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Real pawnee amateur dicksucks for quick cash
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We've been on the run for months now and I'm on the verge of exhaustion. I'm not sure how much further I can go. Sometimes I think I should let the catch me, but I have someone to protect and I'm not letting them get their hands on her again. My name is Jonathan white. But I haven't gone by that name in months, not since we escaped. I was named after a man named Jonathan Malcolm. He saved my mother's live while she pregnant with me. Lucky for me she never actually gave the name Malcolm.

That came in handy after we escaped. I go by mal these days. My sister on the other hand decided to keep her name. It's all the same since she doesn't really interact with people these days.

She's the reason we're on the run. She feels bad about it but that's not why she doesn't interact. She has a way with people that would make here stand out. I know I'm being vague but I'll get more into detail later. I've been driving for 20 hours straight save for stopping for gas. Normally I'd be fine at this point but I haven't been able to recuperate properly in weeks. I can tell that there's something ahead. It reeks of people and maple syrup. I smell sex as well, a lot of it from many people and dried blood.

Old sex and dried blood masked by cigarettes, air freshener and cleaning fluid, to be able to smell so much meant that there was a diner and motel a few miles up the road. The smell of sex starts to fill up the car.

It's not the same sex I smelled earlier. No, this was fresh sex and it coming from in side the car. I look behind me to see what my sister is doing. I find that she's rubbing her thighs together with one her hands in between them and the other squeezing her breast. I can smell her juices and it's driving me insane.

You'd think this lead to somewhere but it won't. No, all this means is that we're staying at the motel that coming up. And now that we're closer to it I can say for sure that there are few women there that are nice and clean.

To be honest I'm immune to most STD's especially the heavy hitters, I was modified that way, but healthy clean women just taste better, another one of my mods. "Ash, try to hold out for a few minutes. I think I found a place to stay…" I pause to look back at her to see how far she's gotten with her self. "…if this place has an open room you can take care of self on a nice open bed." She looks up at me and groans. "Why can't you just do it? At this point it's the only way for me to get my fill." She slides her hand into her sweat pants.

I hear a slight squish sound and then she pulls her hand out. Her slick fingers glisten in the sun light as she places them on my lips. "You know you want it. You need it just as much as I do. So just pull over and fill me up." I swat her hand away.

She's right, I do need it but I'm not going to get it from her. "I'm fine for now" I tell her. She lies back down. "Bullshit big brother, we're not human anymore so the rules don't apply anymore." She states.

"Trust me, they still apply." I tell her as we pull into the parking lot of this out of the way motel. I cut off the engine and turn around to face my sister.

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"Look, I love you and that's why you'll never get your fill from me. There are others out there for us. You just need to hold on a little longer, I promise you." I get out of the car and walk to the front desk. There's a man behind the desk and a woman on my side of it. Their conversation was interrupted by me when I walked through the door.

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The man knows what I am but he hesitates to react because of the girl. The girl can't tell. She's too horny to think straight but she knows that she needs to leave. I can tell that she's like my sister only she was born that way. As soon as the door shuts the man pulls out a gun.

"Who are you looking for?" I put my hands up to show that I mean no harm. "I'm not looking for anyone. My sister and I need a place to stay." I ease on hand down and lift up a part of my shirt. I show him brand. Now he knows that I'm an escaped slave, to be more specific a "father". I put my shirt down. "So, what's your rate?" I ask. He lets out a sigh of relief and puts the gun down.


"50 a night. So how long are you two staying?" I put down $350 "one week" the man looks up and hands me the keys. I turn to leave when the man stops me. "Hey man, what's your name? I need a name to put on the books" I tell him to put down Michael Beckman. "Ok I'll do that but I want to know your name? Who are you now?" " I'm Mal." I continue to the door "wait!" I turn around to see what he wanted. "You're forgetting your change. I only charge 300 for a week, but since you're 'father Mal' and you and your sister need to eat so I'll give an extra 50 off." That name makes me twitch.

He said it with such familiarity. It's one thing to put two and two together but until now I was faceless name, a legend, how does he know me? "Who told you about me?" I ask. "You saved my sister.


She told me that to carried her out in to the sun. She's in the diner she'd love to see you again." I decided to test him. "And just what was you're sister?" I ask him so I can prove that he's telling the truth. He drops his head in shame.

"She was 'maid' class. But she said that she was more like a doll maid." He passes. I take the 100 dollars and turn to walk out the door.

As walk back to the car I think about his sister. When we escaped I carried out a "doll maid". A beautiful Latina, she only stood at 4'10".

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She had a c cup bust and wide hips. She moved with such grace that the people who abducted us treated her as doll, but she was still a "maid" and "maids" perform the most degrading tasks.

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I've missed her. I'll definitely catch up with her. When get to the car all of thoughts are shifted to the smell coming from it. I open the right side rear door and there she was.


She was rubbing her pussy though her sweats. She's drenched in her own juices, there's a large wet spot on her crouch. She can't hold on much longer, so I move in to pick her up. That's when she wraps her legs around me. "pleeease big brother, I need you to fill me up, please!" she pleads with me as she grinds her crouch into me.

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I pry myself away from her and then hold her legs closed. "COME ON!" she whines. "I know you're starving so why don't just eat your fill and fill me up at the same time?" she's starting to annoy me. "Will you hold still for sec Ash?" I had to resort to barking orders at her. She stops moving long enough for me to calm down. "Damaris is here and maybe she'll fill you up when she's done for the day, but for now I want you to stay in room until I tell you other wise." I pick her up and carry her to the room.

When we get to the room ash shifts her body into a position here she can wrap legs around and support some of her own weight so I can unlock the door. She used this little maneuver to continue grinding her crotch in to me. I try to lay her down on the bed farthest from the door, but she pulls me down with her. As soon as we stopped falling she starts grinding into me even harder. What she's doing is driving insane, but I'm a man of principles and mine state that you don't get you fill from family especially blood.

I can feel the build up static electricity. Oh this is gone to be great! The static electricity will give the few seconds I need to get out of the room. Ash is still grinding into me so I grind back a couple times. After feeling me do that ash stops and smiles at me. She moves her head in closer to kiss me. I give her a quick peck on the lips. Static discharge. After feeling the shock she pushes me off of her and yells "what the hell?" I just grin and bolt for the door.

"No, wait!" she lunges after me but she's too slow. I slam the door behind me and lock it. "I'm gonna go find Damaris and ask her to help you out." I shout to her from my side of the door.

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"Noooo! You do it!" she shouts back. "I love you." I tell her and walk towards the diner. As walk away I hear ash cry out "LAIR!" This is going to be a long week. I pass by a lady who shoots me this disapproving look. She's human but I can tell she's going to stir up trouble. As I approach the diner I take a look at my watch. It's amazing how so much can happen in such little time.

Only a half an hour has since I first smelled the maple syrup but now I really want something to eat, something that you can pour maple syrup on.

I walk into the diner and it was like walk into a trap. If I had not known better I'd say that the door was spring loaded and set to go off when it was shut, because as soon as the door close there was the small woman wrapped around me like a vest with her tongue down my throat. Maybe this week won't be long enough now that I know for sure that Damaris is here.