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Squirtastic mrs  claus
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Fancy Dress Party (Taxi Ride) My drunkenness was now making me very sleepy as the taxi sped along the motorway. "Lynn! Lynn!" Clare shouted as she shook my arm, "I'm getting out now, will you be ok?" "Yes, yes…sure," I mumbled as my eyes blinked with the sudden light. "I've got her address.

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She'll be fine." I heard the elderly Asian taxi-driver tell my friend. I looked forward and spotted his dark brown eyes staring back from the rear-view mirror as he adjusted it. Not realising what he was doing I smiled back at him. "You look like you've had a good night" the man grinned through his tobacco stained teeth. "Yes…yes I have." I slurred as I remembered the shafting that I'd just had from Alex.

The taxi sped around a corner making me slide along the back seat. "Whoo Hoo!" I giggled as I spread my arms and legs to steady myself. I looked up to see his twinkling eyes in the mirror again. "Are you okay?" he asked as I drifted into a light sleep. Hardly able to speak I just smiled and raised my thumb. "I sometimes drive kiss-o-gram girls and strippers around.

Have you ever done that?" He asked as he looked in the mirror. Flattered, I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

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"You should think about it," the driver continued as I struggled to keep my eyes open, "a pretty girl like you could make a lot of money…if she dressed like you." "Whoo Hoo!" I giggled again as he turned another corner making me slide along the warm leather upholstery. After about 20 minutes I desperately tried to shake my head to try and stay awake as I was nearing my home town. A sudden wave of panic overtook me as I spotted the meter as it reached £25.

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I frantically searched through my purse. All I could find was a £10 note and £7 in coins and I still had a couple of miles to go!

"Stop, stop!" I pleaded, "I haven't got enough money. I'll have to get out here …I'm sorry. Stop the car!" "What?" He looked over his shoulder, his grey flecked beard shining in the street lights, "How much have you got?" "£17 I'm sorry" I slurred.

He shook his head and cursed as he slowed the car down and pulled into a bus-stop. Now grinning he looked over his shoulder again.

"You white women are all the bloody same," he shook his head, "don't you realise that I have a family to feed? That's alright now and again, but I need money as well." I was finding it difficult to focus but only realised what he was talking about when he nodded his head in the direction of my legs.

When I had been asleep and sliding along the back seat my skirt had ridden up my thighs and he had a clear view of not only my stocking tops but my hairy pussy which was oozing Alex's cum onto his leather upholstery. That was why he had adjusted his mirror he had been staring at my spunk filled hole. "Give me your money and we'll sort the rest of the price out behind that factory." The driver muttered as he pulled away. Stunned I tried to pull my skirt over the stocking tops but he sped around two consecutive bends making me kick my left leg in the air which made him laugh out loud as he glanced at my gaping hole in his mirror.

A minute later he had stopped the taxi in a factory car-park. "Come on then, hurry up. Get in the front seat." He gruffly commanded. I meekly did as I was told, my heart beating as fast as a drum as I opened the passenger door. "Get in and close the bloody door," he wheezed. I slid into the seat and turned to face him.

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He was in his sixties and had uneven yellow teeth poking through a grey flecked beard. "Give me the money," he coldly told me as he held a hand the size of a shovel in front of my face.

I fumbled in my purse and handed him the money. "Right, now suck me off." He laughed as he slipped the cash into a leather pouch and pulled out his semi-erect penis with the other hand. My eyes lit up and my jaw dropped when I saw the size of it it was massive! The driver cackled at my expression, "Ha, ha I thought that you would like it. All of you dirty English women do.

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Come on wrap your lips around it!" Still feeling over-sexed I couldn't resist. I nearly gagged at the overpowering smell of sweat and stale tobacco as I bent forward but the urge to suck this old mans' dick drove me on. It looked and tasted disgusting as I licked the fat tip and floppy foreskin, but that just seemed to turn me on more. "That's good," he sighed as my tongue curled around the antique leather shaft making it get stiffer, "suck it harder…aaghh, yes." I stroked the length with my gloved fingers as I devoured his hot knob with my hot mouth, making myself squirm in the passenger seat.

"You married women are all the bloody same when you see a Paki cock," he grunted as he forced a dirty hand inside my bra and roughly pulled my tit out of its cup. "You are all dirty bloody cocksuckers," he continued as he stroked my false hair and tweaked my rock hard nipple between his fingers. The dirtier he spoke the more I twisted in my seat and the more I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth.

"Now show me your dirty cunt," he grunted as he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of my breast and shook it like a jelly, " lift your leg up…hurry up, you fucking whore…I'm going to ram my hand all the way up into your fucking belly," he moaned as I suckled his bulbous bell-end.

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I struggled to keep his huge hard cock in my mouth as I swivelled in my seat until I could rest my knee on the dashboard, totally exposing my recently fucked pussy to him. "You dirty little cocksucker!

Look at your cunt…it's still full of spunk!" The taxi-driver cackled as he pushed a fat finger, the size of my husbands' cock, deep inside my body making me sigh.

"Oh my God!" I groaned through a mouthful of sweaty brown cock, as his finger twisted and turned inside my soaking wet pussy. "You English women like that? Don't you?" He asked in-between heavy gasps, "You love being fucked at both ends…don't you?" I was now nearly bent double as I twisted to accommodate a second finger in my hot pussy as I tried my best to get his cock down my throat.

My head was bobbing like a sewing-machine as I desperately tried to make him cum. "Your husband hasn't got a cock like this, has he?" He grunted as I tugged at his hairy balls, "even if he had, dirty bitches like you would still go out for other cocks to suck, wouldn't you? You can't stop yourselves." He kept pushing and twisting his fingers deeper and deeper inside my cunt, making me squirm and moan.

His dirty talk was making my pussy nearly boil over as I drunkenly imagined sucking strangers' cocks.

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His fat fingers were now fucking me harder and better than my husband had ever managed as my hips began moving in time with my sucking. Then he suddenly began ramming both fingers in and out of my sopping hole. "Open wide!" He grunted as he pulled my head back making his cock spring out of my willing mouth.

His thumb was now viciously rubbing against my throbbing clit as his massive fingers continued fucking my pussy; driving me absolutely wild. "Faster, faster," he cried out as my velvet covered hand pounded his huge gnarly cock, "that's the way…make me cum all over your fucking white face…faster!" My mouth hung open in anticipation of a mouthful of the old mans' cum as my fingers gripped his cock like a vice. "Ugh, ugh," he sighed as the first jet of hot white spunk splashed across my face.

I tried to move my head so I could catch some in my mouth. "You dirty cunt!" he sighed as I stuck my tongue out in the vain hope of catching some as it cascaded onto my cheek and up my nose.


"AAAAGGGGHHH I'm cumming!" I screamed as his pungent spunk went into my mouth at the same time as his thumb and fingers finally brought me off. "Ugh ugh ooh aaaggghh ugh ooh," I moaned and sighed as my orgasm slowly spread from my toes up my body making me shake and shiver.

He let go of my head and I instantly began sucking the last dregs of salty spunk out of his black bell-end as my young body tingled with a second then third smaller orgasm. As he pulled his fingers out of my stretched cunt he smeared Alex's spunk across my pubes and thighs making the curly hairs matt together. "I bet that you've got a slob of husband waiting at home while you are out sucking and fucking other men like a whore. Haven't you?" He sneered as I licked the last pearls of spunk off the tip of his deflating cock.

"Have you?" He asked again as he rubbed and slapped his wet cock across my sticky face, "Have you got a husband?" I smiled and nodded making him laugh.


"What will he think of you when you arrive home smelling of sex?" he sneered again as I tried to lick his cock again. I didn't answer. "That's enough for tonight," he grunted as he pushed me away, "I have work to do." I slowly closed my legs and moved back into my seat.

When I got comfortable I began adjusting my skirt, but he stopped me.

"No stop that! You can sit like that until I let you out." We drove the last couple of miles with my skirt around my waist and one of my large breasts dangling from my bra! He deliberately slowed down as we drove past a late night burger bar because there were some young guys hanging around. "Here," he smiled as he placed a card inside my bra after I popped my tit back into the cup then adjusted my skirt, "call me if you want to earn some money as a kiss-o-gram!" Lynne