Britney spring is a lonely hot model

Britney spring is a lonely hot model
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Preface - His Perspective My wife has always joked about making me her slave for a weekend. We had experimented in BDSM by introducing a little pain in the bedroom, but up until this point nothing serious. A couple weeks ago, she started pressing the issue and being more forceful about getting "her weekend". Finally last week while we were in bed and she was giving me a blowjob, I agreed to be her slave for a weekend.

Our lives are always busy and we are constantly running every weekend, but she made arrangements for us to be uninterrupted for "her weekend". I wasn't sure what to expect and then I got a text first thing on Friday morning. "Is my toy ready to serve me?" I laughed and felt I should play along. I replied with "Sure whatever you want…" "Good!

From this point on, you are not allowed to eat anything unless I give it to you." What the fuck? I told her I would be her sex slave not starve myself all weekend. I was hoping it would be some great sex, but now she controls what I eat? I left for work without breakfast and pretty pissed about it. Her Perspective I smiled as I read "Sure whatever you want…" on my cell phone.

He has no idea what he is getting into. I have been pretty damn pissed at him lately. He has been playing games on his computer with his friends and giving me zero attention. My sadistic mind has been working overtime since he agreed to give me my weekend. I have plans to try some of my darkest fantasies and he will be so sore after this weekend that he will have no choice but to think of me for weeks… I am getting wet just thinking about it.

I jump in the car and head to town to pick up the last couple of "tools" I plan to use on my poor toy this weekend. Friday Night His Perspective When I got home, the first thing she told me was her 2 rules. Rule #1 was that I belonged to her this weekend. My body was hers to do with what she wanted. The growl from hunger in my stomach drove this one home.

I can't believe she was depriving me of food. As long as we get to having sex soon, I am sure my stomach will calm down. Rule #2 was that I can only cum when she gives me permission and I HAVE to cum when she demands it. This made got me excited as it sounds like I will be having lots of orgasms this weekend. SWEET! I asked her when I would be able to eat.

She threw a protein shake at me and told me to get naked, which I did gladly. She then told me to come lay on the couch with her. Normally I sit on the couch and she lays on my lap, but she wanted the reverse today. She had me lay across her lap like she would normally be doing on me.

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She then told me we were going to catch up on the True Blood series. I groaned loudly as I HATED watching True Blood. "Can't I just play my computer while you watch it?" I pleaded.

She replied, "No toy!!! You are mine for the weekend and you will lay here as long as I want.

In fact, I will make it a little more fun for you. We are going to play a game." I perked up a bit as this might actually make True Blood tolerable. Then she reached over to the coffee table and pulled a fire starter out of a her shopping bag. Firestarter - I looked at her confused.

Then she said, "Each time a vampire bites a neck, or there is nudity, or blood is shown, I will burn one of your nipples for 3 seconds. If you move, I will burn your dick instead." My mind reeled. What the fuck? What did I get myself into? I looked into her eyes and could tell she was as serious as ever. With that, she turned away and started the first episode.

I couldn't even swallow and my mind was swimming.

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Her Perspective I had been asking him to watch True Blood with me for months. Now I will get my way and have some fun at his expense in the process. Damn he pisses me off! I am supposed to be on a pedestal and be his princess, but he never gives me enough of his time. This weekend I will get ALL of his attention and make him suffer for not giving it to me before. Within 5 minutes, the first bit of nudity was on the screen. He looked into my eyes and I started the lighter with a "click".

The look of fear in his eyes was mesmerizing. I put the flame in contact with his nipple and he almost jumped off my lap. I slapped him in the face and said, "Would you like me to burn your dick instead?" He shook his head no and readied himself for the pain that was sure to come.

The flame surrounding his poor nipple was so awesome to watch. After the 5th time, I was starting to experiment with different ways I could bring the flame in contact with his poor nipples.

-Slowly around the outside barely touching. -From the top straight down just getting the tip. -And his entire nipple surrounded by flame. He is quivering trying to minimize the pain, but he knows that worse will happen if he moves. His mind is in a constant state of confusion. After the first episode, and no less than 10 burns on his nipples, his eyes were tearing up. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him, "Don't you wish you would have watched True Blood with me when I asked?".

With that I squeezed his closest nipple with my fingernails. He howled from his newfound sensitivity and tender skin. "Its early yet and we have 5 more episodes to watch…" The look of fear in his eyes was priceless.

I drank it in and it fueled my desire to hurt him even more. Its a shame he can't permanently be my slave, I could really get used to him doing what I want and making him suffer 24/7. After the second episode, he was really starting to lose it. I couldn't have him get hysterical at this point. We are so early in the weekend. I needed to give him hope while continuing my plan of making his poor nipples extremely sensitive for the rest of my plans this weekend.

"I might let you cum later. Would you like that?" A frantic "yes" was his reply.

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"Then you must take this punishment that you deserve. Your nipples have to suffer because you chose not to watch this with me in the past. You need to calm down and take the pain. I am trying to watch these episodes and if you keep squirming and being loud, your nipples will be the least of your problem tonight." Little did he know I was planning for him to be punished either way.

All I had to do was stretch the 3 seconds and he was crying like a little girl. By the 5th episode, his nipples were completely raw and dark.

Perfect for what I have planned for them this weekend! His Perspective I never stood a chance. She told me that if I would keep quiet and take the pain while she is watching her show, she wouldn't tie me up and punish me any more tonight. But there was just SO MUCH PAIN.


The 3 seconds seemed to be SO LONG when my nipples were so sensitive. I don't want to cry in front of her, but I can only handle so much pain. Ironically, my cock was rock hard. There was something about her dominance, her power, that made her beautiful. It made me desire her. It made me want to please her. To eat her and make her happy. Right now her happiness depended on me taking her pain.

I have to try.

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But by the 4th and 5th episodes, I couldn't help but to move and scream each time she brought the flame to my nipples. I never stood a chance. Her Perspective After the 4th episode I wasn't even watching the show anymore. I was just having fun burning his nipples. 3 seconds turned into 4 seconds and 4 seconds turned into 5. He was a hysterical mess of pain and tears and I was enjoying every second.

Then he finally bucked off my lap begging for me to stop between tears. "Fine, I will stop but you have to be punished.

I didn't get to finish my shows." He replied, "Anything to make you stop burning my nipples…" I couldn't help but to contain my smile at his reference of anything. "Go get me a drink and lets get you on the weight bench." The weight bench has been another issue I have been pissed about for a LONG time.

It takes up half our dining room and entry area and he NEVER uses it. Everytime I propose we get rid of it or move it to the garage, he always says no. Today, he WILL use it and not in the way he intended. His Perspective After getting her drink (which apparently is my job all weekend), she started to put leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. These aren't the cutsie ones you get as gag gifts, these are heavy leather with huge D-clips with a nice sized rope already attached.

Before I knew it, I had a ball gag in my mouth along with a blindfold on and tied to the weight bench. My weight bench is huge with a nice guide frame for doing max lifts. This just gave her lots of anchor points for the ropes.

After it was all said and done with, I was bound laying on my back with my legs pulled up above the bench and spread as far as they could be pulled and my arms bound underneath the bench I was laying on. I started to get a bit scared at this point as my whole body was accessible to her and I had already had a taste of what she is capable of with my poor nipples still burning from her torture earlier.

Then she started with the questions. "You agreed to be my slave this weekend. Didn't you?" She asked. I nodded my head. "Do you remember all those times I asked to get rid of the weight bench?" Again, I nodded my head. "Tonight you will pay for not listening to me and we will put this weight bench to good use." I can almost hear the excitement in her voice. Instantly I felt stabbing pain shoot through my right nipple.

They were already burning and now it felt like she was jabbing multiple needles in a single moment. Little did I know, she was actually using these: Talon Clamp - The pain was unbearable. I could feel the tears coming back to my eyes as I felt the second clamp being put on my left nipple. I wondered if my nipples would ever be the same after this weekend. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more pain, she tugged at the chain between the clamps.

I screamed into the gag and every muscle in my body went rigid. Her Perspective I pulled the chain upwards much to his discomfort. I attached a smaller rope with a section I made with rubber bands to give the elasticity I wanted.

This I attached to the upper section of the weight bench. The end result was just as effective as I thought it would be. The rubber bands created a constant pull on the chain attached to the nipple clamps. His nipples were being pulled up towards the ceiling away from his chest and the clamps were just biting deeper into his already raw nipples.

The sounds coming from him were music to my ears, but yet I hadn't even started with the real pain. A couple months ago, I had a ball crusher made. It is two small boards attached together with a hinge and a screw system to tighten. There is a small drilled out hollow area between the boards for where the balls fit. By tightening the screws, the boards get pulled closer together making the hollow area smaller and smaller. With the screws fully tightened, there is only about ½ inch between the two boards.

On the top of the ball crusher and at the end of the screws were huge wingnuts which could be easily tightened by me. In addition to the wingnuts, there were no less than 50 small holes drilled into the top of the ball crusher.

Some less than ⅛ inch apart. Unfortunately for him, this wasn't as painful as I wanted it to be, so I glued thumbtacks to the inside of the hollow area which will be pressed into the balls from both sides as the crusher is tightened. My Ballcrusher - While he is still squirming from his nipples being pulled upward and the clamped talons digging into his nipple, I put his ballsack inside the hollow area full of tacks.

He didn't seem to react until I clamped the other side of the board full of tacks down onto the top of his ballsack. I didn't think it was possible for him to arch his back more, but he did. In addition, he let out a howl. When I started tightening the crusher and squeezing his balls between the thumbtacks, he just went wild.


He was crying and yelling unintelligible pleas for help into his ball gag. I had been planning this weekend for months, but this was more fun than I could have imagined. I knew it would be fun and stress relieving to take my anger out on him, but this was beyond anything I could ever hope for. He never dedicates time to be, but now here he is in unthinkable pain and forced to whatever I want and I get ALL of his time.

I can't contain the smile on my face.

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His Perspective "SO MUCH PAIN!!! ARRGGGHHHH!" I am begging for her to stop and let me up. I would do anything to just stop the pain&hellip.OWWWWW If she could hear me.would she stop??.perhaps maybe she is ignoring me. Sooo much pain&hellip.hard to think mind is whirling&hellip.I can feel my balls being smashed and so many sharp pieces piercing them. So much pain&hellip.God help me please&hellip. I felt her grab my cock and stroke it.

I tried.tried so hard to focus on her touch on my provided some nice relief to the constant pain in my nipples and was like an island.and island of pleasure.and island of refuge from the pain.Focus.Focus on her hand stroking my cock&hellip.relief came with that focus.a thought flashed across my mind floating above the pain…"I will get through this…" The relief was brief. She stopped stroking my cock with her hand still wrapped around my member.

The relief was fading.FOCUS.FOCUS&hellip. Then while struggling to focus on her hand around my cock, a searing pain seeming to come directly in the center of my cock. I have never felt anything like this.the pain was indescribable.I couldn't tell what she was doing.I couldn't tell anything.why would she do this?. so much pain.again and again the pain in my cock.what was she doing&hellip.why.OWWWW&hellip.GODDDD&hellip.

Her Perspective "Don't you love being my slave?" I asked him while I shoved the drill bit in and out of his pisshole. I was fairly confident it would fit and with me stroking him a bit to attention, I was able to shove it in without much work. I could tell the sharp edges were doing wonders on his piss tube because it was starting to bleed a bit.

I wonder how much pain he can take? That is a question for me to find out. As I continue to roughly work the drill bit in and out of his hole, it was almost like playing a musical instrument. After about 10 minutes, I could pretty much make him scream or moan at my whim just by moving the drill bit just right. I finally asked him, "Are you ready to come for me?" He adamantly shook his head. I teased with, "Is your poor little cock even going to work after this?" He again adamantly shook his head.

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"Do you remember the second rule?", I asked. You could tell he was confused. I spurred his memory by getting a slightly bigger drill bit and shoving it down his cock. He squealed like a pig. I continued with "Rule number 2 states you can't cum without permission and you HAVE to cum when told to." "I want you to cum for me in the next 15 minutes else you will be punished even more.

Luckily for you, I will even help you." I then squeezed my hand around his cock and began jacking him off. Due to the bigger drill bit still in his pisshole, my squeezing just made the sharp edges cut into his shaft. He immediately started crying and mumbling something that sounded like "OWWWW! Please oop!" "I am doing you a favor and jacking you off. You should cum, you only have 14 mins left. " I squeezed harder and continued pumping ensuring there was no way he would be able to cum.

After about 5 minutes, my arm was getting tired and so I took a break and tightened the ball crusher even tighter. I then asked him the question, "Do you want me to help you cum so you don't get punished?" He slowly nodded yes. He must be suspecting a trap now that he see's I enjoy watching him suffer.

I quickly uncuffed his right hand. I also withdrew the drill bit from his pisshole. I told him, "Go ahead and jack off. You only have 10 minutes left. Luckily for you, I agreed to help you." With that, I went down between his legs and picked up my new toy.

It was a special curling iron I picked up last week just for use on him. Curling Iron - I had removed the guard and now its a perfect tool for burning his asshole. I cranked up the temperature setting and covered it in bengay for lube, and I jammed it as far as I could. The first shove didn't get it as far as I thought it should so I pulled it out and drive it home. He wasn't fighting as much now, probably due to him getting closer to an orgasm.

I tightened the ball crusher to its maximum and that got a howl out of him. At the 7 minute mark, I told him. "I told you to cum. You don't want to make me upset with you. You still have the rest of the weekend as my slave." With that, I turned on the curling iron.

It was shoved very far up his ass, and he was frantically working his bloody cock trying to achieve an orgasm. I picked up my firestarter and started burning his nipples again just as his asshole started burning. Sounds that were inhuman started coming from him as he frantically tried to cum. "Cum for me slave.

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Embrace the pain and cum for me." I alternated between his nipples keeping constant contact with the flame.

The way his nipples were pulled up towards the ceiling made it very easy to burn them. His asshole was starting to sizzle. "Don't you love being my slave?" I teased. "If you want me to stop burning you, you better cum." Unfortunately for him, he didn't come until the 1 minute mark. His Perspective When the orgasm hit, my world exploded. A rush of pleasure joined the flow of pain rushing throughout my body.

My body trembled and jerked with me having no control at all. I can't imagine what I looked like while screaming, contorting my body, and spurting my juices all over myself while my wife watched.

The orgasm seemed to last forever. By the time I regained my senses, she had pulled out whatever it was in my ass, removed the thing squeezing my balls, and untied all my arms and legs.

My main source of pain was still my nipples. After she removed the ballgag and blindfold, I asked her. "Can we take these off please?" referring to the clamps on my nipples.

She replied with, "That got me all worked up. After you bring me to orgasm with that wonderful tongue of yours, then we will take them off. Now go get me a drink and meet me on the bed." I knew she had drank a lot tonight because I was the one bringing them. Unfortunately that meant it might take her awhile to cum. I just wanted some relief for my nipples. I proceeded to start licking her, anxious to be done. After about 10 minutes and with my nipples screaming for relief, I could tell she was having problems achieving orgasm.

She pulled up her legs to her chest and said, "Slave, I want your tongue all over my asshole too. Now make me cum before I have to punish you again. " I was reluctant at first, but I went to work licking her asshole as well. Eventually, even putting my tongue as far as I could up her dirty hole. This eventually pushed her over the edge and she came very hard while I was fingering her and using my tongue all over her asshole and clit.

She laid back and sighed, "Damn I love having a slave. Perhaps we should make this permanent." I just stared at her. She said, "Tomorrow I expect to be awoken the same way. Disappointment will only lead to punishment and there is a whole weekend left." I could only groan and agree that there was a lot of weekend left.