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Gallery movieture gay sex the tall man Jaxon leisurely comes in him
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A direct continuation of the last story. Sorry to disappoint, no sex in this one xD Hey, there can't be sex in everything right?

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Don't worry though, there'll be plenty of it in future chapters. This is a set up chapter for the rest of the story, and since I'm a guy who appreciates plot and development over random sex scenes thrown together, this is what ya get. Hope you like it though :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TWO DAYS LATER] I felt weird. The past few days had crept by very slowly as I kept mulling over the events of two days ago, with my friend Nate.

After his dad had gotten home, I'd left for my own house to give them some time to themselves.


Nate had called since then, but we hadn't discussed what had happened. My feelings on the matter were very confused. One the one hand, I loved what I had done. I'd gotten to suck off my crush. How many people can say that? On the other hand, the situation risked making my friendship with Nate go stale, something I really didn't want. I sighed and rolled over to my side. A new feeling was rising in me at the same time.

Desire. Not sexual desire, per say, but desire to be with him. It was a pipe dream though. He had a girlfriend. Even if he was bi, which I was beginning to think he is, he would not give up a perfectly good girlfriend (and one he could get so much action with, at that) for a guy.

"Gah!" I sighed, rolling back on to my back. The whole situation, combined with all the feelings churning inside of me, was making my head hurt. But that was all cleared away when my phone rang. I knew who it was without even looking, and the thought of talking to him brought a smile to my face. "Hey dude." Nate's voice came from the other end of the phone when I picked it up. "Hey." I replied.

"Need something?" "Yeah, I think we need to talk. Can you meet me at the duck pond in the park in like fifteen minutes?" he asked, his voice unusually serious. My heart began racing in my chest with uncertainty, "Yeah, I guess so.

Is something wrong?" I asked. "I'll explain when we're there. See you in fifteen." he said, and then he hung up. Now I was nervous.

He sounded so serious. Was he angry? Did he finally want to talk about what happened the other day? I couldn't decide what was going on, so I shoved the thoughts aside as much as I could, threw my shoes on, and ran out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting next to him on a park bench, overlooking the duck pond. We sat in awkward silence for several minutes, though it seemed like an eternity, before I finally broke the ice.

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"So.uh.what was it you needed to talk about?" I asked him. He remained silent for a few more seconds, sighed, then spoke. "Its about Olivia. We got into a fight yesterday. I said some things I shouldn't have.

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She broke up with me." he said solemnly. I didn't know whether to feel relieved that we weren't talking about the other day's events, or sad that he was in turmoil over the loss of his girlfriend. To top things off, I was at a loss for what to say. "What did you say to her?" I asked, trying to prod for more information.

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He looked away for a moment, "Called her a cunt. She wouldn't stop arguing with me. Kept saying I wasn't a very attentive person and that I needed to 'listen to my girlfriend more often'.

I couldn't control my frustration. It just slipped out." he explained. I nodded my head with sympathy, "So, she just left?" At this, he let out a weak chuckle, "Well, yes, after she slapped me." he said. I sighed and stayed silent for a moment before replying, "Geez, I'm sorry dude.

I don't know what to say." I told him. "Ryan, can I ask you something?" he suddenly blurted. "Well, sure. What is it?" I replied, trying to keep a sympathetic tone of voice.

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"Do you think I'm a bad person?" he asked, looking slightly away again. At this I laughed. Probably harder than I should have. It drew a confused and slightly annoyed look from Nate.

"What's so funny?" he barked. "Of course I don't think you're a bad person, Nate!" I nearly shouted, still in the process of laughing.

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"So you called your girlfriend a cunt. Probably not the best choice of words, but you're not the first dude to do that. It doesn't make you a bad person." "That's not all I meant." he grumbled. "I mean in general. You know a bit about my past, after all." This took me back. Why was he asking this all of a sudden? Was his breakup with Olivia really affecting him this much?

He did have a point though. He had a reputation in our school as a douche bag, and had been in trouble with the law over underage drinking, but I never thought anything differently about him. "No, I do not think you're a bad person." I repeated, emphasizing the point. He looked up at me with his bright blue eyes, and I was immediately startled by the look he gave me.

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It was somewhat of a pout. His eyes were filled with sadness. I couldn't understand why he was so saddened, but I figured it had something to do with the way he had talked to Olivia, and the things she had said about him right to his face. I hated seeing him so sad and suddenly, impulse took over. I reached over and took his chin in between my index finger and my thumb and pulled him up to me, our lips meeting as we got close. At first he didn't kiss back, but, at the same time, he didn't resist me.

I opened my eyes to examine his face, only to notice he was simply looking at me with a sort of saddened-shocked expression. I pulled away for a moment and stared him right in the eyes.

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He looked at me, not speaking, for a good minute in a half, before leaning in and kissing me right on the lips. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, and before I knew it, we were making out passionately on the park bench. After a minute or two, I pulled away. Confusion swirling through my being. "Are you okay with this?" I asked him, uncertain. He smiled cutely at me, "Yeah.I'm fine with it, actually." I returned his smile, and we were quiet for a few seconds, before he spoke again.

"The other day. When you.well, you know.


you told me you liked me. Is that the truth?" he asked, looking at the concrete walkway beneath our feet. "Yeah." I sighed, looking away in embarrassment. "So, are you gay then?" he asked me. I chuckled.

He had a habit of being incredibly blunt. "No, I'm not gay. I'm bi." I replied, looking back in his direction. "Well, wanna hear something I bet you never thought of? I am too." he replied, half smiling at me. Before two days ago, this revelation would've shocked the hell out of me.

But now, it wasn't so surprising. However, it was comforting. I smiled, leaned in, and kissed him softly on his lips as a form of response. He returned my smile, but became distracted when his phone buzzed. "Dad's texting me. He needs me home. Why don't you come over tonight? You could spend the night and we could play games." he said. "Sure." I replied happily. "That sounds great!" He smiled, kissed me one last time, and was off. Thus was the beginning of a long day I wouldn't soon forget.