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Dicke frau von hinten
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In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a couple of girls during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. SUNDAY XI. I woke up once to find myself on my back, Ashley's arm and leg draped over me and her sleeping head resting at the crook of my arm and my chest.

I carefully peeked at the clock so as not to disturb her. 10:42. Back to sleep. The next time I awakened, I was hard, pointed straight in the direction of my head. Fingers were fiddling with the hair on my chest as a naked leg slithered up and down my own. I started to remember. Then, I started to panic. Oh my God, that didn't happen.

This isn't happening. My heart started racing before I'd even opened my sleep-encrusted eyes. Ashley was still half on top of me. Reality started to seep in, harsh as the afternoon sun crashing in through my bedroom window onto my face. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly, trying to lessen the onslaught on my dilated pupils, and simultaneously wished for a similar way to keep out the truth of my situation.

Ashley must have detected the small movement, because she shifted slightly and whispered, "Good morning, Baby." In an attempt to conceal my fear, I feigned a slow re-entry into consciousness.

"Mmm… Good morning, Ashley." She appeared to buy into it, because she didn't speak again, and I was silently relieved.

A moment later, however, her hand found my utterly stiffened member, and squeezed it gently. I involuntarily gasped, and the gesture apparently encouraged her. She released me only to run her fingertips up and down my spear, slowly exploring every wrinkle, every vein, every slightest ridge on my manhood.

She continued this for a short time before shifting her attention to my already tightening sack, keeping her thumb hooked on my shaft. She caressed it gently and evenly, without putting any undue pressure on the thing.

Perhaps she was trying to wake me slowly. That idea disappeared quickly as Ashley disappeared beneath the sheet. She shifted down, positioning herself between my legs. I felt her place a hands on the bed on each side of my waist, apparently holding her face over my sex. I felt her breath an instant before she placed a long, slow kiss on the underside of my manhood near its base.

She ended the kiss, only to begin another a short distance higher on the shaft. She repeated again and again until she was kissing the head. Then her lips withdrew, and I prayed that she would stop. She licked the thing from base to tip. When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth and captured the end inside. She used her mouth to pull me vertical before starting to run her tongue in circles around the head of my sex.

Everything she was doing was slow and deliberate. Her tongue came to rest on the underside of my shaft and she sucked softly. Then, as she continued to suck, she gradually engulfed the length of my manhood until her lips reached the hilt, and I shuddered. She just held me there for several seconds before withdrawing to the end, her suction increased immensely.

When she reached the end, she paused, then withdrew completely with a loud, singular slurping noise. I felt her begin sliding back up the length of my body, and when she straddled me, I knew what was coming next. I felt her face above my own, and decided to open my eyes. It took a few attempts, and when my lids finally parted, I found myself eye to eye with her. I'd forgotten how intense she could be. She gazed into my depths. She was not smiling now, and my heart was trying to pound through my ribcage like a jackhammer through concrete.

She was serious, her intentions clear. This mattered to her, and I was afraid. I wanted to stop her.

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I wanted to say, "No." I wanted to tell her that this could not continue. I tried to say it with my eyes, but she did not see it.

Or she didn't accept it. She moved backward, her pelvis tight on my belly, until she reached me. I could feel her heat, her wetness, even before her sex touched my own, and I didn't want her to stop anymore.

She backed onto me effortlessly, still slow and deliberate, and in one, fluid motion, I was all the way in. I knew I would not last long. "Please go slow," I begged her. She just looked at me blankly and said, "I know." With that she lifted herself upright, taking the sheet with her, and she was suddenly ablaze in the harsh sunlight as the sheet fell behind her.

She blinded me, but I couldn't look away from her perfection. She was like some kind of torrid fairy tale. Now, in this light, she was so much more beautiful than I'd been privileged to see before. The moonlight had simply not done her justice. I was breathless in her brilliance, and still, she did not smile. She stared a hole through me, singular in purpose, and started rocking.

She was impossibly slick, just as she had been the night before, and I summoned every last bit of willpower, praying to a god I did not believe in for endurance. She was rocking simply on me, back and forth, her hands resting on her hips. She was hypnotic as her rhythm seared into my soul. I just lay there, a willing subject as I felt the walls of her sex begin some type of milking contractions on my manhood. It felt as if her core was trying to suck the cream from me.

"Please, be easy." I was begging her. Instead, she said simply, "Time to come." Without warning, I erupted into her, and finally she smiled as my eyes closed.

I erupted into her not just my sex, but my spirit, and my mind, and everything else. The flood was beginning now, both inside her and also in my mind, and I craved it.

I called out loudly to her, my guttural utterance of her name signifying my surrender. I wasn't shaking, I simply stiffened, thrusting myself into her as far as I could, and filled her with the bounty she'd worked for. I gave it to her freely, even as she ripped it from me, my fists closed tightly around the sheets, my teeth clenched. Then, as quickly as it had started, it ended. I fell limp on the bed, and I could feel the muscles of her sex continuing to suck me, even as I softened.

I continued to lay there as she remained impaled on my rapidly deflating manhood. I was fighting the urge to cry. And to laugh. I heard her in the distance. "Dean? Dean, Sweetie? Can you hear me?" "I'm here," without opening my eyes. "Just checking. You're beautiful." I felt her hands on my stomach.

I reached up and took her hands in mine. "Look at me, Dean." When I didn't respond, more forcefully, "Open your eyes and look at me." I complied. She was smiling at me now, comforting and assuring. "You're beautiful, Dean." I smiled back at her, and I felt like a child. A child who was being brutally and efficiently broken psychologically by the sexual games of a sixteen-year-old girl.

She spoke, "So, what's for breakfast?" XII. "Mmm… Bagels?" Ashley's eyes widened. "Oo, bagels. I love bagels." She gingerly leapt from me and the bed to land firmly on the floor in one motion, dripping my fluids from her sex the whole trip. When she came to rest on the floor, she apparently felt me spilling from her, so she squatted low to the floor, her legs spread wide.

She reached inside herself with her right middle and ring fingers, and unceremoniously scooped out as much as she could. She looked at her hand contemplatively, then brought it to me, smiled, and said, "Here you go." It wasn't the fact that she was suggesting I suck my own cum from her hand that shocked me.

I'd been fed my own juices before, as well as sucked the juices from other men. What really got to me was that the domme who was feeding me my own cum had been a high school cheerleader fifteen seconds before. I slurped eagerly, licking her clean. She spotted several drops which had landed on me, and she happily licked it up as if she were licking traces of pudding from an empty dessert plate.

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Then, almost as an afterthought, she worked up a bit of saliva, and took my softened manhood into her mouth. She sucked hard on it a few times, like she was trying somehow to mix her saliva with the drying cum on my cock, then sucked hard one last time as she pulled herself off me.

Then, holding me up with her hand, she licked thoroughly around the base before releasing me and standing upright again with that signature bubbling smile. It occurred to me in that instant that she was a class-A, certifiable, card carrying freak, the likes of which I'd never known.

She energetically left the room as I tumbled out of bed. I opened a dresser drawer to recover a pair of boxers. I put my hair up before moving to join her Upon entering the kitchen, I found Ashley at the refrigerator, hand on wide-open door, bent over at the waist with her feet together (she must really love doing that), scanning my shelves. "Where's the cream cheese?" Apparently, she didn't hear me enter, because it sounded as if she wanted me to hear her from the bedroom.

"Nevermind." She retrieved the cream cheese, sprang upright, and closed the refrigerator door. It was an absolute joy to watch her move. When she spun around and saw me, she was somewhat startled. "Oh! There you are!" Then, significantly less enthusiastically, "Oh, you put on underwear." "Yup." I confirmed her observation Then she asked playfully, "Why'd you do that?" I had been unprepared for that one.

I paused for a moment before offering, "It seemed like the thing to do at the time?" "But I like you naked. I think you should take them off." "I just put them on." I wasn't trying to be argumentative, I just didn't see the big deal.

"Okay." She took the cream cheese to the bagels already on the counter. "Oh! Do you have a computer? I want to see if Kim has sent me those pictures, yet." "Um, yeah," as I began removing my underwear.

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"It's in the living room." She turned to find me naked again. "Oh, yes. See? Now that's much better. Here, I'll take them for you." She marched right up to me and stuck her hand out. I was more than happy to give her the offending garment she sought. "Thank you," and she threw them blindly into the bedroom. As she passed me again, she stopped and pulled my face to hers in a loving kiss, holding it for several moments before releasing me and heading back to the bagels.

I started getting hard again, already. I sat down at the small breakfast table in the kitchen as she asked me how I like my bagel prepared. She served it to me exactly the way I described, then went back to fix her own. As I was waiting for her, I asked, "When do you need me to take you home?" She said, "I don't. I might need you to drop me off at school on Tuesday morning, though" I was confused.

"Don't you have school, tomorrow?" "Nope. Long weekend. Teacher in-service day or something." She continued. "I'm supposed to be staying with Kim all week until next Sunday. When do you work next?" This conversation was really weird for me.

I was used to circumventing work schedules in planning my time with a lover, not clandestine operations to smuggle teenagers back into the care of their parents. "Um… Tomorrow night," finally remembering what day today was. "What about your clothes?" "I'm gonna call Kim after I check for those pictures, and ask her to bring me some clothes." I started a little at that.

Having Ashley here alone was scary enough. I started to imagine my street lined with small, Japanese cars sporting Backstreet Boys bumper stickers when the police came to drag me away.

Sheriff Whitaker - "Well, we knew something was wrong when we received a report of an unusually high number of Teen People magazines being delivered to this address." She finished fixing her bagel, then stowed the unused foods back in the fridge before joining me at the table. She plopped down into the seat, then brought her left foot up to rest under her right thigh.

Too fucking cute. We ate, and I observed her checking out my kitchen as she chewed. "I like your place," without looking at me. I smiled, not knowing whether she was being entirely truthful or not. "Thank you." I surveyed her intently as we ate, seeing her clearly, now. Tiny freckles sparsely dotted her cheeks, then began more earnestly on the sides of her neck, and led down to her shoulders and finally her chest. I loved them. We finished our food. "Oh! I didn't take my birth control last night!" My eyes popped open wide as she darted into the living room to retrieve her purse.

"Well, that's probably a pretty good idea, don't you think?" I got dizzy considering the idea of getting her pregnant. I shook my head briefly, and tried to go on with my life. She downed the pill with water cupped in her hand from the sink before I had time to tell her to use the filter, and I sighed, rolling my eyes. Then, she came back to stand before me (God, she was so fucking beautiful), and said, "Okay, can I use your computer?" Who was I to say no?

"Absolutely." She smiled, and ran into the living room. When I arrived, she was bent over the keyboard with her ankles crossed, looking over her shoulder at me, and I felt blood rush to my sex as I forgot her purpose there.

"I can't find the power button. Would you turn it on for me, please?" I smiled, and walked silently to the tower and hit the power button. She just waited there for the thing to boot up, bent over the key board, staring expectantly at the still blank monitor. I couldn't help myself, and reached out to touch her spine. She jerked slightly before looking back at me again with her smile and wiggling her ass.

I ran my finger down her spine to her bum, then squeezed a cheek as she uncrossed her ankles. Christ, she was so firm. How could she be so firm? I grabbed her hips and bent down a little, pulling myself against her, my sex rapidly inflating between her legs.

She felt it, and reached a hand down her front to stroke me softly as I continued to rise. Soon, I was fully hard, being held down at the entrance to her tunnel, the top of my shaft now wet with the remnants of our awakening mere minutes before. She pushed her legs together, trapping me between them, and shifted her weight from right to left and back again, massaging me at the intersection of her thighs and sex as I caressed her back. A minute later, as I was preparing to enter her from behind, The computer finally finished loading, and she said, "Down, boy." Had I heard her correctly?

Had she just told me to back down? When I didn't move for a few moments, she added, "You heard me. There'll be time later." I was devastated, but I tried not to show it. Instead, I slowly backed from her, the tip of my spear gliding between her slippery lips as I withdrew, causing her to inhale sharply, and soon I was clear of her.

She spin around, grabbed my shaft, kissed me, and said, "Go brush your teeth." I smiled and said, "Yes, Ma'am," before she released me and I left the room. I brushed my teeth, rinsed, and rubbed warm water onto my face as my erection subsided, dreading what might or might not be waiting in Ashley's email inbox.

Were it not for the fact that she was sixteen, I'd be having the time of my life. As hot as she got me, as clever as she was, and as smart as she appeared to be, the inherent danger of copulating with a minor outweighed the benefits, even with Ashley.

I had no moral reservations, as she was clearly a woman, with womanly needs and desires. I also knew that there were some people out there who disagreed with me that had the power send me to jail and ruin my life. I brushed my hair as I contemplated the unknown element: Ashley, herself. My appetite for adventurous sexual games was strong, as was hers apparently. I was not certain, however, that she fully grasped the peril that she was putting me in.

For a situation like ours to continue (and Ashley appeared to intend for it to continue), it would have to be very carefully maintained to avoid discovery, and Ashley had yet to demonstrate that she understood this fact. And then there were the pictures. Ashley pleasured me and acted in care for me and served me and… Was she blackmailing me?

The very fact of the photographs' existence was dangerous, but what were her intentions with them? Were they just for fun, or did she intend to keep me in check with them?

She hadn't said anything alluding to blackmail, but her bringing up the photos at key times in our conversations had me second-guessing. I stared at myself in the mirror, and realized that I'd been just standing there for several minutes. I sighed at myself and said to my reflection, "Okay, let's go." I found Ashley firmly entrenched in cyberspace when I returned to the living room.


I approached her from behind to see an image of me watching her suck my cock centered on the screen, and I got sick. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Hey, Girlie." She started at this momentarily, but recovered quickly.

She was so excited. "Oh my God they're here and they're great! You have to see these, they're excellent, seriously!" She jumped up and shoved me into the chair, then proceeded to bounce up and down enthusiastically before asking, "Can I use your toothbrush?" "Sure." She rushed over to her purse, extracted her phone from it, then skipped out of the room, grinning playfully from ear to ear, and I began to scroll.

In many of the pictures, there were two faces; one of them was clearly mine and the other clearly hers. Well, that's that, then. Unbelievably, I wasn't really looking at the subject matter, but I still continued to scroll.

And scroll… And scroll. How many pictures had Kim taken? I closed the folder, and saw that it contained seventy-six files. Or seventy-seven. They were still downloading! I closed my eyes, trying to maintain my composure. The phone rang in the silence, scaring the shit out of me.

I picked up the receiver. "Hello?" "Hey Vinnie, it's Jim. What's crackin'?" It was my boss. "Not much. What's going on?" My mind was certainly not all there. "Mike called in for the seven to midnight, tonight.

Losing his voice. Can you cover?" I almost laughed at him. "Oh, no, Jim. I can't. I mean I really, REALLY can't.

I'm so sorry." "Are you sure, man? I really need you." I sympathized, and felt sorry for him. "Jim, I am so sure you would not believe it.

I've got some shit going down and there is absolutely no way I can get out of it. I'm so sorry. Really. I mean it. Seriously." I so wanted to escape to work, but it wasn't going to happen.

"Okay, well, if you change your mind, please call me. I'm at the station." "You know I will, Jim. Sorry." "Okay, bye" "Bye." I heard Ashley talking in the bathroom as I dropped the receiver into its cradle.

I frowned. Certainly, Jim would talk to Steve, who would tell Jim about the after-hours rendezvous I had last night, and Jim would think I was holed-up in bed with a hottie all day. Though this wasn't far from the truth, I'm sure my situation wouldn't be exactly the way Jim would picture it. Things were already getting complicated, and it had only been fourteen hours since Ashley had handed me her thong. I sat down on the futon sofa, glancing at the computer in realization.

Oh, great; the added bonus of child porn. I waited there to see where she would lead me. Ashley soon reappeared with cell-phone in hand, announcing Kim's imminent arrival. She plopped down on my lap, wrapped her arm around my neck, and said, "Hello, Sailor." I smiled disingenuously as I reached an arm around her waist and placed the other hand on her thigh.

"Hey." At this, she frowned exaggeratedly and said, "'Why Mister Gloomy Gus, Hm?'" I thought she was quoting a movie that I'd recently seen, but I couldn't remember which one. "Work called; they wanted me to come in tonight." I was looking at the floor.

"And are you going to?" Her tone was sincere. Then I looked at her. "Well, no. I told them I had something going on." She hugged me tightly. "Aw, you didn't have to do that." "Well," I explained, "I didn't know what you had planned, so…" I shrugged. "You could have taken me with you." She was serious. Smiling, but serious. I drew a line right there. "Oh ho, that is not a good idea at all." She became inquisitive, and I became uneasy. "Do they not like for you to have guests?" Was she really going to make me spell it out for her?

"Well, not necessarily, but if someone is there, they might start asking questions, and…" I trailed off. And she picked up "And I'm eighteen, remember?" I was astonished at her simple evasion of reality. Of course!

You're eighteen. How could I have missed that? I felt the serious trouble sensation coming on again, but I just pretended to go along with it. "Oh, that's right! You're eighteen. Perfect. I already told him, 'No,' though." Then I added something I immediately regretted. "Some other time, maybe." This pepped her right back up, and she kissed me playfully. "So what are we going to do today?" I pondered this question, and wondered if there was a wrong answer.

"Well, how long did Kim say it would be before she got here?" I wasn't sure how this would help, but at least it bought me a few seconds. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I'd never had a fuck cause me more stress than this one.

"Fifteen minutes, but that was five minutes ago." I thought about it. "Well, I would usually go swimming." "Oh! Let's go swimming at Kim's place!" I couldn't help it, I laughed. "Are you crazy?" She thumped me on the chest and said, "Her parents are on vacation, Stupid. You didn't really think I would take you over there and introduce you to her parents, did you?" The thought had occurred to me.

"Well…?" Then something else occurred to me. "Wait, your parents let you stay over there while her parents are out of town?" She stuck out her chest and pointed her nose in the air. "We're responsible adults." She saw me raise an eyebrow at this. "No, really. Kim and I are both straight-A students, we're in extracurricular activities and sports, we never get into trouble. Our parents and teachers love us!

They trust us implicitly." "Implicitly, eh?" I smiled at her as she thumped my chest again. It sort of made sense to me. My parents would never have dreamed of such a thing, but I could see how a parent might. "So, Kim has a pool?" I was starting to consider it. Ashley got excited. "Yeah, a really nice one, with a privacy fence.

Oo, and a jacuzzi! Her mother's a neurosurgeon, and they do pretty well." "We'd have to all ride in her car; I wouldn't want my car to be parked there." Self-preservation mode was still active. "Could I park nearby and she could ferry me in?" "Parking isn't really a problem, but if it will make you feel better, there's a Publix a few miles away." She thought about it for a few moments.

"Perfect, it's settled!" It is? Time to roll with it, Dean. Just let it happen. "Okay." I considered the plan before turning to her and asking, "May I get dressed, now?" She pretended to think about it before granting me permission, and hopped up off me.

"Oo, let me pick out your clothes!" Without waiting for my response, she bolted to my bedroom. I followed her at a leisurely pace to find her rifling through the clothes hanging in my closet.

"This is all dress. Where's your casual stuff?" "In the dresser." I smiled as I watched her youthful motions. She moved so quickly. I couldn't recall ever having that much energy, even when I'd been her age. She had energy to spare.

I couldn't tell if her youthfulness made me feel younger, or just that much older. She picked out a henley and some cargo shorts, and tossed them on the bed before asking, "Do you wear sandals?" I laughed and said, "Yes, but Kim has them." Ashley smiled at me "Is she bringing them?" She kept smiling at me, and said, "I don't know. Maybe? I'll get you some socks, just in case." "And underwear is in the bottom drawer, no pun intended." I'd waited to use that line for years.

She had to think about what I'd said before starting to laugh. "Oh, that's a good one." "Yeah, I thought so." I was proud. "You won't need them," she said, matter-of-factly.

"Actually, I swam before work yesterday, and my swim trunks never made it out of the trunk of the car to dry, so I will need some underwear to swim in." She just looked at me silently, waiting for me to put two and two together.

Finally, it sank in, "Or, I guess I won't, then?" She shook her head. Then, a few moments later, she added, "In fact, I don't think I like you wearing underwear at all. Ever. Okay?" She then opened the bottom drawer, scooped up all my underwear into one armful, picked up the pair she had thrown to the floor earlier, and strutted past me into the hallway. I followed close behind.

"What are you doing?" "You don't need them anymore, so I'm throwing them away," as she headed for the garbage can. "But…?" It was a feeble attempt at a protest, but enough of one to get her attention.

She stopped over the can and looked at me, "But what?" Pick your battles, man. Pick your battles. "Nothing.

Nevermind." So much for the bottom drawer line. "Yay," she exclaimed, and into the can they went. I determined that she did, in fact, intend for our situation to continue. Without missing a beat, she zoomed past me again back to the bedroom, and her faithful puppy followed her again. When I arrived, she had socks in hand, and was tossing them onto my shirt. "There you go." As I started to move to the bed to dress, she blocked my way, standing on her toes and resting her forearms on my chest with her hands on my shoulders, looking up at me appreciatively.

I put my arms around her and tried desperately not to get an erection as I leaned in to kiss her, and there was a knock on the door. Ashley's eyes shot open as she yelled, "Kim!" Ashley ran from the room, leaving me to ponder whether I was supposed to get dressed now or not. Deciding to err on the side of caution, I walked naked into the living room to greet Kim.

Upon finding a barely clothed Kim hugging naked Ashley tightly in their greeting, I wished I'd had something to hide my rapidly inflating manhood. They hugged for a few seconds as if they hadn't seen each other in years, then kissed briefly on the lips. Oh yeah, today's gonna be hard. I laughed quietly at my internal double entendre. They parted, and Kim gazed at me with the most brilliant blue eyes, scanning me up and down before settling on my face.

I was dumbfounded by her beauty. Kim was tall; six feet, maybe better. She didn't look awkward, though. In fact, she looked downright stunning. She was almost as toned as Ashley, but with larger breasts, which suited her longer frame. Medium tan skin graced her natural, round face. I tried in vain not to stare as her lips parted. "Damn, Dean, close your mouth. Don't you own any other clothes, or do I have them all?" I composed myself, and raised a hand in greeting.

"Hi, Kim. Nice to see you again, too." Ashley laughed. "Actually, Ashley said she liked me like this, so…" Kim looked down at Ashley. Ashley confirmed, "Yep. I want to have the option to press his flesh whenever I want." "Oo, you dirty girl." Ashley looked up at her friend proudly. "You know it." They both laughed, and I was trying to get the joke. I was eager to start moving forward with my day. "So, what are we doing?" Kim seconded the question. Ashley piped up.

"We're going swimming at your place," she said happily." Kim approved. "Great idea. Oh, here are your clothes." I moved forward to accept them before realizing she had been talking to Ashley, and was surprisingly disappointed. I asked Ashley, "May I get dressed now?" Making a show of it in front of her friend, "You may." As I turned to the hallway, I heard Kim. "Damn, girl! WhoopSHSHSH." One hasn't really lived until one has been shamed in the nude by not one, but two sixteen-year-old girls.

I dressed silently and returned to the living room to find Ashley in a pair of cutoff denim shorts matching Kim's, a white tank top, and sneakers.

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She hadn't bothered with a bra, and my loins stirred again. it was then that it occurred to me that if I was going to be stimulated on and off like this all the time, I was going to be leaking all over the inside of my pants, which would soak through quite visibly to the outside, and I had to shake my head. Fortunately, my gesture went unnoticed. As I was putting on my shoes, I remembered the felony on my desk, and asked Ashley, "Is it alright if I erase those pictures on my computer?" With genuine disappointment, "Why would you want to do that?" "Oh, cos they're a little illegal?" I was trying to be light hearted about it.

"Oh, Dean. We won't tell if you won't tell. Will we, Kim?" "Nope." I could hear the smirk in her word. Realizing I had lost, "Okay." I imagined Ashley and Kim sharing a knowing look behind me before standing up and turning to them.

"Ready?" Ashley said, "Ready." I grabbed the keys from the bureau, and we were off. XIII. After hanging my soaking swim trunks on the porch rail to dry, we were off. Ashley rode with Kim, and I followed them. I was grateful for the alone time, and I used it to think about absolutely nothing, and to drum my fingers against the steering wheel to Depeche Mode. It was only a ten minute drive, but it was my ten minutes. I followed her into the Shopping center parking lot where I would be leaving my car.

I wanted to make the transition quick, so as not to be easily identifiable in a lineup, but Ashley yelled out her window at me to get my bag from the trunk. When I looked at her in astonishment with my mouth hanging open, she added, "Just in case." I started practicing my speech in my head.

"Hi. I'm Dean McCann. I'm a sex offender." I locked my doors, retrieved my bag from the trunk, and we were on our way. It only took us another seven minutes through ever thinning middle-class residences before reaching a gated drive, and I was suddenly flooded with anxiety. Where the fuck were they taking me? Kim punched some numbers into a keypad, and the entry gate slid open. Once inside the gate, we continued for another minute and around a grouping of trees before pulling up to a rather large house, then into a rather large garage as the doors opened and closed behind us, and I was grateful for the privacy the enclosure would afford me as I moved from car to home.

Ashley had been right; parking would not have been a problem as the house was hidden from the road. I almost succeeded in opening my door into the Range Rover parked next to me, but I caught it at the last second as I inhaled sharply through clenched teeth. I toted the bag on my shoulder as Kim led us into the house.

We passed a shiny, late model Viper and a recent BMW sedan on the way in, and I started forming Kim's family photo in my mind as we continued. Ashley was just as comfortable, and I could tell she spent a lot of time here. I crossed the threshold into the den and saw… Money. The place was furnished in money. It was all exceptionally tasteful, but also exceptionally expensive.

"Kim, Ashley said your mom is a neurosurgeon?" "Yep. A pretty big one, too. She's the Department Head." "Far out. What does your dad do?" Rocket scientist? "He's the District Attorney." "No shit," I asked, as casually as I could manage mid-cardiac arrest. "No shit." She smiled at the sudden discomfort on my face. "Oh, don't worry about it. They're in Bora Bora until Saturday night," dismissing my obvious anxiety. "Oh, okay." I failed to see how her parents being in Bora Bora until Saturday night made the situation any more acceptable.

My head started hurting, but rather than think about the certain doom that awaited me, I focused on more immediate matters, like, "Who goes to Bora Bora?" Kim warmed to my sentiment.

"I know, right?

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So, an old friend of my mom — and I mean a friend of my mom who's old — told her about what a great place it is, so my parents decided to go. They've been gone five days now, and they said they're having a good time, so… Whatever." We talked briefly about more preferred vacation destinations as she led me into the kitchen, and Ashley disappeared for a few minutes.

Upon her return, she was naked again, and was carrying a few beach towels. She offered Kim and me each one, and kept one for herself. "So, are you guys just gonna stand around all day or what?" As soon as Kim and I moved, Ashley made a path to the rear patio door, walked through and out, and we followed. Ashley hadn't lied; Kim's parents had a very nice setup.

There was a large in-ground pool, surrounded by a boardwalk littered with padded patio furniture, and a medium gazebo with a jacuzzi. The L-shaped house wrapped around the area on two sides, leaving a privacy fence for the other two.

The fence was only about seven feet high, but judging by our approach to her house, the nearest neighbor was at least two hundred yards in any direction.

Not too shabby. Once Ashley was satisfied that I'd spent enough time surveying my surroundings, she stepped in front of me and said, "Okay. Now, take off your pants," before making a running dive into the pool.

I looked at Kim standing next to me who smiled and said, "Better move, Dean." I began taking off my clothes as Kim went to a nearby lounge to begin disrobing. I was down to only my shorts when Ashley surfaced and saw me moving for the snap on my waistband. She yelled in drill-sergeant fashion, "Can't you follow instructions, boy," and started laughing. As soon as the shorts hit the ground, I was running at the pool, diving into position to pull Ashley under. I grabbed her ankle and pulled down hard before surfacing.

She bobbed right back up and called me a shithead. Kim had disrobed, and Ashley and I swam to the edge of the pool to greet her.

She was impressive.

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Real model material. Kim's physique was similar to my own in that she was toned, but not muscular. Long shapely legs, round pronounced breasts, truly an hourglass figure covered in smooth, warmly tanned skin, with no tan lines. She had a small, well-trimmed, triangular patch of blond hair just a little above her hood pointing downward, as if to indicate the treasure that waited below, and it absolutely suited her.

Ashley watched me looking at Kim. "Not bad, eh?" I looked back at Ashley, and wondered if I was being setup. "Is there a right and wrong answer?" She laughed. "Nope." I looked back up at Kim, who was listening to our exchange with her hands on her hips and an expectant look on her face, as if to say, "Well?" "Not bad at all." Kim kissed the air at me, then looked at Ashley.

"Sweetie, I need help with sunscreen. Can I borrow your boy here?" Ashley replied without looking at me. "Sure. Just bring him back in one piece." My eyes were wide in mock disbelief, and she winked at me before swimming off. Kim looked expectantly at me again.

"Well? Come on." I began to extract myself from the water as Kim walked over to her chosen lounge and waited. I recovered my towel and brushed some of the excess water from me before joining her.


I'd expected to apply the sunscreen to the areas she couldn't reach, in typical fashion, so I was surprised when she handed me the bottle and lay back, her eyes closed. I applied a generous quantity of the goop to my hands, rubbed them together a bit, and went to work.

Her flesh was tender but resilient. It was a pleasure confidently running my hands along the length of this girl's body, and my growing erection reflected that pleasure. Every so often she would moan as I massaged the lotion into a particularly sensitive area, and her nipples hardened as I applied the lotion to her breasts.

Though I don't think she'd intended to, she was coming alive to me as I covered her arms and hands. When I reached her designation patch, she parted her legs significantly, as if to suggest that I not miss a single spot, and I did not disappoint.

Remembering my purpose, I didn't linger any longer than the job required, but I was thorough in my bid to reach every exposed inch of flesh. Equipped with a large amount of lotion, my fingers rubbed light circles onto her sex, and she moaned again, her body tense. I expanded outward, continuing with her legs and feet, and when I'd done all I could on that side, she flipped, and I began covering her back. I reached her bum, and she raised it slightly.

I applied the sunscreen to her buttocks, and as I did, her ass rose higher, as if she were presenting herself to me. Again, I diligently covered every measure of her skin, reaching between her buttocks. When I went to cover her sex one more time for good measure, I noticed a small amount of moisture had gathered at the seam between her labia. I relieved her of it, and she moaned deeply. That was the last I touched her before leaning over and whispering in her ear, "You're done." She moaned in dissatisfaction.

"Moh, not even close." I laughed and started to get up as I turned to the pool and found Ashley watching me. "That was awesome," she said. "How long were you watching?" "Pretty much the whole time. It was a fantastic show. Makes me sad I don't need sunscreen." I didn't understand.

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"What do you mean, you 'don't need sunscreen?'" "My mother is Korean, and my father is Colombian, and for some reason that mix means I don't tan, I don't burn, I don't even shade. The color that you see here is all there is." She waited patiently for my response.

"Interesting," was all I could muster. Ashley just rolled her eyes, then smiled as she shook her head lightly. Her eyes were calling me an idiot, and I couldn't blame them. She crooked her finger at me and said, "Come here." When I arrived, I got down on the boardwalk and she kissed me for several seconds. As she released me, a thought occurred to me.


"You know, now that I think about it, I need sunscreen, too." I was so used to swimming at the gym that I'd forgotten about it. Ashley smiled and yelled, "Kim! Dean needs sunscreen!" An instant later from her lounge, "Well, get over here, then." I started to object, but Kim wouldn't hear it.

"Don't even think about it. Dry yourself off and lie down." I grabbed my towel, drying myself as I approached her, and lay on my stomach. moving my hair out of the way. "Your hair is too long," she chided. "Oi," I started, but was immediately silenced by her hands and cold lotion on my back; she hadn't bothered to warm it. She was quick without being vigorous as she coated my back and outward with the protective lotion. She mirrored my own application to her skin, taking care to reach everywhere.

"Flip," she said dryly, and I did, springing my erection into view, startling her. "Well, hello," she said to it as I closed my eyes. She started on my chest out to my arms and down to my waistline before telling me to lift my right leg, and I could hear her shift around me.

She covered first that leg and then the left before lifting them both, straddling the lounge as close to me as she could get, then lowering my thighs to rest on her own. My heart was racing as she massaged lotion onto my pelvis and down into my inner thighs. She worked from the outside of the untouched area and moved inward. I kept my pubic hair closely trimmed, so her fingers moved freely about me. She reached my sack, and I gasped as she slathered far more lotion than was necessary onto it, leaving only my shaft uncovered.

I waited for her hands, but they didn't come. Finally I heard her say, "May I?" I was about to speak when I heard Ashley say, "Go right ahead." Suddenly Kim's hands were upon me, carrying copious amounts of lotion with them. I gasped and jumped, but her hands on my member kept me in place.

She started working me, and she wasn't gentle about at all. Her intention became clear: she was simply trying to milk me as quickly as possible. I opened my eyes to see her focused intently on what she was doing. I think she sensed me looking at her, because she smiled and said, "I'm just getting you ready for later." Understanding this, I lowered my head back down and closed my eyes, waiting for her to pull my seed from me.

Her hands slid up and down on my cock furiously and relentlessly. She started coaching me, almost impatiently, "Come on… Come on… Give it up… Let me have it… Come on…" I started getting close, and I raised my head to look at her again. She looked me in the eyes and commanded, "Give it to me now, Dean." And I did. She pulled ropes and ropes of cum from me. I watched as my first, large torrent landed on her arm, and she adjusted her motions to try to contain further spillage.

She kept pulling, and I kept cumming. She was emptying me, and I had to close my eyes again to the intensity of the extraction. She didn't immediately stop once I'd finished gushing, continuing for several seconds, and slowing gradually until she released me with one good squeeze.

She reached for her towel, used it to wipe my spunk from her arm, and wrung her hands in it repeatedly before lazily tossing the cloth on my shrinking dick and backing off the lounge. I heard her say, "I kinda like your boy. He follows directions." Ashley laughed heartily and exclaimed, "I know," and continued laughing. I haphazardly cleaned myself off while keeping my eyes closed, enjoying the slowly retreating fire in my loins.

The sun warmed the length of my body, and I tried to remember the last time I'd lain naked beneath it. Barring the inherent possibility of incarceration, today was turning out to be an alright day. The threat of arrest just didn't want to leave me. It kept tugging on the back of my mind, like a little boy tugging on his mother's arm, desperate for her attention. I was doing an alright job of ignoring it, but it was still there.

Two victim's now. I'm now a serial pedophile. The faint smile that had rested on my lips disappeared altogether, but I remained in the lounge, determined to relax. I heard Kim dive into the pool, then lost track of time.

I was returned poolside by Ashley yelling at me. "Dean, turn over, you're done on that side!" I raised my head and opened one eye at her to find her smiling at me. Her short black hair was clinging to her head, water dripping down her, her freckles peeking at me, uncovered by makeup.

God, she was amazing. I turned over, and forgot time again.