Foxxx trap diamond foxxx keiran lee

Foxxx trap diamond foxxx keiran lee
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The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy. __________________________________________________________ I had moved into this new town about a month ago when my dad got a job promotion and here I was sharing my new fiend, Jason's mother's naked body.

She was on her hands and knees between us and I was balls deep with my 6 inch prick in her still pretty tight cunt from behind and he was down her throat with his balls bouncing off her chin. One thing that made it even hotter for me was that they are black and I'm white. I had never been with a Black before. I held her hips and every time I thrust into her, she rocked forward and swallowed Jason's 7 inches to the root.

She was making constant moans of pleasure and fucking me back as best she could. Jason smiled at me, "My mom's a real fuck slut who really likes young guys.


She won't let me fuck her cunt because I'm her son and she's got a hang-up about that, but any time I bring home someone about my age to fuck her she gives me a great blowjob or lets me fuck her ass or anything else I want. When I saw that you have a good sized thick cock in the gym shower, I knew that she would love getting fucked by you.

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It sounds like Mom is. She'll do about anything you tell her to do." Jason's mom was a real MILF. She was 5'4" and only weighed about 115 pounds. She had a small waist, a bubble butt and firm tits the shape and size that would make any 16 year old girl want them. Her nipples were big and just begged to be sucked and tweaked, and her skin, it was it was the color of the finest milk chocolate and smooth as a baby's ass without a blemish anywhere on her body.

Her lips were puffy and her nose was a little flat. She had short black tightly curled hair. She was the perfect Black woman. I couldn't imagine any guy that would not want to fuck the shit out of her, over and over and over. Jason told me, "She had me when she was young. She was pretty sure that her father was my father because when she was (16), she had a 16 year old boyfriend and he talked her into having sex with him.

They did it several times but he always wore a condom. One afternoon, her father came home and caught them. He pulled the boy off and punched him several times and chased him away.

He was so angry that he threw my mom down on the bed and raped her without protection. He did the same thing for the next several nights without even hiding it from his wife. He fucked her till he came in her each time.

Then he packed up his stuff and left. It was after that that Mom found out that she was pregnant with me. Mom never got married. We only have a one bedroom apartment so we have shared a bed all my life." The story was hot but her pussy was hotter. I hadn't fucked her for more than a minute when she had her first big orgasm. I could tell she was not faking it because her pussy juices were running down the insides of her legs. I fucked her for five more minutes.

It was hard not to come quickly as her pussy muscles were tightly gripping my shaft. I had to pause and hold on a couple times.

I didn't want this fuck to be over too soon. Jason's mom was now having almost a steady string of orgasms. She was going wild. Jason came first. He didn't pull out. He unloaded his spunk in her mouth. She swallowed her son's baby yogurt as quickly as she could but some of it dripped out of her mouth and a string hung from her chin like an icicle.

I wasn't far behind. I told them I was ready to shoot. "Come in my cunt. I'm safe. I want to feel you filling me with your seed." You didn't have to tell me twice. I blew my load deep in her womb.

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I felt my prick surge four times as each time it shot a blast of my com into her womb. It put her over the edge and she had her hardest orgasm yet. She was shaking and grabbing the sheets and screaming for me to fuck her. I kept fucking as long as I could till I finally slid out. She spun around and sucked our juices off my deflating cock. Jason said that we were going to do something fun. I thought we already had. "Mom, go to the bathroom and get in the shower." She knew what he was telling her we were going to do.

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They had done it before. She got up and went into the shower, squatted down facing us and waited. "Piss. We want to watch you take a piss." She paused for just a few seconds and then a stream of yellow piss started pouring from her pussy and splashing on to the shower floor. When she stopped he told her, "Open your mouth wide." She followed his orders.

He looked at me, "Now we are going to piss on her." He held his pecker about a foot from her face and aimed it at his mother and started to pee. The stream first hit her right in the eyes. He re-directed it and it poured straight into her mouth. "Don't just stand there, piss on her Don." I had never done anything like that but was turned on by it.

I aimed my cock at her and strained till my flow started. My first aim was even worse than Jason's. My stream of urine went in her hair and ran down across her face. I pulled it down till mine was also hitting her open mouth.

"Swallow it Mom. Drink our piss." I watched her gulp down as much as she could but much of our piss still ran down her face and dripped off her tits. While we were giving her a golden shower, she had her hand between her legs rapidly rubbing her clit. When our bladders were empty, she got up and showered off all the piss that had landed all over her glistening brown body.

"OK Don, what else would you like to do to my mom?" I thought for a minute. "I want to watch her shove a cold can of pop in her cunt. I've seen it in pornos and I want to watch her do it." She went to the bed and Jason ran to the kitchen and came back with a can of pop out of the fridge. He handed it to his mother, "You know what he wants you to do." When she first touched it between her pussy lips, she shivered and pulled it away.

"Do it Ma." She put it back between her cunt lips and lined it up with her fuck hole. She rubbed and wiggled and pushed it around till her hole started to open to take it in. Finally the full diameter of the can was within her opening as it stretched around it. Now she started to slowly work it into her cunt.

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When it was about half way in she paused. "Fuck, that's so cold." I spoke up, "Start fucking yourself with it." She pulled it most of the way out and then pushed it back in. She repeated this several times. She had gotten it further in so that there was just enough still sticking out for her to hang on to. You could see and hear that she was starting to get into it.

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"Push it all the way in so your cunt closes around it." She pushed it deep with two fingers till her cunt swallowed the whole can and closed around it so you could not see the can any more.

"Keep it there till I tell you to push it out." You could see her shivering. "OK push it out." She acted like she was forcing out a big turd and the can came flying out of her cunt. "Lick it clean." She did.

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It was getting late and my parents said I have to be home by 9 on school nights so I told them that I had to get going. I put on my clothes and headed for the door. Jason's mom came over and put my hands on het tits and gave me a kiss. "Did I do good? I hope you will want to come back again.


We can do more fun things." Jason and his mom stood side by side as I left. Both were still naked and Jason had one arm around her, holding one of her tits. The next day I saw Jason at school. We stood by his locker and I told him, "Wow, that was one fuckin' special night. Your mom is sure one hot slut. I've never done anything like that." Jason replied, "Mom was disappointed that that you had to go so soon. Tell your folks that you are going to spend the night at my house on Friday and come over and spend the whole night.

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We can have a lot more fun with Mom. She'll do just about anything you can think of." 913