Petite Teen Rubs Her Clit Free Amateur

Petite Teen Rubs Her Clit Free Amateur
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MILFs - PART 3 "So, Mona, how was the massage. Was he as good as they say?" said Betty that evening, sipping her second glass of pinot noir. The three women sat on the bed in Mona's cabin, methodically going through another several bottles of wine. They had had to send Mark down the hill with the car that afternoon to get a fresh supply. "Oh, I highly recommend it," said Mona, a hint of a smile on her full lips. A stray drop of red wine lingered there, and she licked it up.

"It was&hellip.very relaxing." In truth, while Mona had enjoyed her morning massage cum fuck with Mario, it had left her feeling strangely empty and unsatisfied afterwards. It was like she had said the day before she wasn't that interested in just fucking. She was seeking emotional fulfillment, not just sexual fulfillment, and she had no emotional connection with Mario whatsoever.

He had been, simply, convenient, a good hard fuck by a man in love with his cock. She had already resolved not to go back to him for another massage, although she figured he was just what Betty and Constance needed. "Come ON, Mona," said Constance, adopting her habitual right-up-front way of speaking. "You can't just leave it there! What did he do?" Mona laughed, rolling her eyes skyward. "Well, let's just say that Mario has very nice hands, strong fingers&hellip.great technique…a lot of imagination…" "I guess we're just going to have to find out for ourselves, Constance," said Betty, pouting.

"You get him tomorrow, and then me the day after that. Then we can compare notes." "Oh, you'll find out, all right," said Mona. "But I wouldn't want to ruin the element of surprise for you two." "Bitch," said Betty. "Slut," said Mona. "Whore." "Cunt." The two sisters suddenly broke out laughing. "What, is this some kind of comedy routine you two worked out?" said Constance, laughing too.

"Yeah, when we were teenagers," said Betty. "Well, don't let Mark hear you," laughed Constance. "He might discover your true nature." "God forbid!" said Betty. "Oh, don't worry, I'm pretty careful around Mark," said Mona. "I wouldn't want him to grow up TOO fast." Constance glanced at Betty, as if to say 'too late!'.

She turned back to Mona. "Mona, honey, he's eighteen. You said yourself that you saw him jerking off, for heaven's sake! I don't think he's all that innocent. He's probably fucking his brains out!" "But he's really shy around girls," said Mona.

"I can't imagine that he's having sex with any of them." She paused for a minute, suddenly reminded of something. "You know what he was looking at when he was…you know…? "No, what?" asked Betty, perhaps a little too eagerly. Mona paused again, suddenly not sure she should tell them. But it was too late, she had already betrayed too much, and they weren't going to let her off the hook. "Well…he had a porno magazine he was looking at. I found it in his drawer afterwards." "Okay, Mona, I'll bite.

What kind of porno magazine?" said Betty. "How many kinds ARE there?" said Mona. "Lots!" replied Constance, laughing. "There's porn for all tastes. Where have YOU been?" "Well…it had a lot of pictures of young men with older women. You know, women in their thirties, even forties. It was called "MILF". "Ohhh, my God!" said Betty, blushing. "What?" said Constance. "What in the world is a MILF?" "I've seen that before, on one of the porno sites Jimmy looks at," said Betty.

Jimmy was Betty's husband. "The ones he doesn't think I know about. MILF stands for 'Mothers I'd Love to Fuck'''. Mona nodded. "That's what it said inside. I think he likes the idea of having sex with older women." She had a sudden thought, and her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "He hasn't said anything to you, has he Constance?" "Moi? I'll never tell," said Constance, smiling. If she only knew, she thought to herself. "You leave him alone, Constance!" said Mona.

"You're old enough to be his mother yourself!" Constance laughed. She had no intention of leaving him alone. "Evidently that's what he likes. Who knows, Mona, maybe he wants to fuck his pretty mom. Did you ever think of that?" She arched an eyebrow. "Oh, come on, Constance!" protested Mona, trying her best to look like the thought had never crossed her mind for an instant. I'm glad she can't read MY mind, she thought to herself. Or can she? "Mark would never think of doing that in his wildest dreams!" "Oh no?

It's not as uncommon as you might think, Mona," said Constance. "Psychologists even have a name for it. And it's not like you aren't sexy or anything. Any normal, red-blooded young man would love to fuck you." "Never!" insisted Mona.

"I know Mark." Mona drifted off into another reverie while Betty and Constance chattered on. Constance glanced at her once or twice, smiling and thinking to herself that the seed she had planted in Mona's brain might just have taken root. __________________________________________________________________ "Here, you can hide in here while I set things up," said Constance, ushering Betty into the walk-in closet in her cabin. "Relax, Betty, it'll be fun! You can do this!" "God, I haven't been this nervous since I had a date with the captain of the football team in high school!" said Betty.

Constance turned to look quizzically at Betty. She had changed into a sexy white silk chemise and matching panties. "Well, did you fuck him?" "Of course I did, all the girls fucked him!" she said, remembering. "Or at least sucked him off. But he wasn't very good. Too selfish, and WAY too fast." "Oooh, don't you just HATE that?" said Constance, wrinkling her nose "You'll like Mark better, trust me.

Now shut up and close the door, he'll be here soon!" Betty closed the door and shrugged off her coat. Underneath, she wore just a black lace negligee. She had not even bothering with panties. It was after midnight. Betty had gone to her cabin to change her clothes after the party in Mona's cabin had broken up. After waiting a decent interval, she had put on her coat and walked quietly to Constance's cabin. Earlier that day, at the pool, Constance had made arrangements with Mark to meet her there tonight.

He had readily agreed, eager to once again plunge his stiff cock inside the sexy redhead's marvelous pussy. Betty and Constance had come to an agreement later that afternoon, while exercising on the spa's gym equipment. Betty had thought about Constance's idea for hours, wondering if she dared go through with it. Mark was her nephew! But the more vividly Constance had described her sexual tryst with Mark the night before, the more Betty's resolve had weakened, and the more her arousal had grown.

In the end, the demands of her long-neglected body had overruled her better judgement. She made up her mind with Constance's help, she would fuck her own nephew. If -- and it was a big if -- he wanted to. Mark knocked on Constance's door ten minutes later, dressed in gym shorts and a tee-shirt. She opened the door, and he immediately took her into his arms, kissing her and holding her against him. Her hands slid up his back under his shirt as she returned the kiss hungrily, her lips parted, her tongue avid.

She could feel his cock, already rigid, pressing against her through the loose material of his shorts as he held her tightly. After a moment, she broke their kiss. "Come inside, quick!" she whispered. "Before your mom sees us!" She took his hand and pulled him inside, closing and locking the door. "God, you look so beautiful," said Mark, looking her up and down in her sexy lingerie. "I was thinking about last night the whole day! I couldn't wait to be with you again." Constance smiled, reaching over and turning off the lights, except for a small lamp on the night table.

"Me too, Mark. I was daydreaming about that marvelous cock all the time Betty and I were at the pool. Get your clothes off and get on the bed, sweetie. I may have a surprise or two in store for you tonight." Mark was in no mood to hesitate.

He quickly stripped off his clothes and lie down on his back, his head resting on the fluffy pillows, watching Constance appreciatively.

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His cock was already rigid, sticking straight up like a flagpole. Constance grinned salaciously. "That…is the eighth wonder of the world, Mark." She bent to take off her panties, sliding them slowly down over her hips, letting them fall to the plank floor.

She stood up, wearing only the short chemise, and watched him for a long moment. Then she broke into a giggle as she ran to the bed and jumped on him, straddling him and covering his face with kisses as he grabbed her pert ass.

His cock head rested against her smooth tummy, lurching with each contact with her skin. Betty watched them in the dim light from the closet doorway, open just a crack, feeling a sudden wetness between her legs. Oh, my god, she thought, his cock is beautiful! She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, unaware that she was even doing it.

Her hand crept down and lifted her negligee, her fingers sliding into the puffy folds of her pussy, finding it already wet, as she knew she would. Constance and Mark lost themselves in a deep, soft kiss, their tongues twining, tasting, their lips nibbling and caressing.

When they finally broke their kiss, Constance moved up, panting, and straddled his face, presenting him with a close-up view of her pussy, framed with curly red hair. She reached down between her legs, and slowly parted her labia with her fingers, the tip of her middle finger just touching her clit beneath it's little hood.

"Mark…lick my pussy. Nice and slow." She moved a little closer to his mouth. Her fragrance filled Mark's senses, intoxicating him. She was a goddess! She was unlike any girl he had been with in his young life. This woman knew what she wanted, knew how to tell him what she wanted. She was teaching him to make love to a woman, and he loved her for it. He extended his tongue and teased along her outer labia with the tip, just lightly caressing her, exploring her, enjoying the texture of her, the taste of her.

His tongue slid wetly up over her tiny, exposed clit, teasing it lightly, and her breath caught in her throat.

"Mmmmmmm…that's nice, Mark. Just like that." She reached up and pulled the chemise over her head in one motion, exposing her ripe breasts. Her brown nipples were taut with excitement. Mark, becoming bolder, began to flutter his tongue lightly over her clit. Then, as she moved up a little further, he slid it up inside her vagina, slowly thrusting in and out, tongue-fucking her.

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She reached up and squeezed her breasts through the silk of the chemise, wriggling on his stiffened tongue as he skewered it in and out of her. "Ohhhhhhhh, Mark, that's sooo good, baby…" she murmured.softly. "Mark…listen…if something happens that you don't expect…it's okay. Just trust me, and go with it, okay?

You won't be sorry." He opened his eyes and looked up, searching her face. What was she talking about? She bit her lip lightly and winked at him, and he nodded his head a little as he continued to thrust his tongue up inside her, savoring her sweet taste. Ohhhhh, yesssss, fuck me with your tongue, sweetie. Mmmmm, I love that. Do you like how my pussy tastes?" She leaned back, resting on her hands, as he made love to her pussy.

Mark nodded again, letting his tongue slide out of her and return to her clit, teasing it lightly, like a butterfly wing. He didn't see Constance turn her head toward the closet door.


A moment later, he felt something pressing down on the bed. And a moment after that, his cock was enveloped in the delicious, warm wetness of someone's mouth.

A tongue caressed the sensitive underside of his rigid shaft. His eyes flew open. "Shhhhhh&hellip." Constances finger was against her lips. "I told you, Mark…it's all right. It's my surprise." Slowly, she rose from his face, moving to the side. He raised his head and looked down. His cock was deeply embedded inside the wetly sucking mouth of his Aunt Betty!

"Aunt Betty!" he cried, surprised and alarmed. Her lips were stretched taut around his thick cock, and she had taken him almost all the way inside her mouth, the head nudging the back of her throat. Her mouth was flooded with saliva that bathed his cock with its slippery warmth. She was naked, having shed her negligee by the side of the bed. Her big breasts pressed against his leg, and against his sperm-bloated balls. Her eyes opened and she looked up into his, her head slowly bobbing up and down.

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"Ohhhhh, jeeeezus…" gasped Mark. His momentary surprise gave way quickly to intense pleasure as his aunt sucked him. Betty raised her head momentarily, letting his cock slip from between her lips, holding it at the base with her fingers.

"Ohhh, Mark, Constance was right. You have a perfectly lovely cock, young man. Forgive me, sweetie, I just had to have you, after she told me. I know it's wrong, but I couldn't resist…and how could anything that feels so good be wrong?" She lowered her head and took him back into her mouth, nursing on it lovingly.

Her mouth was like heaven, sucking him deeply with long, languorous movements, her tongue sliding against the sensitive underside. "But Aunt Betty." he moaned. "What about Uncle Jimmy?" Fuck Uncle Jimmy, he thought to himself. Betty looked up. "We won't tell Uncle Jimmy, Mark. If he had done right by me, I wouldn't be sucking on your cock right now." She moved her mouth down and sucked him deeply again, slurping noisily. "I'm sorry, Mark, I should have told you," whispered Constance.

"But we were afraid you'd be reluctant, since she's your aunt and everything, so we planned this little surprise for you. Betty needs you, sweetie, just like I need you. Do you think you can handle us both?" Mark moaned softly as his aunt made exquisite love to his cock. How often had he fantasized about her doing this very thing? Just as with his mom, he had pumped out load after load of come imagining his aunt this way, sucking on him, or sliding his cock between her big, soft tits, or sinking it into her pussy or her lush ass.

He had fucked her countless times in his mind, and she had sucked oceans of come out of his balls. He knew it was wrong…that there were laws against it. But she was right how could anything that feels this good be wrong? It was no contest. Mark surrendered gratefully, his cock voting fervently in the affirmative. "Ohhhhh, God, suck it Aunt Betty!

Uhhhhhhhh, suck my cock!" Betty's eyes danced as she heard his words, watching his face as she sucked him in a slow, tantalizing rhythm. He was okay with it! Constance had been right. He won't tell Mona, and they could fuck each other for the rest of the week!

Maybe she'd even find ways to sneak off to a motel with him now and then when they got back home! Banishing such thoughts from her mind for the moment, she returned to sucking on his cock, loving the feeling of its rigid length filling her mouth. Constance watched, smiling happily, as Mark acquiesced and began to enjoy Betty's eager, slurping blowjob. She wasn't jealous, there was plenty of Mark to go around.

She leaned down, her lips close to his ear. "Thank you, Mark." Her tongue snaked inside his ear, sending shivers down his body. "You'll never be sorry, I promise." Mark turned his head and they kissed, deeply, tongues caressing, as Betty's head bobbed with the same slow, insistent rhythm. After a moment, Constance broke their kiss again, and slid down his body, grinning evilly. She paused at his chest to suck one of his nipples into her mouth, her tongue wetly caressing it, teasing it into hardness.

Then she eased down further, nudging Betty to the side a little and rearranging Mark's legs. She bent down and began to lick his taut balls with her tongue, as Betty continued to suck him. Constance reached up and closed her fingers around the base of his cock, and began slowly jerking him off into Betty's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, suck it, Betty," she murmured. She gently sucked one of Mark's sperm-filled balls into her mouth. "Ohhhhhhh, jeezus, that feels so good!" he moaned.

This was too much! His aunt, and his mom's best friend, both making love to his cock at the same time! He felt his balls drawing up tightly against the base of his cock as Constance licked and sucked them, and Betty drew him ever closer to his climax with her welcoming mouth.


And then he felt Constance's finger teasing against the tight ring of his anus, pressing against it, slowly forcing it inside his ass. Curling upward, she pressed her finger against his prostate, massaging it. The stimulation was too much. Mark clutched at the bedspread with his fingers as he felt his balls tense.

"AHHHHHHFUUUUCK, AUNT BETTY, I'M COMING!! SUCK IT HARD!!!!" Betty eagerly fastened her lips tightly around his ominously swelling shaft, anticipating the flood of his teenage come into her mouth. She moaned happily as the first hard spurt burst forth, bathing her tongue and the roof of her mouth. "Mmmmm-hmmmmmmmmm" she hummed as he pumped spurt after spurt from the tip of his flourishing cock, filling her mouth with his sperm as Constance rhythmically stroked the base of his shaft and sucked gently on his spasming balls.

Her finger slowly slid out from his asshole as his cock flourished wildly. "OHHHHGODDD!!" he groaned, as his aunt nursed on his pulsating cock, sucking him until his balls were dry, and her mouth was full of his hot, creamy come.

She continued to milk his cock, even after he had nothing left to give her. Finally, he fell back, still jerking from the force of his orgasm. Betty slowly raised her head, her lips pursed tightly, carefully capturing every drop of his thick semen in her mouth. Acting on pure impulse, she leaned over, until her mouth was directly above Constance's. And then she bent down and kissed her friend, letting Mark's sperm flow down into Constance's mouth. Their kiss deepened, their tongues touching, caressing, as they shared his come.

Finally, Betty raised her head, and their wet, spermy lips parted. "Thank you," she whispered softly. Constance giggled, tracing her lips with her tongue, loving the taste of Mark's fresh seed. "You're sooo nasty, Betty. I didn't see THAT one coming!" She had never had sex with another woman. But there was a first time for everything. Betty turned and crawled up over Mark, pressing her full breasts against his chest, licking her spermy lips. "And thank YOU, Mark.

You're come tastes heavenly, like I knew it would. I hope I didn't shock you too much." "Well, you did kind of surprise me, Aunt Betty," said Mark, still basking in the glow of his orgasm.

"But it was a nice surprise! I never thought my favorite aunt would ever do anything like that." "Me either, honey. What can I say, the opportunity just kind of presented itself, and I couldn't pass it up. Now, how would you like to fuck your horny old aunt with that big hard cock of yours? Constance says you have remarkable recuperative powers!" "Ohhhh yes, I definitely think you should fuck her, Mark," said Constance, who was now lapping stray droplets of sperm from his penis.

It had become only semi-erect in the aftermath of his climax, but was now resurgent and ready for action again.


Mark grinned. This just kept getting better and better! Now he not only had the lustful Constance to fuck, but his voluptuous aunt too. "Just roll over on your back, Aunt Betty, and you'll see." Eagerly, Betty moved off him and lay back on the bed, looking at him with a frankly lascivious smile.

Mark climbed between her parted, upraised legs, his rigid cock sticking straight out. He reached down and guided it with his hand between the folds of her pussy, moving it up and down her cleft.

"Don't worry, Mark, just stick it in!" hissed Betty. "I'm so wet for you already!" Mark thrust forward, driving his fat cock into her welcoming pussy, burying it in her all the way to the balls. Her vagina was like wet velvet, grasping his cock as he drove it home. "AHHHHHHH!!!!" she groaned, as her legs slid up his thighs to his hips.

"Ohhhh, sweet jeezus, it's been so long since I've had a hard cock inside me! Fuck me, sweetie!" Mark wasted no time, beginning to skewer his cock in and out of her sopping pussy. She was different from Constance, he thought to himself as he slowly fucked her.

Constance was like a sports car, fast, agile, quick in the turns. Aunt Betty was more like a Cadillac, plush, soft, richly upholstered, luxurious. His cock felt like heaven as he thrust into her, making her magnificent breasts bob upward each time. Constance, meanwhile, had gotten up and moved behind Mark, on her knees, and was now reaching between his legs and fondling his balls with her cool, slim fingers.

She leaned toward him and crooned softly in his ear as he and Betty thrust against each other. "Mmmmmm, that's it, fuck her, Mark. Fuck your aunt. Look how bad she wants it. She loves your cock. God, that's so fucking sexy!" Her tongue slithered wetly inside his ear. Mark moaned, as Constance's lewd words seemed to penetrate directly into his brain, driving him into a frenzy.

He leaned forward, resting on his hands, and began to fuck her harder, jolting her body with each hard thrust, his flesh smacking against hers, her lush breasts quaking each time he drove into her. His cock pistoned in and out glistening with her wetness, her hips driving upward to meet him. She cried out with each thrust, her voice rising in pitch. "Oh! OH!!! OHH!!! YES!!! YES!! UHH!! YES!!! FUCK!!!

ME!!! GONNA!!! COME!! UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Betty came with an extended, heartfelt groan, her face flushed as her body exploded in an intense paroxysm of ecstasy. It was the first time a man had made her come in years. She sobbed as the furious waves of her orgasm crashed over and through her.

Mark, driven mad by her wetly clinging pussy, by Constance's obscene encouragement, and by her fingers on his balls, finally grimaced and let go, unleashing a thick river of semen from his balls into his aunt's spasming pussy, filling her with his creamy sperm.

Mark slowed his pace and let Betty slowly come down from her peak, trembling hard, her come-drenched pussy spasming deliciously around his temporarily spent cock. "Ohhhh, Mark!" she said, breathlessly, still shaking hard as he fell on top of her, and wrapping her arms and legs around him, hugging him tightly.

"Oh, God, that was wonderful! I don't know why I didn't let you fuck me years ago! I need your cock in me like a martini needs gin!" Mark smiled, filled with pride as Constance gave his balls a last friendly caress.

He had dearly loved fucking his aunt, and now that he had made her come so hard, he knew he could look forward to doing it again and again. As he lay there, his cock immersed comfortably in the warm, slippery wetness of his come, he felt his cock stirring once again, coming slowly back to life.

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He sensed that Betty was willing, too. "Get up on top of her, Constance," he said, sliding his dripping cock out of his aunt's vagina. His voice carried a note of authority that belied his years. "I want you to kiss Aunt Betty." Constance grinned at him. "My, my!" she said. But she didn't hesitate, crawling up over Betty and straddling her hips. Their breasts touched as she slid her hands up to Betty's cheeks, bent down and touched her lips with hers.

Betty moaned softly, and her lips parted. Soon their tongues were twining, exploring, both of them caressing each other's faces with their hands. Mark watched them, fascinated. He had never been with two girls before, let alone two grown women, and the sight of them kissing so fervently made the blood quickly pump into his cock. Soon, he grew eager to participate again. He moved up and guided his reawakening cock to Constance's exposed pussy, only a foot or so above Betty's freshly-fucked one, and slowly pushed it inside her.

Constance moaned into Betty's mouth as he sank into her, lubricated by Betty's wetness and his own slippery semen. Her muscles clasped him tightly and he began to slowly fuck her, exulting in his good fortune. They were both his for the taking! After a few minutes, he had yet another idea, born of on-line pornography. "Roll over on your sides, ladies," he said. With his cock still deep in Constance's pussy, they rolled over, still kissing as their taut nipples rubbed against one another, their legs intertwined.

Mark slowly slid his cock out of Constance, shifted his body a little, and suddenly plunged it again into Betty's oozing vaginal opening. Betty broke their kiss and gasped. "Oh, God, Constance, he's fucking me again!" "Oooooh, yessss, Mark, fuck her," moaned Constance.

"Stick it in both of us!" moaned Constance. Mark eagerly complied. After fucking his cock in and out of Betty's a few more times, he moved over and guided it back into Constance's welcoming depths. His hands rested on the hips of the two women, their pussies so wet now that he found he could alternate between them without even touching his cock.

He just moved over a little and shoved it back in. He gloried in the differences in their look and feel, Constance slim and lithe, Betty full-bodied, rounded, voluptuous.

Their vaginas, while different, both felt fantastic to him. They fucked this way for what seemed to both Betty and Constance a delicious eternity, long enough for Mark to bring each of them to another shattering climax.

He was able to hold back and take his time, having already come twice. He wanted to give these two lusty ladies a fucking they would remember forever. Finally, sensing that his own orgasm could not be delayed much longer, he arranged them on their backs on the bed, with their heads side by side, like he had seen them in magazines.

He moved up over them, stroking his cock fast, and the two women turned toward each other, kissing, their tongues visibly caressing each other. To Mark, the sight was incredibly erotic. Betty reached up blindly, seeking his balls, fondling them as his orgasm welled up. "UHHHHHHFUUUUCK, I'M GONNA COME!!!" he groaned, positioning his cock as he felt his balls contract. And then the hot, thick jets of sperm were erupting from the tip, splattering both of their faces, their cheeks, their chins, draping over their lips and tongues, as he pumped out yet another huge load of his teenage come.

Betty squeezed his balls lovingly as he drenched them both with his copious, pearly-white semen. As Mark's orgasm finally waned, he slid his fingers up the shaft of his cock, forcing out a viscous rope of his come, which oozed down into Constance's open, waiting mouth, and then snapped off, the end of it hanging over her lower lip. She turned and kissed Betty again, their tongues once again sharing their viscous reward.

Then Betty lifted her head and took his thoroughly spent cock into her mouth, her tongue gathering what was left of his come from the underside. "Jeeeezus," he whispered, as his aunt gently sucked on him. "You two are going to wear me out!" "Mmmmmm, that sounds like fun!" said Constance, winking at him, licking the sperm from her lips.

"Are you complaining?" Mark grinned. "Noooo, I'm just wondering if I'm going to have to pace myself a little." Betty released his cock from her mouth and giggled. "C'mon, Mark, you're a young man! Young men have LOTS of energy!" "Besides, you have all morning and afternoon to recuperate, sitting on that tower by the pool," said Constance, her smile frankly salacious.

"By tomorrow night, you'll be ready for action again." Mark laughed. "Okay, but I'm going to town tomorrow and stocking up on mega-vitamins, just in case." __________________________________________________________________ At the moment Mark was bathing the faces of her sister and her best friend with eager spurts of his come, Mona was naked in her bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

The thoughts that tortured her were of sex. Of fucking. Try as she might, she could not fight down the images that pummeled her brain, refusing to release her. Her pussy was sopping wet, aching to be filled by a cock, the vision of which seared her mind. She could see it, feel it, taste it. In frustration, she rolled over on her tummy, her hand underneath her body, seeking her yearning cleft. Her fingers delved into her folds, rubbing her labia and her clit.

It wasn't enough.

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She reached for the night stand drawer, and retrieved her vibrator, slim and metallic. Clicking it on, it began to hum, and she quickly brought it between her legs and thrust it into her vagina. "OHHHHH!!!!" she sighed, her fingers gripping it at the base, moving it in and out. "FUCK ME!!" Her hips rose and fell as she imagined her unseen lover driving his rampant cock into her, again and again, bringing her ever closer to her long-awaited orgasm.

Finally, she released the vibrator, leaving it deep within her pussy, and began to rub her clit again. In her mind, she was being savagely fucked. She rubbed herself frantically, feeling her orgasm at last begin to overwhelm her and take possession of her body. She imagined her lover driving his massive cock into her all the way, imagined his hot, thick come spewing forth, flooding her with repeated flourishes, until it overflowed her pussy and oozed down over her clit.

The thought of it sent her shuddering over the edge and she came, with an anguished, heartfelt cry, muffled by the pillow. "Oh Mark!!!"