Delightful girl makes one lustful guy truly fucking lucky

Delightful girl makes one lustful guy truly fucking lucky
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Baby sitting With just a couple of weeks left before I start at upper school Renie asked me if I would like to babysit for her friends on friday so the 4 of them could all go out for the night, the couple were Renie's boss and his wife, Debbie and Paul, they had 2 small children. There usual babysitter had gotten a full time job now she was older so they needed someone else to take over, they pay good money, so I was all for it.

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Ken came down from the shower Friday at about 5pm and shouted for Renie to go and start getting ready, Ken was standing in front of the mirror doing his hair whistling to himself, I laughed at him and walked past to go to my room to change, he patted me on the bum and asked, "what are you laughing at missy" with a big smile on his face, "just you grooming yourself, worse than a women you" and laughed again and disappeared upstairs, I could here Renie in the shower, and I went to my room, I pulled my t shirt off over my head and looked at my tits in the mirror, they seemed to be growing day by day, my nipples were always hard, I reached in my drawer for my bra, which I haven't bothered wearing for the last few weeks, and put it on, I couldn't even do it up, so I chucked it to 1 side, and bounced my nice big tits, looking at them in the mirror proud of the way they have turned out.

I pulled the front on my jeans and knickers down and looked at the hair on my mound, it was getting really thick and had started growing down and around my pussy lips, I thought I looked like a proper grown women now.

I heard Renie come out of the bathroom, and into her bedroom, I slipped a clean t shirt on and a short skirt and went and knocked on Renies bedroom door, "come in" she shouted.

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I walked in and she was sitting on the bed drying her hair with a towel, she looked to see who it was and smiled, "I need some new bras" I blurted out, "can I get some before I start my new school please?" I asked nervously, "of course you can honey" she replied "i will take you shopping next week to get you all your new uniform, and new underware, social services provide us with extra money for clothing, so you don't have to worry" she explained, "we can get you measured up properly for new bras, so they will fit properly" "thanx Renie" I said as I left the room.

About an hour later we were in the car on the way to Debbies house, it was about a twenty minute drive, and we turned into a really nice estate, with big new houses, and posh cars on there gardens, "here we are said Ken" as he turned into a little close with only 3 houses in it, he put his hand on Renies leg and started rubbing up her thigh, "ready for a fun night then kid?" he looked at Renie and smiled, "I hope so" she laughingly replied, and iwatched his hand disappear up her skirt, "stop it Ken" as she pushed his hand away, "cant you wait for anything".

He laughed as he stopped the car outside a big red brick house we all got out and walked up the path, the door opened as we got to it and a large fattish man about 50yrs old stood there he shook Kens hand, then kissed Renie on the cheek, looked at me "you must be Wendy," and held out his hand as if to shake my hand, I held my hand up to his and he gently pulled my hand to his lips and kissed it, "lovely to meet you Wendy, please come in" and stepped to 1 side and let me walk past then he shut the door and walked down the hall and through another door, I followed, not knowing where I was going.

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"don't be shy Wendy were all friends in this house" and laughed. "Renie come up here" a voice shouted from upstairs, she came out of the room, "come on Wendy, come and meet Debbie" and grabbed my arm and led me up the stairs, we walked into a really big pink bedroom, Debbie was standing at the bottom of a massive bed, bigger than a double, she was only wearing a silky dressing gown, open at the front, I could clearly see her tits, and her hairless pussy, she kissed Renie on the cheek, and walked over to me, "you must be Wendy, you look older than 13," And she kissed me on the cheek, she didn't seem bothered about covering her body, "go sit on the bed Wendy, I'll just get dressed then show you where everything is, the kids will be asleep by now so you will have the house to your self." I sat and watched as she went to her wardrobe, all the time she and Renie were chatting away, she took off her gown and stood there naked, the thing that got to me was her looks, she only looked about 20, she was slim my height, smaller tits than me, dark hair, but her husband looked older than Ken.

She turned to face the bed as she stepped into a very shiny dress, and pulled it up her slim body, "zip me up please babe" Renie walked over and pulled the zipper to the top "you look so sexy in that Debs" Renie remarked as she stepped back.

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The difference in the 2 ladies was remarkable, Renie was taller heavier bigger busted and older than Debbie, but they seemed so close as friends, " you look rather sexy in that little number to hun," she replied and squeezed Renies ass cheeks and laughed.

She showed me round the house and showed me how to use the video and where all there films were, they told me to help myself to whatever I wanted and treat the house as my own for the night, they left me a contact number and all disappeared out the door to a waiting taxi… After watching telly for an hour or so, I decided to explore the house properly, not really being nosey but just to take my time, and not be rushed about like earlier, I went into the big bed room again and layed on the big bed, I could lay on it sideways and still had room above my head.

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I walked over to the wardrobe and was looking at the clothes hanging there, all short skirts and short dresses, on a shelf just below this was a video player, with a little red light on 1 button, I pressed the play button, it whirred into action, then I could here Debbie laughing and turned round with a start, the room was still empty, the sound of Debbies voice was coming from the other side of the room, "do you like that" and "mmmmm" were coming out of the large cabinet opposite the bed, I walked over, and pulled the doors open, there was Debbie standing in the middle of the room with her hand in her knickers rubbing herself, her eyes were shut and her tits were hanging over her silky nightdress, she pulled her hand out and put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean and then back into her panties, "do you like watching me," it seemed Debbie was talking to me, Then "yes I do" came the familier voice of Renie, "so come and join me then" I was so shocked but could not take my eyes off the tv screen as I made my way to the bed, and sat right in the middle, staring at the screen, Renie came into view, wearing just a skirt, she was pulling on her erect nipples as she went and stood next to Debbie, again Debbie took her hand out of her pants and up to her mouth, and rubbed her fingers around her lipstick covered lips, and over her chin, before pushing them back in her pants, I could here the squelching from her active fingers, "kiss me Ren, Lick my juices from my mouth" Renie pushed her tongue out and licked around Debs lips, "mmm you taste so good" Debs pulled her hand out again and rubbed them over her nipples as Renie rammed her tongue into Debs mouth, Deb then pushed Renies head down to her tit and Renie started sucking, "mmm Oh babe that feels good, bite my nipples, mmmm oh god yeah" Deb moved her hands up to her shoulders and pushed the straps off letting her nightie fall to the floor then started to move back slowly towards the bed, Renie stopped sucking and biting on the nipple and they sat on the bed, right about where I was sitting, Renie then grabbed Debs panties and rolled them down over her thighs, Debs lifted her feet and they came right off, they got back into a deep sexy kiss slurping sounds coming from the speakers, Debs hands went to the back of Rens skirt and opened the fastening Ren stood up and Debs pulled the skirt down and then the knickers Ren stepped out of them, and Debs threw the skirt to the floor and put the panties to her face, "your so wet baby" she said, "and so fucking horny for you Deb" was the reply, I could now feel the juices in my own pussy building up, so I stood in the same place as Ren was standing and pulled my skirt and knickers off and tossed them to the floor followed by my t shirt, I sat against the head board and slipped a couple of fingers in my pussy and then wiped them on my nipples, I then lifted my tit to my mouth and sucked the juice off, making my nipple so hard, on screen now Debs was in the top drawer of her dresser and bought out 4 clothes pegs and 2 thick dildos, and clambered back on the bed, she pulled Rens nipples right out and put a peg on the ariolla behind each nipple causing Ren to moan with pleasure, then she done the same to her nipples, all 4 nipples were now standing so far out like missiles, she handed 1 dildo to Ren and kept the other 1 for herself, Deb leaned forward and pushed her dildo up inside Rens pussy all the way in and then withdrew it and rubbed the juices over Rens nipples, "oooh Fuck that feels good" said Ren, Deb then leaned in and took each nipple in turn into her mouth and sucked and nibbled on the erect tit, straight away causing Ren to cum, Then they switched and Ren done the same to Debs who also cum at the end of it, I went to the drawer and there were the pegs, and some other toys including the 2 dildos, I took the pegs and pulled my nipples out and applied the pegs, the feeling was electric in my nipples, and I felt it in my wet pussy, I then took the 2 dildos and climbed back into position on the bed, laying back a bit further with my legs stretched out wide, on screen Deb and Ren were both laying back and each was fingering the other one,s clit and sucking each others still pegged tits, I pushed one dildo into my sopping wet cunt and thrust it a dozen times moaning each time it went in, then pulled it out and put it into my mouth to suck it clean of my juices replacing it with the other on into my leaking wet pussy, on screen they were both fucking each other with the dildos each nearing a loud orgasm, I changed dildos half a dozen times before exploding inside, my pussy clenching tight along the dildo, all 3 of us coming round together, Deb got off the bed and walked toward the tv her tits still clamped and her erect nipples were all that were visible in the big screen, the screen then went black and the show was over, my pussy was still tingling inside as the last drips of my juices seeped out onto the bed, leaving a wet patch on the top cover, I slowly pulled the dildo out of my hungry pussy, and put it up to my mouth, and sucked and licked it clean, and then the same with the other dildo, and then un-pegged my nipples, I rolled across the bed and placed all the items back into the drawer, and closed the drawer, I climed off the big bed and put my clothes on, I went and checked on the kids, they were still sleeping soundly, so I went back down the stairs, and got a cold drink and went and watched some t,v.

I sat in 1 of the big chairs and watched some boring cop show on late night t,v.

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I must have fallen asleep, as I was aware later Of muffled voices coming from the kitchen, after coming round a bit I could make out Rens voice, and then Kens, I was slumped back in the chair, my skirt had ridden up and my thighs were on show, and as I looked up, Debs was standing the other side of the room looking at me, and smiling, "I hope we haven't woke you up Wendy" she asked, "you should have gone and got in 1 of the spare bedrooms and slept, Ren said you can stay here tonight and come shopping with me tomorrow, if you want?" "if that's ok with you I would love to" I replied, Ken came in and smiled drunkenly at me, and playfully asked me for a kiss goodnight, and started laughing as I turned my head away, "leave her alone" Deb Shouted at him, "come with me Wendy, I,ll show you where you can sleep" and she grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the chair, she then led me up the stairs, I could see up the dress as she walked in front of me, clearly showing she was wearing no knickers, I watched as her thighs rubbed together, I could make out the shape of her pussy lips pouting as she walked in front of me, she led me into 1 of the spare bedrooms, and said she would get me something to sleep in, I sat on the double bed and debs came back in carrying a silk nightdress and silk bathrobe, "slip these on and I,ll put your clothes on to wash and dry for tomorrow," and she handed me the clothes and sat on the bed near to the bottom, I hesitated for a moment, and then stood and pulled my t shirt off over my head Debs was looking away as I looked toward her, so I undone my skirt and let it fall then turned toward her and pulled my knickers off, I looked at the side of her face then followed her gaze, and seen the mirror opposite me, she could see my complete naked body in the mirror, her eyes met mine in the mirror, and a smile appeared on her face, then she turned toward me, leaned forward and picked up my clothes off the floor, she was that close to me I could feel her hot breath on my pubic hair.

I parted my legs a little hoping that she could see my pussy, that was starting to tingle, she seemed to hold her position for a while then came back up and stood up in front of me, "have a good sleep wendy," she said with a croaky voice, kissed my cheek and turned and left the room closing the door behind her&hellip.

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I put the silk nightie on and climbed into the bed, I must admit I had a good orgasm thinking about Debbie kissing me all over my body, then I fell sound asleep.