Succulent bimbo Tina Gabriel gets beaver pleasured

Succulent bimbo Tina Gabriel gets beaver pleasured
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The Artist ~ Chapter one ~ My daughter comes to stay ~ I'd always been an artist, ever since school l had loved to draw and paint. Mom got me my first easel and water color set of paints.

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I won some prizes in a local art exhibition and even got mentioned in the local paper. Now I have my own gallery and office, with a small studio out the back.

The second floor I have made into a small one bedroom loft with kitchen and living room. There is a deck off the kitchen which looks down on the glass roof of the studio. I've sold a lot of paintings over the last ten years since going full time and my early works are much sort after.

I now have an agent who takes care of exhibitions in other galleries and advertising my work in the media. I have a gallery manager that takes care of sales and moves my works around the country to other galleries and when sold to the owners residence.

It had been a long day, I'd woken early inspired after a good sleep and went straight to the studio. I took down my current work and put up a blank canvas. After an hour I had the basics ruffed out on canvas but more importantly I had a better idea of what the finished painting would look like.

It was of a woman in a long dress walking along a beach and holding a Victorian Lace Sun Parasol above her head and partially obscuring her face. She was barefoot and small waves would touch her feet and retreat. My mind was deep into the imagined thoughts of the model in the painting when an annoying ringing kept on and on.

I came out of it and with a sigh went to the studio's office to answer the phone. "Hello." "Sami its Nicole I wouldn't be bothering you at all if it wasn't just so urgent that it couldn't wait. There's been an accident and" "Wait what? Is it Vici? "Yes its Victoria she had a fall and has broken her arm and it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

I have a social event to organize for the City Founders Foundation and that husband of mine has gone off on a golfing weekend. Could you pick her up at her Student accommodation building and take her home with you, just till she can take care of herself or has the plaster cast removed." "Plaster cast.

Just how bad was the fall?" "Oh she was jumping on the trampoline at the Gym and landed awkwardly. She's taken a break from Uni till she's well." I knew that she would go on and on about her social life if I didn't jump in so I said "When did you need me to pick her up?" "Well now if you could, I'll send you some funds to tide her over.

Can you do this for me Sami, please?" I knew it was useless to argue with the self centered bitch. She'd start yelling and screaming and taking her bad demeanor out on Vici. "I'll leave now. I should be there by five." "Thanks Sami. I owe you." "I'll add it to the rest that you owe me." I said with a sigh. "Oh don't be like that I'll be in touch, by." I hung up the phone resigned to the fact that my Ex had stuck it to me again.

Well it would be nice to see Vici again and in truth she would be better off here with me than left to her own devices at her house.

I arrived at the old brownstone building around five and because I had been texting her, Vici was waiting at the gate with a pink wheeled suitcase and duffel, also pink.

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Her plaster looked huge on her small frame. Vici was short which she why she lasted as long as she did at Gymnastics at school and later professionally till she grew breasts that meant an end to her career. Still it spurred her on to study for a Degree in Photography at Uni.


At five foot tall with long blond hair down her back and blue eyes, she was just too cute and everybody loved her and not just for her looks but for her bubbly personality. "Hi." I said as I hopped out and greeted her with a hug trying hard not to put pressure on her cast. She had her arm in a sling and her cast went from her wrist to half way up her upper left arm. "The girls helped me down with the case.

It was a bit heavy for me." She said. I got her bags in the car and we started back to my place. She told me how she was just staying in shape and wasn't doing anything strenuous on the trampoline when she misstep and fell off the edge.

"The doctor thinks it will probably take a month for the healing to finish so I've asked the Uni to give me at least that much time off." She said. "Well you can stay as long as you like.

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I haven't got a lot of room and you'll probably be sleeping on the couch until I can get another bed in for you." "Well thank you. I'd much rather be here than back home with Mom I'm lucky that you live so close to Uni. I know its two hours away, but that's closer than flying across the country to Mom." I pulled in to a fast food place to have something to eat and use the restrooms. I ordered the burgers and fries and sat down and waited for her to come out. Eventually she sat down and said "I could have used your help in there.

It's hard to wash your hand using one hand." And she laughed. "Well when we get home all you have to do is ask and I'll try and help." When we arrived back at my place I parked at the back of the gallery and went in through the studio.

It was always in a bit of a mess with unfinished works lying around and the smell of paint and thinners. I put drop cloths down but still it got cluttered and messy. "Careful where you step I gave up trying to be tidy a couple of years ago." She laughed and looked at the artwork.

"Who is she? She said pointing to a near complete work of mine. "She's gorgeous and naked. Did she pose for you? Can I pose for you Dad?" "Well yes she does that for a living, posing naked for art classes that is and you can pose for me if you like.

Come on up stairs and you can settle in then I'll give you the full tour of the gallery." When we got upstairs Vici unpacked into two draws that I had emptied I my room for her and left the rest in her suitcase.

We sat and had a coffee at the kitchen table until she started to yawn. "Let's make an early night of it." I said. "I'll show you the bathroom and you can shower and change." The bathroom is just back from my bedroom and before you enter the living room.

It's nearly an Ensuite and has one wall that is all showers with two shower heads. I did a check of all the doors and made sure the alarms to the studio were on then came back upstairs to the living room. I put out some sheets and blankets on the Chesterfield lounge that was to be her bed and sat in the kitchen with a wine to talk to Vici before bed. She needed to know that this was her house while she was here and to feel free to come and go as she pleased and that if she needed anything she should ask.

I nearly spat my wine out when Vici came out of the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam. She had a towel held to her chest with her good arm and nothing else. Her hair was still dripping and she was busy drying it and didn't look up. She picked up her duffel and went into the bed room. She didn't close the door and I could see her from up the hall. She dropped the towel and pulled a pair of lacy pants from the draw.

Her young breasts stood out proud and had no sag; her flat tummy and slim waist were a delight to see. She put the panties on and then rummaged through her duffel and found a nightie/T-shirt. She was just walking back down the hall and looked up and our eyes met. She squeaked and held the shirt in front of her breasts. "Sorry. I didn't know you were there." "That's OK.

This is your house while you're here and things like this are bound to happen with only one bathroom. Relax while you're here. I promise I won't tell your Mom that you flashed me" and I laughed so much I nearly spilling my wine.

"Ha Ha very funny you just saw me totally naked and you can sit there and drink wine. Turn around so I can at least put my top on." I put my hands over my eyes and deliberately peeked through my fingers at her. "I see you peeking mister." she said. I covered my eyes and the next thing I know is that she is drinking my wine. Ha Ha serves you right you got a peek and now you pay, more wine please and she downed the last little bit and held out her glass for more.

We both had a giggle. We sat around till that bottle was drained and started on another. Her eyes were drooping and her words slurring so I helped her up and onto the lounge. I covered her with a sheet and kissed her forehead. "Good night sweetheart." I said. I was not much better off as I poured myself into bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. In the morning I was awakened by the sound of draws being opened and closed.

I peered through bleary eyes and saw Vici bending over a draw and going through the contents. She had on a pair of panties but was naked above. With her back to me all I saw was her curvy waist and smooth back. I didn't want to scare her again so I kept quiet and watched my attention solely on her cute little figure in the white panties. I out of habit started to stroke my cock that's when I realized that during the night I had kicked the covers off and was totally naked with a raging hard on.

I squeaked and she turned and walked up to the side of the bed. "That's OK. This is your house but while I'm here things like this are bound to happen I promise I won't tell your Mom that you flashed me."I relaxed and we both had a big laugh till I realized I still held my stiff cock in my hand.


"I'll go so you can take care of your morning wood." and with that she shook her tits at me and left but didn't close the door. I heard the shower come on and got up. I was going to pull on some shorts but thought while she's in the shower I'll dash out to the kitchen and start the coffee. I noticed that the bathroom door was not fully closed and of course I had to peek. She was just stepping into the shower and looked like something out of playboy everything was rounded or curved in a pleasing way.

She was everything that had attracted her mother to me all those years ago. I went back to my room with a clear picture of my daughter soaping herself and running her hands over her tits.

I came in my hand before I could cross the room and reach for the tissues. I tidied up and threw the used tissues in the bin and put on some shorts not worrying about any briefs and went out to start breakfast. When I was in the kitchen I had a clear view across the breakfast bar of the living room and of the short hall that had the bathroom in it and my bedroom door. The bacon was done and the eggs nearly finished as I was plating them up she opened the bathroom door and stepped out in to the living room.

She was wrapped in a towel that only partially hid her fur and made me look at her legs. She must have just stepped out of the shower as she was dripping water on the floor. Talk about a wet dream. "Don't slip on the wet floor." I said.

"Well here's where you can help. Have you ever tried to dry yourself with one hand? It's very difficult." I'll get you dried off after breakfast. Eat it while it's hot." She stepped up to the meals table and sniffed the air.

"Ah bacon, there's nothing to compare." and sat right down adjusting her towel so that it was looser. As she was eating she kept adjusting the towel to stop it from slipping down. She saw me looking.

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"It's also hard to tie a towel around you with one hand." I finished eating and got another towel and started drying her hair. "If you need a hand just ask OK. If you can't tie the towel I'll help. If you can't button up that blows call me. If you can't wipe your arse you're in trouble course you're on your own there." Ha Ha Ha She started laughing so hard that the towel did drop away from her chest and fell down to the chair she was sitting on.

She left it there and leant back as I dried her hair. Her nipples started to poke out "Do you have a brush?" I asked. "Yes in my duffel." I went to her duffel and rummaged around till I found her brush and her vibrator. I brought the brush back and started to brush out her long hair. She leant back into the chair letting her hair fall unrestricted down over the back and giving me an unrestricted view of her entire body down to her pussy, coated in a fine stubble of blond hair.

I was Horney and had a huge boner tenting my shorts. I adjusted it so it wasn't so obvious and said. "There you go all dried and brushed. Would madam require anything else?" "Madam will need her towel tied of properly please." She got up out of the chair and faced me naked with the towel in her hand. "If I lift up the cast can you tie it around me?" I just stood and admired her body for a bit and said "you have an incredible body just like your Moms when I met her." I pulled the towel around her small frame and knotted it in front hiding her charms.

She got on her tip toes and kissed me on the lips. "Thank you Daddy." "After you take a shower I'll probably need a hand getting dressed. OK? I can't stay all day in a towel." "Ok.

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I'll be quick" I resisted the urge to spray the shower walls with cum instead relishing in the images that I had seen of my daughter's body. I stroked my wood slowly and left it hard.

When I got out of the shower she wasn't around. I went to my bed room and saw her still in her towel and painting her toe nails. She had one leg bent at the knee and the other folded under her spreading her sex. "Daddy come here and paint the other foot for me please. It's something else that requires two hands." She sat back against the headboard and handed me the little bottle of paint.

The shape of my cock could be plainly seen under the towel as I sat down on the side of the bed. She placed her other foot in my lap and wriggled her little pink toes. I painted her toes and looked at her snatch pink and wet. The smell she was giving off was making me sweat and my cock even harder as it pressed on her foot.

I finished with trembling hands. She brought both feet into my lap and wriggled her feet around, pressing down on my cock. "Looks good." "Now for the next bit if your game. I need a shave, down there. You know." Are you sure you want me to help you with that?" "Of course it can't be done with one hand. The skin has to be stretched then shaved.

If you like I'll do the shaving and you can do the stretching." "Come into the bathroom and I'll hop up on the vanity. I'll just fold up a towel and sit on it." I walked in behind her and watched as she struggled to sit up on the vanity.

I ended up helping by lifting her leg up. She spread her legs apart exposing her sweet little pussy to me. "Run some hot water in the sink and soap it up then get a razor and we'll start. I'll soap up the bits that need doing and you can pull the skin taught while I shave." I did as she asked and it worked well up until she wanted some strawberry skin cream rubbed in to the shaved areas to prevent razor burn to those sensitive areas. Her pussy had been leaking her juice all the time and when she handed me the tube of cream I lost it and dove down on her snatch licking and biting and pushing my tongue up her pussy as far as I could get it.

When she came she gushed and covered my face. I think she squirted there was so much juice. I stood and watched her face. She was smiling and giggling at the same time. I stepped closer till my cockhead was resting against her outer lips and pressed forward slowly going deeper into her tight channel till I was at the end.

There was still an inch left to go but I could feel the head of my cock touching the spongy entrance to her womb.


Her face changed and she had a look of complete confidence. "Finally." was all she said. I started to pump my hips going slowly at first but increasing the pace as her breathing increased until we both held our hips still and shook having an incredible orgasm together.

I felt string after string of cum fly out of my cock and fill her spasming pussy. "Ahh." she said and sat up and hugged herself to my chest. *Giggles.* "Oh Daddy I've wanted this for years and finally I have your hot cum way up inside me. I Love you daddy." We held each other still breathing heavy. My cock shrank and fell out. I picked her up and took her to my room, our room and we cuddled in bed for the rest of the night. ~ Next we take a day at the beach to paint.