CFNM British schoolgirls sucking cock in bedroom

CFNM British schoolgirls sucking cock in bedroom
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COMPOUND 1 "My name is ASHLEY! ASHLEY! ASHLEY! ASHLEY!!" "No, its 24, please, please be quiet or we'll both be in trouble." Ashley was the newest slave at the compound and was proving to be the largest pain in the ass to train. She was resentful and thus very difficult. She was molded best by pain, and bondage, but resisted all sexual contact. John hadn't personally trained a slave in many years, but he saw this girl #38 as his new project.

He would break her, train her, and then sell her over and over, letting grubby old men ravage her body.

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Yes, he would have her. John entered #30-40's cell room. "38, come forward." When she didn't move he grabbed nipple rings and a crop from the cell-side table. "The cunt who brings her to me will be releaved of their appointments tomorrow from 6am-noon. Before he could count to five he had the defiant bitch's nipples tightly pinched between his nipple clamps. She moaned in pain as he tightened them painfully tight.

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"come." He said as he tugged her nipple chain roughly. She followed to the training room. Several other slaves were there receiving their discipline, or training. John took her to the back, and tied her hands tightly behind her back and ran a thin chain between her arms, under her armpits he lifted her body with a pully system up off the ground until her knees were lvl with his chest.

He placed a three foot splitter bar between her knees and tied it into place. She cried as he spread her legs uncomfortably wide. He then lifted her another four feet into the air, placing his favorite training tool.

The Judas cradle. He lowered her slowly, waiting until her pussy rested slightly on the very starp point. He moved to her and spread her lips, lowering her further onto it.


She cried when he lowered half her weight onto the contraption. He tied the rope off, letting I really. sink. in.

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he walked around her. "mmmm, 38, what is your meaning in life?" "fuck you!" she spat at him. John lowered her completely onto the cradle, watching the blood flow from her spreading pussy. "fucking, yes." John beat her clamped nipples with the crop repeatedly.

His cock twitched each time her scream pierced the room. "I'll leave you hear to think on this, my dear. When I return, you'd best be ready to earn your keep.

My patients is nie, slut. Either you make me money, or I'll leave you here on this cradle until it works its way into your throat, understood?" She sobbed louder and John smiled. He left her sitting there, slowly impaling herself. John walked quickly, not wanting to ruin her pussy long term as that would lower her price. John went and filled a large enema bag with 5 quarts of scalding hot water, he then grabbed 2 full glasses.

One filled with cum, from who knows how many different doners, and the other filled with breast milk. He also requested that four of his men come with him. John returned to 38 and removed her from the cradle. She was so thankful she begged to suck Johns cock. He allowed her to thank him orally for a few minutes before pushing her onto her knees and elbos. He shoved the tube into her ass and allowed all 5 quarts empty into her.

She screamed and screamed but never did ask him to remove it. "that's it my prize, mmmmmmm." He plugged her ass with a plug, to continue her training.

He then ordered her to sit on one of his workers hard cocks. She did so obediently, lubed by the blood in her pussy. She rode him, facing away from him, in reverse cowgirl position.

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He then told her to hold still while he thrusted up into her pussy. While he was fucking her John instructed her to sip first the breast milk, and then the semen. She gagged at both. He simply asked. "which would you rather be surrounded by for the rest of your life." She stared at him comfused. Just then the man underneath her blew his load into her. Like clockwork he was replaced by another worker, with a larger cock and pulled 38 down onto his hard cock"AHHHHH!" she screamed as he fucked into her with passion.

Master ordered another cock enter her from top. She soon was being double penetrated before she could even refuse. "slut, if you don't choose, I will choose for you. 3-2-" "MILK!" she screamed. "Perfect, I need more cows." John said as he left her with the men stuffing her pussy. "You must be new… here, let me help you. It doesn't hurt so bad after a few days, its not so bad…I'm #1." "Thanks…I'm number&hellip.number 40." "I know its hard to take in right now, but this is life, its best to just go with it." "Is it true that he.

Master, started this whole thing. with his daughter?" she sighed, remembering her life before this." yes." her voiced quivered as she thought of the day her dad changed her life.


Its true, john did need more cows, he was down to only five, out of fourty slaves, and that wasn't nearly enough. Many years ago John had sorted his sluts into 4 categories: LOVERS (Slaves meant to pleasure the Masters and only their master.

Much like a pimps number one girl.) TRAMPS (the sluts that they would rent out for clients who would beat, rape or impregnate the slaves) COWS( the slaves who would be constantly pregnant, in order to sustain their milk-filled breasts and would only receive sex when they would need to conceive.

And finally the SURPLUS (mostly infants that would be sold off to families wishing to raise the child as their own, or people who couldn't have babies. but mostly to Clients who wanted to raise them into their own sex slaves.) John walked through his compound, surveying.

He over saw the milking of the cows, hardening while #20 cried while the pumps sucked all the milk from her tits and the same time. Ah, number 20. She'd given one of johns clients trouble while he beat her, claiming she was pregnant as a reason not to beat her senseless. Pish-tosh. Once the client left her, unsatisfied we beat her into miscarriage, and didn't allower her to be milked for a week causing her much discomfort.


Her large DD tits were used to being pumped up to ten times a day, for years. suddenly they weren't allowed to be touched, or released for a week, filling to well over an F cup with the milk of life. Each breath she took was agony, rasing and lowering her too-full tits. Once her nipples began to seep the milk on the seventh day, we started her milking once more.

John then walked through the clientel cells. Watching his best slaves beated bloody, allowing the clients to harden, and then fuck them.

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And to other cells seeing clients kiss, and eat out the slaves lovingly. John then went to his room, met by his LOVER, number 4. She dropped to her knees, ready to pleasure him.

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