Se emocionan al ver a mi verga 3gp

Se emocionan al ver a mi verga  3gp
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Hello I am 23 years old. I live with my mom (46 years old) and litle brother (20 years old). My father died when I was still young. It all started when I was 17 years old, my mom had worked the whole day and was quite tired so she asked me if I could massage her back a little, so I did becouse I wanted to help out. She was so pleased and happy, it was quite late so she asked me if I wanted to sleep next to her. I said sure, I took a shower and went sleeping next to her, the next morning when I wake up she was still sleeping so I shaked her shoulder a little with the idea to wake her up.

When she woke up she tried to hugged me, for the first time in my life I got a hugg from my mom and I felt her full body touching me. She putted her leggs between mine and i felt her pussy with my knees, this was the first time in my life i had ever touched a pussy, it felt so good and exciting that it gave me a hard one, I quickly told her that I wanted to shower so she would not feel my erection.

When I was showering I stroke my penis so hard, I had never had such a nice orgasm. Since that day I started to fantasize about my mom all day long everyday until it was unbarible, then a couple of weeks later I got an oppertunity, we were watching a movie together with my litle brother and mom. Becouse my litle brother had to go to school early he went to sleep early so I was left alone with my mom on her bed wating the movie, she was quite tired becouse she works all day long and fell asleep at 12 o'clock in the night.

I turned the TV off and tried to sleep next to her, but her presence next to me was making me so horny that my penis became hard and I was touching myself while looking at her, then I slowly started to touch her leggs, she had a blue tight leggings on till her knees.

I decided to move to her pussy with my hands so I slowly went to her pussy and when I got there I felt that her leggings had a hole right where the pussy is, so I was touching her pussy DIRECTLY!!


when I found out I almost came inside of my pants. I was touching her pussy verry gently and she was not reacting on it at all, the only thing that happend was her pussy was getting wetter and wetter so i stook my finger inside of her, that felt soo good!

I was inside of my mom with my finger and her inside was like heaven. I realy wanted to fuck her but instead I stopped, I was scared that she might wake up and KILL me haha xD So I ran to the toillet and started to jerk off while i still had her wett pussy juice all over my hands, it felt so good that I came in 8 seconds.

That was the first time I had sexual contact with my mom. The second time was when I was 18 years old I was still dreaming of my mom every single day, how bad I wanted to fuck her. One night i came late from work and my mom was still awake so I went to her to talk about how my day was, we were talking and talking and both fell asleep, 4 o'clock in the morning i woke up I had thirst so I went to get a drink.

When I came back I saw her lying there on the bed with that mature body, I couldn't take it anymore. I went straight for it, I laid down next to her (with my pants a little down so that my penis came out of it) and i pulled her night dress up a little, she was not moving at all. So I started to take her panties down verry slowly until it came right under her ass, and still no REACTION!!

so i opend her ass and leggs a little bit and putted my penis top a litle inside of her pussy.

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It felt soo good that I wanted to scream it out of happyness. I slowly held her waist and tried to move more inside of her pussy at one moment my penis was totaly inside of her and I started to lose my mind and wanted to fuck her all over the place, I was going in and out verry slowly and gently so she wouldn't wake up.

I rubbed her pussy so it became wetter then I stroke her to hard and her eyes opened, as soon as I saw her eyes opening I rushed out of her pussy putted my penis in my pants.

She was shocked of the feeling and she had an idea that I was fucking her becouse she opened the blankets to see if I was nakked and she asked me what are you doing??

I told her I don't know I am sleeping my hand was stuck between your leggs. while I was pretending to be half asleep. And she answered quite confused: "your hand was in my ass???" i replied with I don't know.

And she left the subject since i began to make snoring sounds. The next morning when we woke up I did as nothing happned so it would'nt seem suspicious what happened last night.

But later that day when everyone wanted to sleep she called me over in her room and asked me again what happend last night. I was realy scared and kept on with my lie that I don't know what she is talking about. Then she told me straight in my face that she felt me fucking her in her pussy and asked me why I wanted to fuck her.

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I was in shock I didn't know what to say. so I told her the truth about how I think of her body the hole day long, about how bad I wanted to fuck her everyday that passes by makes me even want to fuck her more. I was shocked that she didn't even slapp me and even told me in a whispering voice: you look exactly like your father, you know what come sleep with me tonight.

tomorrow I won't go to work and your brother is in school, I will call you sick at school and you will stay home with me.

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I knew exactly what she wanted to do. That made me soo happy that i asked her if I could sleep with her the whole night and she aggreed. The entire night I was lying on topp of her kissing, touching, fingering, I made her cum only 1 time since I had no expirience in sex.

In the morning when we heard my brother leaving the house i knew that this is the moment I was dreaming of for months. And my dick became hard as steel, I opend her leggs, shoved my penis inside and fucked her for 30 minutes hard long. I did every nasty position that i ever saw in porn movies.


She didn't say even 1 word while I was fucking her, I was staring at her face and was on the edge of cumming, so I took out my penis and climbed on her belly, putted my penis between her big hanging boobs and fucked between her boobs and I told her to open her mouth and putted my penis top in her mouth and came soo hard!

that even she was shaking. We showered together, and she cooked a meal for me. When we were eating I asked her If I could move all my stuff in her room and stay with her permanently as her lover. She told me Noo that is not possible, but you can stay my lover and sleep with me every night and fuck me as much as you please.

that thought made me soo horny that i practicly dragged her to her room. And I took her clothes off and fucked her 5 times that day until my brother came home and even in the night when my brother was sleeping I fucked her 2 times.

Since that day I am sleeping with my mom every night and I am exploring her entire pussy, I fuck her 2 or 3 times a day and she is totaly addicted to my penis. Sometimes I even fuck her during breaks at work, she comes to my work to bring my food and I fuck her in the toillets. THIS WAS PART 1 If you like this I will make my Part 2!

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