Petite Caucasian Zoey Velez gets nailed hard and creampied all over

Petite Caucasian Zoey Velez gets nailed hard and creampied all over
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You see, I own my own business; not a big company but it earns me a decent living. I started it 10 years ago, it has grown exponentially and does pretty well now but it still requires hard work and some long hours at times. My daughter had graduated high school, was tired of working menial jobs and was going off to college. She has a close friend that wasn't going to go to college and she asked me if I would be willing to give her a job.

Well seeing as how I already have 10 employees, I didn't really need another one. She played the spoiled daughter part well and begged and pleaded with me until I finally gave in. I guess I can use an office assistant to do some menial work around the office.

I told her to have Jessica come in on Monday and bring in a resume'. Monday came and I was in the office by 7:00am as normal, sat down at my desk with a fresh cup of coffee and started going over some reports that were on my desk. At close to 7:30, my secretary came over the speaker and said that a "Jessica" was here to see me. I re stacked my paperwork and sat it aside before I walked out to greet Jessica. She was dressed very nice and professional in a ladies business type of suit.

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Her hair was done very nicely and her makeup was flawless, just enough to accent her facial structure and not so much as to look made up. I asked smiled and greeted her, then asked her to come on back so we could go over her resume'. She followed me back to the office and had a seat. "Cup of coffee?" I asked. "Why not," she said. I retrieved her a cup and then took my chair behind my big wooden desk.

Right off, she thanked me for giving her a chance and promised me that she would do whatever was required to make me glad that I had given her a position.

Inside, I smiled thinking, "anything?" She had a smile the whole time we talked and was very personable. I told her that we were going to have her help out my secretary, Debi, by answering phones and doing some typing so that she could spend more time dealing with record keeping and customer follow-ups. She smiled and thanked me again.

Lunchtime came and Jessica offered to pick me something up while she was out getting her own lunch. "Sure, just grab me a burger, fries and a drink from somewhere," I said. While she was gone, I asked Debi how she was doing. She said she was doing a great job staying busy and was quite proficient on the computer, also seeming to be very friendly and outgoing while answering the phones.

Jessica came back with lunch and I figured I would sit and eat with her so as not to seem rude since she fetched my lunch. Well, 4:00 came and I was still working at my desk when Jessica knocked and asked if I was leaving yet. "Nope, I have to finish going through a presentation that I'm working on for tomorrow," I said. "Oh, I was going to ask you if you could follow me to the car dealership so I could drop off my car tonight and then maybe give me a ride home." "I'm sorry, I shouldn't even have bothered you," she said.

"Oh, its no big deal, I just have to stay a bit late and get this stuff done is all, If you want to wait, I can run you by there when I'm done." "Wow, that's really nice of you, thanks so much." I smiled and started getting back to my work. About half an hour went by and I was about to leave my office. I had just gotten to the door when it flew open and hit me, spilling a half a cup of cold coffee, which I was going to go dump, all over myself.

Jessica placed her hands over her face and started apologizing and crying, saying how sorry she was. "I should have knocked, oh my God, I'm so sorry," she pleaded. I told her it was no biggie and teased that now she was going to owe me.

She grabbed some napkins and started blotting at my shirt. I didn't notice earlier how sweet her perfume was, but then again, she hadn't been this close to me before either.

As she blotted, I kind of leaned forward a bit and gently inhaled the sweet aroma. She noticed and said, "Prizm." "Huh?" "Prizm, my perfume, its called Prizm." "Oh, its very sexy smelling," I said, and then caught myself. "I mean it smells very nice." "I heard you the first time," she snapped back sexily.

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"I'm sorry, I should have chose my words more carefully" "No!" she said, "I think its very flattering for an older guy to think I smell sexy." "Do you really think I smell sexy Mr. C.?" "Well, to be honest, yeah, I mean who wouldn't think so, your perfume is simply intoxicating." She looked at me with glassy eyes that now showed a sexy droop to them. Bedroom eyes, is what came to mind.

Oh, what was I doing, I'm a married man and this is one of my daughter's dearest friends. I remember way back when, she was one of the teenage girls that would come to my daughter's sleepover parties and sit up giggling and carrying on all night.

I never paid any attention to them though, hell, they were just teenagers. But now, here was one of them all grown up, a REAL woman. Her body has shape, curves that went in all of the right directions. Her breasts were large and full; I couldn't help but imagine how firm they must be.

Why, I bet her nipples have an upward point to them and giggle in just the right way when she's fucked nice and hard. "Wake up!" I told myself. These impure thoughts were creating quite a panic in my pants now and I just knew she would notice. Snapping me back to reality I heard her say, "Mr. C, I really turn you on, don't I?" Oh my God, she was staring right at my crotch and my cock was as hard as a log. "I'm sorry Jessica, I guess my mind got to wandering and, and, well I'm sorry." "Please don't be sorry, it's very flattering." "In fact, I've always been turned on by older men, I mean mature guys, the guys my age act like idiots and don't even know how to flatter a girl." With those words said, she leaned into me and pressed her young lips against mine.

I froze, not knowing how to react. She pulled back from me and looked hungrily into my eyes and then tried putting her lips on mine again. This time I didn't hesitate, I kissed her back. Her tongue parted my lips and slid into my mouth. It was firm, warm and wet; it tenderly touched mine and swirled around it with passion. My arms went to her waist and pulled her into me. Her body was warm and relaxed, her hands went around my neck and her breathing became a bit erratic.

We must have kissed for 10 minutes or so and my cock never did go soft during that time. We finally broke the kiss and she gave me a tender peck as she ended it, just before pulling away. I stood there is disbelief and probably looked a fool as I am sure I had nothing but a blank stare on my face.

Jessica spoke first, "Mr. C, your not mad at me are you? I know your married and we probably shouldn't have done that but I couldn't help myself, I think you're so sexy and I've always wandered what it would be like to be with you." "Ever since I was 18, I've fantasies about you." "No, its my fault Jessi, I shouldn't have let it happen, but I too got caught up in the moment." "After all, it was only a kiss, its not like we had sex or anything." I then chuckled a bit to lighten the mood.

"I must admit, it's always been a fantasy of mine to be with a much younger woman," I told her. "I've never had sex Mr. C." "I've kissed and fondled with guys but I never met a guy that I felt would appreciate my virginity." Did she say what I thought she said? I was dumbfounded, hell; I thought every kid these days would have had sex by that age. My cock began to stir again as I pondered her words.

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife by this time. I told Jessica that I was really flattered and just as my words ended; she asked me if I was turned on by her enough to take her cherry. "Jessi, I have to go to Arizona next Monday, why don't you plan on going with me, I could use an assistant anyways." "Really?" "That would be really fun." The rest of the week went by with little or no activity, other than the occasional wink or stare.

Several days she had worn a sexy skirt to work, not provocative or untasteful but just right for work with a bit of intrigue and mystique thrown into it.

Come Friday, the day crawled by. I left at lunch and went to a local bar to have a couple of beers and a sandwich. When I got back, I went into my office with intentions of getting the rest of my plan together for the trip on Monday. When I pulled open my lap drawer, there was a pair of black lacy thongs.

I picked them up and held them to my nose, inhaling the musky scent left in them. "Jessi," I thought, as my cock began to grow. I lowered them from my nose and couldn't help but notice the creamy white stain in the crotch left behind by her young pussy.

I laid them down on my desk, got up and walked over to shut and lock my door. I returned to my desk and told Debi over the phone that I didn't want to be disturbed for a bit as I had a lot to get done. I hung up the phone and immediately unzipped my pants, freeing my happy member. I picked up the panties and smelled them again while my hand encircled my cock. I began to stroke it slowly and methodically, taking my hand from tip to base with each movement of my arm.

Her scent was even sweeter than the perfume that she wore and ten times more intoxicating. I pumped my fat cock even harder and then licked her panties; tasting her from afar, sort of speak.

I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was close to releasing my wad. I tightened my grip and inhaled her deeply. I then reached down and covered my meathead with her panties and pumped a big sticky wad all over the crotch of them. My brow had formed droplets of sweat and I sighed with relief. I zipped my pants up and reorganized myself. I then got on the phone and asked Debi to please send Jessica in for a moment.

I quickly unlocked the door and sat back down. In walked Jessi with a big smile on her face. "Please shut the door Jessica." "Did I do something wrong Mr.

C." "Yes," I said. "You must have accidentally left your panties in my desk." "Don't mind the cum in them, I couldn't help myself," I chuckled. I then handed her back her sticky panties. "Oh my God," she gasped. "You jerked your cock off into them, didn't you?" I just laughed and told her that was all I need from her right now.

She giggled, stepped into her messy panties and slid the unmentionables up her sexy thighs. She then blew me a kiss, smiled and walked back out of my office. I spent the weekend packing and getting ready for my trip on Monday.

Its hard to describe the anxiety that I was experiencing, knowing that in less than 48 hours, I would be alone with a young woman that had never felt the true pleasures of a man before. I'm surprised my wife didn't think it was odd that I was spending so much time in the shower. I had to though, my cock throbbed at every thought of Jessica and it was leading to me jerking off under the warm water. Don't you worry though, my wife didn't go without.

As a matter of fact, we were fucking every night and every morning, as we went to bed and before we left it. I pulled up in front of Jessi's apartment and honked my horn.

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I saw her face in the window as she parted the lacy curtains. I shut the car off and ran up to see if she needed help with her luggage. She opened the door and was standing before me I a denim skirt and spaghetti strapped tank top with a pair of thong sandals.

It didn't matter that she wasn't dressed up because she was only going to keep me company anyways and I told her she should feel free to wear anything but be sure to bring at least one nice outfit. Speaking of luggage, I can't believe that one person could need 2 suitcases for 3 measly days. I teased her about it and she playfully slapped my arm and offered to just stay home. Well, we couldn't have that so I quickly picked up the bags and hustled them to the car as she laughed.

We got to the airport early so we could make it through security in time to catch our flight. Being as how we made it through that so quickly, I decided we should have some breakfast.

We grabbed a bite to eat and a cup of coffee and had a seat at a table. Jessi was all smiles this morning and her eyes never stopped glowing. I told her that my meeting was to be at 1:00 this afternoon but that we would rent a car and go straight to our hotel room.

She could just stay at the hotel until I was done with the meeting and then I would be back to join her.

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The flight was uneventful, which is always good when you fly these days. The rental car place was in the airport so we didn't have to worry about catching a cab. I rented a car and got directions to our hotel. We got to the hotel and checked in, then took our bags up to our room. Jessi took her card key and opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had went ahead and gotten a suite, complete with a hot tub and everything.

She ran over and flopped back on the bed and carelessly allowed her legs to part. I couldn't help but notice that she had on a pair of red panties. She quickly realized that I was eyeballing my way up her skirt and asked if I wanted a better view.

Knowing that I had to leave the hotel in less than an hour, I knew she was being a tease and called her bluff. "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I DO want a better view." She quickly spread them even wider and reached between her legs and drew one sexily painted fingernail slowly up her panty-covered slit. As she did, I could faintly make out a wet trail forming behind her fingertip. I sat down next to her and let my fingertips slowly trail up her leg, starting at her ankle.

She lightly sighed and closed her eyes as she let her head go back onto the bed, as if she was staring at the ceiling. I gently rubbed up and down her mound and drew tiny circles around her inner thighs and felt my cock growing in my pants.

I slipped her panties to the side and slowly pressed my finger between her lips and felt the creamiest and warmest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of touching. She gasped and gently bucked her hips. I pushed deeper and couldn't believe how tight she was. She definitely didn't lie to me about being fresh and new. I gently probed at her hole as I let my thumb stroke her little clit. It was hard and sensitive as she began to breath heavier. I could tell that she was getting close to coming already and I withdrew my fingers, raised them to my mouth and sucked her cream from them.

I leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead and told her it will have to wait. "You're a wicked tease," she exclaimed. I laughed and said, "you invited me to a closer look knowing I have to leave shortly, so touché." My meeting went well and my clients were impressed with my company's offerings.

I was invited to return the next day to work out the details of the contract. If you only knew how hard it was to sit through 3 grueling hours of that presentation, knowing that Jessi was back at the hotel with a dripping hot quim, and just waiting on me to make her squeal. I called her on the way back to the hotel and told her that I wanted to take a shower and then maybe we would just have room service bring dinner in to us tonight.

She agreed and said she was looking forward to my return. I was working on getting my card to work in the door when Jessi opened it. There she stood in my white dress shirt. She had her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and she held an ice-cold beer in her hand.

"Thought you might like this" "Thanks baby, I always enjoy a cold beer after work." I sat the beer down and pulled her to me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I kissed her gently on the lips. Slowly I slid my head to the side of hers and gently swirled my tongue against her soft neck, telling her at the same time that she looked absolutely radiant. Her hands slowly slid down from my neck and she began to unbutton my shirt and she whispered in my ear how sexy she thought I was.

"You need a shower but I thought maybe we could take a nice bath in the hot tub." She whispered. "Sounds good to me, but only if you plan on joining." "Well of course I plan on joining silly, did you think I could sit by seeing you naked and not put my hands all over your body?" She had gotten my shirt undone and slipped it off my arms.

She now slowly kissed her way down my chest, which absolutely drove me insane and caused my heart rate to speed up so much that you would think I was having an anxiety attack. Her hands expertly undid my belt, then my button, and finally my zipper.

The whole time she undid my pants, she would stare up at me with her soft doe like eyes and plant tiny kisses on my belly. Now that my pants were undone, she slowly slid them down and as she did, my cock popped out of the slit in my boxers, hitting her right in the face. She giggled and said, "Someone came out to play." I grabbed the back of her head and guided her face to my crotch. Her tongue came snaking out of her mouth and sexily licked its way up and down my bouncing shaft.

Her hands grasped my waist and slipped my shorts down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. My cock had a droplet of pre-cum glistening on the head. She quickly dabbed her tongue at the slit in my cock and greedily licked it up.

I pulled her up to me and held her face in my hands. I stared into her eyes and then kissed her full on the mouth. I could faintly taste the cum on her tongue that she had just licked from my penis.

I slowly undid the shirt that she wore and at the same time, led her backwards to the tub. I held her hands and guided her in, following her steps; I too stepped forward into the tub.

I finished undressing her and removed the shirt. I leaned back and took in her sexy body in all its glory. Her nipples were just as I had dreamed, they were long, hard, and pointed every so slightly upwards. Her skin was soft and smooth. I stood, grabbed her by the hand and raised it over her head. "Turn for me please, show me that gorgeous body." She quickly did as I asked and for the first time, I saw her ass in all its glory.

It was firm and round, not skinny and flat like a lot of the younger women I see walking around these days. I dropped her hand and she sat down on the side of the tub, making a comment about how hot the water was. I sunk down into it and slipped across the tub, reached out and slowly parted her legs.

She raised them and placed her hot feet on my shoulders and I leaned forward, planting a moist kiss on her pussy. She placed her hand tenderly on my head as my tongue began its oral assault. I licked up and down her lips and flicked the tip of her clit with my tongue.


The longer I licked, the wetter she got. I wandered just how much wetter she could possibly get. Her heals were digging into my collarbone as I probed her twat and sucked hungrily on her hot sex.

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She whimpered constantly and began to tremble. I knew it was close, an orgasm was about to rip through her body and I would be the cause of it. Her whimpering turned to moans and her breathing rapidly became erratic. Her hands grabbed at my head and pulled me deeper and tighter into her pussy. I licked faster and sucked harder as she erupted out in screams. Her legs began to flex and her feet came off my shoulders and wrapped around my back, her heels digging at me as though a rider plants their spurs into a horses haunches.

It seemed as though her orgasm lasted for 5 minutes. As her body relaxed, she slid down into the water, rubbing at her pussy with two of her fingers. She aggressively kissed at my face until our lips met. She used her tongue to lick my lips and taste her own sex. It was definitely a frozen moment in time. We cuddled in the water and fondled each until I just couldn't take anymore.

She seemed to read my mind and told me to slide up and sit on the edge of the tub.

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I complied to her request with no hesitation. She immediately grabbed the base of my cock and began to lower her head. Just as I thought she was going to engulf me, she stopped and rose up with a smile on her face. "Sure you want my hot young mouth on your beautiful cock?" she cooed. "Baby, if you suck my cock, I'll blow your mind tonight," I whispered down to her. With those words, she took my fat dick deep into her mouth. It was pure ecstasy and I didn't hold back letting her know it.

Guttural groans erupted from my body starting deep down inside and working their way into my voice. For a self proclaimed virgin, she sure knew how to make love to a mans cock with her mouth. She was so gentle and loving with it, so slow and deliberate in every move she made on it. Her hand stayed in contact with it and stroked it softly as she moved up and down. Then she drooled on the head and wrapped her hands around the throbbing knob as she leaned down and tongued the area between my ass and balls.

She used her tongue ad encircled my sack and sucked each nut as she swirled it around in her mouth, all while her wet hand manipulated the red pulsing helmet. I felt my sack tightening and knew it would not be long before I shot a world record glob of jizm down her throat.

She must have sensed it to because she stopped and shook her finger at me, "ugh uh ugh." I pulled her from the tub and laid her gently down on the bed, I then walked over and dimmed the lights as low as they would go without going completely out.

I then slipped into the bed and kissed this young woman with as much passion as I could find in my quivering body. She trembled at my touch as my fingers felt for her warm sex. I asked her if she wanted me to stop. "No, please make love to me, show me what a great, wonderful man you are and make my fantasies come to life." With those words, I positioned myself on top of her and told her to guide me in.

Her hands slipped down between our glowing bodies and with trembling fingers, she parted her lips. I kissed her softly on the lips and slowly pushed forward as her hands moved to my back and held me tightly against her. Her pussy was incredibly tight and she bit her bottom lip as I gradually added pressure behind my push.

I left just the head of my cock between her lips and ran my hand across head, stroking her soft silky hair. She whispered to me to please not stop so I pushed my cock in a bit more, her body tensed and her nails dug into my back, I paused. "Please, it feels so warm inside, I want to feel it all," she whimpered.

I pushed harder and it went slowly in a bit more before I reached a barrier. Here it was, I was about to break her young cherry. I kissed her deeply again and pushed hard, my cock sunk all the way in and she wailed out.

Tears gently rolled down her face as I slowly withdrew about halfway and then pushed forward again. Now she slowly began to buck against me. She was moaning now and her nails dug deep at my backside. I continued fucking her slowly and reveling in the glory of what I had just done.

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Her pussy was so tight that it felt like it would squeeze my large cock in half. Harder and harder she would rise to meet my thrusts so I gave back just as hard as she was giving to me. All of a sudden she cried out and her body went wild beneath me as she came in waves. As she came I felt a warm sensation all over the base of my cock and felt it dripping from my balls. My God, she just gushed all over my cock! I rolled her over and she raised her ass to me and teasingly shook it at me as if to tempt me.

I didn't need any tempting. I grabbed her hot sexy ass and slid my fat fuck-stick straight into her busted hole. She cried out how big it felt and pushed back hard against me. I plunged in and out of her with a furry.

She felt so hot; it was so exciting and so intimate. Her ass was the perfect shape and I couldn't keep my hands off of it. One second I was holding onto it and pulling her back into me, the next I was smacking it as my cock assaulted her hot young body.

I felt her getting even tighter as she fucked me harder and faster, sweat began to trickle down my face. "Cum with me!" she begged. I told her I was going to flood her horny young pussy with my hot sticky load.

She cooed and began to scream that she was coming on my cock. I let loose and thought I would pass out from the quick release that I had built up for her over the past week or so.

She bucked back against me hard and would then grind her ass around as my cum leaked out and dripped from my spent balls. I leaned forward and kissed her on the back and slowly withdrew my cock. I flopped down on the bed beside her, still breathing hard from all the exercise. She kissed me and then laid one arm across my belly as she laid her head on my chest.

I kissed her on top of the head and told her how incredible she was. In turn, she replied that she could never imagine her first time being any better than it had been that night. She then rolled over and looked up at me. "Ready to go again old man?" she teased.

I laughed and said, " Let this old man catch my breath first." I no sooner had those words out of my mouth than she began to fondle my shriveled cock. As soon as it grew to life, she sat up and began to lower herself down on top of me, slowly taking my cock once again.

She rode it slow and sensually as her hands slid up and down my taught chest. I reached up and grabbed her voluptuous hips and guided her up and down on my raging manhood. As she rode me, she moved her hips to and fro, adding to the pleasure for us both. Her pace was slowly quickening and her hands pawed at me with veracity. My hips were meeting hers and her tight pussy was gripping my cock like a tiny fist, I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and begging for release.


Her head flew back and she began to moan harder and louder, her body rocked hard against me and her right had had fallen to her quim and was rubbing her clit so hard I thought she was going to hurt herself. Her moans turned to words as I heard her begging me to make her cum. "Oh god, fuck me baby, give me that cock, you fill my tight little pussy up so full," she spouted.

"Uhhhgggg, God your hot little pussy is so fucking wet and juicy, its so tight Jessi, cum all over my hard fat cock." "Oh yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming all over your hard cock." With those last few words, her body convulsed and shook. I felt an extremely warm and wet sensation all over my belly and groin.


"Oh hell yes, her pussy just squirted on me again!" She kept up her furious pace for another 30 seconds or so and then her hips stopped moving and she collapsed on top of me, her whole body trembling in my arms with her naked breasts pressed against my chest. Her hot little pussy felt incredible, encasing my still hard cock and every now and then, as she lay there motionless, I could feel her pussy squeezing on my dick.

I lay there thinking, "If this woman ever learns how to control those muscles, she's going to have the ever sought after, golden twat. She raised her head from where she had it buried against my neck and kissed me gently on the lips and told me how incredibly hard she had cum.

"I can't believe my virgin pussy squirted all over you like that," she cooed. "Why don't you let me suck that hot load out of your cock," she sexily whispered to me, as she slid down my body. She kissed her way slowly down my chest and spent time kissing my hard stomach.

My cock was twitching in the air as she sent tingles through my entire body. She finally reached my cock and she took it into her mouth without hesitation or teasing. I dropped my head back and moaned, my hands went to her head and wrapped themselves in her beautiful, soft hair.

I didn't pull her down on my cock, I just held on as she did her dirty deed. She didn't have to suck me long before my balls tightened up as if I had just jumped into a cold pool. She felt them get ready and she grabbed hold of them and used her finger to gently touch my asshole and the small area between my balls and ass.

I grunted, groaned and called out her name as I let loose an orgasm that drew energy from every nerve in my body. I shook and convulsed, my cock let loose a load that would rival the touted porn stars of fame.

She gobbled every drop of it and jerked my cock expertly with her tiny hands. She used her perfectly manicured fingernail to trace imaginary lines up and down my cock as she sucked gently on the head. I thought I would pass out from the intensity of that last orgasm. How on earth could this ever get better? We never got out of bed; we never called for room service. We just lay there in bed, her sexy young ass pressed firmly against my spent manhood and my arm thrown across her young body.

Two more days left I thought and then I drifted off to sleep without a care in the world and my body feeling totally spent.