Amazing hot body amateur exgf sex at home

Amazing hot body amateur exgf sex at home
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Laura went back to her apartment still red in the face from the orgasms of less than an hour ago. "So, how'd the meeting with the guy go?" Her roommate asked, already knowing the answer. "Oh my God, he was amazing. I cannot fucking wait for tomorrow" the thought already making her wet. As she closed the door to her room, she looked at her phone and saw Joseph had left her a message. "You are not allowed to cum without my permission.

You are not to cum until the next time we see each other. I will be sending you instructions for next time by text". He did not prompt her for a response, and the command made her tingle even more.

It was a hard sleep that night. A decade ago I dreamt of this night, and now tomorrow held the promise of even more.

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Her as my slave. My little church girl turned slut. Just that thought made me hard again, although I'd decided to save myself for the next time, I wasn't going to allow her to cum and I would play by my own rules, unbeknownst to her. The next afternoon I had laid everything out for the night afterwards. She and I had been texting all day as equals.

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I thought it best at this early stage to keep the Dominance and submission strictly to the bedroom, I was going to control her sexual activity but not her life at this point. Once the time had come, I sent her instructions via text. "You are to come over now.

Ring the bell, the door will be unlocked. You are to be wearing a dress and panties of any color, however you must be ok with them being destroyed.

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You will not be wearing them again. Upon entering, you will see a ballgag on the floor. Secure it over your mouth and proceed to the bedroom. You will find a set of leg cuffs, a blindfold, a collar, and handcuffs next to the bed.


Secure them with your hands behind your back. Put everything on in the order in which it was listed in this message." When Laura got the text her panties nearly flooded with excitement and anticipation. She replied back, "Yes sir" She had never used sex toys before although she'd had many fantasies about being tied up and defenseless.

She entered the apartment and called out "Hey, I'm here!" with no response. She was expecting him to be in sight. But only then did she realize why he gave her instructions in the first place, and from here she became a little nervous. She was wearing an old white dress with a pink bra and panties and she was looking forward to them being ravaged off of her.

Instead, here she was alone. "Sir?" No response. After a little hesitation, she said "here goes nothing" and put the ballgag in her mouth, and instantly her legs were almost immobilized with pleasure, her panties already soaked.

As she made her way into the bedroom, she saw the cuffs, both of which were real. There would be no getting out of these without keys. She laid down and secured the leg cuffs sitting up, then put the blindfold over her face. The sensory deprivation pushed her already past whatever limits she believed she had. Blinded, she fumbled around for the handcuffs and put one of them over her wrist, feeling the cold metal on her skin.

Putting her hands together behind her back, she secured the second cuff and felt completely helpless. Her pussy was aching for attention, and if her hands weren't captive, she would have been unable to stop herself.

She lay down, playfully struggling against her restraints, waiting for him to show up, and getting nervous when she heard nothing. What seemed like an hour when you're bound and desperately needing to be fucked, she heard footsteps enter the room. Another flood of juice came through. "Why did you hesitate" I asked "I'm sorry, sir! I was scared!" She said through the gag "Yesterday I told you that you will obey my commands without hesitation.

I gave you mercy yesterday but today you must be punished". Hearing that sent another jolt through her body. What came next would send another.

I gave a little shock with a cattle prod and she obviously was not expecting it. I'd seen her quiver a little bit when I said punishment, so I'd wanted to remind her that she's not going to enjoy them.

The shock made her struggle in her bonds but was otherwise harmless. "Now when you disobey me, expect more of those" I said. I took off her ballgag and she immediately said "I'm sorry sir!" To which I reprimanded her again with the prod, "You will speak when spoken to!" I lifted her up onto her knees by her hair and removed her blindfold, causing her to scream mildly.

She stared at me with an amazing amount of submission for someone who had never been in her position before. Her eyes were no longer apologetic, but the same piercing stare she'd given before, only with her hands bound. "Well now that you can see, no more surprises" as I got a pair of scissors out of the drawer, which worried her, although she remained silent and in position.

He came up to her from behind and cut her dress off, pulling the last part off with his bare hands and exposing her pink bra. From behind, he massaged her breasts as he unhooked her bra, exposing her puffy, hardening nipples, causing her to moan with pleasure. As they hardened, he attached two clamps to them, soft ones for a beginner, but with enough force to remind her who was in charge.

"Now slut, have you obeyed my command to not cum since last night?" "Yes sir" she said without the slightest hesitation. "Good girl" He said, pleasuring her even more. I took some chain and two padlocks and locked one end of the chain to the cuffs, and the other to her collar, making her captive hands immovable. After taking off her panties and feeling her wetness, I ordered her to stand. I pressed my tongue to her pussy lips as she moaned uncontrollably, nearing orgasm, and came before she could stop herself.

"You really have to work on obeying your master, slut" as I took one of her nipple clamps off and put it on her labia, causing her to scream and orgasm uncontrollably." "Now, when you make me cum, that comes off" I said, unzipping my pants.

Her talented if innocent mouth sent me to places I myself had never been to, licking my balls and moving her lips up and down my shaft. It wasn't long before I came, her piercing eyes staring at me from below, loving her place in all this. As I came, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and ordered her mouth remain open. I came directly inside her mouth. "Keep your mouth open" I demanded, and then allowed her to swallow, sucking the last of me after she did.

I took the nipple clamp off her labia which caused her to yell again, and unlocked her cuffs and chain, leaving her collar on for the time being. We stayed in bed, saying nothing for a couple minutes, I was waiting to recharge and I was sure she was waiting for the same. "Sir, may I ask you a question?" She said innocently. "Yes?" "Do I have to leave tonight?" "That's up to you" I said.

"I have work tomorrow, so it'll be an early night." Just then I noticed the large suitcase I had in my closet. I softly grabbed her head and pointed it toward the closet.


"See that suitcase?" I said, "See if you can fit into it." She was obviously nervous, unsure if I was going to have her sleep in there the night, or exactly what my plans were, but she knew better than to ask or disobey. She unzipped the case, and slowly laid down inside it, having to contortion her body and neck to fit properly. I zipped the case over her. "How's that?" Comfortable, I said with a slight sneer "Y-Yes…" she said.

"Don't lie to me, are you comfortable or not?" "No sir, I don't know how long I could stay in here." I unzipped it and ordered her out of it.


"Long enough to go to work with me tomorrow?" I asked She hesitated and paused, her face lit up with uncertainty but also excitement at the prospect of going to work with her master. "How long would I be in there?" She asked. "I don't know. Just long enough to get you in the building?" "Yes, master. I would like that very much!" Laura began putting her clothes on to which I gave her a stern look.

She blushed, realizing clothes were going to stay off. "I'm hungry, anything you're in the mood for?" I asked her "Other than master's cock?" She replied "You're a good little slut.

Go, show me your cooking skills." Her version of cooking turned out to be ordering Chinese take-out, not what I was expecting, but amusing nonetheless. I'd briefly considered making her pick it up at the door naked, but decided to allow her to put on her bra and panties, which still had the desired effect of making her blush profusely, and confusing the shit out of the delivery boy. After we'd had our fill, she cleaned up as I laid back in my chair, and when she was done, she crawled up next to my chair, on her knees, hands behind her, staring at me, waiting for her command.

I was amazed at her level of submission this early on. "I think it's time you earned a name" I said.

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Any ideas on what you want to be called. "That is your decision, Sir." "Good answer" I replied as I patted her head softly. I'd had a few ideas on what to call her, but once again her piercing blue eyes beneath her fiery red hair overcame me, I picked up her, kissed her forehead, and whispered "Flame" into her ear.

"Flame" She replied We kissed again and I made my way to the bedroom. I put her in a blindfold and a gag and laid her softly onto the bed. I took out two pairs of cuffs from a drawer off to the side as she stayed in place obediently.

I cuffed both of her arms to the top of the bedpost, and then undid her bra, exposing her soft, puffy nipples once again. I quickly took her panties off, reveling more wetness from her sex. From there I took both legs and tied them to either side of the bed using sheets, rendering her immobile. It was from here that I got on top of the bed and slid myself inside her extremely tight and wet pussy.

She moaned heavily from behind her gag as I slowly went deeper inside her. "Oh God, fuck me daddy" She screamed, muffled by the large ball in her mouth.

I pinched her breasts and softly grabbed her neck as she climaxed, causing me to do the same.

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I pulled out and came on her stomach, exhausted and euphoric from fucking her. I took off her gag and blindfold and kissed her as she looked up to me and smiled, still restrained. I unlocked her wrists, leaving the cuffs on the headboard and untied her feet, leading her to the shower, where we showered as equals.

After the shower, I wondered whether I should allow her to sleep in the bed, or have her sleep to the side. I decided she'd been a good enough girl to sleep in the bed, but warned her that if her there was any more disobeying me, she would be sleeping chained to the side of it. But for a first day in slavery, she did a good job, and I was extremely excited to bring her to work tomorrow…