BBC stallion fucks pale teen shemale

BBC stallion fucks pale teen shemale
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Susan has been raising her daughter, Olive, the way she lived her life. Sleep with me to get what you want. Never feel ashamed for using that to get ahead in life. Susan has never been married. She got pregnant with her daughter at the age of 16 by her neighbor. She quit school after giving birth to her daughter. Never went to college. But she does have a good paying job. She slept her way up to the top.

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She fucked her boss daily. She also does pretty good work in a board meeting. She has slept many of her clients. Her boss knows that she does this. He told her. She also tries to do video so he can watch after everything is over.

But this story isn't about that. It is how she is raising her 16 year old daughter to be a slut. And where I come into play is what I am going to do about this. I find people who do dark deeds and punish them in dark ways.

I know it makes me no better than who I am punishing but it does make me feel better. And when you have all the dark powers in the world what else to do with them. So the Susan and Olive "won" a random week long trip to go into some mountains and learn to ski from a personal trainer.

But there was no ski log or personal ski trainer in these mountain just my house. They were going to learn other things but skiing was not one of them. So they traveled all the way up here. I let settle in a for a day. There was a letter when they got there that said enjoy the first day getting used to the area and tomorrow we will start your personal training.

So they just mostly staying inside since it was so cold outside. They had quite blast the first day.


My plan was to strike them when they went to bed. I bet you want a bit more on me. I am just a dark lord.

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Some call me a demon. Others call me the devil himself. As what I call myself I am not sure. I do not know if I am a demon or not. I have meet no one else like me. But I decided to take this challenge on when I saw a girl picking on this younger boy. She teases him so much that many time he would cum in his pants. She would laugh an leave. I saw none of this. But when I meet a person I look into there past for terrible things. So this girl, who was twice the boys age, was running late to work when she ran into a group of bikers who one of them was the boy's father.

So they had their fun with her. I do not kill anyone. I just make them regret the decision that I am punishing them for. It was so much fun watching her cum so much. I also never get involved so nothing could ever come back to me. I let the boy remember it. I made the gang forget about it. The girl I made it a bad dream for her. She is so much nicer to the boy. And they fuck a lot. Sometimes against her will.


But the boy has something coming to him soon. He is on my list. So they went to sleep that night. I sneak in and use the dark power to strip the girls. I tie the Olive up except for a hand. She has such a nice cunt and great body for being only 16. Her tit were kind of small. I wish I fucked my victims. If I broke it, it would be for this cunt.

I made the mom get up and move into another room. They both were still asleep. I had not allowed them to wake up yet. I had the girl masturbate in front of me. She has some hair on her pussy. She had bright red hair.


Watching her moan in her sleep was very cute and sexy. She just played with her clit. She rubbed it so hard. And I just kept making her rub it fast til she came.

Her orgasm was music to my ears. She was nice and loud. Can not wait til the next part of my plan. I had not planned this. But I had to see her body squirm while she unknowing masturbated for me. So I retied her up, left her alone, and went into the other room to find her mom. I shut the door and woke her up. She has a nice body also. Her tit were pretty huge and her cunt look all used. She was scared but I had not given her the power to speak.

"I bet you are wondering what is going on? Well I am here to punish you for teaching your daughter to grow up just like you. Yes I know you slept your way to the top of your job.

Your teaching your daughter how to do the same thing. If I had intervened when I did, your daughter would fucked school teachers and next door neighbors. Then let you know so you could be all proud of her. She was going to fuck a neighbor for pool use. Pool use. What type of mother teaches her kid to sleep with men as old as her mom to use their pool so the mother will be proud. That is just wrong. So you are either going to show your daughter to not be a slut or I will do it.

And you do not want me to do it. Neither of you will like that. I know that is how you got everything in life but you should be teaching your daughter better. What is your choice?" I told her. She just sat there. She was speak-less. Partially because I have not allowed her to speak. I gave her the power to speak. First thing she did was scream and yell at me. "Who the fuck are you? What are you going to do to her? What do you want me to do to her and how do you know all this info?" She yelled at me.

"Well calm down or lose your right to speak again. Now make your choice or I will." I calmly told her. "I am not making choice. You are going to let us go. I know plenty of people. And they all know I am up here. So you can not do anything to use or you will regret it." "Well you have forfeit the right to speak. And now you are going to make your daughter orgasm many times with your mouth and fingers.

And you will make it painful so she will learn to not be a slut. That is what you are going to do and I am going to watch and enjoy her screaming in pain and pleasure." I told her as I waved my hand. Her voice when silence and she got up all confused. She walked towards the door. She opened it and saw her naked sleeping daughter. She wanted to stop. But she kept getting closer and closer. I stopped her when her face was inches from her daughter.

"I am going to allow her to moan and scream so we both can hear it. I am going to enjoy this. Smell that scent. Smell the virgin.

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Soon this will be saliva and cum covered. And she will enjoy most of it. It will be a dream and a nightmare to her. She smell so good." I whispered into the Susan's ear. I backed up and she went down on Olive. I then had Olive wake up so she could see her mom's mouth on her clit. The first thing out of her mouth after she woke up was a moan. Then wondering why she was tied up and her mom eating out her cunt.

The mom just ate that pussy so hard. She would alternate sucking the clit and sticking her tongue in her cunt hole to taste all the juices.

Olive orgasmed all over her mom's face. She orgasmed hard and long. Her mom just kept eating. Before Olive was even done with one orgasm she started another. Her mom was going to town on her and Olive could not handle it.

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"Now it is time for the pain you are going to cause your daughter. You are going to shove three fingers into her count and do not care about her well being. You will break her hymen and you will just keep shoving them in.

Then you will add a fourth and eventually you will be fisting this tiny cunt. Her tiny cunt will be so full due to your fist.

It will hurt her so much. But you will just keep going and going til I tell you to stop. And by the way. You are going to use your other hand rub your clit. You will masturbate while ruining your daughter pussy. You will enjoy this a lot." I whispered into her ear while she brought her daughter to another orgasm.

Olive was on her fourth orgasm. She was just coming down from it when her mom shoved three fingers into her. She scream loudly. The mom just kept going. Susan ripped through Olive hymen with her fingers and just kept sucking her clit.

Susan's other hand was busy rubbing her own clit. She was getting off on causing her daughter pain. Four fingers were added to both pussies. Soon Susan was fisting herself and her daughter. Olive was screaming bloody murder. Her mother was furiously pounding her insides with her fist. It was going faster and faster.

I just watched the girl face go from orgasmic pleasure to pain in seconds. I enjoyed it a lot. Susan still sucked on the clit while her fists pounded some cunts. Susan's fist inside her daughter was bloody.

I had Susan stop sucking slit to just so she could watch her fist pound into the cunt of her daughter. Neither face was happy about the situation. Susan was about to orgasm while Olive was no where near. I let Susan orgasm before I decided to enact the next part of the plan.

"I am going to give you back control of your head. But it must bring your daughter to an orgasm. I will leave you two alone after both of your orgasm next. I know you are used to being fisted. You neighbor fisted your two days after your daughter was born.

You like the pain and pleasure child birth gave you. So you get fisted all the time. But your daughter has never put anything inside her.

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She was going to give up her virginity even thought she has never masturbated before. So the first thing inside your daughter was your fist. Let that sink in. But remember both of you must cum and you both are good to go." I told her over Olive's screams of pain.

As soon as Susan had control she went back to sucking Olive's clit. She kept stopping to suck to urge Olive to cum for her. To cum for mommy so the nightmare and pain can be over. It was pretty adorable to hear. Susan orgasmed over the thought that she was on purpose trying to bring her daughter to an orgasmed. She was going to feel her daughter's cunt tighten on her hand from the orgasm she was going to bring her.

So I gave her back control of her other hand so she could rub her clit while she kept urging Olive to cum for mommy. I was loving every moment of this. This was the first punishment I have enjoyed this much in a long time. Olive was close to cumming so I made her fist in her more powerful.

Susan was punching her daughter's insides. Olive cummed hard. So hard the blood and cum were coming out of her cunt around her mom's hand. Susan's fist stop and she pulled it out. It was covered in blood and cum. I had her offer her hand to her daughter.

I watch both of them lick her hand clean. I then release control of Susan. She untied her daughter and cuddles up with her. They were crying as I put them back to sleep.

I waved my hand and they both were cleaned. They will also remember this as a dream. But I will not repair the cunt or hymen of Olive. That will be the true reminder of what happened. I put a sign up. It read that they could stay here for the week since the training got injured and the lessons got canceled.