Dillan Lauren Maisie Undercover Shadow Boxer

Dillan Lauren Maisie Undercover Shadow Boxer
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Chapter Two As Erin's rape continued, Tom said "Roger, Charlie is in need of a sweet young thing. Since Erica's so willing to cooperate, I think we'll get her ready for some sweet fucking.

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Roger, I want you to strip your daughter naked. Then bend her over the arm of the couch and lick her pussy until I tell you to stop. She needs to be nice and wet so Charlie can have a really good fuck. Do it NOW!" Kristi felt a shudder go through her at the wickedness of Tom's order.

They were making her father participate in degrading his family. She wondered what they would make him to do her when they finally got around to it. Her father reluctantly stood. Bill, who was fucking her mother's mouth, said "Damn, this bitch gets the "Hoover Award." She sure can suck!

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How's her pussy, Bob?" "She's pretty tight for an old broad. her old man either doesn't fuck her much or else he's got a little, tiny Dick!" They laughed.

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"Let's switch for a bit, OK? Bill said. "OK by me." Bob said, pulling his big cock from the wetness of Erin's pussy with a loud wet squish as her liquid dribbled out the red wet opening of her cunt.

Erin was dazed and confused as Bill pulled from her. Almost reluctantly, she released his ass as she lay, gasping and trying to recover. She opened her mouth when she felt her head being held, and again her mouth was filled with male prick.

She barely noticed that this cock was wet and tasted kind of salty. When she realized the two men had switched positions, she groaned in humiliation, knowing that she was tasting her own pussy juice.

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But her groan deepened as she felt Bill slamming his cock into her. She quickly fell back into rhythm as the two men began to slowly fuck her towards another orgasm as she writhed and squirmed on the table. Meanwhile, Kristi's Daddy stood in front of her sister.

Erica looked pleadingly at her father. "Oh daddy, please don't do this to me!" she implored in fear. Almost angrily, her father said "What choice is there, Erica? Do you want us to all die? Do you want them to kill your mother?" A tear rolled down her cheek and she shook her head no. Roger's voice softened as he said "Honey, we have to do what they say.


The only thing I can tell you is to just relax and accept it. If you do what they say, they won't hurt you." And then Kristi watched her father's hand move to her sisters nighty. He pulled the tie at the front, and lifted and pushed Erica's nighty backwards, letting it fall off her shoulders and behind her to pool on the carpet. Her sister was naked except for the sheer panties that barely covered her pussy.

Kristi couldn't believe it when she saw a slight motion in her father's boxer shorts. Could it be? Her father was staring at Erica's breasts. Kristi knew Erica had nice boobs, the two girl's having compared and teased one another.

Erica had small pink nipples with light brown areoles. Again, Kristi saw movement in her father's boxer shorts, and realized that he was getting an erection looking at her sister. Kristi should be horrified, but seeing her Daddy's prick beginning to swell made her own pussy tingle and begin to pound with heat, making her feel shame. She should be revolted and disgusted.but she wasn't. Trying to remain in control, her father huskily said, "I-I have to take off your panties now, Erica." He knelt at her feet, and in doing so, his erection became obvious.

Kristi noticed that Erica also saw it, and her sister stood paralyzed as her eyes watched the twitching prick uncoiling in her fathers shorts. She sobbed and closed her eyes as Roger took her panties in his hands. He pulled her panties down off her hips. Kristi heard him gasp as her pussy mound was exposed. Erica was nakedly bald between her lips.

Kristi knew what her father would find. The two girls had made a pact to shave between their legs last month. It made them feel sexy, and the girls at school had thought it was awesome when they'd parade themselves in the locker room. But now, Kristi was embarrassed for her sister and she was filled with dread as she realized that she would undoubtedly have the same experience of her sister.

Kristi looked at her father who was kneeling at Erica's feet, his hands holding her panties which were dragged halfway down her thighs. He seemed paralyzed as his eyes were confronted with the naked, bald pussy of his eldest daughter. As she watched her father looking at her sister, Kristi felt an irrational thrill of lust. She knew that she was becoming wet. She should be ashamed, she knew. But the thought of her father looking at her naked sister was turning her on!

As she considered the fact that her father would probably be forced to do the very same thing to her, Kristi trembled with a thrill of wickedness. Exposed to her Daddy's eyes! More than that, the knowledge that her father was hard was making her weak with lust. Just then, the sounds from the pool table doubled. Bob, who was fucking her mother's mouth began bellowing loudly, his head thrown back, his hands tightly gripping her mothers hair, his prick thrust down her throat.

It was obvious that he was pouring hot cum inside Erin's mouth. She was thrashing about, unable to breathe, trying desperately to swallow, but unable to break free. She could feel the splatters of his cum splashing down the walls of her throat as blackness began to envelope her. Before she passed out, however, Bob stepped back, pulling his prick from her mouth, and Kristi's mother began choking and coughing, spittle and cum running out of her mouth as she sucked breath deep into her tortured lungs.

"Hey Roger, your wife sure is a good Cocksucker. Damn, I must have shot a gallon of cum in her belly!" Bob gleefully shouted. Bill continued pumping Erin as she wearily began moving with him. She had sobbed through two orgasms, and she was close to another when she had almost passed out from the raping of her mouth.

But Bill gave her no respite. The man began to rapidly slam in and out of her cunt, drawing moans of pain and pleasure from Erin's cum stained mouth. He was muttering "fuck it, bitch, fuck my prick, you cum hungry whore. Twist your ass, baby and fuck your sweet little pussy. Fuck it, YEAH.FUCK IT, FUCK IT YOU CUNT.FUCK MY PRICK.FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" He shouted as he slammed inside her and held himself still. Erin had begun another orgasm as she lewdly writhed beneath the man.

She could feel his cum shooting up inside her and the pleasure of orgasm made her cry out with joy as her pussy greedily milked the man's cock. Kristi became aware of moaning behind her. Turning she saw that her naked sister was bent over the arm of the couch.

Her father was kneeling on the couch bend over doing something.


And then the pretty teenager realized that HER FATHER WAS LICKING HER! Kristi's pussy contracted as she watched her father's face buried between Erica's legs. His hands were holding her legs apart, his head bobbing up and down as his thick tongue penetrated Erica's throbbing pussy lips, licking her pussy juice nosily.

Kristi was surrounded by the most obscene sexual activity. Hearing noise behind her, she turned again and saw that the man named Charlie had stripped his clothes off. Tom was the only one still dressed.

He stood with a pistol in his hand as Charlie watched Kristi's father lewdly licking Erica. She couldn't tear her eyes away as Charlie's hand wrapped around his thick prick.

He stood masturbating himself, his balls swinging under his stroking fist. Tom spoke. "Charlie, why don't you take Erica to her parent's room and fuck her brains out. When you get tired, find something and tie her to the bed.

Make sure she can't get away, and we'll let the other boys have a crack at her cunt." Nodding his head and smiling, Charlie advanced on Kristi's dad and her lewdly moaning sister. "OK Daddy, your time is up.

The little cunt belongs to me now." Charlie said as he took Roger by his shoulders and pulled him back, knocking him to the floor. Roger fell on his back. Kristi's eye were drawn to the tented protrusion in his boxers.

She gasped, for she could see one of his testicles hanging out of his shorts. Erica was dazed as Charlie pulled her to her feet.

Slipping an arm around her, one of his huge ham-like hands moved possessively onto Erica's rounded ass. Steering the stumbling beauty, he moved her to the doorway. "Come on, fuckstuff, lets go find out how you like having a real mans prick shoved up that sweet little pussy of yours." And then they were gone. Bill was sitting in a chair resting. Bob however, had once again pushed his prick into her mothers mouth.

She was weakly sucking the man, her naked body wearily lying on the pool table, sperm leaking from her raw, red cunt, glistening on her thighs. "Bob, why don't you take Mrs. Winters to the girls bedroom and try out her ass. Find some Vaseline or something and go slow.


We don't want her torn up for the rest of us. When you finish with her, tie her to the bed, too. We'll figure out some kind of rotation later." Tom said as he kicked off his shoes. Bob pulled his prick from Erin's mouth. Grabbing her arm, he pulled the weary woman from the table. Grabbing her hand, he wrapped it around his prick. "Here you go, Mrs.

Winters. You just keep hold of my cock, and lead me to your baby girl's bedroom. When we get there, you can kneel on the bed and I'll fuck you up your ass. Won't that be nice." Kristi saw the hopeless look on her mothers face.

Her mother slowly left the room, her hand around the man's cock as if she were leading him where SHE wanted to go instead of being the captive.

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