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'On Saving a Species' Amid the sparsely speckled blackness of inter-galactic space, Lauren Shard and her small spacecraft drifted at half power. A random magnetic storm had polarized some of her system's operations, including her life support and navigational control, so she had dialed back the reactor and isolated the damaged systems for repair.

She currently elbow-deep in a circuitry node behind the pilot's cabin, a frown of concentration framing her blue eyes and her dark brown hair slowly but surely escaping its imprisoning ponytail. With a grunt of effort, Lauren snapped a component into place and withdrew her hands from the box. She turned the corner into the pilot's cabin and touched a few buttons on the bulkhead, eliciting a low hum from electrical systems. The young woman grinned and turned to one of the consoles, wiping her hands on a rag before tapping a couple keys.

Then she began speaking to the air. "This is Warrant Officer L. Shard aboard the probe vessel Acheron, progress log 20.

It has been forty hours since my last check-in, as I encountered a random but powerful magnetic storm, most likely caused by the cloud of dark matter 4.3 light-years distant. Anomaly recorded with the location of dark matter with reference to known charts.

Once I complete the repairs to the remaining systems I will complete my survey and return by way of the pre-planned course, perhaps four days tardy." With that, she tapped out a sequence of commands into the keyboard, which was followed by an extremely quick flash from outside the viewport s the message was converted into photons and zapped through space toward it's receiver. Lauren decided to take a well-earned rest and cleaned herself up; cleaning her arms and face and recapturing her hair in a ponytail.

She stared at herself in the tiny mirror mounted on the wall above the sink and reflected that she had been out in starless space for almost a month. Charting space that was empty took little effort, as there were very few stars, very little interstellar gases or asteroids, and she simply had to note where there was dark matter, since nothing was known about it besides it didn't interact with light.

The young woman didn't mind this assignment at all. After she had gotten her degree in astrophysics, the Interspacial Science community had asked her to join the Exploration Endeavor.

Since the technology had been discovered within the past century to travel faster than light, space exploration was once again a booming business, and an exciting one at that. Single-occupant craft were being sent to specific regions of space to complete star charts that had formerly relied upon exploding stars and pulsars to give depth to the view from behind a long range telescope.

Lauren was very smart and very withdrawn usually, so a month-long assignment by herself was something she had looked forward to for a long time. For a few different reasons. She loosened the front of her shirt and took off her belt, sitting down in a padded chair with arms, and put a couple fingers in her mouth.

Closing her eyes, Lauren slipped her hand into her crotch and began rubbing a certain spot, which made her breath irregular. She began to moan as she put her other hand inside her shirt and pinched her nipple, her hips slightly gyrating against her hand in her pants. All too quickly, the orgasm built and grew, her breath quickening in response, and then with a burst and a thrust of her hips, it washed over her, making her extremities tingle and her belly glow.

Lauren sighed deeply, and removed her hand from her pants, cleaning the juice off of her fingers and palm exhaustingly with her tongue, while her b-cup breasts rose and fell with her heavy breaths. The glow of the passed orgasm was fading rapidly, which added an element to frustration that underlied her slight release. She knew that she needed some cock inside her, for despite being single as a side-effect of her month-long forays into unknown space, she still greatly enjoyed sex, and usually sought it out every shore leave.

Sighing again, she got up from the padded chair and decided to get a few hours shut-eye before tackling the navigation system. She gazed out the view-port for a moment, locating the four dim pinpricks of light that were her guiding stars; the only four stars within visual range of her this far from the galactic edge. She smiled at the enormity of what she was a part of, and crawled into her cot to sleep.


Lauren was suddenly jarred to consciousness by a grinding of metal against her hull. She immediately rushed to the pilot's room and accessed diagnostics and monitors to try and see what was going on, but to no avail. She looked out the starboard viewport but couldn't see a thing, but as she watched, a star blinked into existence and then blinked back out. Lauren frowned, and then hit the exterior lights to see if she could spot what was touching her ship.

The lights snapped on, illuminating a massive plane of dark metal, as if the side of a space station, and a pair of grappling metal arms could be seen grasping her comparatively tiny craft. The young woman gasped as she realized that the Acheron was being pulled into the huge wall of metal, a gaping rectangle grew larger and larger above her.

Her mind whirled in wonder, for she had never seen anything like this before, and likely nobody else had seen it either. "Gotta be aliens." She said to the technology around her. Her mind snapped into survival mode. She dashed out of the pilot's cabin and dug out a footlocker, which contained a few options for defense.

First she grabbed a sharp six inch blade and sheath, attaching it to her belt. Next she drew out a short projectile weapon, charged it, and stuck it in her belt at the small of her back. The third weapon was a plasma emitter, which she strapped to her right wrist and powered up. Finally she withdrew an anti-harmful radiation module, which clipped to her belt as well. She had no idea if these aliens were hostile or friendly, but her employers had wanted to make sure that she was well taken care of, and planned for every contingency.

She gasped and steadied herself against the bulkhead as the whole ship shuddered and came to a halt with a clank. She had entered the vast wall of metal. It was probably an enormous station or vessel, but all she had been able to see was a wall.

She secured the hatch, which was the only egress to her little craft, and took up position in her bunkroom which was across the narrow hall. If the aliens were hostile, she was going to go down fighting, as there was no other way out of that potential situation.

For a few moments, nothing could be heard or felt. Lauren finally heard something over the comm system from the pilot's cabin, a signal which was littered with static. She abandoned her defensive posture and returned to her control chair. Outside, she could see by the lights of her ship that the Acheron was sitting on a metal floor of sorts, but it must have been a massive chamber, for the lights only illuminated a short ways before being swallowed by darkness. Nothing could be seen.

The signal came over the comm line again, so Lauren analyzed the signal. Surprisingly, it was a radio wave, being picked up by her low-frequency receiver. Something so simple coming from unknown aliens? The young woman scrubbed the signal and boosted the gain until she heard an intelligible voice coming over the speakers. "This is to the human inside the vessel. Can you understand this message?" Lauren was astounded. Aliens speaking Common Tongue? She reconsidered the position she was in, and decided to answer the hail.

Her fingers moved shakily over the comm system, modifying her comm array to send out a message via radio waves. "Uhm, yes, I can understand you. How do you know of my species?" She replied with a barely stable voice.

For the entire time that humans had been exploring space, not a single intelligent species of aliens had been discovered. The most that was found was basic plant life and small insects. There was a pause. Then: "Excellent! We have encountered one of your kind at a previous date. Please, do not be alarmed. We have acquired you for a very dire circumstance which needs resolving immediately. Will you allow us to explain?" Cocking her head at the new information, Lauren paused.

What could a human do that these obviously highly advanced species of alien life could not do? She decided to meet them at that point: she would talk to them. "Please do." "We would greatly appreciate the ability to speak to you using air-sound waves instead of radio waves.

Would you meet with us?" Alarm rose in Lauren's breast. Leave the ship? Then she remembered her exact position: Many light-years from any star, much less the galaxy itself, trapped in an alien vessel with no known way out, probably surrounded by legions of heavily armed aliens just waiting to knock her out and drag her to the point of this abduction if she didn't acquiesce to the invitation.

So, she confirmed that she would indeed meet with the aliens. "Fantastic! I will be there to collect you in roughly four minutes. Please open your access port." Lauren sent an acknowledgement and took a deep breath, trying to calm the shaking in her hands.

First contact with alien life! This could be the most terrible or the most amazing event ever! She shut down all systems, including the exterior lights, and left the cabin, proceeding to the hatch. Dispelling one last wave of insecurity, she entered the sequence to cycle the hatch, and watched it hiss open, revealing only darkness beyond.

She fumbled at a cabinet on the wall of her ship and withdrew a palm light, and activated it, but nothing could be discerned from the blackness. Just when she was about to scurry back inside and lock the door behind her, the young woman spied a yellow-white light in the distance. As she watched, it approached with great speed, but then slowed to a halt with a sort of muffled clunk. Then it began to waver and dance, as though someone were walking with a lantern. It wasn't far from the truth. As she watched, a roughly humanoid shape took form from the light cast by what it was carrying.

Grey skin covered a six-foot frame, although the shoulders were shorter than a human's, while the head of the thing made up the rest of the six foot height. The legs were similar to a human's, but the arms were longer, and the musculature of the creature was obviously different than a human's.

As it drew closer, it lifted its lamp and Lauren gasped slightly at the creature's head. It had a nose and mouth like a human, but its eyes were on either side of its head, which was longer than a human's and curved like the head of a battle-axe from ancient times.

The overall effect of this creature's visage was disconcerting, but it was by no means grotesque or ugly to Lauren's eyes. She stepped away from the hatch and held her palm light so that the alien could see her well. It continued to approach until they were a dozen feet away, where it made a gesture with its free hand. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. We are very desperate, and we believe that you can save us." The thing's voice was very like a human's; they must have similar speaking apparatus.

Lauren nodded in what she hoped the alien took as deference, and responded. "Maybe we should start with our names. My name is Lauren Shard. What are you called?" The alien bobbed its head gently.

"I am Wierdren. Welcome to my vessel." It said with a tone change, which sounded very much like fatigue or sadness. Lauren's anxiety waned, and was replaced by concern. "How can I help you?" "Come with me, I can explain on the way." Wierdren led the way back where he (or she) had come from, the lantern held high.

They came to a sort of open-topped tram car, which whisked them away at great speeds but with no inertial effects. While they rode, Wierdren kept gazing at every part of Lauren's body, she even caught him staring at the bulges that her tits made through her utility shirt. She cleared her throat at one such time, making Wierdran start at the seemingly unknown noise. He stared at her for a moment, then made a chuff chuff noise in his throat while closing his eyes.

She realized that he was laughing at himself. Lauren smiled at this event, and how relatable this alien was becoming. "Wierdran, may I ask, what is your gender?" The creature looked at her with one eye and said something unintelligible. Lauren frowned in confusion.

"My apologies, Laur-en, I meant to say that my people reproduce using four genders, so there is no word for my gender in your words. However, you may call me a… secondary male." Lauren's frown deepened. Four genders?? "Let me begin my explanation for your presence here, Laur-en." Wierdren said, "My people used to span the stars of our home galaxy, which is far off that way," He gestured somewhere vaguely behind him. "Until we found another intelligent form of life.

That life did not like our presence for an unknown reason, so it began a systematic destruction of my people. We all tried to flee at their unstoppable might and technology, but they attacked with bioweapons as well as ballistic and energy weapons.

The vast majority of my species was destroyed by virus pandemics." Lauren hardly noticed the tram coming to a halt because of her astonishment at what Wierdren was telling her. First the concept of four distinct sexes made her try to imagine what sex was like for them; she had been discreetly eyeing Wierdren's crotch area when he had described the encounter his species had with other aliens.

Wierdren led her off of the platform and directed her through a very dimly lit doorway. As they proceeded down the hall, Wierdren continued. "This vessel was the first vessel to be launched by our people, and so made it the farthest away from the holocaust. Still, most of the crew was stricken by the sickness and fell dead where they walked. Now, only two of us remain to fill these stretching corridors." Lauren stopped him with a hand on his chest, which seemed to be covered with a sort of smooth cloth.

"Your entire species is dead except for you and one other?" Wierdren glanced down at the human hand touching his chest, and then met her two eyes with one of his. "As far as we are able to know, yes. We have sent messages to other ships and planets, but there are no responses. This happened a long time ago, so the only conclusion we can arrive at is that we are the only ones remaining." Remorse stole through Lauren's heart at this concept, and Wierdren gently prodded her forward through a door on the left.

She proceeded through a shorter hallway, going from trying to imagine what Wierdren's civilization was like to almost tearing up at the thought that nobody will ever know. Such unique life forms, far away from their home, with four genders.

I have a thousand questions for him! The room that the hallway connected to was very large, and the best-lit room that she had seen yet aboard this alien vessel. From what she could tell, there were banks of technology filling an unknown purpose lining both walls of the rectangular space, and at the far side there were what looked like readout display and input stations.

At the room controls stood the other alien, who looked almost identical to Wierdren, but for a bit of a crest on its head and slightly longer legs. While Lauren paused and looked around the room, Wierdren approached his kin and chattered a bit in their murmuring, halting speech. Then they both came over to the young human.

"Laur-en, this is my good friend Malent. We alone survived the plague that killed our kind." Malent examined Lauren in much the same way that Wierdren did, every part of her met his eye in turn, especially her lower abdomen.

When Malent reached forward with one hand to touch her, Lauren drew back, her thumb fingering the charger for her plasma gun. Malent waved his arms in what Lauren took to be a placating gesture, and Wierdren stepped forward. "Please don't be frightened, Laur-en, Malent is interested in your form, as I am." The human folded her arms and spoke at the two aliens in front of her. "What did you bring me here for?" The pair murmured to one another for a moment, then Malent spoke up.

"We seek a way to propagate our race. From what we have studied about your species' anatomy and biochemistry, you can assist us in this matter." Lauren's head swam with confusion. Help them reproduce? "So you need tissue samples for research?" Wierdren chuffed again and twitched his fingers. "No, Laur-en. We need you to participate in our mating process, to be part of creating our children." Lauren's mind took a moment to process what these aliens were asking of her, but when it sank in, her eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open.

The two aliens shifted on their feet and both watched her with their heads turned, casting one eye apiece upon her.

The human couldn't believe her ears, but if what they asked was sincere, it also meant that it would probably happen without her consent. A bud of panic grew behind her sternum. She had to stall these aliens until she could figure out a way to escape.

"Y-you said your species has four genders. What good is one human going to do?" Wierdren waved his head in the air before responding. "We have another human female here already. She is reluctant… but now we have what we need to propagate, and it will happen.

We simply want to give you the chance to participate willingly, as we are only desperate, not monsters." Beneath Lauren's panic, her mind worked and understood the situation. These aliens were on the last, desperate mission of their lives, of their entire species' lives: to continue the line.

Lauren tried to put themselves in their shoes; would she do any different if the fate of humanity were at stake?

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She had to answer yes. She was not going to be extorted into being fucked by aliens, no matter how desperate they were. "I'm sorry, Wierdren, I can't." Lauren backed off a few steps, seeking the doorway she had entered through.

Wierdren and Malent chattered at each other, and then quickly stepped toward their abductee. The young human charged her wrist gun with a tap and then discharged the weapon into the floor at the creatures' feet. The floor plating shattered with a bang, causing the creatures to recoil, giving Lauren a chance to dart through the doorway and down the hall to the corridor that led to the tram.

She sprinted the length of it, casting a couple glances over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed. She was barely able to skid to a stop before she ran into a scintillating field that covered the entrance to the tramway. Lauren cursed, and whirled around in time to see Malent down the hall level a tube of sorts in her direction. At that point, her vision began to blur, and she became extremely tired.

Despite her reluctance to sleep, she slid down the wall to a sitting position, let her chin fall onto her chest, and let unconsciousness claim her.

The young human female awoke slowly. The events most recent in her memory came back in a rush, and she made to sit up, only to find that she was restrained by straps across her legs and torso. She slowly opened her eyes to find herself in a dim room, lying on her back on a table in the center. Wierdren was there, hunched over a display screen. Lauren sighed in anger and frustration. Wierdren heard her and turned around quickly, regarding her with both of his eyes.

"We both apologize, Laur-en. This is such a distasteful chain of events that must transpire, because of how you and the other are both noncompliant. Please understand, we do not want to do this. We must. For the most basic sake of all: posterity." In her sleep-drunk state, Lauren considered the situation again.

The facts were that these aliens would never be known to anyone ever again if they didn't reproduce within their life-spans, and that Lauren's noncompliance was standing in the way of that. She realized abruptly that if she didn't cooperate and somehow escaped, these aliens with their advanced tech would find another human to copulate with. Could she live with escaping only to allow some other poor woman to take her place?

Plus, there was always the consideration that Lauren hadn't had sex in 34 days and some-odd hours. She looked over at Wierdren, who was standing by her left hip entering commands in a console that was suspended above her. His greyish skin was close to being leathery, but looked too suppled for that. What passed for clothing was a lighter grey garment that looked like cloth that covered his torso and the upper part of his legs.

At the point where his legs extended from his torso, where was a bulge underneath the garment. Arousal and curiosity overcame Lauren's fear, and she was able to move her arm to where she could reach up under the hem of the creature's garment, and gently groped what definitely felt like a cock and a set of balls. Wierdren snapped his head so that he was staring down at Lauren, whose chest had filled with arousal at the touch of the alien's genitalia. He was frozen, knowing that Lauren held his race's future in her hands.

She could almost feel his panic vibrating through his equivalent of testicles as she fondled them. There were a pair of them, but they weren't held together in a scrotum like a human's; they dangled free of each other.

She moved her hand to the cock, which felt like a human's with the foreskin intact. She looked up into the creature's eye when she felt a bit of stiffening. Wierdren's chest heaved and his eye half-closed for a second before gently reaching down and moving her hand away from him. "Laur-en. I appreciate your change of heart, but it is not my time.

That will come later." He released her from confinement, so she sat up and asked him what he meant. "It is now time to describe to you our mating practice. Malent and myself have scanned you and the other female we have, and have studied your reproductive methods, which are not completely dissimilar from our own. To begin the process, the primary female is penetrated by the primary male, who deposits an egg cluster within her.

When that is done, a day is allowed for the eggs to take root within. After that, the secondary male penetrates the primary female, and ejaculates within her, fertilizing the eggs.

Fertilization takes a few days of time, during which the primary female's genitals change to create an ovipositor of sorts. When the time is right, the primary female inserts her ovipositor into the secondary female, who receives the fertilized eggs and allows them to grow within her until they are ready to be born. There are three to five eggs per clutch." Lauren sat limply, with her eyes wide and her breath shallow.


It was such an outrageous concept, yet she was very horny; she could feel the dampness between her pussy lips. After she realized Wierdren had ceased speaking, she blinked and cleared her throat, trying to wrap her mind around everything. "Well, it all makes… …sense, I suppose. But how will the next generation propagate?

Wont… our children need others to mate with?" Wierdren blinked at her and explained that unlike humans, the aliens do not have genetics or chromosomes or DNA, so anyone could mate with anyone and produce healthy offspring.

The scientist within Lauren was bouncing on the balls of her feet at all of this new information. The woman side of Lauren was very turned on at these proceedings, but still anxious. "You're sure that my body chemistry can handle all of these changes?" Wierdren answered an affirmative. "Without any doubt." Lauren sat on the edge of the table, her eyes glazed in thought. Finally, she slid off the table and nodded her head with conviction. "I'll do it. It's a noble goal, and it sounds like it will be enjoyable!" Wierdren laughed and expressed his gratitude to her, placing his hands on her deltoid muscles and squeezing slightly.

"When do I begin?" "Immediately, if you believe you are ready." She took a deep breath and blew it out through pursed lips.

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Then she looked into Wierdren's eyes and nodded. "Good. Firstly, you must have a talk with the other human we have in captivity. You must explain to her the direness of the situation and convince her to help. Otherwise, we have been set back for months." "How long has she been confined here?" "Almost two months." Wierdren replied with a heavy manner. Lauren nodded, frowning. They've kept another woman locked up on this vessel for weeks.

This was going to be tough. She asked that Wierdren show her to where the woman was being held. They proceeded out of the room, past Malent, who showed wariness before Wierdren explained that Lauren was on board with the plan.

Lauren got some sudden inspiration, and decided to pull off her tunic, exposing her breasts to the aliens. At 28 years old, her tits were still very perky, despite being of small-to-average size. Malent inhaled sharply in reaction, while Wierdren's jaw dropped a little.

Lauren looked down at her chest and used both of her hands to knead her tits, squeezing each nipple between a thumb and finger. She sighed deeply and tossed her hair. "Do you guys like my titties?" Wierdren just watched her play with herself, while Malent slowly came over to her and lifted one of his hands. She took her hands away from herself and thrust out her chest so that he could fondle her.

The leathery alien grasped her left breast and very gently felt it, exploring the way it felt while Lauren's breath got more laborious. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as Malent got more curious and ran his other hand down her rib cage, across her flat soft tummy, and around her back to her butt. She gasped as he squeezed her nipple like he had seen her do, and fire came into her eyes.

She leaned forward and licked Malent's face next to his mouth, and planted a slow, what she hoped was sensual kiss on his lips. Then she pressed her body against his chest and saw an orifice on the side of his head that could only be an ear. So she whispered to him. "I understand that you're first in the queue…" Malent grunted and carefully disentangled himself from her.

There was something at his crotch pushing at the cloth shift that covered him, but before Lauren could investigate, Malent jabbered to his friend, and Wierdren translated for him. "Malent expresses that you are extremely enjoyable, despite him- us, rather- having never seen so much of what lies beneath a human's clothing.

It is arousing to us. But there are changes to be made first, in addition to your meeting with the other female human." Lauren bit her lip and agreed, slipping her tunic back over her head as she followed Wierdren out of the room. She turned and blew a kiss to Malent, who watched her leave with hooded eyes. She tried to calm herself down, knowing that she shouldn't have gotten herself worked up this much before the fireworks actually began, but the image of the bulge in the pants of both aliens, and Malent's hand gently caressing her tits and torso had her almost in a fever.

She regulated her breathing as she followed the back of Wierdren down a long hallway, trying to ignore the slickness in her pants and the fabric of her tunic brushing against her hard nipples. They arrived at a doorway that looked like every other doorway on board. "This is the environment where the first human is kept. She has the amenities necessary for sustained living, but she has been growing increasingly restless.

We know very little about her, because she screams in fright until we leave. If we get close to her, she lashes out at us with her claws and clenched hands. I only hope that you can speak to her and convince her of the necessity of what must transpire." Lauren nodded, anxious to meet this woman.

Wierdren opened the door, and inside was a large chamber, within which was contained a smaller room with transparent windows on most sides. The interior was well lit, and held furniture, and a ent-screen of all things. On a couch that sat facing the 'screen was a human female.

Looking closer, Lauren realized that it was a girl of no more than 18!

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Blonde and skinny, with what looked like brown eyes, the girl sat with her arms folded underneath her quite ample breasts, easily c-cup bra size. Lauren realized that eying up this girl was doing nothing for her horniness, so she turned and nodded at Wierdren, who attempted to emulate the motion, and tapped a panel on the wall.

The door to the girl's cell hissed open, making the girl start violently and run into a room that was out of sight. Wierdren commented that he will leave that door open, but the doorway that he stood in will remain sealed until the girl acquiesces to participate. With that, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Proceeding to the multi-room cell, Lauren knocked on the bulkhead and called out softly, "Hello?" There was no answer, but the girl poked her head out from around a shelving unit that was empty, staring in incredulity at the sight of another human.

She gasped and dropped a rod that she had intended to use as a bludgeon, and ran around the corner for a swift embrace with one of her own kind.

Lauren wrapped her arms around the young woman while she pressed herself against her and cried in sheer relief. She patted her back and tried to reassure her of her safety while she led her into the sort of den that had been created for the young woman. Lauren reeled a little at the press of this girl's amazing tits against her own, but she swallowed hard and controlled herself.

The other thing that she greatly enjoyed beside a cock in her pussy was the press of another woman's tits. After the girl had calmed down, she looked into Lauren's eyes with her own hazel-colored irises, with too many questions to enunciate just one. So Lauren decided to dive in. "What's your name?" The girl sniffled, "Haillie." "Well, Haillie, my name is Lauren.

You are the first human to make contact with these aliens. Isn't that crazy?" Haillie nodded, wiping at her face with a towel. "They abducted me and put me in these rooms. I haven't been allowed to leave, so I attacked them every time they came in here. Then they quit coming in here and just left me alone.

It's been days and days!" Lauren put her arm around the girl's shoulders and pulled her close again. "It's alright now." After a moment, the two pulled apart, and Haillie asked how Lauren had gotten here. Lauren explained who she was and what she was doing out in intergalactic space. Haillie must have been an attentive student in school because she knew of most of the concepts and terms that Lauren used. When she came to how she met the aliens, Haillie paid close attention, especially to their motivations and the story they told about their specie's demise.

Her expression morphed from one of anxiety to one of fear, to one of intense interest, then to a remorseful expression, finally settling on thoughtful as Lauren drew the story to a close. She had held back on some of the information, like how the aliens bred, and why they wanted two human females in particular. That could be explained later. For a few moments, neither female said anything.

Then Haillie spoke up. "So all they want is a means to continue their species? They didn't want to grind me up and use me for food?" Lauren looked out the transparent wall at Wierdren, who was standing against the wall, and thought of his carefully-worded speech patterns, how he avoided anything that might be offensive or inflammatory to Lauren.

She grinned at the memory and shook her head. "No, of course not." Haillie sighed in relief, her breasts rising and falling within their prison. Lauren shifted where she sat and asked a question. "So, what do you think of the whole thing?" Frowning, Haillie stated that she didn't know how humans could help aliens repopulate their entire species.

Lauren paused, unsure how to break it gently, especially the non-negotiable aspect. "Well… they've found a way to make us able to… participate. Since there are no more of their females, we will have to stand in for them." "What do you mean stand-" Haillie stopped mid-sentence as she realized what Lauren was saying. "No." "I think we should do it." Haillie squinted her eyes and tried to figure out if Lauren was joking or not.

When she realized that Lauren wasn't being a comedian, she stopped and rethought the entire issue. Lauren watched as expressions played over the girl's face and imagined that that was what her own face looked like when she was reconsidering after attempting to flee. She only hoped that Haillie agreed to the deal, otherwise she didn't know what the aliens would do. "Fine." Was all Haillie said.

Lauren breathed a sigh of relief before Haillie continued. "I just hope my girlfriend doesn't find out I got fucked by aliens. Much less impregnated by them! You're going to have to tell me how this is going to work." Lauren's breath had caught when Haillie said she had a girlfriend. "You like… girls?" Haillie met Lauren's eye at the tone in Lauren's query. "Yeah I do, I found out earlier this year." For a moment, neither woman said anything.

Then, just when Lauren had decided to speak with the aliens, Haillie moved as close as possible and leaned in for a slow, wet kiss. Lauren returned it, despite her surprise, and moaned into Haillie's mouth. She could feel her pussy getting wet again, simply by kissing this girl who was barely of age.

It had been so long. After a few minutes of this, they broke apart reluctantly. Lauren took a minute to open her eyes, licking the other girl off of her lips. Haillie was breathing heavy and shifted in her seat, staring at the other with a predatory expression. "We'll have plenty of time for that later, Haillie." Lauren said through deep breaths. "I think the aliens are anxious to get started, as they seem to have a similar sexual drive to humans." Haillie, who was young and a bit hornier than Lauren, opened her mouth as if in protest, but closed it again and nodded.

Lauren gestured to Wierdren to come inside the room, and he did, very slowly as though not to alarm the other girl there. Haillie watched him warily for a bit, but seemed to ease up when he and Lauren exchanged words. "I've convinced Haillie here to help with the process." Wierdren noticeably smiled as he looked over at Haillie and expressed his profuse thanks. "I am unsure if we could have found other assistance before it was too late. You will not regret this, Haill-ie." Haillie giggled at Wierdren's pronunciation of her name and flashed her eyelashes at him.

Wierdren maintained eye contact with her for a moment and then reached into a pouch at the small of his back and took out two different pills. "These tablets will assist your bodies to accommodate the respective processes. I must ask, before we proceed: which one of you will receive the eggs, and which one of you will carry the eggs to term?" Lauren and Haillie looked at one another with questioning glances.

They both knew that whoever received the eggs would get to be fucked by both of the aliens, while whoever carried the eggs to term would only be fucked by the primary female. "I'll receive the eggs first," Lauren said, "Then I'll give them to you so you can give birth to the babies, Haillie. Is that alright with you?" Haillie nodded and got that feral look in her eyes again.

Lauren bit her lip and nodded at Wierdren, making sure he heard. He placed the different pill in each woman's hand and watched them take them with a glass of water from the kitchenette.

"Your bodies will be ready within twelve of your hours. I suggest sleep for both of you, as tomorrow will be the breeding day!" Wierdren excused himself after tending to any extraneous needs that the girls might have had, after Haillie had vehemently insisted that Lauren stay the night with her in the habitat. Lauren was aware of the younger girl's motive, so she decided to stay and have a little fun. As soon as the exterior door closed behind Wierdren, Haillie threw herself at Lauren, who caught her and pressed their lips together; their breasts mashing against each other.

Haillie opened her mouth to Lauren, allowing their tongues to dance with each other.

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Lauren's hands roamed the younger girl's body, feeling every new curve and swell, which added a new film of moisture to her pussy lips, still enclosed in flight pants. They broke apart with a sucking sound and both fumbled rapidly at each other's clothing until they wore nothing but bare skin. Haillie's tits were beautiful to Lauren's sex-starved mind, and Haillie must have noticed the reaction because she used both hands to squeeze and knead herself while staying just out of Lauren's reach.

Lauren growled at the torture, and lifted up on Haillie's knees, sending her backwards onto the couch with the smallest of yelps. When she landed, her legs spread apart, baring to Lauren's eyes a perfectly shaved pussy, with a little drip of fluid coming out of her and dropping onto the couch cushion. Before the girl could get up, Lauren was between her legs.

At the first touch of her tongue to the girl's nether regions, Lauren elicited a moan from her.


The folds of her pussy gave way to Lauren's touch and she set about making the younger girl orgasm, which didn't take long; after about a minute of stimulating her lips and clitoris, Haillie's moans increased in tempo and pitch, leading up to a single shriek as her orgasm crested and crashed down upon her.

Her legs came together around Lauren's head, making it impossible for her to escape, had she wanted to, but Lauren just kept going. She felt the clenching of Haillie's silky entrance on her tongue as she lapped up the female lubrication which flowed like water. Haillie finally sat up and put her hand between Lauren's mouth and her vagina, panting as though she had just run a 10k marathon.

After a moment of respite, between breaths, Haillie said, "I wish I had my squirting strapon." Lauren did a double-take at that one. "A squirting strapon dildo?" Haillie leaned back in the couch and nodded, "Yeah, it's a strapon, with a feature that makes it look like its ejaculating like a man.

I just got one like a week before I was abducted. Never even got to use it." She said the last part with a sigh. Suddenly, there was a tapping sound from the wall.

Lauren snapped her head to find the source, but it was only Wierdren standing at the glass, and he pointed towards a dark niche in the far wall from him. Both girls looked at the niche, which immediately glowed with energy, and something appeared out of thin air. "No. Way." Haillie said, jumping out of her seat and running over to the wall. She withdrew what looked like a strapon dildo with a tiny hose attached to it.

She turned toward Lauren with glee on her face. "Now I can fuck you, Lauren," Haillie said while climbing into the gear, pausing to say, "and cum inside you." Their eyes met, Lauren, her face covered in whitish-clear cum from Haillie's snatch, and Haillie, adjusting the apparatus in place, the pink dildo flopping around as she buckled it tight to her loins. When she was finished, she stood with her hands on her hips, proudly displaying the wobbling plastic cock to Lauren, who already had a couple fingers in her pussy.

They looked round at Wierdren, who had been joined by Malent, looking through the glass at the pair of human females in desperate pursuit of orgasms. Their crotches were bulging from obvious sexual arousal. "Let's give them a show, girl." Haillie agreed with Lauren's suggestion, and moved toward her. Lauren slowly sunk to her knees and took the dildo into her mouth for a couple minutes, getting as much spittle and pussy juice on the thing as possible.

She used her secret weapon, her control of her gag reflex, to take every single inch of the ten-inch dildo down her throat. She held it there for a moment, looking over to where the alien voyeurs stood eyeing them.

Malent had left by that point, but Wierdren was watching with flames in his own eyes, and shuddered as Lauren slowly withdrew every sodden inch of the plastic from her mouth. Lauren coughed slightly and sniffed, smiling up at her partner with accomplishment, while Haillie still had a look of astonishment on her face.

"You took that whole dick down your throat? That's soo hot. And incredible, I never knew it was possible!" As a response, Lauren went over to the plate glass where Wierdren stood, used one finger to trace on the glass for a moment, and then got down onto her hands and knees. She arched her back, exposing her dripping pussy, and glancing over her ass at Haillie, who needed no further encouragement.

She came over and knelt behind Lauren, positioning herself at the entrance. Lauren turned back around to find Wierdren kneeling on the other side of the glass, one hand on the barrier, and the other wrapped around his cock.

Lauren stared at it; it was thin and very long, with a mushroom head much like a horse's. She was intrigued by the length of it, wondering at its precise function, when she was finally penetrated by the girl behind her. With a grunt, she took what was given to her, feeling it slide in further and further until it bottomed out within her. She stopped Haillie with a hand on her belly, so she worked within those confines. Lauren occasioned between concentrating on meeting every thrust of Haillie's cock, and trying to look as alluring and sexy as possible for Wierdren's sake.

He was still on the other side of the glass, watching as Haillie used her hips to pound the impromptu penis as deep as Lauren could take it. Every so often, Haillie would get greedy and push in a little too far, making Lauren jump and gasp, eliciting an apology from Haillie. Wierdren's cock had now extended to almost a foot-and-a-half long, although the shaft was slightly coned, getting thicker towards its base.

When swollen, the head of his alien cock was as wide as the base, easily two inches in diameter, but when it wasn't swollen, it was no more wide than the end of the shaft, at it's slimmest. Lauren was turned on, the odd shape of Wierdren's cock nonwithstanding.

During one of Haillie's more wild lunges, she hit Lauren's spot, causing a shudder for a moment.

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Lauren bid Haillie to keep going as hard as she could, and angled her hips just right so that the head of the plastic dick rubbed against her g-spot roughly.

Lauren didn't have time for much more than one rising exclamation before her orgasm burst within her, making her limbs shake in sympathy with her shuddering moan. The dick slipped out of the sopping pussy, allowing Lauren to collapse against the glass, almost eye to eye with Wierdren as her orgasm filled her up.

As she watched, Wierdren grunted and his cock-head swelled, and shot a single gob of white sticky fluid out of himself onto the glass. He then sat there on his haunches, breathing heavily, one eye turned to meet Lauren's own.

She turned at Haillie's prompting, and licked all of her cum off of the dick, relishing the taste of agitated pussy once again. Then she laid back on the floor, gesturing demurely for Haillie to come down and fill her up with cock. Haillie got on her knees and plunged in once again, finding the bottom and working within her means. The pink cock disappeared time after time inside Lauren's crotch, in sympathy with each girl's breathing. Soon, Haillie started thrusting in a way that she discovered stimulated her own clit, so she started working herself towards an orgasm as she fucked her newfound friend, her one hand on Lauren's thigh, her other hand on the button to make the fake semen flow forth.

She came hard, jerking as far as possible into Lauren, and jamming down on the button. Lauren suddenly felt a warm liquid shoot through her lower belly, and reacted with relish on her face, gasping as she felt another jet burst from the plastic cock within her.

She was being filled with this little girl's fake seed and she loved it. There was a third shot that erupted against Lauren's vaginal walls before Haillie finally lost her balance and fell backward, the cock flopping out of Lauren and shooting a fourth stream on a high arc into the air.

As Haillie landed on her back, the pink cock spurting and leaking white fluid, Lauren finally relaxed her muscles, allowing a flood of fake semen to flow from her vagina. She was surprised at the amount, and yearned for a taste of real cum on her tongue. On that thought, she turned back to where Wierdren had been, but he was gone, along with the stain he had left on the window.

Haillie was on her back, panting, with one arm flung over her eyes. Lauren, out of breath herself, crawled up next to the young girl and spooned her, kissing her shoulder and her neck, then brushing her hair out of the way and kissing her ear. They lay like that until they both fell fast asleep. When she woke up, Lauren was initially very surprised to find a female who was barely eighteen years of age cuddling her from behind. Then everything came back to her in a rush, causing her to smile and turn in Haillie's arms, and plant a kiss on her cheek while she slept.

Haillie shifted on the carpet and blearily opened her eyes, smiling slightly at the sight of Lauren. Sighing, Lauren got to her feet, feeling caked cum on her skin and deciding to take a shower as soon as possible.

Haillie was getting to her feet as well, the large pink dildo still flopping around between her legs, and expressed the same sentiment. The shower was a glass-walled affair, where the steam from the hot water was the only visual barriers between prying eyes and the naked women. They showered together, washing each other's bodies with a tenderness that could only have manifested after a night of ravenous love-making.

Whenever they locked eyes, they could see the affection that the other had for them sizzling like an ember. After the shower, Haillie found Lauren some new clothes, as the unit that Haillie had lived in was equipped with some sort of matter replicator which could provide almost any object they may need.

Not only did this explain how Wierdren had provided the women with a toy for last night's session, but it was also fascinating technology to the scientist within Lauren. Creating matter from pure energy! It was many decades ahead of humanity's current technology level.

When the girls returned to the den, dressed in similar outfits and toweling off their hair, Malent and Wierdren were both present. "Humans." Wierdren said; Lauren was beginning to think that Malent hadn't learn the common language of humans, so Wierdren translated for him when necessary.

"It is time. Haillie, you and I should either leave or stand to the side, as Lauren must first be impregnated with the eggs." Haillie immediately went over, grabbed an armchair, dragged it to a corner, and sat in it, facing where the action would be.

Wierdren nodded once, and turned to Malent, murmuring to his kin and hearing his response. He turned to Lauren. "It is time, Laur-en. I will translate when necessary, but there will be little need for Malent to speak. I hope you enjoy the coupling." Lauren threw her towel aside and locked eyes with Malent. He was already breathing heavily, and at her eye contact, he strode forward and canted his head so that one of his eyes was able to clearly see the human.

She looked into his eye for a moment, then reached forward and grabbed his cloth-covered crotch, her fingers perceiving a short, but very thick member. It pulsed as she made contact with it. Her mouth fell open as she felt it grow, and continue to grow.

Malent tore off his garment and threw it away, revealing his genitalia to Lauren's cock-starved eyes. It was indeed shorter than Wierdrens, only about seven inches long, but it was much thicker, and had a much wider opening at the end, as though to allow for something more than fluid to pass through the shaft.

Lauren slowly sank to her knees, looked up at Malent past his heaving chest, and grasped the cock once again. It functioned similar to a human's cock, despite the differences in size and coloration, and was already putting off a lot of heat.

Seizing the initiative, Lauren lifted the end and ran her tongue up the length of it. She noticed that there were not testicles present, no hanging sack of seed at the base of the stout cock. She vaguely wondered at the physiology of the creature before she tried to put her mouth around the thing, but to no avail. So, she contented herself with simply licking and stroking the member with her hand. After a few minutes of that, Malent stopped her, gently reached down and grasped her around the waist, and picked her up and laid her on the couch.

Lauren was breathing quite heavily now, almost gasping for breath; she reached down and swirled her fingers through her pussy, bringing forth as much lubrication as possible. When she went to slip a finger in to start attempting to loosen herself up, her tissues gave way to her entire hand, slipping aside as though it were meant to go in.

Lauren looked up at Malent in astonishment; he nodded. This must be one of the changes that the pill introduced to her body; it certainly was necessary. Lauren scooted back on the couch, opened her legs as wide as possible, and stared into Malent's eye.

They were both breathing hard now, Malent's breath a steady whoosh issuing from his nostrils. He came forward, mounted Lauren, and guided his member into her opening. As she watched her body take this abnormally large cock, Lauren felt the alien cock pulsing and stretching within her; it felt as normal as taking a regular human cock, although the scale was about three times as large.

It looked like the size of a soup can spreading aside her pussy lips! Her voice came into her moans, high-pitched whining sounds, as Malent began to piston in and out of her. About five inches of meat were taken by Lauren's bowels time after time, and all she could really do is hang on for dear life. Putting her hands on her lower belly, she felt the cock moving within her, pushing everything else out of the way.

There was no chance that he was going to miss stimulating her g-spot with since a large cock, so Lauren wasn't surprised at the immediacy of her growing orgasm. She wrapped her legs around the alien as best she could, and tried to meet every stroke, her eyes squinting up more and more with every thrust, until she emitted a bitten-off screech at the explosion of pleasure that wracked her body. While she was riding the waves of her pleasure, she felt a shifting of her guts, right underneath her stomach, and watched as Malent thrust in until he bottomed out, then he pushed some more, and Lauren felt a click inside her midsection as Malent pushed in the remaining two inches.

She gasped at the new feeling, unsure of exactly what was happening until Malent began to shudder and grunt, his hands gripping her shoulders, and his hips making very small gyrations. What happened next, Lauren was not prepared for. She felt the pulsing of his cock inside her vagina stop for a moment, and then felt a single great flex of his muscles as something moved down the inside of his shaft.

Lauren took shallow breaths, her eyes wide and staring at where her hips met Malent's hips as she felt the egg move through every inch of Malent's penis, until she felt something squish into her lower belly, something slightly hotter than her surrounding tissue. Malent was implanting the egg within her. For a moment after the implantation, Lauren continued to breath shallowly, waiting for Malent to remove himself, but it turned out he was merely waiting for the next egg.

His eyes rolled closed again as he drew back and thrust all the way in again, his cock pulsing and pushing once again until another hot egg became imbedded within Lauren's womb. Malent was breathing harder now, and when he drew back for the third and final time, he held his breath and plunged into Lauren roughly, eliciting a shriek from her, and deposited one last egg inside her with a shudder.

Malent blew out his breath and began to slowly withdraw his softening cock from Lauren's gaping vagina. It came out with a slurping noise, the end of his member dripping white goo, and he stroked Lauren's face before stumbling over and collapsing into a chair.

He seemed utterly spent and fatigued. Lauren just laid there, her arms keeping her legs in the air, wondering what to do next through the haze of her pleasure.

Her breaths came heavy, and shed looked over to where Wierdren and Haillie watched. Wierdren was nodding with satisfaction, while Haillie was slouched down in her chair with no pants on, her pussy juice staining the chair she sat in, and with two fingers buried in her pussy.

Lauren felt bloated and full, so she slowly let her legs down, and as soon as her heels touched the floor, she felt a churning sensation beneath her stomach, followed by another click within her. She didn't feel nearly as bloated before, but there was a noticeable bulge to her stomach, as though she were a couple months pregnant. She ran her hands over her new contours, biting her lip with a feeling of great fulfillment. Wierdren stepped toward Malent, who was still breathing heavily, and clapped him on the shoulder a couple times.

The he helped Lauren to her feet. "The first stage is complete. You are now carrying our future." Haillie got up without putting her pants on, and came over to Lauren, her eyes on her belly.

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"That's got to be the hottest thing I've ever seen, and I never even knew I was into xenophilia!" Lauren smiled at the girl, and drew her into a close embrace, their lips meeting and entangling for a full minute.

Lauren broke the kiss when she felt something drip onto her bare foot, and noticed that Haillie was extremely lubricated, so much that it was dripping off one of her knees. So, Lauren reached down and plunged her fingers into the sodden mess between Haillie's legs, much to her surprise. Haillie's eyes closed and she ground her vagina against Lauren's hand until she came, falling into Wierdren's outstretched arms while she panted out her pleasure.

Wierdren carried the girl to her chair, and laid her gently down. He then turned to Lauren, who was watching them with a tender expression. "The next stage must be completed within twelve of your hours.

I will see you later this evening for fertilization?" Lauren licked her lips and stepped close to Wierdren, caressing his face like she had felt Malent do to herself. "I can't wait." She said. Wierdren nodded with hooded eyes, and went over to help Malent, who appeared to be completely spent, to leave the room.

When they were both gone, Lauren glanced at Haillie, who was breathing contentedly in her chair, and ran her hands over her body again. Her vagina felt as though it had shrunk back to its original size, but she could definitely feel a focal point of heat burning beneath her stomach. She held her bulging gut and closed her eyes, feeling the alien presence within her, and remembering how it had got there. Her breaths soon turned shallow and quick, so she returned to the couch and began to diddle herself.

Haillie noticed and almost dashed over to Lauren's side. "Let me do that for you. You've still got some of that white stuff leaking out of you, so I'll help you clean up." Before Lauren could acquiesce, Haillie had run her tongue between her pussy lips, a long strand of goo connecting the women.

She broke the strand and relished the taste of Malent's spunk in her mouth before swallowing it. She slow-blinked and dove back in, intent on driving Lauren over the edge before she was done.

Lauren was already hot enough to explode, so she grasped Haillie's hair and pushed her into her snatch until she came hard enough to squirt clear fluid over Haillie's face and chest. Haillie coughed and snorted and laughed at the heaving Lauren, who was even messier than ever. So, Haillie cleaned up all the cum with her tongue, alien and Lauren's alike, and then sat next to the other girl. Lauren took Haillie's hand and placed it on her pregnant belly.

"Soon, these eggs will be inside you." The fact made Haillie's chest heave and she slowly licked her lips. "I'll be ready. But first Wierdren has to fertilize them. I wonder how that will work…" The girls fantasized for a while after that, Lauren's hands absently feeling her brand new pregnant belly. The girls napped that afternoon, and then decided to play a board game until it was time for the fertilization. They didn't see the need for clothes, and so sat at the table naked, their breasts jiggling and turning on the other girl every time they reached to move a piece on the board.

It got to a point where neither girl could stand it, so Lauren gave the pink strapon dildo a try and fucked Haillie's brains out for the better part of an hour. Haillie's final orgasm made her pass out for a moment, swimming back to consciousness in an ocean of pleasure. At that moment, Wierdren entered the room. Both girls froze, panting.

"Laur-en. It is time." Lauren quickly struggled out of the strapon apparatus, and threw it aside. She took up position on the couch, and waited for Wierdren to draw closer. "This will be a much shorter sequence of events. I hope you will not be disappointed, Laur-en. But my only task is to fertilize, not to pleasure the female." Lauren stood up and gently kissed Wierdren's cheek, caressing his chest, and then pulled him down on top of her. "I'm going to enjoy this anyway, as I've never had an alien like you inside me before." Careful of her bulge, she leaned back and spread her legs, her pussy lips splitting open before Wierdren.

The alien took off his shift, revealing his very long and thin penis, and took the end in his hand. Lauren, already dripping wet from giving Haillie about a half-dozen orgasms recently, pulled her legs back and waited for penetration, her breasts rising and falling regularly.

Wierdren guided his cockhead into her hole, which easily accommodated him, and slipped as much of his long cock into her depths as he could. She could feel the cock slipping deeper and deeper into her, and was finally aware of just how much her body had changed.

She could distinctly feel the cock head moving through areas of her bowels that she knew had never been open to a cock before. Finally, when just three or four inches remained outside of her body, Lauren looked up at Wierdren in expectation, and he flexed his midsection. Within her guts, the thin cock hardened and grew to the size of her tunnel, making her gasp slowly as she was filled.

She felt the end of the alien cock up against her burning warmth which she knew was her egg-filled womb. Wierdren leaned over her, held her by her shoulders, and thrust in slowly but steadily. With that same organic click below her stomach, Lauren felt and watched the final four inches of alien meat shove into her.

The cock head must have entered her uterus, for she felt a swelling feeling somewhere next to her eggs, as though Wierdren's cock head was engorging. Despite the lack of physical stimulation, Lauren was extremely turned on. Her breaths were quick, and she responded to each little movement with a little gasp. Wierdren was breathing hard now, and buried his face in her hair next to her head. "Wierdren… P-play with my clit… I'm close…" Wierdren looked at her with one eye.

"With your…" Lauren took one of his hands off her shoulder and guided it to her nub above her vagina, and pressed his fingers against it. "Play with that please…" Wierdren kneaded it and rubbed it, pushing Lauren off of the edge, causing her to wrap her arms around Wierdren's neck and yell into his chest, her elongated vagina clenching Wierdren's member. The alien tensed up, and made sure that his cock was fully buried in her folds, and that's when Lauren felt it.

Hot streams of liquid filled her insides, and she could feel it spreading through her womb around the eggs she carried. Through her voice-imbued breaths, she could head Wierdren's small grunts as he shot more and more fertile seed into her depths.

This went on for longer than Lauren expected; her excitement wound down somewhat while Wierdren pumped pints of fluid into her, but she was still very aroused at the sequence of events. Wierdren finally relaxed, and Lauren could feel his cock deflating rapidly inside her. With another click, his cockhead popped out of her uterus and was pulled out of her winding insides inch by inch as she watched; she couldn't believe that that length of alien had been buried in her vagina.

When it was all out, Wierdren sat down heavily next to his human breeder and sighed, although not as spent as Malent had been. Lauren put her legs down and leaned against the alien's chest, her hand in his own palm. Haillie had left the room sometime during this sequence of events, but Lauren saw her through the glass wall, being roughly stimulated by Malent's mouth.

She couldn't hear anything, but she watched the girl's body writhe and shudder as yet another orgasm wracked through her. That Haillie is quite the nymphomaniac. Wierdren gestured at the pair outside the glass, "Haill-ie enjoys being stimulated, doesn't she." Lauren laughed, "I was just thinking the same thing!" Wierdren chuff chuffed and slowly got up and stood to face Lauren. "We are nearly complete." He said, gesturing to her bubbling midsection.

"Soon, your body will have modified itself to deliver the eggs into Haill-ie's adjusted womb." Lauren nodded and got to her own feet, being careful and ginger to not rock things too much down there.

"How long will my term be?" she asked Wierdren. "I am unsure. Our primary females never carry the eggs for more than a couple of days, but this is a unique circumstance. We will have to wait to see." Nodding, Lauren held her belly and peered down at it, feeling the hotness within it. Wierdren put his hand on her shoulder, causing her to meet his eyes. "Thank you, Laur-en. I know you were reluctant at the beginning, but because of these events, you have had a direct positive effect upon my species.

There is no way possible that I can show my appreciation. But I do wish to say that you are incredibly stimulating and arousing." Her cheeks reddening at the praise, Lauren averted her eyes and giggled a little. "You weren't so bad yourself, Wierdren. It was a brand-new experience, and I'm glad to have shared in it. I can't wait to see our babies when they are born." Wierdren agreed vigorously, but before anything else could be said, the door hissed open, and a laughing Haillie scampered in, followed by Malent, who moved with a predator's gait, attempting to catch the young human.

Haillie gave him a run for his money, but it was little use, as she was caught round the midsection. Lauren watched the antics with a quizzical disbelief, and remembered that Haillie was still in school, so immaturity was bound to be present. After a prolonged make-out, Haillie broke free from Malent and came over to Lauren.

"You get those babies seeded? When do I get them?" For some reason she was full of energy still, even after the sex sessions this afternoon. Lauren filled her in on what Wierdren had explained, and Haillie nodded that she understood.

"I assume you'll know when it is time to hand off the kids?" Lauren glanced at Wierdren questioningly. Wierdren said that their females always knew when it was time to reimplant the eggs, so it must be a biological stimulus.

With nothing to do but wait, the aliens left the humans alone to their quarters. Lauren decided to get some sleep while Haillie quietly masturbated once again in the den, and then found a book to read. Lauren noticed over the next couple of days that her belly was getting noticeably more swollen; by the end of the second day it was as though she were five or six months pregnant. Wierdren assured her that she was reaching the size that their females became, albeit slightly slower, and that it would most likely happen on the third day.

He did not exaggerate. Lauren was awoken before she usually did by a cramp in her stomach, which was followed by a slimy shifting movement within her swollen belly. She gasped aloud at the sensation, and then gasped again, harder, as something moved. Haillie, who had slept next to her, swam to consciousness, but was immediately awake when she realized what was happening. "Okay, okay," she said, climbing off the bed and moving around to where she could see up Lauren's shift that she slept in, "these things always come at the worst times." "Something's happening," Lauren said through her breath, "Something is happening right now!" Haillie looked up with concern.

"I'll go get Wierdren." "No there's no time! This is happening right now. Can you see anything up my vag?" Haillie crawled up the bed to where she had her head between Lauren's thighs. She glanced at Lauren's eyes, and licked her pussy once, one swipe from opening to clit.

Lauren gasped again, and threw a pillow at her midwife/impregnatee. "Just look, will you?" Haillie peered into the vagina, using her fingers to move her labia aside, but couldn't see anything. She said as much, but before Lauren could respond, her hands went to her belly and a scowl appeared on her face. As Haillie watched, Lauren's vagina flooded with clear liquid, and behind that extruded what looked like a hollowed-out penis.

It extended as though it belonged there, to around six inches, and then Haillie could see that it was attached to Lauren. Understanding dawned on the girl. Lauren sighed at the expulsion, and reached down to feel her new member. "Looks like you've got to stick that up my snatch." Lauren nodded as she fondled her newest appendage. "Get on your hands and knees." Haillie bit her lip but she did as she was told, and put her hand to her pussy to get it lubricated as much as possible.

It made a rapid slathering noise as she vigorously rubbed her fingers through her folds. "Wait, wha-?" Haillie's exclamation brought Lauren's attention to Haillie, who was sticking her entire hand into and out of her vagina at will. "Must be the changes that Wierdren said to expect. Good thing too, as I'm not sure if I could've taken your… whatever it is without a more loose vag." Lauren agreed, and got up to her feet on the floor behind her friend, and tried to position the ovipositor at Haillie's opening.

"Arch your back. More please." Haillie complied, and Lauren was able to stick end of her 'positor into Haillie, who moaned at the entering, and sort of stuffed the remainder of the thing in behind its head. That done, Lauren, breathing hard, put her hands on her hips and maintained the position, waiting for the next muscle spasm.

For a while nothing happened. Haillie started to get impatient, so she reached back and slapped at and rubbed her clit, moaning and groaning. Lauren could feel her mate's vagina clenching and unclenching around her 'positor, which caused her to unconsciously flex her newfound member.

Haillie's preoccupied moans grew suddenly into an exclamation as the ovipositor expanded slowly but surely to its default size and depth. Lauren found that, by flexing certain muscles that were not there before, she could control the end of her ovipositor, and also feel detail via its head. With half-closed eyes, she used the sensory organs to locate Haillie's cervical opening, and pushed forward a little bit.

Haillie's shallow breathing turned into one long gasp and a held breath as Lauren pushed forward some more, the now-pointed tip of her ovipositor dilating Haillie's cervix enough to accommodate the wide shaft.

When this was done, Lauren felt herself bottom out in Haillie's uterus, and removed one hand from the younger girl's trembling ass to push her own hair out of her face.

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"Are you all right down there?" Haillie nodded underneath her hair and let out her held breath with a whoosh. "Yeah. That hurt a little bit. But it's just fine now, it doesn't feel like I'm hurt in there." She leaned so that she could see up her back to Lauren's bloated stomach and bared tits. "God this is so hot.

I wish I could cum right now." Lauren squeezed the girl's ass cheeks, "after all this is over with, I'll make you cum as much as you want." Haillie was about to crack wise when Lauren gasped sharply. "What is it??" Lauren put one hand to her belly and felt movement within.

"I think its gonna happen. Hang on to something, I'm going to drop a few babies in you." Haillie put her head back down on the floor and braced her arms and legs so that she was stable.

She could feel the ovipositor inside her, from where it entered to where it ended somewhere beneath her stomach. She had never felt anything like what was happening at this moment.

She gritted her teeth at not being able to frig herself to orgasm, especially with such a huge cock making her gape. Before Haillie could grumble for too long, she felt Lauren flex her member, and then again. Lauren grunted with effort and squeezed her eyes shut as the irresistible urge to push overcame her.

When she felt her muscles stop, she stopped pushing as well, but it was barely a second before she felt the need to push again, so she did. It went like that for a moment or so before she felt something move out of her womb and into her vagina/ovipositor. She gasped to Haillie that the first egg was on its way, and Haillie nodded, shifting her hips and replacing her knees on the floor to better receive the unborn.

One last elongated push, and both Lauren and Haillie felt a round object move down Lauren's 'positor, up Haillie's length, and plop into Haillie's uterus. Haillie breathed irregularly during the deposit, and exclaimed gutturally as the egg, which was much larger than it was when Malent first implanted it inside Lauren, filled up all the space her uterus provided.

She reached down and felt her stomach, noticing a certain concavity of her usually flat belly. It wasn't overt, yet, but it was there. Both girls were breathing heavily now, by maintaining their positions and by their exertions. "We-we gotta do that two more times?" Lauren nodded, the sweat falling off of her brow and onto Haillie's butt.

"We can do it. Here it comes-" Lauren gritted her teeth and flexed hard again, causing another egg to leave her womb and be pushed down the ovipositor, expanding both the shaft of Lauren's member, and the walls of Haillie's already oversize vagina. Another flexing, and the head of the ovipositor disgorged the egg next to the other one. Haillie gutturally growled through her nose as she internally felt the egg being nestled, while her hand on her belly felt it expand outward to allow for the additional egg within her.

Streaming perspiration, Lauren ran her hands up Haillie's rib cage, and slid them back down to her firm ass cheeks, and gripped them. She decided to cheat a little, and reached down to where the nub of her clit sat above her extended ovipositor, and gave it a liberal frigging. She felt the need to push coming, and she increased her strokes, torturing her little nubbin until an orgasm built and exploded simultaneous with the need to push the last egg into Haillie's waiting womb.

Lauren's legs shivered with effort as she pushed hard with the momentum of her orgasm, and as she watched, her stomach shrunk in concert with the egg leaving her and entering Haillie.

It went quicker this time, squishing its way through Haillie until it was squeezed out into Haillie's now-swollen womb. She shrieked once, twice, three times as the egg fairly rocketed through her and nestled next to its brethren within her. The final egg placed, Lauren got up off of Haillie's butt, pulling her ovipositor out of Haillie with a slurp. It flopped around like a limp dick for a moment, before retracting back up into Lauren's hole.

She shivered at the feeling, but was able to withdraw it up into herself with no trouble; both her own and Haillie's juices flowing out of her vagina and down her legs. Haillie collapsed onto her side, her belly now showing like she was six months pregnant, and put her hand to her snatch.

She frigged herself with gusto, her breathing shortening and quickening before her entire body flexed with a great orgasm. She slowly relaxed on her side, both hands moving to encircle her belly, her eyes closed with relief. Lauren, her body returned to its normal proportions, helped Haillie up onto the bed, and joined her, their bared breasts rising and falling in concert. "Well, we did it." Haillie said, her eyes still closed.

"Almost," Lauren replied, "You still have to squeeze those babies out when they're ready." A few minutes later, Lauren went and got the aliens, who came with concern, but showed visible relief when they saw a very full Haillie sleeping on her side. They both took Lauren by the shoulders and nodded their heads, expressing their satisfaction and thanks to the best of their ability.

"How long will it be until she will have the babies?" "A month, probably more." Wierdren replied to Lauren's query. Malent laid his hand on Lauren's shoulders once more, his face etched with gratitude. Lauren grinned at him, and caressed his cheek, and he leaned into it with eyes closed.

A month and a half afterward, Lauren and Haillie were playing a board game when a stricken look came over Haillie's face; her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Before Lauren could ask what was the matter, Haillie got up and ambled over to the prepared nest that Malent and Wierdren had provided, and squatted over it.

As Lauren watched from beside the table, three eggs, one right after the other, squished their way out of Haillie's young snatch, and lay next to one another neatly. Haillie grunted at each expulsion, her body visibly deflating after each exit, and hopped up after the final egg was laid. A thick strand of a clear sticky substance connected her vagina to the final egg, and she pulled it off of her as she would a spider-web. She gazed down at the eggs as Lauren moved up beside her and caressed her stomach.

The eggs were pure white with a pebbled appearance, although the shells themselves were smooth. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled with pure affection, and joined lips in a soft, sensual kiss. When the aliens arrived, they wept and laughed with joy, and offered more profuse thanks to the two human females who saved their race. "We will hurry to return you to where you belong!" Wierdren promised.

The girls exchanged glances. Lauren replied, "Well, we've decided that we would like to stay here." Wierdren cocked his head and muttered to Malent when he asked for a translation. They jabbered for a couple moments until Wierdren turned back to the humans and nodded his acceptance.

"You may stay and help us care for the young ones. They are, after all, partly yours as well." Haillie giggled with glee while Lauren smiled. They were both mothers of the same children, and if that didn't bring two people, or rather four people, together, nothing would.