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Sexy Bitch black amateur likes take big penis in head till sperm
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I open my eyes, close them and open them again. When will I get more than 3 hours of sleep? "Fuck me" It's not even 6:15am yet! Lately I have not been able to sleep peacefully. My dreams are way too abstract.

One moment I'm in a park made out of glitter and rainbows, the next I am seeing demons dancing with each other. I just do not understand any of it. I sweep my legs over my bed and decide that I might as well get up.

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No use laying here, creating more images in this dark room of mine. I let the Hot water flow for a few moments as I do my daily shower check.

No spiders? Check. No scary person waiting to kill me? CHECK! I turn on my CD player. I am a music whore. Decide to listen to "Yellow Tax" by Matt Costa. I step in and pull the shower curtain behind me.

I smile. I love my shower curtain. I picked it because it is a white backdrop with bright red, blue and yellow flowers. I place some intoxicating Plum scented shampoo in my hands.


Creating a deep lather, I place it in my hair and close my eyes. Listening to the lyrics "I need someone like you, someone to talk to" The CD starts to skip. "Are you kidding me?" I repress the urge to scream and curse (I have the mouth of a pirate.) I quickly open the shower curtain and run to the CD player, I press the back button. Nothing. Pause. Nothing. I reach down and unplug it. This was the moment I knew my world had changed.

It still continued to play. Stuck, repeating the same words over and over again. I need someone like you…&hellip. I stand there dripping all over the floor. In a trance, I stood there starring at the possessed player.

My eyes dart back and forth. "What the hell…I&hellip." I always have something clever or witty to say but what the fuck was I supposed to say? I can feel my anxiety rising. How is this possible? I don't even worry about getting dried off. I grab my clothing and hurriedly get dressed. Run into my room and shut the door.

I brought a sexy outfit for you to wear tonight

I turn around and I see something, perhaps a Shadow? Great Aria, your being paranoid.

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There is a logical reason why even when powered down, the music is still playing. My breathing starts to shorten. The shadow that was just my imagination starts to evolve. I stand there shocked, cold and extremely confused. "Hello Aria" A voice that sounded very similar to Gerard Butler appeared out of thin air.

Am I still dreaming? Is this a fantasy? I mean, how could it not be? That voice has made me wet too many time. I swallow some of my fear and respond back.

"Who are you?" I ask. "My name is Eldrick" Oh that explains everything, it's Edrick everyone. We can all now go on with our day, because Edrick is here!

Yippee! Sarcastic dialogue is always playing in my mind. "Eldrick? Why?" "Because that was the name I was given?" He answers.

Apparently he didn't understand that I was freaking the fuck out. "No, why are you here? How are you here?" Eldrick was everything I fantasized about, Scottish accent, dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. My eyes cast lower. A black dress shirt opened to reveal a little bit of chest hair. Black leather pants with a nice outline of his manhood. I cast my eyes back to his eyes.

"Well? Why?" He smiles. Like he knows a secret and is enjoying not answering me.

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"Sorry, Aria, I was giving you time to enjoy me." My mouth dropped open. Who does he think he is? Besides this amazingly hot man. "How do you know my name? Please answer me." "I am here because I have nowhere else I would care to be. Aria, I have watched you from afar and I felt as it was the right time to introduce myself. I can't reveal to you how I know your name yet or how I know you, but I am drawn to you. I always have been." I just stare at him. Do I call my best friend, Ashley and tell her that a magical creature has appeared out of thin air?

Do I Google map the nearest psychiatric ward? "Are you real?" I ask. "Yes, Aria I am." That exact moment I realized that the CD player was no longing skipping but had continued to the next song "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Ray.

"Was that you? Are you the reason my music was skipping and still playing after I pulled the plug?" "Yes, had to get your attention someway." He smiles again. Oh Lord help me, if he smiles anymore, I'm going to rip his clothes off. "Well it's been an awkward morning. You will have to excuse me; I have school to get to." That's it Aria, just treat it like a regular morning.

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That will help make sense of this sexy mess. "I will be joining you. I enrolled in college just a few days ago." Eldrick simply says. At this point I don't even want to question him.

Nothing makes sense and I have to get ready. "Well, let me get prepped and we will be on our way." I go back to the bathroom and just stare at myself in the foggy mirror. I wipe the steam off. I just continued to stare. Looking back at me where confused blue eyes and a cute face. I have always been told "Oh Aria, your such a pretty girl!" Yeah right. I was barely over 5 feet and inherited this bright red hair from my mom's side of the family. I was petite and looked like I would snap if a fly landed on me.

Pretty my ass! I started to comb my hair and felt the presence of mystery guy behind me. He placed his hands on my shoulder. Why am I not afraid? "Aria, you are so beautifully sexy." Adorable, maybe cute, but I have never been called sexy. I turn around. I lick my lips, out of habit. He places his right hand under my chin and leans in.

He kisses me. First it was just soft kisses.


Graceful kisses. Shocked, I start kissing him back and more forcefully at that. I no longer know what I'm doing or why. I push his face into mine. I never want this moment to end. He lifts me up and sets me on the counter. I automatically wrap my legs around him.

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He is no longer kissing my mouth, he's moved down to my neck. Oh my. A soft moan escapes me. He lingers there for quite some time. All I could do was mess his hair up while my hands frantically pulled and smoothed his hair, like kneading dough.

Eldrick stops kissing me. "Remove your shirt right now before I rip it off." I obey. Since I was in a hurry to get dressed, I had no bra on. He smiles. Remember what I said earlier about that? He grunts before licking my nipples. Now, even though I'm not a full blossomed girl, I am a B cup and just like my personality, I certainly am perky!

He flicks his tongue repeatedly over my nipples, leaving traces of his saliva around them. That, mixed with my sudden grinding, makes me damp. I remove his shirt. By removed, I mean, I ripped it off. I needed to see his chest. "Yes" I say as I see that he has tattoo's lining his body. I look at him and at that moment he stares at me. I could have continued that stance, for eternity. I slide off the counter and undo my jeans. Skinny jeans plus recently showered woman equals, torment!

He helps. As he peels them off me, he starts kissing me Right at the hip bone. Then lower. He's kissing my thighs, God, my thighs. Who the fuck is he? He feels too good to be true. The pants now removed, he pulls down my underwear.

I almost press his face to my flower. I'm eager for him. He parts my lips, blows and licks. My hip buckles from underneath his wanting tongue. He licks from slit to clit, like a child tasting his first ice cream. I find that my hands are in his hair again. I push his face more into my cunt. I rock my hips into his face. "Hmmmmmm." I'm panting now. He continues to lick me, tasting me.

He inserts 2 fingers deep inside me while continuing to tease my clit. I'm so wet. The more I drip the harder he pushes into me. I can't take this anymore. "Fuck me." Never had I told anyone that. Never have been to the point when it came to sex but I craved him in me now. "Yes, Aria." He says in that enjoyable accent of his. He say's my name like it is a secret in itself.

He gets up and places my left leg on the counter. I am completely open to him now. Each second passing is making me delirious. He unbuckles his belt while staring at me. His eyes are smiling this time. I see a trail. I lick my lips again. I was never good at being patient. He pushes his pants down. Wow. He was at least 8 inches. In pure reaction my pussy jerks. I want him inside me now. While he continues to stare at me, he places his penis to my opening and gets his tip wet.

He then backs up and starts to massage my juices on his cock. I smile. He excites me. He goes up and down his length. He is prepping his penis. I think to myself. Once his is satisfied he presses his penis once more to my entrance.

"Aria?" he asks. I blink and respond "yes?" No words were needed. He pushes his way into me. I groan. He fill's me with all of his cock. Like a dancer he gracefully and magically goes in and out of me.

Like thread in the eye of a needle, so precise. I'm so fucking wet. He starts to pick up his rhythm and I find myself meeting him. He gains momentum and fucks me harder.

I'm lost in him. I start to kiss him. I bit his lips. He just wildly continues to penetrate me. I feel like I'm floating, as if I am watching him from above ram into me with force. He never weakens his thrusts. Just continues to pick up speed. Its anything but human like. I feel it building. "Eldrick&hellip.I'm going to&hellip." At the same moment, the perfect moment, we both cum.

My vagina continues to spasm as he fills me. He removes himself and lowers his face once more to my opening. Like a dog, he laps it up. Long theatrical strides seek the taste of us combined. I lean my head back, just enjoying this. Once he is finished tasting us he licks my neck.

A giggle escapes me. I have never felt this alive or fantastic. I smile. He pierces my skin. What the fuck?! The pain is unbearable. I can't even formulate a proper question to ask him, because all I feel is hot searing pain. What did I do? Why do I hurt?

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Am I going to die? Though blurry, Eldrick is now in my view. He has blood running down his lips.

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Is that my blood? "Basique" by Little People is playing. I'm trying to focus on the sound in order not to pass out. "Eldrick?

What did you do?" "Sorry Aria, just don't fight it, you will be fine soon