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In the future, robotics and advanced A.I. become a ubiquitous part of society, aiding mankind in all facets of everyday life. However, they still retained the cold impersonal look of a machine until a new development rocketed over the uncanny valley. Grown rather than built, this new kind of being was made possible by hacking the human genome and combining biology with nanomachines: cyborgs down to the cellular level, but outwardly perfectly human in appearance.

Too perfect, in fact. Over concerns of the new artificial people posing as real humans, world governments quickly acted to require that they all be made to possess a clearly visible non-human trait, which was accomplished in a variety of ways by drawing upon both fanciful fiction and animal DNA.

Now, they live and work among us, programmed to serve.

You can even have sex with them. These are some of their stories. These are the CYBORGANIC BIOROID CHRONICLES "The Nyanny" by the Perv Otaku "I've decided." "Oh?" I asked, looking up from my morning coffee.

My wife Amanda hadn't bothered putting on a shirt yet, or even a bra, mostly because our infant son Franklin was currently suckling warm milk from one of her delicious tits, but also because she knew I appreciate the view.

Presumably this was about the question that had been looming ever since she discovered her pregnancy, whether or not she was going to return to work when her maternity leave was up. My own job paid well enough that we would have managed okay on just the one income, but with the second income on hand we would have no problem making the monthly payments on a nanny.

It really came down to the fact that Amanda was a rather high ranked person at her job and had worked hard to get there, and she enjoyed it so very much. However, the maternal instinct is strong, and many a gung-ho career woman has left it all behind in a heartbeat to stay home with her child. "I've got to go back," Amanda said. "I've done as much as I can telecommuting, but even with that, they're not managing as well as they can with me there.

If I do decide to quit and be a housewife later on, it has to be with a much better transition period." "Well alright then," I replied. "Now that that's settled, when do you want to go pick out a nanny?" "Oh, go ahead without me. You know I hate the pushy salesmen in those kinds of places.

I trust your judgement." "I'll go today after work, then.

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That'll give you plenty of time with her before you start work again. Any preference on what kind I get?" She gave me a sly look and said, "You goofball. I know exactly what kind you want. Go ahead, you have my permission." A broad grin formed across my face and I leaned down to give her a deep, loving kiss.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" "Every day," she replied. "Now get going, or you'll be late." - - - The door chimed as I entered the shop.

Dozens of them stood inside, mostly young women dressed in simple cotton panties and loose fitting cropped tank tops that didn't quite reach down far enough to cover the underside of their breasts, but also a handful of men dressed in boxer shorts. "Ah, hello. Can I interest you in a used bioroid today?" asked the lone human as he stepped forward. He was slightly balding, with a thick moustache and a wearing a suit. He very nearly fit all the clichés of his profession.

"As a matter of fact, yes," I replied. "My wife and I just had a baby and we're in the market for a nanny." "Ah, congratulations!" he said, clasping his hands together. "What a happy occasion. I can definitely help you with that. I'm Marvin. Call me Marv." "I'm Mike," I said in return. "Well Mike, did you have anything particular in mind? See anything you like?" Marv asked. "I was thinking about going with something of the feline persuasion," I said. "Oh, an excellent choice.

Very popular. I believe I do have some in stock. Won't you please step over here while I call them over," he said, leading the way as he tapped out some commands on his computer pad. Five bioroids around the store suddenly came out of standby mode and walked to the middle of the store, lining up in front of us. All five had cat ears on top of their heads and a furry tail hanging from their rear. I suppressed a gleeful giggle. I stepped closer to examine them. These were no mere costume pieces.

The ears were honest-to-goodness flesh and fur, just like on the animal itself, and completely functional. All of them had hair styles that covered the sides of their heads, but I reached out and brushed it aside on one of them. Her tail twitched as I touched her, and I could see that there indeed was no human ear underneath.

I took a step back to look over my choices. One had Asian features and skintone, which seemed quite appropriate for a catgirl. Another had a dark African complexion, talk about your black cats.

However, a Caucasian family with a non-Caucasian servant? Even though they are just bioroids, the idea of it smelled of unfortunate implications. Too much of a throwback to centuries ago. The third option was tall, with dark hair and sharp features. She looked like the kind of person that would be stern, no-nonsense, and nearly emotionless.

No doubt her personality could be set to anything, but anything else just wouldn't suit her, and while that did have an allure all its own and frankly is rather spot-on for a cat, it wouldn't make for the best of nannies. The fourth was a little shorter than the others, with a soft, cheerful face and dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders. Without realizing it I instinctively put my hand up, placed it on her head and scratched behind her ear.


Her eyes closed as she tilted her head into my hand. I ran my hand down the back of her head, and then again, and again.


She opened her eyes again and matched my smile. "And what's your name?" I asked. "Meowlissa," she replied cheerfully. Oh my God. That was adorable. Her voice was adorable. She was adorable. I couldn't stop petting her. "Of course you can name her anything you like," Marv broke in. "They're completely customizable. The eyes and hair can be changed to any color in the crayon box, though for the hair you have to wait for it to grow out. You can also adjust the general body fat and breast size within a particular range, but again it takes a few weeks to metabolize the shift." No, she was perfect just like she was.

Medium build, thin but not skinny, and perky breasts above average in size. I took a step back to stop from embarrassing myself further. "Now let me show you how this works," Marv continued. "All parameters are set with easy slider controls on a data pad like this one via the built-in wifi. It can be password or thumbprint protected, and there's a hard lockout on bioroids themselves.

These are specially designed so only humans can access them. Now, these animal types also have an additional option here. Over to this side, perfect English diction. Move it over this way, and you can add some speech impediments. You can make her stumble over certain words with kitty noises, 'Meowlissa' instead of 'Melissa' as you saw. You can also make her end every sentence with one. On the other extreme, she can't speak at all, crawls around on all fours, and basically thinks she's an actual house cat." That certainly held some possibilities.

"These units all come factory standard programmed for simple clerical jobs and standard household duties. Cooking, cleaning, child care, as well as medical knowledge for common conditions and self-defense techniques should the need arise, heaven forbid.

Ah, everything we sell here also comes installed with the aftermarket adult activities package, although it can be removed if your wife doesn't approve?" Marv added, letting the last sentence trail out into a question. "No, that's quite alright. We discussed that, and she's on board for, uh, adult activities," I answered.

In fact, Amanda was very bisexual. Even after we were married we had regular threesomes with her former roommate, who was a lesbian. That ended when she moved out of state to chase her dream job, and Amanda got pregnant shortly after that, so we hadn't gotten around to finding her new pussy to play with. That problem was about to be solved.

"Ah, you lucky fellow. Dalliances with the nanny are a classic problem for husbands, it's nice to not have to worry.

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Okay, these are the settings on the adult side. You can turn things off completely, complete prude mode, or at the other extreme turn her into a completely insatiable raving nymphomaniac. Of course she'll always be a perfect lady with the kids. This one goes from completely heterosexual to completely homosexual, and varying degrees of bisexual in between. If you ever get into BDSM, you can set her anywhere from submissive painslut to sadistic dominatrix.

Any fetish you want, she'll take it or dish it out." I nodded understanding and tried to will my rapidly hardening cock to calm down. "Have you ever heard the rumor about the adult package?" Marv asked. "No, what's that?" I said. "They say that the package was part of the original bioroid development within Rossum International itself, but their marketing people wouldn't let them include it in the factory-available settings. They didn't want it to look like they were just selling sex bots, right?

On the other hand, they knew that sex can be key to driving new industries. So both having and not having sex programmed into the bioroids would hurt sales.

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They figured out how to have it both ways. They waited until product had been on the market for almost a year, then they leaked the adult package anonymously on the worldnet.

That way, they have plausible deniability about where it came from but still reap the benefits." The salesman winked at that, and then continued droning on, "You know where that name comes from?

Rossum? Most people think it's the company founder, but they're wrong." I could tell that this guy was in love with both his product and the sound of his own voice. I was tempted to let him carry on unabated, but I decided to reveal that I could be clever too. "Karel Capek, isn't it?" I countered.

"I'm impressed, my good sir," he said. "And of course Capek was unaware that the first advances would be in mechanical automatons, so his robots were manufactured out of flesh and bone.

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Now we've come full circle, the best of both worlds. Flesh, yes, but bones assembled from lightweight alloy and carbon fiber, a silicon neural net brain, electroactive polymer muscles, a heart that whirs with a pair of impellers rather than the beats of four chambers." "Capek's story also included the robots rising up and exterminating their human masters, did it not?" I pointed out.

A theme that was repeated many times in later science fiction. Some groups that protested the use of artificial intelligence professed that this scenario was now only a matter of time.

"If you know Capek, you must be familiar with Asimov, yes?" he asked. "Three laws safe," I quoted from the once popular author. "Exactly," he said. "Now Asimov was no fool, he knew the three laws were too simple and spent many of his stories poking holes in them. The bioroids use a much more complex morality and obedience encoding to prevent any small-scale or large-scale problems. They know what they are and they're content to be what they are.

And while their personalities are good enough to pass most general Turing tests, they don't have a full sentience, either. Rossum International is working on it, of course, but they only want the Nobel Prize out of it. They've vowed to never mass produce a fully alive artificial intelligence." "Our grandparents had it easy," I said. "They didn't have to worry about anybody making comparisons between their household appliances and slavery." The salesman laughed at that.

"It's a brave new world, to quote yet another old writer. Well then, I can see you've taken a liking to Meowlissa here, are you ready to talk financing? We have a special running for a no money down payment plan." I nodded. I was ready to sign the contract and take her home. "Splendid!

Meowlissa dear, go in the back and fetch yourself a dress, a pair of shoes, and a charging pad. The rest of you, return to your places," he ordered. He continued explaining things as he led me to his desk to go over the paperwork. "They subsist mostly on ordinary food, with the addition of a few bioroid-specific supplements. They do require some time on the inductive charging pad though, to keep the internal batteries up. She'll inform you of what she needs, and for the most part she'll attend to it herself.

Very easy upkeep." - - - "Honey, we're home," I shouted over the sound of a crying infant as I led Meowlissa into the kitchen. Amanda walked in with Franklin on her shoulder, patting his back. Meowlissa gasped gleefully and her eyes lit up as she rushed to Amanda's side. "You meowst be little Frankie! Do we have some gassy in our tum-tum?" she cooed. "I can take him if you want," she offered to Amanda. "You're a life saver.

I've been trying to burp him for fifteen minutes," Amanda said, gently passing the baby and burp cloth over to her. "So, this is Meowlissa. Meowlissa, my wife Amanda.

Oh, and there's a calico named Chester somewhere around here," I said. "Well she certainly is cute. I completely approve. Did she come with any other clothes or is that it?" Amanda asked, referring to the simple sun dress, tennis shoes, and blue leather collar around her neck with a small bell hanging from it.

"The dealership only provided what she has on. Well, we did stop on the way home for the collar," I admitted. "You're incorrigible, you know that?" Amanda said. When she's right, she's right. "Alright, I'll have to take her shopping tomorrow. Hmm. That tail makes certain clothes tricky, doesn't it." "Some things are available tailored to bioroids with tails. Everything else I can alter as nyacessary," Meowlissa said. Just then Franklin finally burped and stopped crying.

"There we go! You're a purrrfect little angel nyow, aren't you?" - - - "She's certainly working out so far. She's great with Franklin and she's an excellent cook," Amanda said. We were resting together on the family room couch while Meowlissa put Franklin down for the night.

Chester had even decided to come out and had made himself comfortable on my lap. "I finyally got him to sleep. How is he during the nyight so far?" Meowlissa asked as she walked into the room. "Typical baby," I shrugged. "He'll be up at least once." "Well don't you two worry about a thing.

I've got it covered from nyow on," she said. "Oh, that's brilliant. Why did I ever even consider the other alternative?" Amanda said. Then she picked up Meowlissa's control pad from the coffee table, made some adjustments, set it back down, patted the empty spot on the couch beside her, and said, "Come sit by me, dear." Meowlissa did as requested.

I watched as Amanda snuggled up close to her, put her hand on Meowlissa's cheek, and slowly moved in to kiss her. Meowlissa responded immediately and the two of them started making out with a great deal of enthusiasm. Within a few minutes they were pawing at each other's breasts through their clothing. A few minutes after that, they started pulling each other's clothes off and resumed kissing while topless, with Amanda occasionally taking a break from sucking face to suck on Meowlissa's titties instead.

Judging by the moans they were quite enjoying each other. At some point Chester decided all that movement was too close for comfort and moved to a different chair, which was fine with me since my cock was extremely hard at this point and I was finally able to drop my pants and start stroking it while enjoying the show. Once Amanda noticed that I had it out, she traded seats with Meowlissa and pushed her towards me. I got the message, patted my leg, and said, "Here kitty, kitty.

Want to sit on my lap?" "Meow!" she exclaimed, then slid her panties off and straddled me in the cowgirl position. I noted that her pubic hair was trimmed to a pleasant peach fuzz. I reached up to stroke her ears and pet her while she lowered her pussy down over my hard cock. I moaned as I entered her and she sank down all the way, pushing my cock completely into her wet cunt. I've got to say, it completely felt like the real thing.

Though I suppose that's much easier to do when you are just using the original human genetics rather than trying to construct it from scratch. Everything down there is exactly as it should be, except that gamete production in the gonads is non-functional, Marv had assured me. My other hand went to her breasts and fondled both of them in turn while I continued petting her and scratching behind her kitty ears.

The bell on her collar jingled as she moved up and down on my rod. My cock stiffened more as I listened to her moaning with a cat voice, instead of "Aaaahhhh" and "Oooohhhh" it was "Meeeoooooow, meeeeeeew, myaaaaaaa." "Ooooohhh, God yes," I moaned, getting close to losing the battle over holding my orgasm back.


Amanda put her hand on my shoulder to get my attention. "I want your cream pie in my pussy," she said, spreading her legs open for me. She had finished getting naked while I had been otherwise occupied. There wasn't any time to waste. I grabbed Meowlissa under her arms, lifted her off of me, flipped myself over onto Amanda and pushed into her dripping wet pussy.

I came instantly, moaning loudly and spraying my spunk up inside her. As soon as I was depleted, she gently shoved me back off of her and said, "Does kitty want a tasty creamy treat?" Ah, so that was her game. I couldn't help but grin. "Oh, yummy!" Meowlissa exclaimed while practically diving over me to lick my cum out of Amanda's pussy. She ended up kneeling on the floor in front of her, ass up in the air and her face buried firmly between my wife's legs.

"Oh shit! Oh my fucking God!" Amanda cried out with approval for Meowlissa's oral skills. Watching Amanda with another girl was always a sure-fire way to resurrect my cock after blowing my load, but Meowlissa's tail waving around above her tight ass got me hard again in record time. I knelt down on the floor behind her and resumed pounding her pussy.

I could hear her muffled moans in between Amanda's loud ones, as well as the jangling of her bell, as I drove her mouth even harder against Amanda's twat.

This soon resulted in Amanda's violent, shaking, screaming orgasm. "Oh, Goddamn, you are good," she muttered weakly as her head fell back against the couch. "Here, come up here, there might be some mommy milk you can have." I continued fucking her from the rear as Meowlissa pushed herself up to Amanda's swollen breasts to clamp down on a nipple and suck out whatever she could. I'd done it a couple of times myself, so I knew it was quite the treat. "How you doing back there?" Amanda asked as Meowlissa switched to the other breast.

"Absolutely fantastic," I answered. Meowlissa's tail thrashing back and forth against my body was a delightful feeling.

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"Are you ready to handle two pussies at once?" she asked. "Oh, hell yes," I said. She knew it was one of the things I missed about our former threesome activities. I laid down on the floor and Amanda directed Meowlissa to sit on my face while she mounted my cock. I starting licking and enjoying all the pussy I could handle. The two girls were facing each other and resumed kissing and groping each other.

Not that I could see this of course, but listening to it was the next best thing. "How's it taste down there?" Amanda inquired after a while. It's difficult to keep track of time with a face full of pussy. I gave a thumbs-up while Meowlissa moaned and ground her cunt down onto my tongue. "Well stop hogging it, I want a turn," she said. Oh, is that what I was doing?

Who knew? Regardless, Meowlissa obediently dropped onto her back and spread her legs wide so Amanda could dive in. I moved around to attend to her breasts, licking and sucking them while Amanda did the same to her clit. Meowlissa continued her meow moaning (meowning, I suppose) until it was her turn for a shrieking orgasm. Amanda wasn't satisfied yet, though. She pushed one of Meowlissa's legs up in order to gain access to her asshole and immediately started licking it.

Meowlissa squealed as the warm tongue moved over her back door.

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"Oh my God she's so delicious. Get your cock in here," Amanda ordered. She rolled Meowlissa over onto all fours, and I came up behind her with my rigid tool once again and pushed hard into her rear entry just below her tail. I held her hips and rammed into her, her bell tinkling constantly while she moaned, "Fuck meeeeee-ow!" over and over. Then I pulled out, grabbed her collar, and pulled her towards my cock. She took it all into her mouth without hesitation.

I moved back and forth between her asshole and her mouth several more times, until finally I reached my limit again and unleashed a warm load of cum into her mouth. Amanda instantly swooped in, pulled her off my cock, and initiated a sloppy cum-swapping kiss before Meowlissa had a chance to swallow.

Their lips parted with a quiet smack, and then Amanda stood up, turned around, and backed her ass into Meowlissa's face.

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She got the message and put her hands up to spread Amanda's ass cheeks, then dove in licking her asshole. Amanda grabbed my arm and pulled me around front.

I got the message too and put my mouth to work on her pussy. Amanda could barely contain herself, moaning loudly and saying, "Lick me, lick me, fuck yes, lick me, aaaaahhhhh!" Finally we pushed her over the edge and she screamed as her orgasm gushed into my mouth. Her legs started to give out so I stood up and guided her down onto the couch, and then sat beside her.

Meowlissa hopped up and sprawled across both our laps, I rubbed her ass and stroked her tail while Amanda idly pet her head. She even started purring. We fell asleep that way, because the next thing I knew I was waking up to the sound of a crying baby. Meowlissa perked up instantly and hopped down to the floor.

She gathered up her dress and put it on as she walked off towards the nursery. "Mmmm, I think she's going to work out just fine," Amanda mumbled with her eyes half open. I couldn't agree more. - - - © the Perv Otaku, 2014 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.