Every time Alyssa Knight and Cherokee meet up they fuck

Every time Alyssa Knight and Cherokee meet up  they fuck
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I first met my future sister-in-law shortly after her sister and I started dating. That first night I went in the house to get Betty (not her real name) to go out for the evening.

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There she was, Rosie(also not her real name)Betty's younger sister. She appeared to be about 19 or 20. She was sitting in an easy chair in their front room, and had her legs curled under her butt. She had a set of summer pjs on which consisted of short pj bottoms. I could almost make out the color of her pussy hair and noticed that her short pants were drawn up into her fat pussy lips.

I now know that she has a came-toe pussy. I stood in front of her and kept looking at her snatch. Her dad was sitting in another chair in one of the corners. He kept insisting that I have a seat while I waited for Betty to come from upstairs. He must have told me to have a seat three or four times before I actually heard what he said. I turned and looked behind me, there was a chair directly across from Rosie.

I went and sat down, now I had a better view of Rosie's pussy. From that night on, I have been lusting for her box. The story I'm about to tell for the first time happened about six years after that first meeting. My wife and I had a son that was one at the time, and Rosie was still single and would babysit for us often.

One Friday night she kept our son at her apartment over night. On Saturday, she brought our son back to our house, but forgot to bring some of his extra outfits back. On Sunday, we decided to go to my in-laws for a visit. While on the way there, my wife suggested that we stop at her sisters and get our sons clothes. When we got to her apartment, my wife asked me to run in, and she would wait in the car with my son.

When I got to her door, I knocked softly a couple of times and received no answer. I tried the knob and it was unlocked. I opened it, and there in the middle of the front room was a mattress and Rosie was lying there buck ass naked. I didn't know what to do. I know I wasn't going to wake her up, this was like a dream come true.

I shut and locked the door, i didn't want my wife coming in and catching me staring at her naked sister.


I had an instant hard-on. I quietly approached the mattress, looking at her honey pot. I could tell that she had tied one on the night before, and was sound asleep.

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I got down on my knees next to the mattress and touched her pussy with my fingers. She stirred a little, but kept on sleeping. Getting bolder by the second, I inserted a finger into her open pussy. I soon felt something awfully wet, I then realized that she had been fucked quite well the night before.

I thought, this probably would be my only chance to eat her snatch.

I wasn't really excited about tasting some lucky guys cum, but I was about to cum in my pants at the thought of eating her out. I was trying to get into a better position to lap her snatch. When my tongue first touched her clit, she let out a soft moan. I flicked her clit a second time, that's when she woke right up and screamed, "what the fuck are you doing"?

I was caught red handed, I didn't know what the fuck to do or say. I wanted to push her back down on her back and continue to eat her well used pussy. I jumped up, said "Rosie I'm sorry", I grabbed my sons clothes and ran from her apartment. When I got back to my car, I was sweating and red as a beet. My wife asked what her sister was doing and i panicked. I told her I think she was asleep. My wife asked me how I got into her apartment if she was asleep. I told her that I knocked and waited a couple of minutes.

When no one answered, I tried the knob and the door was unlocked. All I could think of was, is Rosie going to rat me out to my wife?

That night I decided to call one of Rosie's closest friends. I told her what had happened and asked her if she would talk to Rosie and tell how sorry I was.

I also told her friend that I couldn't help myself, when I saw that pussy lying there open and freshly fucked. She called Rosie and apologized for me and told her that I was just a horny fart. I went and bought her a two pound box of her favorite candy. I forgot to mention that when I got in the car, i could smell cum.

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I thought that it was coming from my fingers or my mustache. When I got to my in-laws I went to the bathroom to piss, that's when I realized that I had shot a large load in my pants.

That's where to smell was coming from. Rosie didn't talk to me for a few weeks. She never did tell my wife about that incident. I was really hooked on that pussy now.


I would go to her house and go into her laundry and check out her used underwear. I have a large collection of her pubic hairs, also I would take a pair of her underpants if it had a pussy or piss smell. Sometimes I'll be at her house when she's in the shower and I wait for her to come out of the bathroom. I pretend that I have to piss really bad, then when I'm in there, I find the underwear that she just took off moments before.

That's my favorite, especially if they are damp in the crotch. Over the last thirty- five years I've rubbed her pussy, watched her masturbate, suck her husband's cock, get the shit fucked out of her and more.


I'll write about some of those things later. I have to go check myself, i feel like I'm secreting pre-cum.

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I'll go to bed, the wife is already asleep, and I'll beat my meat thinking of my sister-in-law.