Hunk is stuffing his giant schlong deeply into babes soaked face hole

Hunk is stuffing his giant schlong deeply into babes soaked face hole
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I haven't been living here long, about three months. I finally saved enough money to get a place so I could move out of Mom and Dad's.


You've seen me around before. You come in to the restaurant a lot, and order beer and wings. You've always noticed my youthful face, and my curvy shape. You have a tendency to stare at my chest each time I leaned down to set your beer on the table.

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You had wanted to feel my cunt for a while now, except you haven't seen me at the restaurant recently. You didn't know why, but I've been busy with college and the moving. I decide to have a nap to catch up on some sleep, but I've left the door unlocked by accident. As I'm sleeping, you come into my room and quietly tie my hands and feet together so I won't be able to move when you finally wake me up. You pull my skirt down and take a look at my cunt through my panties, the one that will soon be all yours.

I begin to show signs of waking up so you quickly pull your dick out of your pants to ensure that I wake up with a mouthful of cock. When you shove your cock in my mouth, I wake up and start trying to scream but the screams are muffled by your dick.

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You pull my head back with my hair and tell me that I'll be sorry if I bite. You can tell that I'm not about to bite, but also that I'm not going to put any effort into sucking on your cock, so you just force your cock in and out of my mouth while feeling it slam against the back of my throat. You begin to get bored of facefucking me so you slap me and tell me that you'll put your dick in my cunt if I don't start putting effort into it.

I start sucking hard on your cock while you continue to ram my mouth, but you decide it'll be fun to accuse me of trying to bite, despite me not doing anything of the sort.


You slap me across the face and call me a dumb whore and flip me onto my side and begin to mount me as I beg you to stop. You can tell my cunt's wet because you can see the stain through my panties. "You're doing a lot of begging, but it looks like you want something in that fuck hole of yours." I beg you not to put your dick in me, almost crying, and you pull my head up to yours by my hair and tell me to stop crying and that you're not going to put your dick in me.

yet. You proceed to rip off my panties and flip me onto my back so you can work to rip off my shirt as well. You can see my hard nipples through the tshirt, and you make sure to squeeze them a few times before getting rid of the tshirt. You feel me squirm each time you pinch them, knowing that my cunt's throbbing each time you do. You begin to move your hands down towards my clit as I beg you to stop.

You slap me in the face and tell me that if I say another word, I'll be sorry.

I shut up. But start crying. You slowly force three fingers into my cunt, not giving me the privilege of feeling one or two first. I let out a sharp yelp, and that's when you decide to slip a nipple into your mouth.

You hear me start to moan, uncontrollably. Except this isn't about my pleasure, it's about yours, so you bite down on the nipple in your mouth, and laugh. I let out a little scream, and you can't help it anymore. You start finger fucking my cunt hard and fast, and you can feel it squeeze your fingers each time you go in and out.

I'm begging you to stop, and you do. Instead, you grab a vibrator, one you spotted on the night table when you first walked into my room, and press it against my clit.

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You turn it on to the highest setting as I continue to cry. I don't dare try to say a word, but you can feel me begin to cum. You stick your fingers in my cunt to feel just how dripping it is, and you laugh.

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"Slut. You fucking want it, see?" You slip your cock into my cunt and start fucking me hard. I beg you to stop, "You said you weren't going to go inside of me." You respond, "Well, I wasn't, but then you got off, and that's just not fair." You can sense that it's all too much for me, my clit, and my cunt so you laugh.

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You decide to fuck me hard, fast and deep. I'm begging you to stop, so you wrap your hands around my neck as I continue to cry and start to choke. Just as I cum again, you feel my cunt squeezing against your cock, and I realize that my body has become yours.

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And you cum inside of me. I start crying, curling up into the bed, hoping you leave me alone, but instead, you stand up beside the bed, pull my head up from the pillow and say, "Clean it".

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I slip your cock into my mouth, knowing I have totally succumbed to your every desire. I suck it clean, and you push my head back onto the bed, and tell me to shut the fuck up with the crying. You walk out of the bedroom, and I'm hoping that you're leaving, except you go into the kitchen, get a glass of water, and bring it back into the bedroom.

At this point, my hands and feet are still tied together, so i think you're coming to untie them, but instead, you say "I'm going to stay here, just so I don't have to make the trip in the morning" and I start to cry, knowing that it will all happen again tomorrow.

I slowly fall asleep, with your cum still inside me, and you laugh.