What is your name Blonde ass

What is your name  Blonde ass
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First off, i did not write this story, but i found it on the internet a while back and figured i'd send it here I found this story to be entertaining, and if you are into bestiality it is VERY erotic Enjoy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Rome, Wisconsin, a rather quaint little town that normally wouldn't draw anybody's attention.

Unfortunately for the residents of this small community, it seemed to be a magnet for unusual happenings. The small town has been a host to a number of unusual characters. A town coroner that keeps hoping to come across unexplainable deaths in the hopes of getting his findings published in a journal. A priest that is found to be a crossdresser. The main defense lawyer is an old Jewish man by the name of Douglas Wambaugh. And we mustn't discount a rambunctious judge, Judge Henry Bone, an old man who, in his own way, brings about justice for the citizens of this quiet hamlet.

The man responsible for law enforcement to the town is Sheriff Jimmy Brock. A married man of fifty with three children of his own and married to the town doctor. His wife, Doctor Jill Brock, is the doctor that a vast majority of the town goes to see for them medical needs.

Their oldest child, Kimberly Brock, is eighteenteen-year-old who has already done some experimentation of her own about sex. Once, when a girlfriend stayed overnight, they had a lesbian fling to see what it was like to do it with another girl.

Unfortunately for Kimberly, her two stepbrothers had planted a bug in her room. They managed to hear everything that went on that night. That led to weeks to teasing on their part. Though she isn't a professed lesbian, she didn't find the experience all that unpleasant.

Two of Sheriff Brock's most trusted deputies, Maxine Stewart and Kenny Lacos, have also had their share of strange stories.

Kenny has had many relationships, each stranger than the previous. His latest fling was when he was dating a pair of identical eighteen-year-old twins at the same time. For weeks, people complained of his philandering down the streets with both girls in his arms. As for Deputy Maxine Stewart, Max to everyone, she has had a number of unsuccessful relations over the years, including having her therapist having a crush on her, or her dating the new black District Attorney.

But her strangest relationship still has to be when she dated Peter Dreeb, and this is the story I will recount for you today. These are but a few samples of the characters of Rome, Wisconsin.

Kenny and Max pulled over an elephant one day. A circus midget, by the name of Peter Dreeb had stolen the elephant, Big John, from the circus. Mayor Bill Pugen stood up for elephant rights. The 40-year-old midget is arrested for stealing the humongous animal. He was convinced that the elephant was being abused by the circus he worked for. Judge Bone called for an evidentiary hearing. Later, the elephant falls over and Dr. Jill Brock, the wife's Sheriff says that the large animal was constipation.

She proceeded to give Big John an enema and everything is all right. Through all of this, the mayor is there campaigning and has his picture taken with Jill. After the trial, Peter asks Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart, everybody called her Max, if she would go out to dinner with him on a date. At first, the five-foot, five inch woman wasn't considering the invitation from the three-foot tall man seriously.

That's why the 27-year-old Deputy surprised herself when she agreed to go out with the diminutive older man. When she agreed to go out with him, Peter pulled up a chair and kissed her. At only three feet in height, he was so much shorter than she was, his face came up level with her crotch. The midget took the ravishing young Deputy to dinner in the fanciest restaurant he could find in the small community.

For this date, Max dressed really nicely with a short dress with a low cleavage to show off her tits. She didn't treat Peter like a charity date, which the midget appreciated, but rather as any other date she might have had. After their date, Max invited Peter to her apartment and things really got strange for her.

Before she knew it, Peter had his face under her short dress and was munching on her thong panties. Once again, the redheaded Deputy was surprised by her behavior. She didn't try to stop him, in fact, she crushed his face harder in her groin.

As Peter was tugging at her panties, Max was pulling open her silk blouse, popping buttons in her haste. Holding on to the midget's head, she pulled him along with her towards her bedroom and fell across her bed, spreading her legs apart.

Peter eagerly jumped on the bed as he ripped at his own clothing. "Oh f*** Peter, I don't know what I'm doing here," Max gasped. "I. I don't usually do this on a first date." "Relax, Max," the midget told her as he unbuckled his belt and loosened his pants. "You won't regret this, I swear." Max was getting so horny from Peter's earlier cunnilingus that she tried helping him take his pants off.

"Oh, my, God!" She exclaimed as she finally freed his rock-hard cock. Peter Dreeb, despite his diminutive stature was sporting an impressive foot long hard-on. The sight of that cock was ridiculous on such a small body, but Max only smiled as she stared hungrily at it.

"Told you, you wouldn't regret it," Peter told her with a wide grin. "I always laugh at myself when women reject me whenever I ask them out, because I know what they're missing out on. I'm glad you weren't that kind of girl." Peter dove on top of her prone body and glided up until his cockhead nestled in her fiery red bush.

This is the part he loved most, whenever he got to f*** a 'normal' woman, his face would be buried between their breasts as he f***** them. This was one of things he liked best about being a midget. "Jesus, Peter," Max moaned. "What are you waiting for, bury that fucker in me!" Mustering all of his strength, putting the full weight of is body behind it, the circus midget plunged half his cock into her clenching pussy on his first attempt, quickly pulling back and shoving it back in with more determination.

"Ungh!" Max grunted as she felt the wide shaft trying to fit inside her tight pussyhole. "Do it. ungh! Fill me with. ungh! Fill me with your fucking pole, Peter. I want. I want to feel you all the way inside." "Only too happy to oblige, ungh!" Peter grunted as he lifted himself up and let his whole weight drive the full length of his cock into her. "Ooooh! f***, Peter," Max groaned.

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"I've. I've never been filled like this. before." "Hang on, Max," he told her, mumbling from within her cleavage. "The best is yet to come." With years of practice, Peter began humping his long pecker in and out of her.

Max would have thought that his small size would have hampered such acrobatics, but the circus man knew exactly how to f*** with his cock. Now that he had his rhythm well established, he buried his face in her cleavage and began suckling first one nipple, then moved on to the other.

"Oh, God!" Max moaned. "Damn, Peter, you're good. It's been soooo long since I had a decent lover." "You mean a decent fucker, don't you?" He said with a laugh.

"Yes, that too," Max laughed along with him as she crushed his mouth over her stiff nipple. Max still couldn't believe the disproportionate size of Peter's cock. How could a three-foot tall man have a foot long penis. If she hadn't' seen it for herself, she would have thought it was a cartoon caricature. But her cock-filled pussy told her that it was all too real. Peter Dreeb did in fact have such a tool.

Maxine eagerly wrapped her athletic legs around his tiny body and pulled him deeper inside her womb, wanting to feel every scrumptious inch inside her. Max loved feeling Peter's teeth on her tits as he bit down on her stiff nipples. Why, even his deformed midget hands were a new experience that only excited her more. It almost felt as if she was being taken by a beast, some deformed wild animal. Not having as many sexual contacts as the smallish man would like, he had a large load to offer the slender redheaded Deputy.

This was one benefit of being forced not to have sex because of tall women's bigotry, those that accept his invitation are immediately conquered by his prowess in bed. "God, Peter," Max groaned under him. "I think. I think I'm gonna cum! Oh, God, Peter! I'm cumming! Cumming! CUMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" She shrieked as she exploded in the best orgasm of her young life. But Peter Dreeb was nowhere near cumming himself.

He had learned at a very young age how to hold off from shooting in a woman. His cock was still as hard as ever and he just kept pumping his shaft in Max's juicy pussy. "I'm going to make you beg me to stop, Maxine," he grunted up to her face.

"Before we're through tonight, you'll never find another man's cock to your liking." "Oh yes, Peter," Max moaned. "Make me yours. I'll do whatever you want, just f*** me, honey." Peter grinned at the knowledge that he had conquered yet another horny giant.

He wrapped his bulgy finger around each of Max's tits and squeezed them until she groaned from the pain. He would then clamp his teeth over one of her nipples and crush it until she begged him to stop. The pain inflicted to her breast accentuated Max's libido into another powerful orgasm, which almost caused her to throw the diminutive man off her bed so violently she shook.

"CUUMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!" Max shrieked at the top of her lungs as Peter unloaded his heavy load of jism inside her. "f***, girl," Peter grunted from his exertion.

"Been a while since I got this good a lay." "Really?" Max said breathlessly. "But you're such a good fucker." "Yeah, but only the pure of heart get to taste me," he grinned.

"Speaking of taste," Max's eyes twinkled. "Don't mind if I do." With that, she turned herself around, tossing Peter on his back and began licking her own cum off his still rock-hard cockshaft.

She still couldn't get over how well endowed the midget man was. She energetically ran her tongue one side of his cock, and then moved to the other in an attempt to clean her mess off him.

"Oh, yeah, Maxie," he moaned in pleasure. "Keep doing that. You're one fine slut, you know that." She smiled up at him with her eyes, as she never relented licking his cock. Then she moved up to its tip, and opening her mouth as wide as she could, she sucked in the thick cockhead past her lips. For the next few hours, the midget used his sexual prowess to pleasure Maxine in ways she never would have dreamed possible. Once, maybe even twice, Max was pretty sure that she might have passed out from the shear pleasure of the orgasm that hit her.

Part Two The next morning, loud pounding at her door woke Maxine up and she stumbled out of her bed, still naked. She put on her short silk kimono, which barely covered her cum dripping crotch and made her way to the door.

"Max! Max, you in there?" She could hear her partner, Deputy Kenny Lacos yell through the closed door. Too tired to think clearly, she opened the door and leaned half-dazed outside the doorway. "Max, what's up with you?" Kenny asked her before noticing her state of undress. Kenny hastily dragged her back inside Max's home and closed the door behind them.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kenny asked. "Wha. what is it to you?" Max replied defensively. "Your job for one thing," Kenny said. "I covered you with Jimmy, but you're already an hour late.

I'm not taking the fall for you Maxie." "An hour!" Max's eyes popped upon suddenly. "Oh shit! I must have overslept, sorry Kenny. Give me a minute and I'll get into uniform." "Maybe you should take a shower first," Kenny suggested. "Why?" Max asked in surprise. "Not to be ungentlemanly like, but you smell like a whore Maxie," Kenny said with a grin as his eyes caught a dribble of jism along her calf. "Yeah, I do smell a bit raunchy," she laughed.

"Give me a few minutes, will ya." "Sure, take your time," Kenny said.


"I'll radio in that we're taking a break." Just as Kenny is about to call the Police dispatcher, Peter comes walking out of Maxine's bedroom wearing nothing but his shorts. "Oh, hi Deputy Lacos," Peter said. "You seen Maxine around?" "She. she's in the shower," Kenny pointed towards the washroom with a finger. "Did. you two didn't." "Do the deed. Bang the drums. f*** the night away," Peter said with a grin. "You betcha!" "MAX!" Kenny called out. Maxine came rushing out in a wet towel and skid to a halt as she came face to face with the two men.

'Oh shit,' she thought. "What were you thinking?" Kenny said, pointing at the diminutive man. "He's a criminal waiting for trial and you're the arresting officer. Do you know how this is gonna look in court?" "I don't think he's guilty of anything, Kenny," Max said, defending herself. "Besides, what's so wrong about going out with him." "What's wrong? What's wrong?" Kenny couldn't believe his ears. "Just look at him Max. He's. he's a fucking midget for god sakes." "Kenny Lacos," Max stared at him, stunned at his bigotry.

"I'll have you know that he's much more than a. midget," she paused as she looked down at her diminutive lover. "Peter Dreeb is also a great lover." Kenny's eyes rolled into their sockets at hearing his partner be so blunt about the fact that she screwed with a midget. "I give up," he raised his hands in abject surrender.

"Get changed so we can go to work. And you," he pointed a finger at Peter. "Be at the courtroom for your hearing on time." "Sure, yes sir, anything you say, sir," Peter bowed in mock servitude. He had heard this kind of treatment all his life, he was only glad that Maxine Stewart didn't suffer from such 'short-sightedness'. As Max passed him, heading back to her bedroom, he snuck his tiny hands under her wet towel and pinched her still aroused clitoris in plain sight of Kenny.

"Peter, stop that," Max squealed in obvious thrill of his playing with her clit that way. Kenny scowled at the tiny man, his anger apparent in his eyes. Peter rather enjoyed playing with people's bigotry in this way any chance he got. Max quickly emerged as she struggled to buckle her gun belt and joined Kenny at the door, but not before frenchkissing the small man.

"See you later?" She asked. "Wouldn't want it any other way," Peter returned the kiss, his tongue languishing in her mouth. Part Three A few hours later, Peter Dreeb appeared before Judge Henry Bone on the charge of stealing the elephant from a nearby circus.

He was glad to see Max standing in the back of the courtroom in moral support of is cause. "Douglas Wambaugh for the midget, your honor," the old Jewish lawyer announced. "Shut up!" The Judge responded sternly, never having much patience for the old man's legal shenanigans. "Your honor," Peter Dreeb said as he stood, his head barely clearing the defense table.

"All I wanted to do was save Big John." "Who's Big John?" The Judge interrupted. "The elephant, Judge," Douglas Wambaugh interjected. "And how did you intend on saving this. Big John?" The Judge asked.

"Well, you see your judgeship," Peter continued. "Back at that circus, he was being terribly abused. So I took it upon myself to rescue him." "And do you have any proof that this animal was being abused in any way?" The Judge asked. "Well, nothing I could show you or the courts, no," Peter admitted.

"Unless you can present proof to justify your actions here, I'll have to find you guilty," Judge Bone told the diminutive man. "If it pleases the court, Judge Bone," Max spoke out from the back of the room. "Listen to her, Judge," Wambaugh shot. "She knows my client inside and out." Max blushed at the obvious inference to her sexual relationship with Peter. Kenny tried to stop her, but she pulled her arm out of his grasp.

"Yes, Deputy Stewart," Judge Bone recognized her immediately. "Since Bil. since Mr. Dreeb as laid charges of animal abuse. Wouldn't it be appropriate for the Sheriff's department to investigate the matter first before you make any decision in this case?" She was reaching for an excuse to keep Peter out of jail. "Mmm, I see your point," Judge Bone admitted with a smile.

"Fine, this case is held over for one week so the police can investigate further." Peter walked up to Max and smiled. "Thanks, Max," he told her, pinching her ass in the process. "I didn't think of gathering proof that Big John was abused when I took him.

Guess I should have thought of that. But what can you do about it now." "You leave it up to me, stud," she smiled. Part Four "What's the big idea implicating my department in an investigation, Max," Jim Brock was yelling at the pretty redheaded Deputy. "C'mon, Jimmy," Max replied. "You love animals as much as the next guy, and if what Mr. Dreeb says is true, then we have to investigate. If for no other reason than to convict him." She played his man of justice card beautifully, giving him a winning scenario no matter what the outcome of the investigation.

But Max was sure that her investigation would vindicate Peter. "Okay, okay," the Sheriff finally conceded. "And just how do you plan on carrying out this investigation." "I was thinking of maybe going over to the circus tonight undercover as a spectator," Max suggested. "Not bad," Jimmy admitted.

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"But a single woman at a circus. mmmm, you'll look too out of place." "What if I had a younger sister with me?" Max tossed in. "You don't have a younger sister," Kenny reminded her. "I could take Kimberly along with me," Max added. "My. my daughter," Jimmy stammered. "You want to take my daughter in an undercover operation." "Oh, c'mon Jimmy," Max turned to him.

"What can happen? After all, she asked me to be the subject of a school report. Something about women in male dominated jobs. This would help her as much as give my cover credence." "I don't know," Jimmy was giving it serious thought.

"I'll have to clear this with Jill first. And if it's okay with her, then okay." "Jimmy, you can't be serious," Kenny objected. "I'll be Max's date, that should be good enough." "Not if I'm to snoop around, it isn't," Max threw in. "I can work better if I'm alone. I can do it, Jimmy, honestly. And I won't let anything happen to Kimberly, I swear." Part Five That evening, after another f*** session with Peter, Max got as much information from him as to where to look for evidence.

At eight o'clock, Max arrived at the Sheriff's home and knocked on the Brock's back door and picked up her 'sister' for the night. So as to maintain her cover story of two sisters going to the circus together, Max had picked a loose dress cut above the knees. She liked this particular dress because of its light material.

In a stiff breeze it would bellow up like a parachute, but tonight there was hardly any wind, so she didn't think there would be a problem wearing something like this. * * * "Gee, thanks, Max," Kimberly smiled at the young Deputy.

"How did you ever convince dad to let me tag along on a police investigation." "We women got our ways," she smiled mischievously. "But seriously, this won't be anything dangerous and your father knows that." "So, what are you investigating?" Kimberly asked, taking out her notebook. "We're looking into allegations of animal abuse at a circus near town," she told the teenaged girl.

"Mr. Dreeb is saying that's why he took the elephant away from there. So, we're going to go in as two sisters and check things out from the inside. Peter. I mean Mr. Dreeb told me about a few places to check out." "You said Peter," Kimberly noted. "Just how well do you know him?" "Well enough to believe him," Maxine said, slanting her eyes at the young girl.

"And while you're looking around the place, what am I supposed to do?" Kimberly asked. "Just relax and enjoy the free show," Max smiled.

"Compliments of the Rome Police Department." * * * After driving for nearly twenty minutes, Max finally turned off the road to the farmland that the circus had leased for putting up their tents. Kimberly smiled as she peered out the car window at the big tops of the traveling show. She hadn't been to a real circus in years, and this brought back great memories for her. "Mmmmmm, seems to have a rather grown-up crowd for a circus," Max observed the lack of children among the spectators.

"Must be because it's so late." "What about me then?" Kimberly asked. "Won't I look out of place now." Max reached into her purse and pulled out her make-up case.

"Here, let's fix you up," Max said as she held her lipstick to Kimberly's teenaged face. "I should be able to make you look old enough to pass as eighteen or nineteen." Kimberly was thrilled at the prospect of looking older than her eighteen years.

This was the fantasy of most teenaged girls and here Maxine Stewart, a highly respected member of her father's police department, was helping her do exactly that. After a few moments work, Max pulled away and looked over her handiwork. "Damn, Kimberly," Max grinned. "You could pass for twenty looking like that." Kimberly smiled in return and looked at herself in the mirror unbelievingly. "Is that me?" She asked doubtfully. "Yep," Max told her. "Now, just remember one thing.

While I'm off checking out the place, don't talk to anyone, especially not any of the guys out there. I don't need to explain you 'dating' an older man to your father when we get back." "Okay, I swear," the girl said with a smile. Both young woman stepped out of the vehicle and strode to the main entrance of the main tent.

Max bought the tickets and they got in without any questioning glances over Kimberly's age. "Well, that was easy," Max commented as she scanned the area. "What now?" Kimberly asked. "You, sit here, close to the entrance so I can find you later," Max told her. "I'm going to do some snooping. Don't go anywhere." Part Six Leaving Kimberly in the big top, Max disappeared under the seat scaffolding, leaving Kimberly to watch the show unfolding.

That's when one of the younger performers of the circus walked up to her. It was a young girl, not much older than she was and they started talking together. "Hi, my name is Cynthia," the young girl said. "I'm Kimberly," the Brock child responded. "You with the show?" "Yes, but they don't let me perform for the late shows," Cynthia told her.

"Really? Why not?" Kimberly's curiosity was triggered. "Well, it's kind of a special presentation," the girl said. "You know, for grown-ups. But sometimes they let someone from the audience join in." "Really? I'd like to try that sometimes," Kimberly said. "I could talk to my dad if you like," Cynthia grinned. "He runs the show." "Gee, thanks, would you?" Kimberly couldn't believe her luck, she could fulfill a lifetime dream of joining a circus.

Cynthia disappeared, then returned a few minutes later with an older man, obviously her father. "Hello young lady," he said, tipping his top hat to her. "My daughter tells me that you're interested in performing with us tonight. How long have you been thinking of this?" "As long a I can remember, mister." Kimberly paused, not knowing his name.

"Renaldo, of Renaldo's Fantasy Circus," he kissed the back of her hand. "My name is Kimberly," she introduced herself. "What kind of act could I perform? I haven't rehearsed anything you know." "That's perfectly all right," the man told her. "We have acts that don't require much talent, but it gives our audience a thrill just to be part of the show.

Why don't you follow Cynthia and she'll get you prepared." Kimberly jumped down from her seat in juvenile excitement and followed the other girl to the backstage. They walked into a costume changing area and Cynthia began looking for something that Kimberly could change into. "Here's something for you," she finally said, holding up pants for the back end of a horse-costume.

"You gotta be kidding me," Kimberly said in disappointment. "Isn't there something better than dressing up as a horse?" "Oh, this is just part of the act," Cynthia told her.

"The best comes while we're on stage." "What do you mean, when WE'RE on stage?" Kimberly asked. "I thought your dad didn't let you perform these late night shows." "He thought that we could team up in the suit, since we're about the same size," Cynthia told her. "It'll make us more believable as the horse." "Well, all right," Kimberly finally conceded and took the proffered horse rear.

"But why can't I at least be the head?" "In this performance, you got the best end of the deal, honest," Cynthia promised her. "You best take all your clothes off though. It can get pretty sweaty in these things," she said as she herself began stripping in front of Kimberly. 'Oh, well,' Kimberly thought. 'I guess she knows best.' And she began taking off her own clothing, not being shy about doing so in front of another girl her own age.

After all, in highschool gym class, her classmates would do the same as well as shower together all the time, so she didn't see anything to be alarmed of here. It took a few minutes, but the girls finally had their costume on. "Here, slip your hands through these," Cynthia said, holding out a pair of soft cuffs, the type used to restrain patients in hospitals, that where attached to her half of the costume.

"What's this for?" Kimberly asked insinuating her wrist through the cuffs. "They'll help you in maintaining the proper posture," Cynthia said honestly. "It also makes it better for you to get some support when you get tired of bending over." Once the cuffs were secured to her wrist, Cynthia pulled on the other end sharply, which dragged Kimberly down and towards her new friend's bare buttocks.

Cynthia then twisted around and secured the two horse halves before slipping on the horse head. With her body bent over and naked, Kimberly could feel the rough material of the horse-costume's belly rubbing against her hanging tits, causing her nipples to harden from the friction. "You okay back there?" She heard the muffled sound of Cynthia's voice.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," Kimberly answered back. "Okay, lets practice our walking." Part Seven For the next fifteen minutes, the two young girls trotted around the change room until their cadence was picture perfect. Unless the lights shone directly at them, the audience would believe that they were a horse.

"Cynty," a voice called out. "You and your friend ready?" "You bet Megan," Cynthia called out. With that, the girls were lead out to the Center Ring of the circus where clowns where performing lewd sex acts for the audience.

Kimberly couldn't see any of this from her enclosed position, but she could hear the groans and moans as the female clowns took on the rigid cocks of their male counterparts, or sucking on another woman's pussy in front of the packed house. "What's all the noise about?" Kimberly asked. "Just the other act finishing up," was all Cynthia would say.

"And now, for the kinkier audience," the Ringmaster called out. "How about a bit of bestial love?" A cheer exploded from the stands as the circuses muscle-man, the great Hercule, came up behind the mock horse and shoved his rigid twelve inch cock in the back end, poking Kimberly's naked butt through the convenient hole built into the suit. "Hey, what's going on?" Kimberly grunted at the sudden impact of the warm cockhead against her naked skin.

"Relax, its all part of the show," Cynthia insisted. "But. but. AARRRGGHHH!" She grunted loudly as the huge cocktip found her virgin hole and plunged in with one powerful stroke. "OH GOD! NO, DON'T!" But it was too late, the heavily muscled man began humping furiously as he tried to bury his shaft in the tight hole that was offered to him this night.

"Ungh! Ungh!" He grunted loudly. It had been years since such a tight pussy was made part of the show. If he didn't know any better, he would swear that this woman, whoever she was, was still virgin. And with each of his powerful shove forward, Kimberly's face would be plastered against Cynthia's naked ass, her nose picking up the unmistakable scent of sex emanating from the girl's crotch. "ARGH!" Kimberly cried out as her hymen was torn asunder by the mammoth cock. "Damn, Raynaldo," the muscle-man grunted.

"This one's real tight. I think she might be virgin too." "Do you hear that, ladies and gentlemen!" Raynaldo announced through his megaphone. "We have ourselves a virgin tonight! Now, how often do we have such an opportunity!" "STOP! PLEASE, STOP!" Kimberly's muffled voice sounded from under the costume. But the over-endowed muscle-man kept on humping his stiff prick in and out of her clenching pussy, her virginal blood lubricating her hole for him.

On and on it went and the Sheriff's daughter was helplessly bound to Cynthia's torso as the muscular man kept fucking her. "Relax Kimmy," Cynthia sounded off. "It only hurts a bit the first time, then its great." But Kimberly couldn't help but cry, tears running down her cheeks as the invading penis kept fucking into her tight pussy.

The whole experience wasn't only painful, it was thoroughly humiliating for the religiously brought up teen. To imagine that her first sexual experience was with an unseen stranger. And worse yet, it was being performed for hundreds of cheering voyeurs.

"I'm about to cum, Raynaldo," the muscleman grunted. "Just about there. damn this one's tight." "You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen," Raynaldo shouted through the megaphone, causing a roaring cheer to explode from the surrounding stands. "The 'mare' is about to get a load from the 'Strongest Man In The WORLD'!" "Tha're she blows!" Hercule grunted as he shot his jism into Kimberly's tight pussy.

"ARRGGHHH!" Kimberly cried out in shocked disbelief, she was being raped by some circus freak and a crowd was cheering him on. "Herc is a real good f***, ain't he Kimmy?" Cynthia said from the horse's head. "No, no, no," Kimberly cried in disgust. As the muscle-man pulled his long hard cock out of Kimberly's just deflowered pussy, a roar erupted in the crowd as everybody could bear witness the bloody streaks covering his phallus.

This was a clear indication that the woman in the costume was indeed a virgin. "And now, Ladies and Gentlemen," Raynaldo announced. "Now that our virgin as been loosened up, she is ready for a real lover, don't you think?" Another cheer erupted from the audience watching her humiliation.

"Wha. what are they talking about now?" Kimberly asked, not expecting an answer. "Now, they bring in the real horse to f*** this horse of course," Cynthia replied with a laugh.

"WHAT! You. you can't be serious!" Kimberly cried out as she struggled to pull herself out of the horse-costume. But the restraints on her hands were too securely fastened to Cynthia's waist to allow her any escape. "Stay steady now, Cynthia," Megan whispered in the horse-costume's head. "It's your job to keep her steady." "I know Megan," the teen circus girl responded excitedly. Kimberly could her the clopping sound of a horse entering the circus ring and realized that they were seriously going to have a horse try to f*** her.

Megan was leading a regal looking black stallion behind the fake horse that the two girls were, its glistening coat shining in the bright lights of the circus Center Ring. 'How could I ever take a horse penis?' She asked herself.

'I. I could barely take a man's.' The clopping hooves came closer and closer, causing her to shake furiously in the rear end of the horse-costume. All she could do was to try and brace herself for the inevitable. Part Eight As Kimberly was about to be brutally raped by the circus' virile stallion, Maxine was busily conducting her investigation at the far end of the Circus complex. * * * Ignorant of what was going on in the main circus tent, Maxine was scouring the lot and the other tents for any evidence that would lend credence to Peter Dreeb's accusations.

But all that she was finding at the moment were costumes and make-up material. 'This is not good,' she told herself, then slapped her forehead in shame. 'What am I doing? If they're guilty of animal abuse, then the evidence would have to be in the animal pens.' Making sure that the coast was clear, she exited the tent she had been in and made her way in the shadows for the large tent enclosure that housed all of the circus' animals.

As soon as she pulled the flap aside she knew she was in the right place. The smell of feces and animal piss invaded her nose immediately.

'Damn, they stink,' her nose crunched up. 'Better get this over with as quickly as possible.' Stealthily, she made her way along the pens and cages, making sure to avoid the big cat cages. She looked at each animal as she passed them, looking for signs of abuse, but saw none. Then she came up to the ape enclosure.

In this cage were five large and sloppy looking Orangutans. They looked at her with sad eyes, making her believe that maybe they had a reason to look so sad. Looking up and down the path to make sure she was still alone, Maxine cautiously opened the cage door and entered the cage, after all they seemed quite harmless. Part Nine Back in the Center Ring, Cynthia had maneuvered their mock-horse body near a solid wooden fence that had been brought out, dragging poor Kimberly along with her.

Megan was following close behind with the large black stallion. As soon as they got in the right position, Megan cracked her whip causing the virile horse to rear up on his rear legs and pranced forward gracefully towards the fake horse shape before him. He had been through this many times before and knew what was expected of him.

Already, his cock was sliding out of its furry sheath. Kimberly could hear the women in the audience gasp in disbelief as they watched the large phallus extend continuously between its muscular hindlegs. Already it had reached an impressive length of two feet and still more was coming out. 'Oh, God! Oh, God!' Kimberly was praying to herself. 'Please, please don't let this happen to me.' But the large stallion was nearing its goal. Another couple of steps and he was towering just behind Kimberly's ass.

With another crack of her whip, the stallion came down, its strong forelegs resting on the wooden fence in front of them. Its great weight could never have been supported by any woman, which was the purpose for the thick fence in front of them. "OOHH!" Kimberly groaned as the fleshy shaft whacked her hard on the butt. Its heavy mass felt like someone had placed a heavy lead weight on her back, she could only imagine the size of the penis they intended to bury in her just deflowered pussy.

Kimberly began sobbing uncontrollably within the costume, not that anybody could hear her, or even care. "Back, Diablo," Kimberly heard Megan, the horse trainer command. "Ba-a-ack. Just a little more my love and you'll have your prize." Kimberly shook noticeably under the rear costume end as the humongous phallus slid back as the virile equine shuffled its hindlegs in trained obedience.

suddenly, the massive cock fell off her rear and Kimberly sighed in relief, not realizing that this meant that the stallion was now in its proper position for her. "Good boy, Diablo," Megan patted the devilishly black stallion as she reached under its belly and stroked his raging cock for the crowd to see.

Cheers and applause rang out as they witnessed the length of the rock hard cock. Women would gasp as they compared the horse cock to Megan's arm and realized that it was even longer than the trainer's limb.

Part Ten Back in the animal enclosure, Maxine heard the cheers coming from the main tent. She had just closed the gate to the Orangutans' cage and was about to make a closer inspection to the docile looking apes.

She didn't know much about this breed of monkeys, but assumed from their appearance and demeanor that they were as inoffensive as they looked. If she had bothered to learn more about the animals she might have encountered at the circus, Maxine would have realized that these dopey looking simians are very strong and intelligent. "Must be a great show," she said aloud, confident that no one was around to hear her words except the animals.

"Maybe I'll come back to catch it myself another time." She bent over and cautiously approached the apes, not wanting to scare them off. "Hi guys," she cooed as she approached leaning forward towards the nearest one. "I'm not going to hurt you. Come here, let Maxie take a look at you, I want to see if you're hurt." The five apes looked sheepishly at the female in their midst.

They had had they're share of human contact during these late night performances, so they weren't worried about this woman approaching them. In fact, they were getting somewhat aroused. Slowly, inexorably, their cocks began stiffening in their groin.

Unfortunately for Maxine, she hadn't been paying attention in that part of their bodies, otherwise she would have bolted for the cage door and gotten the hell out of there. But being the constant professional, she wanted to get the evidence that would prove the animal abuse charges brought forth my Peter Dreeb, her lover of the moment. As the young Deputy bent down at the waist to check the ape facing her, another crept behind her and lifted the back of her loose dress.

Maxine bolted upright in shocked surprise, expecting to find someone behind her. She smiled in both relief and amusement when she discovered that it was just one of the other monkeys being playful, or so she thought. She returned her attention to examining the ape again, bending at the waist as before. She honestly believed that it was simply their mischievous behavior that had caused the monkey behind her to fool around with her a moment before.

Therefore, she didn't bother reacting when the playful animal lifted the back of her skirt once more, exposing her g-string panties. "Don't mind him," Max cooed to the ape in front of her. "Now let me see that head of yours. I just want to see if anybody's been hurting you." The clownish face of the Orangutan simply grinned at the woman's soft voice as he remained calm before her, allowing her to touch him unimpeded.

Meanwhile, his companion's hand began rubbing across Maxine's milk-white asscheeks. The redheaded Deputy jumped up slightly in surprise to that contact. But Maxine still didn't think anything unusual was going to happen, so she simply remained bent over inspecting the first ape trying to ignore the exploring paw at her ass. The other apes in the cage enclosure shuffled to join their comrade at her rear and almost seemed to grin from sexual excitement at the sight of the well-toned asscheeks before them.

To them, Maxine's g-string panties obviously left little to the imagination of any man, or beast. "Well, I don't see any bruises on your head," Max commented as if the beast could understand her words. "Let's see the rest of you." Now for the first time, Maxine's eyes scanned the rest of the animal's body finally arriving at its groin. "Oh-My-God!" She gasped as she saw the aroused state of the monkey's penis. These Orangutans were selected as much for their learning abilities for the regular shows, but also for their potency as sex partners for these late night performances.

Each one of them were sporting impressive cocks of nine to eleven inches in length each, and Maxine was facing the biggest of the lot right now.

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"I. I better leave now," she said, backing away slowly, speaking to the monkeys as if she had to justify explaining her nervousness to them.

"I. I just remembered that I have something to do." She straightened herself back up, smoothing her dress back down and turned herself around. But what faced her were the other four apes, and they too were sporting raging hard-ons.

Maxine gulped loudly as she tried to calmly make her way towards the cage door. She managed to shuffle only a few steps when the powerful paw of one of the apes grab an ankle, immobilizing her.

She tried tugging without result. Then another of the apes grabbed the other ankle, pulling it sharply causing her legs to spread apart.

Max had to struggle to maintain her balance as the apes seemed intent on splitting her like a wishbone. As she tried to maintain her balance, Maxine fell forward, placing her hands in front of her to save herself from falling on her pretty redheaded face.

This placed her in the precipitous position of having her face just inches away from the horny ape she was examining only moments before. "Oh, damn!" She swore, not expecting what would happen next. Before she knew it, the ape before her grabbed her silky red hair and pulled her struggling face towards his raging hard-on. Maxine thought for sure that she could fight off the smaller beast but she quickly discovered that they were much stronger than their size would let on.

She suddenly found the simian cocktip striking her on the lips trying to gain entry. In self-defense, she tried keeping her lips clenched as the ape kept trying to shove his way in.

The powerful beast was hitting her face so hard with his super-hard cock, that Max winced in pain each time. It felt as if someone was striking her hard with their fist each time.

It this kept up, she would have to surrender to prevent her pretty face from being bruised severely. Behind her, the other apes were exploring her panties, pulling and tugging the thin material of her g-string panties and exposing her pussy to them. Before she knew it, a second ape was in front of her, also trying to stuff his raging hard-on past her clenched lips. 'No way, buddies,' she thought to herself, sure that she could stop them. Part Eleven Back under the big top, Megan the horse trainer, was gingerly guiding the large equine phallus towards the cut-out hole of Kimberly's costume and the teen's cum-filled pussy.

Under the cover of the costume, the Sheriff's daughter could only tense up in anticipation for what she suspected was about to happen. For those that had never seen this special nighttime presentation, this was the reason for the thick cocked muscleman to f*** whoever was picked for this peformance.

Not only for the agonizing f*** he would give the unsuspecting woman in question, but his jism would also serve as lubricant for this bestial act. Megan began rubbing the flat tip of the stallion's cockhead over Kimberly Brock's seeping pussylips, causing the teenager to exhale sharply in apprehension. "Plea.

please Cynthia, please don't let them do this to me," Kimberly begged to the girl dressed in the horse's head costume. "I don't want this to happen. Not like this. Please don't let them do this." "Relax girl," she barely heard the young circus girl's voice. "Relax and enjoy yourself." Just then Diablo, the stallion thrust his rump forward, driving his hard cock savagely past the teenaged Sheriff's daughter's clenching pussylips.

So powerful was his thrust that he literally lifted Kimberly's feet off the ground as he did so. "AAIIIIIEEEEE!" The resounding yell came from under the horse-costume and the crowd cheered knowing why the young woman screamed out so loudly. Kimberly could hear the audience cheer and whistle as they watched the large black horse hump its powerful rump forward and back, driving himself deeper in the innocent young girl.

Tears were streaming down Kimberly's milk-white cheeks as the awful pain shot through her body. To bad for the audience, they had no idea that the 'volunteer' for this night's performance was only a teenager and not some lucky adult woman that knew what to expect, as the show usually picked.

All they knew, or cared for was that some lucky woman was getting the fucking of her life and entertaining them in the process. As the stallion kept fucking his cock into poor Kimberly's pussy, the women in the audience were undoing their male dates pants and pulling out their hard cocks. Soon every woman had at least one cock stuffed in one hole, or more as they continued watching Kimberly's performance.

Already Kimberly could feel her pussylips loosening up as they continued being stretched beyond reason by the arm-thick cock slicing in and out of her. The pain had begun to subside and for some horrible reason, Kimberly was getting more and more excited by it. It was bad enough when the circus' muscleman had raped her, but now it was some filthy animal stuffing its wicked cock in and out of her, and Kimberly was beginning to enjoy the whole thing.

Her face was constantly being shoved hard in Cynthia's naked butt in front of her, and her arms had remained securely tied around the other girl's waist belt holding her helplessly in position.

The young circus performer in the horse-costume with Kimberly, used to this kind of show, turned herself around easily. The belt and cuffs holding Kimberly securely to her was just loose enough to rotate around her waist as she did this. Soon, the young teen was facing Kimberly's face, her pussy now in front of the bound teenager's face with her hands free to caress the girl as well.

"Here Kimmy, have a taste," Cynthia said as she placed her hand behind Kimberly's head and pulled her forward. Suddenly Kimberly found her face shoved into the girl's seeping crotch, both from Cynthia's guiding hand and Diablo's thrusting cock jabs.

She had experienced with another girl only once before at a sleepover, but that was only kissing, and nothing more sexual than that. But now, here she was helplessly bound against this strange girl's body and being shoved forcibly to her wet, smelly pussy. "No, no don't do." her protest was cut off as her mouth was suddenly masked by the other girl's gaping pussy.

Behind her, the large black stallion continued ramming his monstrous cock into her pussy, lifting her feet off the ground with each powerful thrust. Kimberly could hear the large horse harrumph loudly as its cock surged forward. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

She knew how big a horse's cock could be, and yet her tiny, tight pussy seemed to be taking it all rather easily now. Now that everything was properly set, the stallion's handler walked up to the rutting mass and ripped off the horse-costume, thanks to some preset rip-seams. Kimberly was suddenly basked in the bright lights of the big top as Diablo's cock could now be clearly seen by all as it thrust in and out of her, then virgin pussy.

The crowd cheered as they watched her pussylips furl in and out of her rear with each thrust of the large mammal. She could feel young Cynthia's hands clutching her long dark tresses to keep her mouth plastered on the teenaged circus performer's seeping pussy.

She didn't dare look around for fear of seeing someone that would recognize her.

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Diablo kept on lunging forward, lifting Kimberly's light body off the ground with each thrust, nearly driving her to scream out in pain each time. But she remained quiet within the mask that Cynthia's cunt created. Part Twelve Back in the ape cage, Maxine was still having her own problems trying to deal with the five horny Orangutans trying to rape her. Two had managed to insert their long, skinny fingers in her clenching pussy, causing her to wet herself from arousal.

The others were still trying to get her to open her mouth to them as they kept poking their rock hard cocks hard against her clenched lips. "Gnnnooh!" She would groan painfully with each stab.

Then one of the other simians clenched her tightly by the waist and climbed onto her ass. The heavy weight of the animal caused Maxine to stumble to her knees painfully. The next thing that happened caused her eyes to bugger out. She felt the thick head of what could only be a cock pushing its way past her pussylips, invading her cunt. "Noooo." she started yelling out in instinctual protest.

This was the biggest mistake of her life. As her lips parted to protest, the ape in front of her shoved forward and its cock disappeared into her gaping mouth in one swift move. Suddenly, Max's eyes crossed as she tried following the length of the bestial cock disappearing into her mouth. Inch by inch she saw the Orangutan's belly get closer, indicating that as much cock had worked its way down her gullet. She tried gagging, but the wide girth of the cock even prevented her from doing that.

The other apes in the cage began screeching loudly as they watched their two companions fucking this female at both ends. Their own cocks surging with high interest, as they knew that their turn would soon come as well. Max tried futilely to get free of these wild animals as their cocks found their way into her most private of body parts. She couldn't yell out for help, not with that cock stuffed down her throat.

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And she couldn't pull away, not with a muscular ape at either end. In and out those two simian cocks f***** into her holes. She could already taste the salty texture of the one in her mouth as the Orangutan began seeping some pre-cum in this latest bitch. The three remaining apes were beginning to feel a bit more randy and they began pulling and tugging at her clothes. Within moments, she could hear her delicate dress begin to rip from the apes stronger than human strength.

Next went her silk shirt, soon to be followed by her bra. Deputy Maxine Stewart suddenly found herself stripped naked by three obviously horny apes with no hope of escape. The apes began screeching excitedly with each piece of clothing they ripped off her body. And then they discovered her ample, hanging tits. One by one they began tweaking, pinching, nibbling and finally sucking on her already aroused nipples.

'Oh God!' Maxine was thinking.


'Thes. these beast are fucking nuts. It. it's like. it's like they know exactly how to get me hot and horny.' Unluckily for Maxine, that's exactly what was going on.

Just like the stallion fucking Kimberly back at the big top, these apes were also part of the nightly adult entertainment of this depraved circus. Max could feel herself nearing a monstrous climax. She couldn't understand how this whole scene could be affecting her in this way, but the truth was in the pudding. She could feel her clit was blood-engorged as never before. She could feel her stomach churn with each thrust of the apes into her. And she could definitely feel how her tits were reacting to all of this.

Without any conscious thought, Maxine's hand reached out and grasped one of the other Orangutan's staff nearby. She then proceeded to pump the third ape, giving him a handjob. 'Oooooooh shiiiit!' Maxine's mind raced. 'I. I think I'm. I think I'm about to cum! How ca. how can I cummmmm with animals?' Just at that moment, the cock slicing in and out of her mouth began spurting huge amounts of its creamy spunk. Almost immediately, her mouth was filled to the brim with the simian cum.

This triggered a massive orgasm in Maxine's cunt, which in turn triggered the ape fucking her shapely behind. She could feel the jism filling her at both ends and almost forgot to swallow before she drowned in jism. The hairy apes began screeching loudly in orgasmic cheers as they continued pummeling the redheaded Deputy ferociously.

Part Thirteen Back in the big top, Kimberly was still getting f***** by the virile black stallion to the cheers of the voyeuristic crowd around her, its arm thick cock sticking grotesquely out of her rear. And at the same time, she was still being forced to munch on young Cynthia's delectable pussy. 'Oh God!' Kimberly was thinking to herself. 'I. I don't believe that I'm doing this, and. and loving it so much. God! I'm cumming! CUMMMING! CUUMMMM." Though nobody could hear her orgasmic explosion, the crowd could see her shudder in climax, and the women watching whistled and cheered recognizing the signs for what it was.

At that same instant, Cynthia began cumming in Kimberly's sucking mouth. The young girl's jism running down the Sheriff's daughter's chin to yet another loud cheer. Diablo kept on ramming his cock deep inside the once virgin Kimberly, his balls churning and tightening as he too was nearing a monstrous climax.

The stallion's trainer, Megan, began massaging the grapefruit-sized testicles. "He's almost there!" Megan rang out to the cheer of the crowd. 'OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod!' Kimberly's mind was reeling knowing that the huge horse was about to flood her pussy with its creamy sperm.

And the excitement of this forthcoming event sent her body convulsing in yet another orgasm. Her juices spraying over the stallion's thrusting cock and down her thighs. The warm female juices lathering his cock made the black horse harrumph audibly just prior to his balls tightening and its seed come rushing along the length of its phallus. It seemed like an eternity before the first high-pressure squirt came through, filling Kimberly's cunt with just its first spurt.

Kimberly could swear that she could feel the sperm as it traveled inside the meaty confine of the horse's cock before it ever came shooting out. And when it did just that, she exploded in the most intense orgasm yet, causing her to bite down on Cynthia's clit as she lost control of herself fully.

"Ouch!" Cynthia yelled out. "Hey! Watch the teeth!" The crowd laughed at that, realizing that the wench beneath the stallion had lost total control of her cognitive action. As Diablo emptied his balls into Kimberly Brock's pussy, she could feel her head spin and her consciousness begin to fade even as another orgasm shook her. But thanks to the bindings holding her to Cynthia's waist and the impaling cock at her rear, she remained on her feet as if suspended on a spit.

"What a show, ladies and gentlemen!" The Ringmaster cried out. "What a show!" The crowd cheered in agreement. This was by far the best performance for their buck in a long while. Even the regulars had to admit that this youngster, Kimberly, had put on quite a performance for them, not realizing that this was not Kimberly's intention. Part Fourteen Back in the Orangutans cage, Max was still struggling with the rapist beasts having their way with her stripped body.

Each ape had already taken two turns each at assaulting her in one hole or another and she was feeling weak from the savage pummeling they were inflicting on her. Despite her best efforts, she had cum on numerous occasions from the very start. This also had a drastic influence on her weakened condition. Her elbows could barely keep her shoulders and head up, and the weight of one large ape after another mounting her ass and face repeatedly didn't help matters in that regard either.

As soon as one was pulling out of her, another would immediately take its place, never giving her an opportunity to escape, or even allowing their jism to leak out of her orifice much. She could feel her stomach being distended by the quarts of cum that must be in her. So much so that it was actually giving her cramps.

'God! Don't they ever take a break?' She wondered in silence, as another cock was thrusting down her throat. Then the most amazing thing took place. As one ape continued fucking her face and another was busily ramming her pussy, she felt the weight of a third climb on her back and was shoving its thick, hard cockhead at the entrance of her tight asshole. 'OH GOD! NO!' Maxine's eyes popped wide open in shock.

She was about to be gangbanged by three horny monkeys and there was nothing she could do to prevent this from happening. With her mouth and pussy filled with simian cocks, Max's sphincter resisted but for a short moment before the blood engorged cockhead squeezed past her weak resistance.

"Argnh!" She mumbled past the cock still sawing in and out of her mouth, tears running down her face from the unbearable pain this was causing her. 'OhGodOhGodOhGod!' Her mind pleaded for some divine intervention. Now, all three apes began humping her in unison from years of practice with this nightly bestiality show that they've participated in on numerous occasions.

With practiced ease they would f*** the helpless redheaded woman as their comrades were busily sucking and nibbling at Maxine's hanging tits. As Maxine was being gang-raped by the horny simians, the cage door creaked open as she heard movement from behind. 'Oh no!' She panicked. 'I've been found out!' "Hi Maxine," a familiar voice resounded. "How do you like my friends?" Looking upwards, Maxine was shocked to see Peter leering down at her kneeling body.

She couldn't protest or ask him what he was doing here, not with a cock stuffed down her throat. All she could do was endure through this rape and ask questions later.

"I guess you must be wondering what I'm doing here," he voiced her question. "Well, you see, I'm really a partner of this circus. It's my job to recruit new talent for our nightly shows." A confused look appeared on her face as she had no idea what her midget lover was talking about. "For these special performances, I get to scout around for some fuckable talent for the audience," he grinned.

"And when I saw you, I knew I had to get you over here. Now I see that I was right about you." Her body was shaking uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm was raking over her. She tried following what Peter Dreeb was telling her, but she was finding it difficult to concentrate on his words.

"Little did I expect that you would bring along a friend," he smiled. "I must say, she's performing admirably. Can't you hear the crowd cheering?" Maxine could indeed hear the roar of the crowd from the big top, but what did Peter mean by her friend performing. Was he talking about Kimberly? What were they making her do to cause such a ruckus? "She's doing so well, that you might not need to perform tonight," Peter went on.

"But I am enjoying your private performance for me right here." Maxine came again, her juices gushing down her thighs as the Orangutans continued their sexual assault on her body. "Let me introduce you to your lovers," Peter grinned. "The one in your mouth is Julius.

Then we have Claudius sticking it to your delicious pussy. Jeremiah and Bill are the ones sucking your tits so nicely, and we mustn't forget good ol' Grant. Grant always did love a nice piece of ass," Peter laughed. "Ungh! Mmmmmh!" Maxine groaned as another climax hit her. "I see you love how they f***," Peter teased her further at her orgasm. "Sometimes I get jealous at these guys. I lose more lovers because of their talented cocks. I hope you won't leave me like the others have in the past." Maxine's heart was breaking once she realized that Peter Dreeb had played her for the fool.

And worse yet, she had unwittingly drawn Kimberly into this depraved situation with her. God only knew what Jimmy's teenaged daughter was being forced to submit to. "Now, if you turn your eyes up there," Peter pointed up towards a nearby post.

"You'll see that we've been taping all of this. So if you have any thoughts of filing charges, these vids, and your friend's exploits will find their way to the Internet. And I left special instructions that every computer in Rome gets spammed with them." 'Oh God!' Max's heart sank as she understood the implication of such an act. She didn't much care about any rumor or story about herself, but she couldn't let Kimberly Brock be submitted to such an attack. She reluctantly nodded her head in agreement, the ape's cock still stuffed in her mouth.

"Good girl," Peter smiled. "Now it's time for you to join the circus." Waving his hand to the side, Maxine suddenly felt the whole ape enclosure shake. Hercule, the circus' muscle-man had grasped the arms of the ape cage carriage and began pulling it with all his might outside the animal tent. Maxine was still being ravaged by the apes in the cage as it was being guided into the big top tent to the cheering, leering crowd within.

Part Fourteen When the large flap of the performers entrance was pulled open and the crowd saw Hercule pulling the monkey cage they immediately started hooting and howling at the beautiful redhead being gangbanged by the Orangutans inside.

Maxine could only blush a deep red at being ogled in this deviant situation. Then her eyes caught a glimpse of a large black horse nearby. And when she focused her eyes in that direction she gasped inwardly.

Right there before her, poor Kimberly was impaled on the biggest cock she had ever seen in her experienced life. And in front of the teenager was another naked teen, her pussy mashed in Kimberly's face. 'Oh God! What have I done?' She thought to herself, holding herself accountable for Kimberly's fate. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" She heard a voice in the megaphone. "I present to you. Maxine of the Apes! She puts Tarzan to shame, don't you think!" The crowd roared with laughter at her humiliating situation as the three humongous cocks kept fucking her.

Despite this, she couldn't keep her eyes away from Kimberly's naked ass and the thick cock stuffed in the poor girl's pussy. Even from this distance she could see streaks of blood running down her thigh with a mixture of what had to be her juices and the horse's jism.

* * * Across from the Center Ring, Kimberly also caught sight of Maxine's situation. She broke down in tears once she realized that the Deputy wouldn't be coming to her rescue. But a strange thing occurred to her as she spotted the beautiful redhead.

The sight of those hairy monkeys all over her naked body started her pussy churning with yet another orgasm ready to blast her soul once again. 'Oh Max,' Kimberly thought to herself as she watched the three simian cocks filling each of Maxine's holes. 'How will we ever get out of this?' * * * "See how good your friend is doing," Peter Dreeb commented. "She took to Diablo like an expert. Who would have guessed that you would have brought a virgin to us." 'Peter Dreeb, you pig!' Her mind exploded in anger to the midget man.

"I think we should be getting ready for the finale of the night," Peter commented. "You boys finish your fun quick now," he spoke to the five Orangutans. "You know we have to end this soon and there's one more act to get done." The five apes screeched in both excitement and displeasure, knowing that the man wanted them to give up their mate. But then, they would be offered more fresh pussy in the future. Across the Center Ring, Megan was finally pulling Diablo's cock out of Kimberly's well used pussy.

As soon as its head popped free a huge shower of equine cum came spilling out of her, splashing in a large puddle at her feet. Maxine couldn't believe how much cum Kimberly had been forced to take from the huge stallion, but seeing the horse's balls, she shouldn't have been all that surprised either.

Part Fifteen: The Big Finish "Now, for our grand finally!" The Ringmaster cried out. "I introduce to you. the star of our show. BIG JOHN!" Maxine and Kimberly watched in horror as another Circus performer was bringing in the elephant that Peter Dreeb had been accused of stealing.

"I see you remember my friend John," Peter teased. "I imagine you're surprised to see us both here. Probably not as surprised as your boss when I dropped my 'cruelty to animal' complaint and the circus dropped their 'complaint' against me." Finally, Grant, that ape getting a mouth f*** out of her, pulled his cock out of Maxine's mouth.

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This was the first time that she was able to get a good deep breath of fresh air as she gasped in deep breaths, simian cum dripping from her lips. "Cough! How. how can you do this?" Maxine finally found her voice. "How could you?' "Don't feel hurt Maxy," Peter lifted her chin up.

"I do this in every town we hit. It's nothing personal." The Deputy sobbed as she watched the elephant making his way to Kimberly's bent form.

Then the handler lifted the beast's trunk and aimed it at Kimberly's overflowing pussy. Without any further assistance, the gigantic animal began vacuuming the teenager's cunt clean of the stallion's load. "Oh, YEESSSSSS!" Maxine heard Kimberly's cry of joy. She watched mesmerized as the large trunk wiggled and shuffled its way deeper and deeper in the young girl's cumming pussy. Her juices lubricating the snaky appendage as it continued exploring her.

As Maxine watched the depraved scene unfolding before her, Peter was busily pulling the other Orangutans from her rear. One cock after another they came popping out of her holes, followed soon after by her own shower of jism to the floor. In normal circumstances, Deputy Maxine Stewart would have attempted an escape then, but her ravaged body was in no shape to do so.

Once the last ape was pulled out of her, she collapsed in a heap to the cage floor, and mercifully passed out.

* * * Kimberly couldn't stop cumming as the elephant trunk continued exploring her pussy. And when she glanced in Maxine's direction, she panicked when she saw the law officer slumped unconscious on the ground.

At first she thought that they had killed her, but then she saw an arm and then a leg move slightly. 'Thank god!' She thought. She continued staring in that direction as Hercule lifted the redhead Deputy effortlessly and carried the unconscious woman in her direction. As all of this was going on, Cynthia's father, the Ringmaster, was untying Kimberly's wrist from the shackles around his daughter's waist and re-securing them to the solid fence in front of the teenager.

When Hercule approached with the unconscious Maxine, they did the same to her on the other side of the fence so that both young women could face each other. The next thing to happen was the elephant trainer pulling Big John's trunk out of Kimberly's pussy. "NO! Don't take him away!" Kimberly whimpered. The crowd cheered hearing the young woman demand more service from the gigantic beast.

Big John's trainer then guided his charge between both bound women's faces and lifted its trunk with his hook. "Now Big John," he commanded.

Being all too familiar with this routine, the elephant began showering Kimberly and Maxine's faces with the mixture of equine jism and Kimberly's juices. The strong odor snapped Maxine back to consciousness as her mouth parted to catch the succulent fluid.

And strangely enough, Kimberly was doing the same as she watched the older Deputy lapping with her tongue, trying to capture as much as she could.

The Sheriff's teenaged daughter duplicated that to the loud cheers of the crowd around them. "Mmmmmh! Mmmmmmh!" The crowd heard them moan over the loudspeakers as Cynthia placed a microphone between them.

Maxine's eyes finally fluttered open and she found herself staring at Kimberly's lust filled face. Then she noticed where the juices she was lapping was coming from and almost gagged. But she somehow managed to control her repulsion and resumed trying to swallow as much as she could of the rich mixture. The crowd cheered even louder seeing how willing the two women were to the animals they had had intercourse with so far.

They still couldn't comprehend that both Maxine and Kimberly were unwilling participants to this freak sex-show. Then the elephant trainer cautiously guided Big John to step over the bound bodies of the two young women. This was easily accomplished as the 'fence' they were tied to was made to measure for this nightly performance.

It was also specially designed to keep whoever was bound to it bent over. Slowly and gingerly, Big John moved forward until he was straddling the makeshift fence midway. "What's going on?" Maxine asked as her eyes gazed at the leathery skin of the gigantic beast above their heads.

"Max, I'm. I'm scared," Kimberly whimpered. "Shhhhh!" Maxine hushed the frightened teen. "Stay calm, Kimmy. I'm sure they won't harm us." But Maxine's voice wasn't too confident of her claim. She herself was concerned for their well-being as Big John lurked above them. Then her eyes caught sight of the mammoth beast's rigid cock shaft. 'My God!' Her mind reeled in shock.

'It. it must be four feet long!' In actuality, the Big johnson was about three and a half feet in length and was as thick as Maxine's muscular thighs. At its tip, Maxine could see a large droplet of pre-cum just hanging there.

As the two bound women stared blankly at the huge phallus between their faces, Hercule and Peter took position behind each of the upturned asses. The circus' muscleman stepped behind Maxine's exposed butt, while the midget climbed a wooden staircase that was brought out for him behind Kimberly's ass.

"Whenever you're ready, gentlemen," the Ringmaster called out. Kimberly's ass quivered as she felt the pudgy little hands of Peter Dreeb grasp her buttocks and pulled her back towards him. Maxine was getting a similar sensation from the much larger hands of Hercule. As if on cue, which it was, both men plunged their rigid shafts in the two girls.

"UNGH!" Maxine and Kimberly grunted in unison as their faces was shoved against Big John's elephantine cockstalk. The two circus performers were thrusting their asses back and forth as they relentlessly f***** the two helpless young women. As both had had their pussies loosened considerably beforehand, they rapidly buried both their huge cocks in the vagina that was offered to them.

At the same time, the two Rome women's mouths were squashed against Big John's cock and it didn't take long before their lips parted and the crowd roared as they began licking the monstrous penis.

Another cheer exploded when Cynthia took position beneath Maxine, and Megan slipped under Kimberly. Soon, they felt the new participants tongues licking at them and they squirmed and moaned as their own tongue continued exploring the circus elephant's cock. "Mmmmmmmh! Max, this. (slurp). this is so goood," Kimberly murmured between licks. Maxine's eyes could just make out Kimberly's head over Big John's cock as she continued slurping it from her side.

"You ready, Hercule?" Peter Dreeb grunted. "Whenever you are, buddy," the towering man groaned. On cue again they blew their loads deep into the two girls bowels, filling them until jism began leaking at their pussylips. Not bothering to wait any further, the two men quickly pulled out and handlers brought over the horny apes that had raped Maxine earlier.

Thanks to their years of training at this, the Orangutans knew exactly what to do. They each took up position behind both women and expertly tried shoving two cocks a piece into each pussy. "Ungh!

NO!" Maxine grunted as she felt the pressure being placed at her cunt. "Wha. what are you trying to do?" "Max! It hurts!" She heard Kimberly cry out as she too was receiving two cocks in her tiny hole.

"Make them stop, Max! Please, make them stop!" "Watch carefully the big screen, ladies and gentlemen," the Ringmaster bellowed, pointing up to the screens. Two handlers came out and got close up shots of both girls pussies as the apes double-f***** their pussies.

A loud cheer rang out when the ones behind Kimberly buried their cocks first. Bets had been made, and those that assumed that Diablo's reaming of her pussy had loosened her up first won. "Ungh! Oh God Max!" Kimberly cried out. "They. they're both in me. Oh f***, this hurts so bad." "Peter, make them stop," Maxine pleaded her former diminutive lover. "She's only a child." "Diablo didn't find her such a child," Peter taunted the redheaded police officer. "In fact, neither does the audience." "What?

You. you don't mean." Max's face dropped. "You're all a bunch of sick bastards." "Now is that nice," Peter kept taunting. "Considering that you're being billed as Maxine of the Apes," he added, making lewd reference to her simian rape only a little while before. While Maxine was arguing the point with Peter, Kimberly was trying to swallow the elephant's humongous cock-head past her lips.

Maxine turned her head back when the audience roared its approval. The deputy's eyes opened wide as she saw the elephantine penis disappear into her young charges mouth, while at the same time the apes kept double-fucking the teenager's pussy.

For the next fifteen minutes, Maxine stared dumbstruck as her boss' daughter sucked on the elephant's raging hard-on. She was so awestruck by that that she didn't even care about the apes raping her ravaged pussy yet again. She was too engrossed in the bestial action just inches from her face. All around them the cheers roared. The loudest of them seemed to be the women. Max couldn't understand why women would applaud such a degrading act, but the facts didn't lie.

She was even blinded enough by her disgust not to pay attention to the message her own body was sending her. Her clit was fully aroused and she was being racked by orgasm after orgasm, yet she remained oblivious to it all.

"Oh, Kimberly." Maxine wept. "I'. I'm so sorrrry." And without any encouragement, she too plastered her lips around the oversized elephantine penis. Both captive young women were hungrily lashing their tongues along the length of Big John's cock trying to make the gigantic animal cum in all its glory, and the crowd was loving every second of it.

The audience watched engrossed as the two beauties licked and sucked the elephant, while all the while the horny Orangutans kept humping away in their loose pussies. "WELL, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN," the crier bellowed. "IT SEEMS THAT WE HAVE DISCOVERED TWO NEW TALENTS IN THIS FAIR TOWN." The spectators applauded their agreement as they continued watching Maxine and Kimberly trying to satisfy the beasts surrounding them.

They cheered the loudest whenever the youngest of the two, Kimberly, would pull on the elephant's thick penis to get it closer to her mouth. Or whenever Max grunted in orgasm to the raping apes on her back. Then for the final climax of the act, Cynthia, the Ringmaster's daughter, came over and sucked on the tip of Big John's monstrous cock and then aimed the surging phallus to Kimberly's face as soon as she felt the elephantine cock nearing its climax.

Maxine watched in disgust and lust as the huge meaty hose began shooting gallons of creamy jism on her boss's daughter's face. She watched in adoring lust as the thick jism dripped of the teen's pretty face. And she came when she saw Kimberly opening her mouth as wide as she could so she could swallow the giant beast cum. "That's it Kimmy," Cynthia encouraged her new friend. "Drink all you want. Big John likes it when a girl drinks down his seed." "Mmmh!

Mmmmh!" Kimberly just nodded her agreement, not wanting to miss a drop. But there was no way she could keep up with the orgasming beast. Its huge balls obviously held more spunk than any woman could ever hope to swallow Maxine's tongue hung out in thirst as she too wanted to taste the elephant's load. That's when Peter walked over and unfastened her restraints.

Maxine quickly crawled under the makeshift fence/support and began licking Kimberly's cum covered tits as it dripped off of them. 'This is much better than drinking my mom's milk when I was a baby,' she thought. She suckled on the teenager's tits as if her very life depended on it.

Kimberly came from the very first contact of Maxine's lips clasping her over-excited nipples. And this only encouraged her to swallow more of Big John's cum.

The crowd around them cheered as flashes of cameras exploded around them. But they didn't care, not anymore. They were too lost in their lust to care. Their 'performance' lasted another twenty minutes before all the animals were sated and lead away.

Part Sixteen: Epilogue Cynthia and Megan both cleaned them with their tongues to the applause of the audience and neither Maxine, nor Kimberly cared anymore. They didn't even care if they were killed to keep this sinful circus' secret. But they're lives were in no way threatened. In fact, Peter let them use his trailer to wash up, and gave Maxine a change of clothes as the apes had ripped hers to shred earlier that evening.

"Wha. what are you going to do with us?" Max finally asked. "Not a fucking thing," Peter assured her. "Aren't you worried that I'll report this?" She asked. Peter just turned to his computer and turned the screen to them. On it was an mpeg playing back Maxine's, and then Kimberly's performance. "I don't think we have to worry about that, do you?" He grinned. "You. you're going to put that on the web?" Kimberly cried in deep shame.

"Not unless you force us to," he told them. "Now get dressed and go back to where you belong." With those final words, the midget simply walked out and left them to their own thoughts.

Kimberly turned to Max with a worried look in her eyes. "What about dad?" She asked. "Wha. what will you tell him?" Obviously, Max's decision was made very simple and clear by Peter Dreeb's veiled threat.

"Uh, I'll just say that my investigation was a dead-end," she assured the teenager. "Don't worry Kimberly. This'll stay between us, I swear." After a brief pause, she added. "If. if you need to talk about this, drop by to see me anytime, okay." "Uh, okay," Kimberly was relieved. "Max, thanks."