Real casting teen banged after giving a bj

Real casting teen banged after giving a bj
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Shukaku Ichibi, Emperor of the Demons, and leader of the Demon Army, led his prize up to his den, overlooking his demons as they celebrated their victory over the Templar. They jumped and danced, and flamedemons lit massive bonfires. Howls and roars and growls all made their way up into the heavens, mingling in eerie, wild chorus.

Their celebrations were wild ones, rejoicing in the rush of battle and their resplendent victory by embracing those instincts which are most primal, those things most revered by the demons. Mock battles were waged, great tales, many exaggerated, were told, with sweeping gestures and often loud sound effects. Feasting began, the demons tearing into carcasses both raw and roasted, deer, and elk, sheep, and many other creatures, all were devoured in mass by the celebrating demons.

Blood flowed and the tearing of flesh and cracking of bone mingled with the growing chorus of the demons. And, still filled with the wild spirit of the hunt, the raging desire of battle, demons mated.

Hard and fast, rough and tumble, as is the way with those who are wild. Shukaku himself overlooked the spectacle, from atop the dome of the massive rock, in the shape of a wolf's skull, that made his den. He resided in his half-demon form for now, feeling that his newest pet would be more comfortable with a humanoid shape, but still wanting to retain the demons within. Nearly eight feet tall, and five feet across at the shoulders, Shukaku was a massive, pale-skinned, muscled monster, his black leather pants tight on his formidable frame.

In his lap was a shadow nymph, his chosen price for committing his demons to the fight the Shadowman had waged against the Templar.

He cared little for her actual name, and had already decided what to call her. Dark Nymph. She stood six feet tall, her curves were large, she flaunted them with ease and confidence.

blood-red hair and intimidating red eyes graced a pretty face with a mouthful of fangs. All of which now belonged solely to the Demon Emperor. "See my demons, Dark Nymph? See how they glory in the kill, in the hunt? See how they celebrate our victory, and revel in the very fact that they are demons?" There was pride in his voice, pride in himself and his pack.

"They are strong, my Emperor, and very impressive." the nymph said quietly, rubbing her backside over her new master's groin. She had plans of her own, and had determined as soon as she learned of the Shadowman's transaction that she would be Emperor Shukaku 's favorite, and eventually Queen of the Demons.

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Young though she was, she knew full well the best way to get into a man's favor. She smirked, feeling his large shaft swell beneath her. Shukaku growled softly, feeling her shift and shudder over his powerful demonhood. She was already enticing enough; must she tempt him all the more?What is it you are trying to accomplish, Dark Nymph?" he asked her, his voice a deep bass, gravelly. The female smiled up at him, a nymphet in the arms of a beast. She ground her rear over his hard demon-rod once more, harder, and licked her black lips.

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"My Emperor Ichibi, your demons they celebrate their victory before you! Is it not more right for you to take your prize first, to claim what is yours before all others?" She could feel the need building deep inside her feminine core already, her nectar beginning to stain the black leather thong. She ground her ass harder over his demoncock, wanting Shukaku to lose his control. "I let my demons partake in the celebration as and when they wish, and I will take you when I am ready," he replied evenly.

"Would you really want me to take you right here, in the open, in front of all my demons? Do you wish for them to see you so humiliated, on all fours before your Emperor?" The nymph grinned, turning to face him in his lap, her hard nipples brushing against his chest, feeling the hard muscle and pale skin through her top. Not in front of them all, but on all fours before him; that was what exactly what she wanted.

She dropped the straps on her thin top, revealing her large, round breasts to the Demon Emperor. She guided his huge hands to them, let him feel her soft and supple skin. "You are the Emperor of this land, the leader of this army, and the. Why not take what is yours, take me into your den, Demon Emperor, and make your prize your proper bitch? Take what is yours, Emperor Ichibi!" she urged him, her breath coming in a little hiss, as she ground her throbbing heat against his now rock-hard shaft.

Shukaku snarled, her words and her willingness making the decision for him. He quickly lifted the female from his lap, carrying her into his dimly lit den.

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He laid his Dark Nymph on the pile of furs he slept on, and removed the leather pants he wore, ripping them from his muscular body. His cock bounced into view, large and intimidating, twenty inches in length, and at least five inches wide. The nymph gasped, in awe and fear of her new master's massive tool. She tore at her clothes, her pussy eager to engulf such a monster cock. In seconds she was naked before him, spreading the lips of her cunt wide for her Demon Emperor's inspection.

Shukaku flipped his slave over, and pulled her up onto her hands and knees, her ass high in the air.

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The incredibly broad head of his demonscock stroked over her wet cunt, making her shiver in delight. "This will hurt, and you will take it anyway," he snarled. "And you will remember, Dark Nymph, that not only do you belong to me, but you also asked for this!" He slammed his monster cock deep inside her body, forcing her to take his entire shaft. He growled a little, the female's hot cunt possibly the tightest he'd ever had.

He held still a moment, allowing his cock to get used to her incredibly tight, hot, and soaking wet pussy, and to give her a chance to recuperate from his first thrust. The shadow nymph breathed hot and heavy, her juices already dripping down the thick shaft, mixed with drops of red. "M-my Emperor, mmph, unh, it's t-too much!" she said, her voice forced and shaky, barely able to keep her body upright on her palms.

Her claws dug into the furs below her, and she hoped that Shukaku wouldn't be too rough on her tight cunt. The Demon Emperor dragged his massive shaft from her cunt slowly, and carefully, allowing his newest fuckslave the opportunity to feel every ridge and vein along the thick length. The nymph moaned and twitched as the girth was slowly removed, arching her back as it rubbed inside her tight womanhood, preparing herself for the next inevitable thrust.

"Does this please you, Dark Nymph?" he asked her, voice gruff, as left the head stretching her cunt's lips. "I-it hurts.but it's good, too, so good, M-master!" she answered, her voice shrill, and half-lost from lack of breath, as she tightened her pussy around his massive demoncock's head. Just it alone was enough to please her; she couldn't imagine how her body could take the whole length the night through. He rotated the head of his cock in small circles inside her cunt, stretching it further, forcing her to get used to the size.

"What do you want of me, Dark Nymph?" The nymph bared her fangs, giving a shaky groan out as the male stretched her open, flicking her tail against his chest.

"I-I want you to f-fill me, Demon Emperor ! Give me your passion!" she exclaimed, her voice a whimper, her juices seeming to pour out over the head, lubricating it inside of her. Shukaku growled again, a demon's chuckle.


"As you wish," he replied, and slammed his monster cock into her waiting cunt. He once more forced her to take all 20 inches in one go, sheathing his cock in her tight shadow nymph-pussy. The devilgirl cried out from the powerful thrust into her body, a mix of pleasure and pain washing over her. Her juices, hot and sticky poured out from her cunt, just this second thrust enough to bring her to the first climax of the night, her body shaking while her long arms struggled to support it.

Shukaku held still, enjoying the feel of such a tight pussy spasming on his cock, and letting the nymph get used to the huge amount of flesh he was slamming into her body.

She breathed heavily, her scent filling the air around them. "M-master, pleeeease, give me more!" She moaned hungrily, her pussy soon getting used to the thick girth inside it, desiring the pleasure its brutal thrusts gave her once more. Shukaku pulled his cock free, and gripped her hips. With a roar, he started pounding the tight shadow nymph onto the ground in front of him. His cock filled her cunt over and over, twenty inches of thick cock pounding into her thin, flexible body.

The femme cried out loudly, unable to make words audible. She dug her claws into the furs, and the ground below it, arms long given out under the stress. The nymph's juices flowed almost non-stop, climaxing again after a few more thrusts, then again a few minutes later.

It hurt, but it was an incredibly delicious hurt, the monstrous demoncock tearing her cunt open, the sensations washing over her body. "You will understand that you are mine now, Dark Nymph, my slave, my toy, my nymph-fucktoy, and I shall take you however, whenever, and wherever I wish!" Shukaku roared, and fucked his slave even harder, wrapping one powerful hand in her hair, and pulling her entire upper body up, pressing his cock deeper into her cunt.

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"Tell me what you are, Dark Nymph! Do you understand what you are to me yet?" She screamed out in tormented ecstasy, moaning loudly with every thrust. "Yes, Emperor, yes! I'm your fucktoy, your shadow nymph cunt!" she gasped out, tears of pleasure and pain forming in her eyes as her hair was pulled.

Her hot girl-cum poured over the giant cock between her thighs, mixed with the drops of blood from the brutalizing thrusts into her tight womanhood. All the female could do was give into the pleasure ripping her senses apart, and hope that the Demon Emperor would soon take his pleasure. "What?" he said with a growl. "I couldnt hear you!" He slammed his cock faster and harder into what was definitely the tightest, hottest, wettest cunt he'd ever fucked, feeling his own climax perilously close, his hot, thick cum boiling in his sack, his monster cock ready to explode within her.

"I'm your fucktoy!! Good god, Shukaku, fuck me harder!" She screamed louder, surely making herself heard from the other demons out in the valley. A puddle of her juices was building on the ground beneath them, and she desperately wanted Shukaku's hot cum dripping from her cunt down into that puddle. Her words sent him over the edge, and his cock erupted in massive amounts of hot cum. The hot, sticky seed gushed into the nymph's cunt, splashing down her thighs and Shukaku's crotch as it squirted out of her already too-full cunt.

He howled, loud and long, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt, pumping so many hot jets of cum into the shadow nymph slut that they both lost count.

Lithium's body tensed and squirmed, her tight cunt spasming rapidly over the huge cock, their juices mixing deep inside her. It poured out below them, staining the furs with their combined cum. The female's cries of intense bliss joined Shukaku's, filling the den with echoes of their pleasure, before dying down after several moments as her body collapsed from exhaustion. He slid his cock from her now-gaping cunt, and pressed the head to her mouth, still holding her hair.

"Clean up your cock, Dark Nymph," he ordered. She blushed, doing as her Demon Emperor commanded, summoning what was left of her strength. The girl's tongue licked hotly around the head, her warm mouth soon wrapped over it, drinking up his cum eagerly. "Aaah." he said, his voice low and rough.

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"That's it, drink your Emperor dry," he commanded, his voice magic on her ears. Her tiny mouth felt so hot on his cock. The nymph purred as she swallowed his seed, the hot white liquid easily flowing down her throat, filling her belly.

Pushing her head further down, she took in more of the monstrous cock, curling her hot tongue around the shaft, licking up all the cum she could. He laughed as she managed to get a mere five inches of his cock inside her mouth, unable to fit any more. "Per'aps you'd fare better simply licking the rest of it off, Dark Nymph." She nodded and blushed more, embarrassed by her lack of ability to take in more with her mouth, but contenting herself to her long tongue.

Her saliva covering it, she easily slid her tongue down the length, licking up every drop of cum that she could.


He growled softly, enjoying every swipe of her tongue as she licked his cock clean. "Like how we taste,Nymph?" "Of course, my Emperor.

It's delicious," the female answered, using her hands to get what was left at the base, which she was unable to reach with her tongue, licking off her fingers and smiling up at her Emperor.

"Will you be ready for more soon, Emperor Shukaku?" Shukaku grinned. That was the best cunt he'd had in a long time, and the damn slut wanted more already. He looked down at the powerful shaft between his muscled thighs, still rock hard, shiny with his slave's good cleaning.

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Perhaps she would make a good mate after all.