Group of couples have fun by the pool that they all enjoyed

Group of couples have fun by the pool that they all enjoyed
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Hi my name is nathan and I'm a teenage man whore. It all started when I was sixteen fun right? horomones pumping, partying with my friends, girls everywhere and not one was intersted in me.It wasn't from lack of trying I'll tell you that, I'd ask out some one about every week and each time they'd make some lame excuse to make me leave.I have an average build I only weighed 160 and have short spikey blond hair and gray eyes,I looked good.but for some reason the female high school community decided I was undateable,then one day I was going to third period math when my buddies Zed and Nate come running towards me at high speed.They both stop just short of me and tell me "dude, come on!

we found something absolutly incredable" I follow them outside to an old storage garage beside the school and we go around to the far side which hides us from the school doors and prying eyes.nate and zed settle at the far side of the shed and then zed reaches down and pulls back som of the sheds siding so that nate can shimmie through.After nates in,zed signals for me to do the same.I hesitate thinking of how much trouble we could get in just for being here.zed must have known what I was thinking cause he said"dude trust us once you go in you'll never want to come out",I sighed and then I crawled through the tiny hole into the dark shed.

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Nate was standing waiting for us as I helped zed through the hole and once he was through nate went to the back of the shed and slid a bunch of old cedar boards aside to reval a hole in the wall.I stare at the hole and ask "what is it?" Nate smiles and said "a door to the best show any of us has ever seen" when I press for anwsers nate just goes into the hole and dissappers.I turn to zed hoping to get anwsers but Zed shakes his head and tells me to shut up and get moving,so throwing caution to the wind I crouch down and waddle into the hole and hope zed and nate dont plan on killing me.About three feet in the hole opens up and as I exit the hole I find myself stareing at the inside of the school wall.the space between the walls is about a two feet giving us plenty of room to walk along it.Ilook left and see nate waiting again, except this time he raises his finger to his mouth signaling to be quiet,then he turns left and makes his way silently along,zed and I follw until nate stops along a stretch of wall with four circular pieces of metal in it.the metal was the size of a toonie and each was spaced two feet apart at chest I looked closer at the one closest to me I noticed the circle had a small groove in it,I put my thumbnail into the groove and slide it to the right and the circle swings towards me and as it opens a ray of light comes through and when I bend down and look through the hole I see that on the other side is a change room,more importantly I realize it's the GIRLS CHANGEROOM!

and we were seeing inside the SHOWERS!.no one was in there but I knew it was the girls room because the lockers were blue while the boys lockers were red.I turn to nate and whisper "if I wasnt straight I'd kiss you" Nate smiles and says "buy me lunch and I'll call it even" so then nate explained that he heard about this place by hearing that the janitor uses this way to fix wiring through out the school,when I ask how he found the tunnel he said the janitor made it so he could get into the walls easier,then I ask about the peep holes and he said that his brother and his friends made them when they were at school here,"pretty sweet,now we'll stay here and starve to death cause we love it here so much" that gets a hushed chuckle from the others then we settle in and wait for the show to start.

We wait for a half an hour and the excitment i felt when we came in has started to wear off when suddenly the door inside opens and me nate and zed all look through to see who it is, a small red head appears dreanched in sweat and looking exausted from a tough gym class,she opens her locker and starts to undress.I'm so excited I get an instant boner as I watch this girl strip we only see her cute round butt since she's facing the lockers away from the showersbut as she grabs shampoo out of her bag she turns and I see her full naked glory, she's 5' about 145 pounds and has a hairy red bush with amazing lips at the bottom i would love to plough through.and her breasts were perfect and round and each the size of a melon .She glanced around making sure there was no one else there (if she only knew) and walked straight for me as she got closer I drew back a little just in case she saw me then she starts to shower.I feel as if my balls are about to explode as this girl rubs her self down, then after about three minuites I see her turn around for a second then her right hand goes down between her legs and she starts rubbing herself!

I pull away and put my back against the wall behind me in an attempt to calm myself as I start to hear her moan in pleasure.As Im calming down I notice a second peep hole lower down than the first on and it was about crotch level,I slowly stuck my thumbnail into a groove and slid it right and the hole opened up to reval the red heads right hand vigorisly rubbing her wet clit it was so close If i put my finger through I could easily touch her wet soft pussy lips.I watch rub her self when suddenly she turns around and leans back against the wall giving me a view of her puckered ass hole.I looked at nate and zed to see they were both absorbed wth watching the red head so as I turned back to my peep hole I slowly inserted my index finger until I felt the soft smooth skin of the red heads ass.I wait for a reaction from the gril but she just continues to rub and moan apparenly oblivious to my finger softly touching her butt.I hold my position absorbing the feeling of her skin the softness the smoothness just the rush of doing something to her without her knowing it.after I hear her moan louder than before and feel her ass tremble for a second I draw my finger back and watch as she rinses off her pussy and goes to she walks away I notice a small tattoo on her lower back of a rose in full bloom.I close the holes and signal zed and nate to do the same as the close their peep holes I say "I touched her butt" Zeds jaw hits the floor and slowly turns into a smile and nate looks like he just got second place at a race.twenty minuite later the ninth grade gym class comes in and we are bombarded by twenty naked females showering right in front of were watching them I hear krista mcclean a girl from my home room say to her friend beside her "did i tell you nathan watson asked me out today?" I tense as I anticipate being torn a new one in a room full of girls in my own grade.her friend says "really?


that guy with the blonde spikey hair?" "yeah him,I can't believe he'd think I'd go out with him" I start to leave when suddenly I hear "yeah especially when Summer Killson wants to go out with him" I press my ear to the hole and hear them continue and krista say "like any girl would go near him when she's interested,you see what she did to bekka strain when Bekka asked out Brad" I faintly hear kristas friend sigh and say "yeah poor bekka her nose is like a tomato now"I close the hole too shocked by what I heard to enjoy what was before me.I sat back against the wall and thought about Summer killson,Summer was a very hot grade ten goth with long purple/blue hair,skull earings,black lipstick and eyeshadow,white skin,c-cup breasts,smooth legs and an ass guys would kill to touch and they all try only to walk away with a black eye or a broken finger.

Summer is violent but she never throws the first punch and always gets away because of it. we leave the shed after the girls clear out and head to the caf to wait for fourth period to start, as we're sitting there nate says "so. summer" I just nod to confused by what I heard to talk,zed coughs and says"could be worse you could have megan pooler after you" I chuckle at zeds dark humor.Megan pooler is a obiece grade nine girl with a massive fore head and a face made for radio.I rub my temples and ask "what do I do?

ask Summer out or wait for her to come to me?" nate and zed both think for a long time before zed says "I say wait,it makes you more desireable and!" zed leans in with a wierd look on his face"you should follow her around for awhile and when a guy tries to make a grab for her fight him and even if you lose she'll see you're quality boyfriend material" I looked over to nate who said"that makes sense even if summer doesnt ask you out everyone will talk about how you stood up for her" I considered what they were saying and came to this conclusion.I said " alright I'll try it,everything I've tried so far to get girls has failed might as well try something new".so as I gather my books from my locker and head back to the caf I see Summer going to one of her classes and I decided "no time like the present" and followed her.

I stay a few feet behind her as I follow her and every guy looks as she pases and I can see them struggling wether or not if touching her is a good idea I follow her until she reaches her class then continue walking as if it was my normal route to class.I do the same thing for three days with no success,then on friday I get my chance I've been hoping for as I follow Summer to her fourth period class I see these jocks five feet ahead looking at Summer with hungry eyes then one detaches from the others and as summer passes by he slaps her ass hard Summer gasps not because its a shock but because he smacked so hard it left a red hand print.the jock and his friends laugh and the jock who smacked her ass says"whats wrong baby cant handle the thunder!" then he and his buds laugh it up some I saw Summer rubbing her butt I saw her blink away tears and thats when I snapped these past few days I grown attached to summer I felt like her gaurdian angel waiting for a chance for one idiot to slip up so I could hurt him for hurting summer now that its happened I strike.Everyone is looking at summer even the jock so it was easy for me to get behind him,Itapped him on the left shoulder and as he turns around I sucker punch him in his left eye making him fall to the floor then while he's on the floor I slam my right knee on his chest and pin his right arm with my left knee grabbed his throat with my right hand and started punching his face with my left.Each punch was stronger than the last and all I saw was red,the only thing I remember was feeling satisfaction hurting the fucker who hurt summer I dont remember how long I punched him but when I was dragged away by nate and zed I couldn't raise my left arm,and I had blood on my clothes.

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I was escorted to the priciples office and told to wait,as I waited I slowly came down from my adrenalen buzz and as I moved my left hand to scratch my head I nearly fainted from the pain.It felt like my left hand was on fire it felt like my wrist and at least three of my knuckles were broken or fractured,as I gently moved my hand to try to asess the damage the priciple came in looking.scared?.Itold him I broke my knucles and he said he'd get the paramedics who were comeing to check it out after they see Scott Tully (the jock I beat up) and asses his injuries.Then he asked"what started all this,nathan youve never been to my office the whole time you've been here" it was true it was my first time being in here for any sort of bad behavior,I thought about lying saying he threw the first punch but I liked mr.christie(the principle) he was kind fair with punishment and never yelled or talked down to you,so I told him "I saw scott slap Summer killson's rear very hard, I wouldn't be surprised if she got a bruise,then I snapped sir" mr.chrisite leaned back in his chair and asked "did you plan on beating mr Tully to a pulp,before you saw him slap mrs.killson?" I shifted and replyed"no sir but seeing her get slapped broke me sir, it made me angry thinking she has to put up with these idiots grabbing her ass all the time and not just her sir!these jocks walk around like theyre untouchable I decided to show them they were wrong!".Christie leaned back in his chair and looked at me long and hard,not saying anything just putting the pieces together and deciding if he liked the outcome or not.After four minuites Christie said "you get one week suspension and the rest of the month youll spend in detention helping out the staff in anyway I see fit" I nodded and as he got up to leave he turned his hand on the door and asked "you don't have to anwserthis if you dont want to nate but Id like to know" he looks concerned as he asks his next question "do you have feelings for Summer?" I feel my cheeks redden as I say "yes,I have feelings for summer" the principle nods and says"okay,well thats all for now I have a few ,more people to interview so if you'll wait outside I'll have the pareamedics stop in when theyre finished with mr.tully" I rise out of my seat and as Christie opens the door to let me leave I see Summer waiting right beside the office door.I look at summer and see her looking back at me not with hate or fear,no,when I looked at summer all I saw was acceptance,like she knew why I beat Scott to a pulp even if no one else did.summer stands and says to me "wait until I'm done I want to talk to you" then she walks in to christies office leaving me to stare at the office door.

After ten minuites Summer came out and took my right hand and led me outside saying "I convinced Christie to give us the rest of the day off, you live in fenelon right?" "yeah" I reply as we make our way towards the ambulance that just arrived.I get my arm looked at and find that my wrist is fine but I dislocated two of my I'm sitting in the back of the ambulance the medic asks me "can you make a fist?" I shake my head and grimce as the medic says "well you have two options then" he put my hand down lightly on a table we're both sitting at "we or you can go to the hospital and they'll numb your hand,relocate your knuckles and keep you over night for observation" I look up at the medic and say "or?" the medic leans sideways and pulls out a syringe and says "or, I numb your hand and relocate your knuckles myself" I glance at Summer who's watching me from outside looking worried and I say "make it quick".The medic nods and sticks the needle into the base of my ring finger and my pinkie,after five minuites he asks "ready?" I nod and look at the ceiling of the ambulance.As I'm looking at the ceiling i feel a slender hand curl around my right and I look to find summer above me looking down at me.Before I can say anything the medic jerks my pinkie into where it was before and all I feel is the pain.It felt like hell,I did'nt scream or whimper I just breathed, after he was done it started to throb like a mother,then he said "ready for the next one?".the second time was worse and I did whimper,it took all my might not to crush Summers hand,when the medic was finally done my two fingers were throbing bad and I wanted to flex but was told not to."the medic went to a cabniet and held out a pill bottle and said"take one of these twice everyday till you run out,one in the morning one before bed,got it?" I nodded and got up to leave when I saw Scott being wheel'd towards and summer got out as the medics lifted Scott up and into the ambulance,as they were putting scott in I asked "how is he?" the medic who wheeled him out looks at me and says "he's pretty banged up but he'll be okay after a few days " I nod and the medic closes the doors and then the ambulance drives off.Summer takes my right hand and says"let's go and get you cleaned up" she picks at some of the blood on my shirt "cant have my knights armor all bloody" I chuckle and lead her towards my house.

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I lead Summer across the town bridge,through downtown Fenelon Falls and up a hill to my house.My house is two stories with three small balconies on on the ground floor two on the second floor.Me or summer didn't say anything all the way back but as I opened my front door she asked"how long have you lived here?" I take my shoes off and say "all my life" I go into the kitchen and pull out two glass cups and pour myself a glass of water and ask"you want one?" Summer nods and sits at the mahogany table and waits.I fill up the cups and make my way over to Summer and put her glass in front of her "thanks" "anytime" I say as I sit beside her."not for for the water" I take out the pills the medic gave me put one in my mouth and swallow some water before I say"for what then?" Summer smirks and says"for deciding Scott needed his nose three inches to the left" we both laugh and when we stopped we were both stareing at each other when summer asks me "what I can't understand is why you did it though" I look out hte window near the kitchen sink and say"for the past week I haven't been able to get you out of my head,the way you talk,dress,walk I have'nt been able to stop thinking about you,and one day I followed you to two of your classes thinking if I saw you on a regular basis I'd stop thinking about you so much" I looked back at Summer and saw she had a blank expression on her face."only it did'nt work,I thought of you more and I felt protective as I followed you to classes like-" I pause choosing my next words carefully "- your gaurdian angel".Summer didn't react when I said that she just continued to look at me and said" go on" so I did "and when saw Scott smack you and really hurt you I lost it,I didnt mean to go as far as I did but once I started I just could'nt stop and when nate and zed pulled me off I could'nt believe what I'd done" "did you like it?" I look away fixing my gaze on the glass of half finished water in front of me when I say "yes,I enjoyed every second of it" I feel Summers fingers touch my jaw and as I look back at her I see tears in her eyes "thats all I needed to hear" then she leaned forward and as I closed my eyes I felt her soft lips kiss me then her mouth opened and as our tounges danced in and out of each others mouths till the front door opens.

"I'm home! anybody here!" Idetach myself from summer and yell "kitchen!" back to my little sister Lilly.Lilly is only twelve and is the definition of a mother hen,she takes takes care of everybody wether their sick,sad,bored or just need a hug and I'd been dreading her reactin to my current state all Lilly comes into the kitchen she see's me and her mouth drops into an O shape and she stands there taking in my appearence,blood soaked shirt,red throbbing fingers and a girl over with no parents in the house."so" I say trying to sound casual "how was your day?" Lilly walks over and looks at my shirt and asks in a high voice "what happened to you!?" I grimence and say "it's not that bad you should see the other guy" Lilly sits down on my left side and asks in a stronger voice"what happened ?" Summer gets up and says "I'll wait in the living room" and she walks away leaving me with a overly worried sister (traitor).I told Lilly what happened I saw Summer get her ass smacked really hard I punched the guy who did it to the ground and got so carried away i nearly put both of us in the hospital.

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Lilly looks at my shrit and asks "is any of that yours?" I shake my head "I only hurt my hand" Lilly gets up and holds her hand out and says"give me your shirt and I'll put it in the wash" I get my shirt over my head moving my left arm as little as possible and hand it to her.As she takes my shirt she asks"so is Summer you girlfriend?" I shrug my shoulders and whisper "to soon to tell" Lilly looks at me unconvinced and goes downstairs to put my shirt in the wash.I made my way into the living room to find Summer stretched out on my big leather couch with her eyes closed.I walk up to her till Im standing near her head and I reach my right hand scoop up her head and sit down and place her head on my lap and she nestled in and looked up at me and I asked "comfy?" Summer smiled and said"you have no idea" summer rolled over facing the big screen and took my right arm and wrapped it around her like a blanket.we stayed like that for two hours then i looked at my watch and realized it was four pm.I groaned realizing I only had ten minutes before my mom got home so I shook Summer awake and she rolled over and asked "whats up" "my moms going to be home soon,you want me to drive you home?" summer smiles and says "no I live ten minutes away from here on foot" "which street you live on?" as she gets up she says "Fenrick street" I nod as I picture the street beside the bank."which house is your's " she picks her purse up and says "the one with all the statues and rock gardens in the front" I nod as i remember passing that house multiple times whenever I went to the beach.i walk Summer to the door and we both walk out onto the porch,Summer turns around and asks"you wanna go to the beach this weekend?" I wrap my arm around her waist and say "why don't you come over this weekend and we'll spend some time in the pool out back" Summers eye's go wide and she smiles and says"I look forward to it" I lean'd in and kissed summer then when I drew back Summer stuttered as she said"I_ I'Il call y_you tomorrow" then she left leaving me with a great view of her luscious round rear.

fifteen minutes later I was in pain only it wasn't in my hand it was in my mom has a strong voice,but if she decides to scream there's no where to go to escape her resonating tones and as a result I had a very bad migraine after she was through with me I went to my room where I was to stay except for using the bathroom,meals and helping Lilly with her homework.

After mom finished with me I went up to my room and stripped down to my boxers and slipped under my black silk sheets and got ready for an early night.not five minutes after I got into bed do i hear a soft knock at my door, I sit up and say quietly "come in" then Lilly comes in wearing her silk bath robe."how bad was it?" i sigh and pull back my sheets and Lilly climbs under them and we both cuddle together with her on my right side while I say "it could have been worse,mom could have shot!


me" Lilly chuckles and says "I'm glad you didn't get hurt really bad,hows your hand?" I tenitativly move my figners and feel a shot of pain up my left arm."not as bad as earlier" Lilly looks up at me and asks "do you want me to get u an ice pack?" I kiss Lilly on her forehead and say "no,just stay here a bit longer,you always make me feel better" Lilly smiles at that then snuggles closer and rests her head on my arm pit and settles in.after an hour Lilly leaves and I fall asleep.

when I wake up my hand is throbbing and every time I move my arm it feels like its on fire.I slowly and painfully get out of bed and get the pill bottle out of my pants,open the lid and pop one of the little white pills and dry swallow it.I walk down stairs and find mom already left for work as evidence by the note she left on the fridge.

Nathan pack Lilly a lunch for school make sure she did her homework and if you can, do some laundry love mom I look at the note checking it over then start on Lilly's lunch.I make Lilly's lunch (with difficulty) and go upstairs to check if she's up yet.As I reach Lilly's door I knock three times and yell "Lilly you up!?" I don't hear anythin so I knock three more times the same way.I open her door and walk in,my sisters room wasn't what you'd call girly,there was a walk in closet,a massive dresser a desk with her laptop me and mom got her last Christmas on it and a bookcase that took up an entire wall and her twin size bed in the middle.I go to lillys bed and find it empty so I go to walk out to see if shes in the bathroom.Just as I'm about to leave when I see Lilly's computer is on,curious I go over and i see a picture of me in a bright red speedo flexing my biceps trying to look fierce and sexy at the same time.I laugh as I remember that day,I was invited to a beach party and as a joke I bought a speedo and when I came home Lilly asked what i had in the bag,I told her and she insisted on having a photo shoot.

Twenty photos later and a promise to keep them on only her laptop I left and was the hit of the party.I went to the bathroom door and heard Lilly singing katy perrys "I kissed a girl" which made me uneasy.I knocked three times and yelled "I'm coming in!" I opened the door and looked to the right where our shower (which can easily hold five people) with fog glass was.Lilly stops singing and pokes her head out asking"whats up?" "you finish your homework?",Lilly rolled her eyes "of course,I finished last night" I nod and say "hurry up or you'll be late" Lilly sticks her tongue out and closes the shower door and continues her singing.I head down to the basement to the laundry and find a small hamper of dirty clothes,I put all the clothes in the washing machine turn it on and go back upstairs.after all this activity my arm starts to throb again,so I crash on the couch and watch anime.Lilly left for school and I was left to do absolutely nothing.As I sat on the couch watching anime I started thinking about yesterday and how i got a great view of countless girls showering,then I started thinking about voyeurism.

I went to my computer in my room and started looking up porn profits. After an hour of browsing google I found a legit looking showed me a chart showing the most porn in demand and at the top was hardcore and fifth from the top was voyeur.

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I did some more research and found some micro hd cameras that were hidden inside a pen case and the pen actually wrote.I ordered six and hit three day rush and waited to start my new business. I was going through some old files when I stumbled across some pics of me and my ex naked doing lewd poses together.there were ten pics and each was hotter than the last the were a few of us rubbing each other some kissing and some of me ramming her on my couch.I masturbate for twenty minutes and go down stairs to eat lunch.

I sleep until Lilly gets home then go and pull out some chicken for dinner.After I got the chicken ready I went up stairs to shower,but found the bathroom door slightly open and heard the shower already going.I smile and slowly creep towards the door and silently push it open,Lilly is in the shower that I can see,so I silently close the bathroom door and turn off the lights.Lilly yells"Nathan turn the lights back on",I creep to the middle of the bathroom and wait for her to come out.I hear the door to the shower open and see a shadow obscure the crack of light coming under the door.I quietly creep up to her from behind and as she turns on the light I get her in a head lock.Lily squeals and tries to get away but I have her in a solid hold and have no intention of letting go.Lilly curses and swears as she tries to break my hold she throws me into the wall she pulls at my arm tries to kick my balls and after ten minutes of solid struggling on her part she taps out.I let go and she falls to the floor gasping I stand over her looking at her rubbing her throat looking angry with herself "you should be proud" Lilly looks up at me "why?" I smirk and say "because you lasted three minutes longer than last time" she grinned until i said "but you still didn't get free so you still have to be punished" Lilly's smile vanishes and she gets on her hands and knees in front of the full lenght mirror we have in the bathroom and sticks her bum up at me.I drop my pants and stroke my cock and feel my 7 and a half inch member start to grow in my hands,I grab some moisturizer off the sink and lube up my dick and squirt some onto my sisters little butt hole.I get down on my knees behind Lilly and slowly insert my right index finger into my sisters small tight butt hole.

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Lilly moaned as I pushed my finger in and out of her ass,lily moans even louder her voice mixed with pain and pleasure as i start ramming my index and middle finger inside her stretching her asshole,Lilly starts to whine as I take my fingers out and put the tip of my dick on her ass hole.I spot Lily's panties on the floor rubbed them all over her wet pussy and shoved them into her mouth as I shoved my cock all into her ass as she screamed which was muffled by the panties.Every minute I slid it in another inch and her moans echoed in the large bathroom.

I looked at her again in the mirror.

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Her eye's were red and puffy as tears where running down her face. I laughed as I started to fuck her slowly and little by little I picked up the pace until I was jack hammering her ass watching her small ass Jiggle and bounce every time our pelvises met.


Her mouth was open and her panties fell out of her mouth but she was screaming and begging for me to stop. So I happily obliged.

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I took my cock out of ass till it just had the head in and then I rammed it back into her sweet ass. She screamed as I did this for a little while then I took my cock completely out to see her ass gaping open.

Then I shoved it back into her ass and pulled her hair back so she was looking into the mirror "See this sis!!!.See yourself getting fucked in the ass this is your punishment for failing!". Lily moaned and I felt her back arch as she orgasm'd all down her leg,I continued to pound lily and soon I shot rope after sticky white rope inside her tight ass.I slowly pull out of Lilly and when I'm out she collapse's onto the floor passed out.