Stranded teenie throatfucked and facialized

Stranded teenie throatfucked and facialized
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" I am a 24 year old boy.

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I was born in a village in northeast of Iran where the border of Afghanistan is just less than 40 kilometer on the eastern part of the mountains. In this village like other villages people are mostly farmers but they also have some sheep and goats. 6 or 7 families mix their sheep together to form a big herd then they make some pro shepherds to take care of them. In the mountain about 12 kilometers to the east, there is an old village where no nobody live there now but shepherds use it when they are out there with the herd.

Now it is about 8 years that I am living in the city and this story goes back to 4 years ago when I was 20. I went back to the village for the New Year vacation seeing my family and recharging my natural batteries in the formidable east-Iranian spring weather.

I decided to go to that abandoned little village to see the shepherd who I know and to have some fun with the herd and dogs and sheep and maybe hunting and of course the intact nature itself. I borrowed a motorcycle and went there early in the morning I hadn't any plan to stay there for night but the day passed so quickly and full of fun that I decided to stay the next day there. When I get back to shepherds I found out that their wives is there.

Maybe they hadn't their husbands for some time and they couldn't tolerate it anymore. I wanted to take my motor and go back to the village but they didn't let me as it was too dark and wolves were a great fear. Well there were 2 shepherds. The older was 34 his wife was 27 or so. She is 165 cm tall and around 55 kg exactly the same as me.

With oriental white face and dark black hair and beautiful eyes.

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She seems athletic but not going to any bodybuilding classes, working hard making village girls very strong. The other shepherd who was my intimate friend was 26 and his wife was a very sweet petite at my age 20 and 150 cm and not more than 45 kg but she was really beautiful and also very kind especially to me as we have a knot somewhere in our family tree.

I had to sleep in an old semi ruined wooden house. And the older shepherd decided to sleep in a tent out in the middle of the village where we had dinner beside the fire. He was the chief there and got the tent for himself and his wife. The younger shepherd in another house next to me but they were well equipped, but I just had a blanket and that's all.

I wished I could sleep in the tent beside the fire were there were electricity from a tractor big battery and radio and some food and many many more. I found upstairs more clean and well covered so the cold desert wind could not pass the wooden walls. I had to accept the situation and let them be free and relax with their wives so I went to sleep. In the middle of night someone woke me up with little strikes and I found a hand on my mouth, saying " sheeeeeee" means be quiet.

When I opened my eyes I saw wife of my friend "the petite" beside me saying, "for the sake of God be quiet" I was shocked first of all. as I couldn't believe she was touching me in the middle of night. Where her husband might be! Second for the situation and the great fear I saw in her eyes.

I asked in a very quiet voice " what's the matter". She said, "3 afghan drug traffickers arrested others. They don't know that we are here. And the others won't tell them; it is a good place to hide. If they found that they haven't told them the truth they will kill all of us but if we stay here nothing would happen. They will prepare food for themselves, rest and they will leave here early in the morning" I amazed why I have not waken up by all that noises and sounds, perhaps because I was very tired climbing all the mountains around.

Now I could see them from a very little opening between the wood plates of the wall. There were three big Tableland faced Afghans and 5 donkeys full of opium loads perhaps.


One of them had a Kelashinkof pointing to 2 shepherds and the older's wife. Their hands and legs were tied. The other was killing a sheep maybe to prepare food and the other one who seemed the most strongest and biggest checking the donkeys. Then he went back to the tent. I could even see inside of the tent from this angle, he started a hubble-bubble and said something to the one with the gun who was the youngest.

The man with the gun pulled the shepherds away and tied them to a tree 3 meters away from the tent. And pulled the older shepherd's wife inside the tent and got out and again pointing his gun to the shepherds. the woman was screaming.

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The petite found another opening in the wood plate and was watching. I shared my blanket with her as she was trembling both of fear and chill. I asked her what can we do and she said " nothing" if they know we are here they will kill all of us but if we stay quit there is a chance to find them alive tomorrow" She was right.


They had gun they were very big and strong and I knew they have some rules for themselves. One is lying which they didn't like it at all. And the shepherds told them that they were only 3 and it was a big lie as we were 5 including the petite and me.

The man in the tent I mean the boss toke out the woman clothes by now and was playing with here tits. And she was screaming. The shepherds also telling all kind of dirty things to the Afghans. The afghan in the tent said something to the woman that she became quiet and tame. Maybe he threatened her that he will kill her husband or maybe all of them. I think he wanted to fuck her in front of her husband.

And that was true as he started to take his own clothes out. He must be 190 cm and more than 100 kg. I saw his dick it was huge just like an oak tree in the bushes. Now I can see both were naked and a very big cock in front of the woman. I concentrate a little bit and thought about the situation what the fuck can I do.

I had a great fear, what may happen if they find us. I take a look at petite and find out that she was trembling very badly by fear perhaps and maybe by the coldness of this fucking wind. I wish I had some of the wines that the Afghans were sipping all the times. I thought if she looses her control with fear she may do something I mean screaming or something like this that may change our fate. So I hugged her like a brother and she started to weep soundlessly in my arms.

The shepherds were quiet by now maybe they were fainted by coldness or a blow in the head. The afghan in the tent now full erect asked the woman to suck on his huge cock and she did that first of all by fear then by lust I understand that by watching carefully. She swallowed his dick deep inside her mouth after 5 minutes sucking he laid the woman on her back and started brute force her. He put her legs up in the air and we could see a nice view of her pussy from where we were.

now we where watching from one shared hole in the wall and our cheeks were in contact. He put his big dick inside her pussy and with a single deep strike he went in for more than 25 cm and there were and echo of " AHOOO, AHOOo, AHOoo, AHooo, Ahooo, ahooo" from the scream of the woman and the chorus of mountains.

She fainted I think as she had no movement.

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He continued pumping for about 5 minutes then I heard he was moaning hard. He must have cummed a big load for he moaned 6 times, the other Afghans were watching with their mouths open and water dripping from them. And of course their dicks in their hands. There was a big pot on the fire -their food. And some hay in front of donkeys. I put one of my hands on the petite butt she turned back looked at me and I kissed her.

My dick now was pointed to the floor and as I was sleeping on my stomach it was really hard for me to tolerate, so I climbed up the petite and rested my dick in her butt gap. She was too confused by all she has seen and the situation we were in to be in logic or even say something.

I hadn't a lust for her but the situation made me horrny. I put my hands around her and touched the sides of her breasts.

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And we again went back to watching. The big Afghan lying on the woman yet got up slowly and went to corner in the tent out of our sights. Perhaps he needed some sleep after passing these mountains and walking all the way from Afghanistan and also brute fucking that woman.

I turned her and hugged her and started to take her clothes out.

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I told her that this is an unforgettable night for all of us and maybe the last night for some of us but let's have some fun together. And if they killed them all you will be my wife, I promise that you will have a good life in the city. And if they were alive it would be a great secret of you and me.

I really loved that girl and I would have married her if her husband had been killed that night. She said nothing. And in less than a minute we were both naked. Although it was very cold but our blood pressure increased, as we were about to fuck each other. It was my first time fucking a girl; to be honest it was my first time even touching a girl.

And perhaps she and her husband were in the middle of fuck and suck when they heard the Afghans are coming. So she was as horny as I was. We could risk our lives by making any sound like moaning or any other kink of sound. I started to lick her pussy, as it was a long time I wanted to taste a pussy. Now she was trembling not in fear not in chill but in lust she was jerking and trying not to make a sound and it come a flood of white liquid.

I tasted it. It was not so bad. I remembered from all the sex stories I have read that it is a rule to start with the tits and I completely forgot them. I went up while French kissing her grabbed her tits and played with them and I found my dick not 5 cm from her pussy opening so I placed it there and push a little inside her she moaned but my mouth was working like a silencer. I forced a little more inside her I was as if I was in the heaven.

It felt so warm and good there. I was penetrating little by little inside her I could feel our heart was biting very fast.

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And it takes 3 minutes to be all inside her. Well my dick is about 19 cm and I was thinking that her husband being petit also couldn't have a dick more than 14. I started to pump it but it was near for both of us, again I forgot her tits started to suck them as I was trying to pump her at the same time.

I have found my dick very erect as if the veins were about to tear off and my dick to explode. It was a bad pain in my balls as it was more than a week that I have not jerked off myself so there were lots of sperm in the reservation canals in my balls.

All at once it explodes at last, and loads after loads ejaculated from my penis deep inside her. That was my first real orgasm I was jerking on her and 2 or 3 seconds after that she was jerking and there was a big flood consisted of my sperms and her white liquid running out of her to our feet.

My dick subsided inside her but still it was there. I turned back to see what is going on out there and I found that the other 2 Afghans also has their turns fucking her and she was out of consciousness. We stayed there under the blanket for more than 3 hours and was watching them eating and drinking and resting.

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At last they started to leave there. they tied a lamb and put it on a donkey and went away. We stayed there for another 5 minutes and I saw that the woman who was in the tent got up wore her clothes and went to help the shepherds. He untied them but they couldn't move. He checked the road and came toward us.


I suddenly understand the situation and ask the petite to were her I did it faster than her. I went downstairs and when she saw me she started to cry. I hugged her brotherly and I said it is not time for crying lets help the guys. We took them in the tent and I checked there were alive yet but very cold.

I put some wood in the fire. There was a loud crying that shocked me I found that the petite and the other woman were crying together in each other's arms. I made tea, and little by little the guys started to move and they got out of the faint. First my friend the husband of petite came back and when saw me started to weep for what he has seen.

And I was also weeping and blaming myself for what I did and for what I have not done. When the other shepherd came back the weeping turned to crying for a while. And we all of 5 were crying loudly and the mountains too.

After some time I said ok lets thank God for we are all alive now and they are gone. And we swear to each other not to tell anybody what happened. For it was a real disgrace for the big shepherd and his wife who were the victim of this incident.

The petite and me swear secretly not to tell anybody what happened between us. And we promised that it would be the last time. And I told her to take some pills not to become pregnant of me. I tried to make them laugh by telling jokes and funny stories but it works not much. We couldn't sleep and early in the morning I got my motor and leaved them alone. Although 4 years passed but I haven't seen them again as I am trying to avoid that, because I don't know what to say or what they may say.

But this will happen soon. I should be ready for that."