Most beautiful chick getting some

Most beautiful chick getting some
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I couldn't go on with my work out.

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My body felt limp, weak and about ready to give up and die. "Need water?" My brother, Jacob handed me a water bottle with a lovely sprinkle of condensation forming on the outside. I nodded, "Yes!" said a breathless Colleen.

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I would have liked my name if I didn't figure out a few years ago that my parents named me after an aunt who was later put in jail. No wonder my parents never tell us about her, they are ashamed. Every family has their problems… little did I know my brother and I would be adding to them. "It's getting late." Jacob said, flinging a towel around his neck to soak up the sweat beads dripping from his body.

"Mom and dad said our curfew was 11:00." He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. "What's the point of a 24 hour fitness place if you can't use it for 24 hours!?" I groan in un pleased manner.

"These other people can.

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We can't without mom and dad because they are nervous when we drive or are anywhere at night for that matter." Jacob pushes the door open of the fitness center as soon as I have gathered my stuff, and lagly following behind. "Come on, Colleen!" I roll my eyes, "Shut up!" I scream at him. An old couple give us the stink eye and I was half expecting my brother to give them the finger, but he showed some sort of respect and kept his fingers around his bag.

He made it up by mumbling *fuck you* "Stop it, that's so embarrassing." I say, sliding into the car. "When people walk past, they will think you escaped an institution." I fastened my seat belt and put my ear buds in my ears and checked my phone.' 25 messages from Tyler.

Shit, I hope he isn't mad' I thought to myself. I texted him back saying I was working out and that he can come over tomorrow to hang out. "Ooooo, Tyler!" Jacob looks over my shoulder as I am texting.

"OOOOOO Tyler!" He repeats again when I take my ear buds out. "Stop being retarded." I push his head out of the view from him reading my private conversation and I slouch over so he doesn't read them. "I'm hungry." "So?" Jacob starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot.

"Why inform me? I can't feed you." "But you have a car… you can take me to go get a burger." I reach into my bag and pull out my wallet. "I'll pay." I bribe him. He licks his lips, as if debating if this decision is 'safe' or not.

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I hate when he does that. Annoys the shit out of me. "……Fine!" He says as he turns the opposite way and heads to Burger King.

"Um… not Burger King&hellip. Dairy Queen." I point down the dim lit road and Jacob groans. "Whatever." He mumbles again and I get furious.

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Being Jacob, he just chuckles, "Colleen, you dirty girl. You probably wanna gaze at my cock before chopping it off." He bats his eyes and I bend over and dig through my bag. "Hmmmmm&hellip." I say, scrounging around in my bag, pretending to look for my nail file, even though I know it is at home, safe and sound in my vanity drawer.

"I know it's in here somewhere." "Colleen, cut it out." He reluctantly turns down the street, as if he is defending himself from being brutally hurt. I have trained him well. We stop by Dairy Queen, and order through the drive through, and Jacob offers to pay for the burgers surprisingly. I let him too. (Kiss ass of a brother I got) We drive home, and race to the door, barreling through it to get to the kitchen.

"Colleen, you wouldn't actually do that to me, right?" Jacob stands in the door way of the kitchen after he locks up the front door. "Jacob, get real. I cry when dad kills spiders. I wouldn't kill you. God, your so gullible sometimes." I roll my eyes as I pierce my teeth into the hamburger bun.

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"Well, Colleen, I did see that razor blade on your dresser… and I have been noticing some scars on your forearms." He walks closer to me and sits on the bar stool next to me. "What's going on, Colleen? Is someone making you feel stressed or worked up?" he places a hand on my left shoulder, basically putting his arm around me. I take a deep breath and let it all out with a sigh, "Jake…" I set down my burger, "Being 16 is just so hard right now. So much pressure!

Fucking tests and teachers with bad attitudes who think they know it all. So called friends gossiping about you behind your back, guys you like are linking up with your best friends… a prayer through out the day that you survive your junior year of high school… I now know the meaning of that saying, 'High school is tough' because IT IS!" Jacob is actually listening intently.

He has a heart, sometimes. "I know how it is, Colleen. Senior year is harder. I had to break up Kaylee because of the truck load of shit I have to finish. College applications, my last hours of community service, volunteer work, and stuff. Plus I help coach the little league baseball, and that is a chore unto it's self." He hugs me full on now. I inhale and I smell sweat mixed with his potent deodorant, which smells heavenly to me.

I like how clean, good looking guys smell. "What do you do to cope?" He starts to chuckle and pulls back on the hug.

"Uh… that's kind of personal." He goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge. "Come on, Jacob! Tell me!" I kinda already had a hunch of what it was, but I wanted to hear it from him first hand and to see if my hunch was the truth. "You can't hid behind the fridge door all night, mom and dad would get so mad and scream at you for wasting energy." He closes the fridge and walks over to the counter and smiles deviously, "I masturbate." I almost fell off my chair, "You masturbate?" "Oh come on, Colleen!

Almost every guy does it when they aren't getting any!" He takes a fry out of the cardboard container and shoves it in his mouth. "I know, Jake." I giggle.

I knew he did it too. I watched him from time to time and I got so turned on from it. I would watch him from the closet and pull down my little panties and I would- "Do you masturbate too, sis?" He asks, interrupting my thoughts and looking very serious.

"Uh…&hellip." I look up, and around the room and back into his hazel eyes, "Yes&hellip." I take a quick bite from my hamburger to hide my embarrassment. "Damn… that's fuckin sexy." He says.


His hand reaches for my wrist and he makes me set down the burger. "This is going to be so weird… but&hellip. Would you like to&hellip." He doesn't finish. He lets go of my wrist and it falls to the counter. "No, Jake, what were you going to say after that?" I lean in closer to be sure and let him know I am all ears.

"It's dirty and wrong." He stares right into my brown eyes and a little smile forms on his lips. "I like anything dirty and wrong." I say in a low and seductive voice.

'Should I be arousing my brother?' I ask myself silently. He licks his lips and purses his lips together, "I was going to ask if you would like to watch each other masturbate because I am beyond horny right now!" "Seeing all those girls in running shorts and sports bras has got you worked up, huh?" I tease him, knowing that is the last thing he needs right now.

His smile broadens and he nods, "Yes they did. Your working me up right now." His eyes beg for mercy and I stand up and giggle. "Come with me." I grab his hand and we walk upstairs to my room. My room is pretty big. Both mine and Jacob's rooms are pretty big sized.

Our house is pretty large, and to support such a large house, mom and dad own their own advertising company. It keeps them away from the city a great deal of the months and that gives Jacob and I free range for company, parties, or night time guests. He sits on the green bean bag chair, and he unzips his pants. "WAIT!" I demand. I go into my bathroom and shut the door, leaving my eyes in line with my own as I stare at my petite figure in my full length mirror. I take off my sweaty t-shirt and peel off the clingy, stretchy sports bra.

I un sheathed myself from my yoga pants and panties. There I was left naked. I cupped my 36 B breasts in my hands and I gulped. I was about to show myself to my brother. We are just going to masturbate, no big deal. I have done that with plenty of guys before. 'You're basically a pro at this.' I say to myself. I look at my slightly hairy pussy. Little blonde wisps of hair cover it in a pretty V patch. I lick my lips to quench their slight dryness. "Here goes." I gulp and walk out of the bathroom… tucking a piece of my blonde hair behind my ear.

"Holy fuck." My brother is just in his basketball shorts and his upper body is breathtaking. Never thought of my brother with lust before… "Come closer." He motions me to come over to him by curling his finger inwards. He smiles and gently takes my wrist in his hands when I am within reach.

"I won't make you touch it, but I want to touch to you." He looks into my eyes and I quiver. "I'll touch it." I say… bending down to take his shorts off. "Hold up…" He brings me up again and his e yes trail down to my breasts.

"I just want to feel these babies up first." His touch tingles throughout my whole body and he circles his palms to my areolas. His finger tips circle my areolas to my nipples and he rolls them with his thumb. My nipples already hard from them being exposed to the cool air. I bite my lip from the luxurious feeling that he is giving me.

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All thoughts of Jacob being my brother completely slip my mind. "Jacob, fuck me!" I whisper. Jacob stops touching me, he takes my hands and a chuckle escapes his lips, "Anything for you, baby sister." He backs me up to my bed and as soon as I feel the bed spread on the back of my legs, I fall backward on it. He leaves for a split second to get the lights and close the door, then comes back to me.

"God, never knew my sister could be this sexy." "I never knew my brother could get aroused so easily." I back my ass up on the bed and I lay myself down flat. "I'm a guy, Colleen, anything nude with breasts give us a boner." He looks at me funny, "Who said you get the bottom?" "What?

I just assumed… I mean… I always get the bottom when I have sex." I have sex at least 4 times with 3 different boyfriends. I'm not a slut, I just like the concept of sex. "No… your getting the top, sister." He tilts his head to the right, like 'get up.' And I get up and let him have his 'normal' spot.

"There, now take my shorts off." I don't hesitate. I love looking at his cock when I get the chance. I grab the scrunched waist band and pull down, slowly revealing his 9 inch cock. A 'Grinch' smile over comes my face. "My, my, my. That is quite a package you have there." He grins. "I'm proud of it." I giggle and finish taking off his shorts. He kicks them off his ankles and tosses them to the ground with his feet.

"I'm gonna blow your mind." I whisper to him. "Give me all you got, baby sis." He just can't resist calling a girl 'baby' in some form. I squat down and lower myself onto his rock hard erection. Jacob holds my waist with his strong hands and helps me to bounce on it. My hands rest on his perfectly sculpted abs. (I'm a sucker for abs) I look up at him and his light brown hair looks a little darker in the dim light. Oh his hair is always so soft. "Ride me hard!" He commands.

As if that three word sentence is the gun to start off a race, I slam my pussy down on his cock and it enters me. "OH FUCK!" I cry out. It hurt a little bit, but the sting gave up against the strong force of pleasure. "Oh Colleen!" Jacob groans and tightens his grip around my waist. I scrape my finger nails against his abs, trying to cling onto something. I bounce up and down, my pussy clenching tightly around his fat shaft. My legs do most of the work as I move myself up and down on his cock.


"Mmmmmmm Jacob." I moan. The feelings were both experiencing is much, much different than when we fuck other people.

At that instant, my brother became my lover. "OH FUCK COLLEEN! FASTER!" He thrusts his hips into the air, trying to reach the depths of my pussy, wanting to get deeper and deeper.

"Oooooohhh!" I cry out. His cock wedged deeply inside my body is the feeling unlike any other feeling. It's truly remarkable. As I bounced my body, my little titties flounced and jiggled as my body moved with such fast pace. Jacob took my right breast and started to suck on my thick nipple (I do have very thick nipples, but not extremely long) He was sucking on it like he was a baby.

"Ohhh Jacob, suck those nipples." I loved the way he swirled his tongue around my nipple and the lovely feeling aroused in my insides, making me more and more wet. My pussy was being pounded by this beautiful cock.

Jacob stopped licking my nipple and looked up at me, "Colleen, you taste so good." He licks the skin in between my breasts and he moans. I bounce faster and faster. I just get a glimpse of the clock on my night stand and it read 12:30.

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It's only been 20 minutes. 'Damn, Jacob can hold a while.'. I bounced faster and faster and suddenly, Jacob's face tensed up. "Oh Colleen, I'm gonna cum!" He gripped my waist and wanted to keep me there. I had a better idea. I escaped his grasp, and slid off his cock, and jacked him off with my hands, "Cum on my pretty little face, Jacob." I took my other hand and dipped it into my pussy, so wet with my juices and Jacob's precum.

"OH OH OH!" a long strand of cum shot up onto my face. It coated my lips and dripped down my chin. A second load of thick, creamy sperm covered my breasts. I put just the tip of his cock into my mouth and a third load exploded into my mouth. I swallowed and licked my lips, releasing his now soft cock to rest between his slightly hairy legs. "Oh my god… that was fucking amazing." Jacob said, breathlessly. I nod. "I never knew you could be such a good lover." I say, laying down next to him.

"I can bring many surprises at surprisingly odd times." He puts his arm around me and we both fall asleep, knowing were safe for the morning because our parents don't come home for another week.