Mi cu ntilde_ada dormida y yo aprovechando el tiempo acariciando sus enormes nalgas

Mi cu ntilde_ada dormida y yo aprovechando el tiempo acariciando sus enormes nalgas
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I grabbed my sister Sheila as she walked by where I was sitting and pulled her onto my lap. It was purely an impulsive move.or maybe not. I'd been obsessing about Sheila and my other sister Vanessa for a while. My name is Eric and I'm 16 years old. If you read "Barb-a-que" you know how I lost my virginity and acquired two lovers in one eventful day. That was almost a year ago. One lover was my own mother and the other was a friend of hers, Mrs.

Alice Perry. I knocked up both women. Alice has already given birth to my daughter, Erica. It took a while longer to knock up my mom but her belly is now beginning to swell as a result of my efforts. My fantasy is to do the same thing to my two married sisters.

"What are you doing? Let go of me," Sheila demanded. I ignored her and prevented her from moving off my lap by wrapping my arm around her waist. "Mom, Eric's being a brat." Our mom had just walked out of the kitchen and placed a casserole dish on the dining room table.

"Get off his lap then," Mom replied before disappearing back into the kitchen.

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"I'm not--," Sheila started to protest but when she lost her audience she tried to wiggle away again. I had a nice boner going by then and she couldn't help but feel it on the back of her thigh. "What do you think you're doing?" "I'm having a nice feel," I said and placed my free hand on her upper thigh and began to caress it.

Unfortunately, my sister was wearing jeans. "Don't," Sheila said and made a futile effort to move my hand away. "I'm gonna slap your face in about two seconds," she warned. "Don't be that way," I said as if she was being completely unreasonable. I decided to be up front about what I wanted.

"Why don't we go upstairs to my room and fuck?" There was no sense in beating around the bush about it. At least Sheila now knew my intentions. "What!" Sheila gasped. "You twerp! I'm your sister." "So what?" I said. I moved my hand to the top of her thighs and caressed her snatch through the fabric of her jeans to let her know I was serious. She gasped again. "Stop it," Sheila whined. "I'm gonna tell Robert what you said." Robert is her husband.

He's a middle management type and is on the road quite often. Sheila doesn't like to stay in their apartment alone so she stays with us a lot. My sister is 21 years old and has been married for a couple of years. "Think about it at least, okay?" I offered. "I'll ask you again later." "I'll think about it," Sheila promised.

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I didn't think she was serious. She just wanted to get out of my clutches.

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"Now let go of me." "Give me a big kiss and I'll know you're serious," I demanded. "Only in your dreams!" my sister shot back and struggled some more so I sneaked my hand under her top and unhooked her bra. I'd been practicing that move with Mom and Alice and I've gotten pretty good at it. Sheila turned a bright red in her face. She looked toward the kitchen door and then leaned down and presented her lips to mine. I jammed my tongue into her mouth while kissing her and slipped my hand under her top and loosened bra to cup her bare tit.

She squealed in muffled protest but was helpless to prevent it. I heard a car door slam and knew my dad was home. I ended our kiss and let go of her. She jumped up and glared at me.

If looks could kill I'd be dead by now. Sheila didn't say anything but stomped away to go meet Dad at the door. What the hell I decided. I followed close behind and when she reached an old alcove I grabbed her again and pulled her struggling figure behind the curtain. My parents' house is kind of old and has things like alcoves. "Damn you! Not again!" I muffled her protests with my hand and our Dad walked right past without noticing us. "Hi, honey," Dad said. "How's my baby doin'?" Mom was back out of the kitchen.

He kissed his wife and caressed her belly. I smirked a bit. My dad thought he was the father. "He's doing just fine," Mom said and kissed him back. "Where's Eric and Sheila?" "I don't know," Mom replied. "They won't come until called.

I'm sure of it." "Can't you wait until tonight?" What the heck was Mom doing? "I want it now." My mother stepped away from Dad, pulled up her skirt, yanked down her panties and braced herself over the back of the sofa.

Sheila and I gasped. I'd forgotten I was holding my sister against her will and had let go of her but Sheila made no move to escape. "The kids, June!" Dad looked nervously around but he couldn't see us. "Joe Oliver," Mom said, "if you don't start fucking me right this second I'm not going to let you touch me again for the next two years." Dad took another look around and stepped up behind his wife.

"Make it good," Mom ordered and gasped as Dad penetrated her snatch. They were fucking in the front room! Mom turned her head and looked directly at our hiding place. I finally figured out that Mom was helping me seduce Sheila. She must have been spying on us from the kitchen. I didn't waste any more time. I freed my stiff prick from my pants. I then put my fingers inside the waist of Sheila's jeans and yanked them and her panties down below her knees.

She'd been so distracted in watching our parents fuck that it was too late to grab at them. "Stop it!" Sheila hissed but not loudly. I ignored her. My hand dove between her legs and started caressing her clit. "We're going to fuck just like those two out there," I whispered. "I'm your sister," Sheila protested but I knew she was already out of control.

Her snatch was lubricating well and when I kissed her she started kissing back. "You're my personal slut," I replied. I raised her leg and pulled the jeans and panties free. My sister looked scared but no longer struggled or protested.

I gently pushed her to the floor and mounted her. "We're fucking now, slut. What do you think of that?" "Just be careful," Sheila begged. "What's to be careful about," I asked as I continued humping her. "No one will catch us if we're quiet." Mom was making plenty of noise to cover our own noise. "I'm not protected.

You could give me a baby." Ha! That was just what I wanted to know. "What if I want to give you a baby?" "Y-you can't. I'm your sister." "You're also my personal slut. Now what are you?" "Your personal slut," she answered right away. Sheila was a quick learner. "And what do guys do with their personal sluts?" "A-anything they want," Sheila replied.

"Oh gosh, Eric. Please don't give me a baby." "That's exactly what I intend to do and you're not going to do anything to prevent it. Do you understand?" "Yes," my sister squeaked and I felt her shudder through a cum. "What was that?" I heard my Dad say and we both froze. "I don't know and I don't care," Mom replied.

"Let's go upstairs." "You were never this hot when you were pregnant before," Dad said. "It must be my midlife crisis. Now hurry up." I could hear my dad say something else but his voice faded as he and my mom climbed the stairs. "Now it's my turn," I told my sister. "I'm going to cum inside you and give you a baby." "I don't care," Sheila whispered. "Give me your child to carry, baby brother. Cum inside your slut sister and make her pregnant. Make me have your bastard." With that I started spewing a healthy load of my sperm into my oldest sister's breeding hole.

We lay together catching our breath and exchanging kisses without saying anything. After getting dressed Sheila and I stepped from the alcove just in time to see our mom come downstairs. "Oh, there you two are," Mom said. "I've been looking all over the house for you. Dinner is getting cold." Sheila blushed and I grinned. "Where's Dad?" I asked. "His car's outside." "I guess he had a rough day at the office.

He's taking a nap right now. He'll be down later." Mom and I had good appetites for dinner but Sheila just picked at hers. I never did see Dad during dinner.

Mom must have really worn him out. After dinner I walked up behind Mom and embraced her. "Thanks for your help with Sheila," I said. "I can't believe I did what I did. What are your intentions with your sister?" "I want to knock her up and do the same with Vanessa." She gave me the same 'are you crazy?' look that Sheila gave me but didn't protest.

"Sheila's right about you being a brat. Just be careful," she warned. "I will," I assured her and gently caressed her belly. I wanted to fuck my mom right there but I needed to save all my sperm for Sheila.

I kissed her and headed upstairs. "Just be careful," Mom warned again. Sheila looked kind of startled and upset when I walked into her room without knocking. I didn't care. My slut didn't have any right to privacy from me. "I was just about to take a shower," Sheila said and pulled her bathrobe tighter around her tits.

"You're not thinking about washing out my sperm are you?" She sighed and shook her head.


"It's too late for that." Sheila embraced me and laid her head on my chest. "What am I going to do if I'm pregnant, Eric? Robert's not due home until the end of next week." "You'll find a way." If there's one thing I learned about women it was that they were experts in fooling men into accepting other men's bastards as their own.

Alice Perry and my mother had done that with their husbands. Hell, I'd never be sure if they hadn't fooled me too. Sheila would find a way. I loosened the belt on Sheila's robe and pulled it from her shoulders.

She was naked now but didn't seem shy about it. I pushed my sister onto her bed and fucked her again. Later that night I fucked her a third time. Sheila never did get her shower. We were startled awake when Mom said, "Up and at 'em, you two. Breakfast is on." "Oh my god!" exclaimed a panicked Sheila when Mom left.

"She caught us sleeping together. What'll we do?" "There's nothing we can do as far as I know," I replied. "Just relax. Mom probably won't think anything of it.

After all, we weren't fucking in front of her." "I don't want to take a chance," said Sheila. "I'll simply die if she even suspects. I want you out of here now." "I'm not going anywhere until we've had a morning fuck." I grabbed her and held her tight. My morning wood was as stiff as it was going to get and I started nosing it around for Sheila's cunt hole. "Stop it, Eric! Please! I…I've got to take a pee right away." I let go of her. "You better come right back or I'll fuck you right where I find you." "But we'll be late for breakfast." Sheila darted out the door and down the hall.

I shrugged my shoulders. My sister wouldn't escape me. Dad had already left for work when I came down to the breakfast table. "Mom," I said, "Sheila is worried you might take it wrong about seeing me in her bed this morning so I wanted to let you know you have nothing to worry about.

We're just fucking." "That's a dirty lie!" Sheila gasped. "Don't believe him, Mother. I hate you, Eric Oliver." Mom just shrugged her shoulders.

"I just wanted to prove a point. You said you'd simply die if Mom even suspected and see; you're not dead." "I'm not dead but you will be," my sister swore. "What's the big deal?

From what I've heard brothers and sisters fuck each other all the time; even mothers and sons do it. Right, Mom? Tell her it's all right." "That's what I've heard," Mom acknowledged. "I'm not going to judge you if you and your brother want to sleep together." "We're not sleeping together!" Sheila exclaimed. "Then what were you two doing in the alcove yesterday?" "You…you saw us?" "I saw and heard you.

You weren't yelling for help either. I'm just glad I was able to get your father out of the room so he wouldn't discover you two." "I can't believe you think it's okay for me to cheat on my husband," Sheila replied, "and with my own brother no less." "I don't think Eric would have been able to get you into this situation if you were still having good sex with Robert," Mom said. Sheila looked embarrassed and didn't respond.

"Don't feel bad, honey. A lot of married women cheat on their husbands and the rest of them wish they could." "Did you ever cheat on Daddy?" "Yes. Do you want details?" "No…but Eric's my brother…and he wants me to have his child." "Ever since your brother knocked up Alice Perry he's wanted to do it to every other married female he knows." "You mean you're the father of Alice Perry's baby?" Sheila looked at me incredulously.

"Who else have you been sleeping with?" I looked over at Mom who smiled and caressed her bulge. Sheila's eyes bugged out. "You're kidding! Mother, how could you!" "Your brother blackmailed me. What's your excuse?" "I want to do the same to Vanessa," I added. "You're terrible," my sister replied.

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"I want to go meet my niece. Do you think it'll be all right with Mrs. Perry?" "Alice loves to show off my granddaughter every chance she gets. Why don't you take your brother with you?" "Maybe after we take care of some business," I said.

I stood up, walked behind Sheila's chair and clasped her tits. Sheila put her hands over mine but didn't try to pull mine away although she was clearly embarrassed. "Eric won't let you get any rest until your tummy starts bulging like mine," said Mom. "I guess he won't." After breakfast Sheila and I went back upstairs to fuck. I now had a more willing participant. After our showers we dressed and drove to Alice Perry's house to visit my daughter Erica. "Here's your Aunt Sheila, Erica," said Alice as she placed the baby in my sister's arms.

Apparently Mom had called Alice and explained that Sheila knew everything and the reason for her visit. "Aren't you a little darling?" Sheila cooed and took to her niece right away.

"She's absolutely beautiful." "I understand Eric is working on starting a baby inside you," said Alice, "mother like daughter." Sheila blushed but smiled and nodded. "And Vanessa too," I added, "but I'll be happy to give Erica a little brother or sister to play with if you'd like." Alice laughed and said, "I just might take you up on that offer as soon as I'm recovered.

By the way, my husband loves little Erica like life itself but he's thinking of getting himself a vasectomy because he doesn't want any more children so it might be sooner than later." "Any time you're ready, Alice. You know how I love to fuck married women." "Then you ought to fuck Marty's mom.

She's ready for it." "Marty's mom?" Marty is a friend of mine. He was fucking Alice before I took over. "I don't know about that. I wouldn't want Marty getting pissed at me." "Marty's a horn dog just like you, Eric. He'd fuck your mother in a heartbeat if he had the chance.


Just don't brag about it to him." "That's true." I was already plotting how to get into Marty's mother's pants. Her name is Jennifer and is very pretty but first I wanted to see if I could get my sister Vanessa on her back with her legs spread for me.

The next day I rode my bike over to Vanessa's apartment. Even though I have my driver's license now I don't have a car yet but I don't really miss having one.

It was Sunday and I happened to see my sister and brother in law Dale in the apartment parking lot. He was working on his pickup truck. Actually, he was drinking beer and bullshitting with a couple of his buddies but he did have his mechanic tools out.

"Welcome, Eric," said Dale, "sit down and have a beer. What's up?" I ignored his offer on the beer. "I didn't have anything else to do so I thought I'd drop by. How ya doin', Vanessa?" Vanessa gave me a small wave back and said, "I'm doin' fine. We were planning to go to the movies.

Do you want to come with us?" Dale took that moment to let out a huge belch which got a laugh from me and his buddies but Vanessa just rolled her eyes. "I'll tell you what, honey. Why don't you take Eric to the movies with you? I have a little more work to do on this damn engine than I counted on." Actually, it looked like he was more interested in helping to finish off the case of beer that was sitting in the cooler. "I'd be happy to come with you," I said. Vanessa looked pleased. "I'll get my purse and keys." I had no intention of going to the movies with Vanessa.

I mean movies can be a great make-out spot but it's not the place to seduce one's own sister. Once we got out of the parking lot I suggested grabbing a couple of sandwiches and sodas from a nearby deli and going on a picnic.

We drove out to a hilltop overlooking our town. It was a lovers' lane on weekend nights but it was deserted during the day. We ate quietly and then took a walk down a small path.

As soon as we were out of sight of any possible intruders I took Vanessa in my arms and kissed her. She accepted it easily. "That was a nice kiss, Eric. Thank you." She turned away to continue our walk but I reached around and placed my hands on her tits. "What do you think you're doing, you silly?" she said. She didn't sound angry.

"I'm trying to seduce my beautiful sister," I replied. I still had my hands on her tits and caressing them. "Brothers don't go around seducing their sisters." "This brother does." "And what happens if you succeed in seducing me?" "You eventually wind up with my baby growing inside your belly and I can guarantee we'll have a lot of fun getting to that point." "I see.

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Well, how do I explain my condition to my husband?" "You blame it on him, of course." Vanessa chuckled and said, "When Dale isn't at work he's off drinking with his buddies. By the time he gets home he's always too drunk and tired to do me any good. Dale isn't one of the sharpest minds around but it wouldn't take him too long to figure out the baby wasn't his. He'd divorce me for sure." I shrugged my shoulders.

"It doesn't sound like it would be any great loss." "No, I guess not." I turned Vanessa around and kissed her once again. My hands wandered down to her waist and pulled the snap on her jeans. My sister stood there passively while I undressed her with none of the resistance I had with Sheila.


It was a wonder. "You beautiful slut," I sighed as I sank my prick inside my sister's snatch and started to pump away. "Am I as beautiful as Sheila or Mom or Mrs. Perry?" That stopped me short.

"You know? Who told you?" "Sheila told me.

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I've known since yesterday. We tell each other everything. She told me all about you starting a little harem and your plan to add me to it.

You naughty boy!" "I'm surprised you didn't run the other way when you saw me coming. I didn't give the others much time to think about it at all." "I did have my doubts but then you looked so cute leering at me and I started getting wet down where you have your prick right now. Then Dale removed any lingering doubt by getting drunk and skipping out on our movie date. As far as I'm concerned he pushed us together so it had to be my fate to become my brother's slut." I couldn't disagree with anything Vanessa said so I just continued to lay pipe until I dumped a huge load of cum inside her baby-making factory.

Vanessa decided to leave Dale within a week or so of our first fuck. She's moved back home and in her old bedroom. That's very convenient for me. Sheila recently announced that she's pregnant and her husband is ecstatic. Yeah, he thinks the baby is his. I took Alice's advice and started spending more time at Marty's house.

I might tell you about that later.