in mathematics or aerospace engineering. She continued to call during her first year of college. BACK TO THE PRESENT Maggie stepped inside the cabin. She gave me a quick, but tight hug followed by a light kiss on the cheek. "I'm so sorry to her about your wife! She was such a pleasant, friendly lady," she said. Then somewhat nervously, "What do you need done today?" "Please empty the garbage, replaced the used towels, and change the sheets," I answered.

She went inside and reappeared with the bags of garbage and the used towels. She grabbed replacements from her cart and went back inside after a brief, nervous look in my direction.

After a few minutes she called asking if I could come help her. I told her I was coming. I got up and entered the bedroom. I stopped, surprised to she Maggie laying undressed on the bed. Her skin was so light.


Even her arms and face appeared that they had gotten little or no sunlight. Her face was very pretty. She had removed her glasses eliminating her normal studious appearance. Her eyes were big and bright.

Her smile was soft, tender, and her lips full and inviting. Her breasts were bigger than I expected, she had never worn tight fitting clothes. When I found my voice I asked, "Maggie, what is going on?" "I need some special tutoring.

I am a virgin. I want to thank you. I want you to be my first," she said nervously. She smiled and opened up her arms inviting me into bed with her. I hesitated, but got into bed next to her. She placed one of my hands on one of her breasts before she kissed me. Her lips were soft and warm, but I could tell she was inexperienced. I turned my head to kiss her more deeply. We kissed for a bit. When our lips parted she said, "Mr. Thomas you don't have to worry. My mom had me go on the pill when I started college." "Maggie, you don't have to be so formal.

Please call me Drew," I requested. "If we are going farther, I want you to feel free to say stop at anytime." "Ok, Mr.

… oops, Drew," Maggie said with some nervousness still in her voice. I slowly began massaging the breast she had placed my hand on.

She gasped, sucking in a deep breath. Then she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling with a smile spreading across her face. I traced my finger slowly around her nipple. She moaned softly, "Mmmm" exiting her lips. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and them rubbed one of the lightly over the tip.

"Mmmm" came her response again. I placed my lips on her nipple and used my tongue to lick and tease it. I got the same response. "Drew, could you get undressed please?" she requested. I stood up beside the bed. She moved over toward the edge of the bed. I pulled the shirt over my head. She watched intently. I kicked off my shoes and socks. Then took my pants off and my rod pushed outward against my underwear. Maggie stared with fascination. "I am an only child.

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My father died when I was young. I've never seen a man in their underwear before. Nor have I obviously seen a man's penis before." Maggie said still staring at my underwear. "Did I make you get hard?" "Yes," I replied. "The sight of a beautiful, naked woman gets me aroused." She blushed and said, "Me beautiful? May … may I … touch it?" "Sure!

You can pull down my underwear too," I answered. She tentatively reached out her hand and lightly touched it. It jerked. "Sorry, did I hurt you?" she asked. "No, it is just very sensitive. There are a lot of nerve endings in the head," I replied. She carefully pulled the sides of my underwear down over my hips. My penis popped up as it escaped its cotton prison. Maggie jumped and made a small squeal.

After a pause she pulled my underwear lower and dropped them to the floor.

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She studied my manhood and scrotum before reaching tentatively forward to touch the tip. She stroked it gently with 2 of her fingers.

She circled them around the head. She freed her other hand and was able to cradle my balls in her palm. She wrapped the fingers around my rod. I stiffened and swelled as she do so.

"It's getting bigger and longer," she said surprised. She moved my balls around in the palm of her hand. She was so gentle and caring. I moaned softly as she also began moving her hand up and down the length of my shaft. I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasant sensations, even though Maggie was somewhat awkward and tentative.

I reached down and gently stroked her hair. After a few minutes she said, "Are you ejaculating?" A small drop of fluid had formed at the tip of my penis. I explained that there was usually some moisture that formed during arousal to cleanse the passageway for sperm later. She studied the droplet of fluid. She removed her grip from my rod. Her finger approached the moisture. She looked up at me for approval. I nodded. She took the drop on her finger. She smelled it.

She then rubbed it between two fingers. Then to my surprise she touched the finger to her tongue. I waited for a reaction, either negative or positive. Then her lips were around the head of my penis. It jerked once then the first couple of inches disappeared into her mouth. My hand was still stroking the hair on the back of her head. She turned her head slightly to side looking at me for approval. I moaned and closed my eyes. Her tongue fluttered around me randomly.

Despite her stating the she was a virgin and her slow, deliberate actions, this was definitely not the first time she had given a blow job. My knees were getting weak so I got back onto the bed putting a knee on each side of her head as she rolled on her back.

She sucked harder taking more of me into her mouth as we maneuvered. I leaned over putting an elbow on each side of her hips with my face just about her love nest. I started by gently rubbing my fingers the length of her pussy lips.

She drew in a deep breath and moaned pushing herself up against my fingers. I pushed more firmly, to moans of approval. I moved to the top of her slit and touched her clitoris for the first time. She gasped. With one hand I continued stimulating her clit.

With the other hand I pushed my fingers into her love hole. I immediately encountered resistance. "Don't break my hymen with your fingers," Maggie said after removing her mouth from my penis. "I want you to do that with your manhood." I withdrew my fingers from her hole. Then replaced my other fingers with my mouth and tongue. Again Maggie gasped. Her liquid had started flowing. It had that familiar musky scent, but tasted sweeter than others.

My tongue flicked over her love button. I then felt a different sensation. Maggie kissed my ball sack and then inhaled one of my testicles into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around it.

I felt my balls begin to tighten. She released the first one and then took the second one into her mouth. Again my balls started to tighten and I felt the pressure building. She must of sensed it too, because she quickly when back to my rock hard rod. She took me more deeply in her mouth than before and gagged slightly, before becoming frenetic. I did the same on her pussy and clit, moving my lips and tongue across her sensitive womanhood.

Her breathing became short and quick. Then she paused, began trembling, then shuddered and shook. "Yes, oh, yes!" she mumbled with her mouth still filled with me. Her body convulsed under me. I exploded into her mouth as she bucked uncontrollably. I groaned as I released stream after stream of semen into her willing mouth.

When her movements stopped she went limp on the bed, breathing heavy. She moaned contentedly as I moved to lay along side her.

Her body was warm and glistening. She rolled, cradling herself against my side. I put my arm around her and pulled her tightly against me. Her one breast was as squeezed to my side. I was able to reach around her back to the underside of her other breast. She moaned loudly as I caressed it.

Suddenly I felt her hand wrap itself under my limp manhood. I jerked and let out an "oh". I immediately started to firm up again. I kissed her on the forehead and then her lips. "Do you want to be on top?" I asked "Then you can be in control of the pressure and speed as things move forward." Maggie contemplated for a moment then agreed. She continued working her hand on my pole until it has near it's maximum. Since I had cum just a short time ago I just enjoyed the sensation of her warm hand moving up and down on my penis.

I moved my hand down to her rear end and squeezed her soft round ass cheeks. After a few minutes she moved on top of me. My erection was "trapped" between us. It was nestled along the crack between her pussy lips. Her breasts were pushed firmly against my chest. She began to slide her pelvis up and down lubricating me with her warm juices. I felt a few drops drip down the sides of my horizontal member. It tried it's best to assumed a vertical status, but the best it could do was push between her pussy lips and rub up on her clitoris.

She paused, likely feeling my throbbing head against her love button. She became hotter and moaned, before lifting her pelvis up.

My penis assumed the near vertical position it desired. When the head got to her hole she stopped and positioned herself for me to enter her.

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She pressed down and I immediately encountered resistance. She slowly pushed down. There was no sound but it felt like Velcro slowly being unfastened. I slowly entered her a small distance with each small "rip". Her face contorted. "Are you in pain?" I asked. "No! No pain! Just pressure," she answered with a look of concentration on her face. "It feels like I have constipation, but different and pleasurable. Instead of an outward push, it's an inward push." Eventually over the next couple of minutes she got me to about the halfway point.

She started to lift herself and move back down, increasing the rate of my entry into her. Soon she made it down to my base with one hard push. Maggie groaned, remaining still for a short time. A beautiful smile crossed her face.

She began moving up an down slowly increasing in speed. When she closed her eyes, I began moving in coordination with her. She grunted and moaned with a higher and higher pitch. Maggie was so tight, I was so glad I had come earlier, so I could enjoy the sensation without cumming quickly. Her moans became nearly continuous, just before she clamped on me like a vise.

Then like a cork popping Maggie shrieked, and shuddered uncontrollably, continuing to moan and gasp. I pushed up deep into as I groaned loudly injecting my liquid into her. Our groins were wet and our skin was shimmering. When Maggie opened her eyes she said, "Please don't move. Everything is so sensitive. I don't want to lose this feeling." Her vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed around my surprisingly hard manhood.

Then they spasmed around me as another orgasm overwhelmed her. I could tell I was rapidly softening inside her. When her breathing had nearly returned to normal, Maggie rolled off me and cuddled into my side with her head on my shoulder. She nearly melted into me as she relaxed. "That was certainly worth the wait," Maggie said with conviction.

"The boys I have dated came at just the slightest touch of my hand or mouth. I wanted my first time someone came inside me to last." After a few minutes of kissing and hugging she got out of bed, and got dressed.

I also got dressed. "I better change the bedding before I go. It is wet in a couple of places," Maggie said. "I have to get on with my housekeeping." She completed her work. She hugged me and kissed me before she left. "I hope to see you again before you leave," she said with a devious smile.