Dilf sucking straight amateur twink

Dilf sucking straight amateur twink
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This story is about how I impregnated my girlfriend, and how were now living a baby girl. My name is Callumn. I am about 5'9, I have short brown hair and hazel eyes. I weigh about 140, and I have a 6 pack.


I also had a 6 pack when I was 16 when this whole ordeal happened, and I have managed to maintain my abs ever since then. I am now 18, married to the mother of my baby girl, and I love her so much. Railie Jacobson was my girlfriend and now wife. Railie is about 5'1, and weighs 110 pounds. She used to weigh 98 pounds before the baby was born. She has auburn long hair, green eyes, and the most gorgeous skin. Any way, now a blast into the past… I was walking to my friend, Ryan's house for an over nighter.

I approached his house, and his garage door was open. He was working on his car. "Hey!" He said, as he was messing around with the engine of his old junk car. "Hey…" I said, sitting on up side down recycling bin. "What's wrong with your car?" I ask… "Just needs a tune up&hellip." He throws me the keys, "Test her out." I catch the keys and sit in the passenger seat and stick the key in the ignition.

The engine sounded beautiful. "Sounds good, Ryan!" We clean up and go up to his room.

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I throw a sponge basket ball in his plastic hoop hooked to the door. "So, has Sarah gotten comfortable with sex yet?" "FUCK NO!

Sarah is like, 'I wanna wait, Ryan!" He sighs and steals the ball and scores himself a basket. "I showed her the condom… I offered to put her on birth control, but she still wont!" I chuckle.

"Dude, it takes time.


Just ease into it." I shoot a basket and pull out my phone, and started to text Railie. "It's so easy for you to say, because you have gotten laid before!" He grunts as he shoots another basket.

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"Well, when I did it with Railie, she made sure I had a condom and she was on birth control." I slide my phone closed and slip back into my pocket. "Fuck, now that I think about it… it would have been sexy for Railie to get pregnant.

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I have been watching pregnancy porns lately." I say… "Fat chicks don't turn me on…" Ryan shoots another basket and looks at me like he just realized what I said about Railie. "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" He accuses.

"Dude, it would be so fuckin sexy if she were pregnant. Pregnant girls turn me on." I take the sponge ball away from Ryan and slam dunk it into the hoop. "I could 'pretend' to not bring or to not have a condom, and hopefully Railie forgets to take the pill, and I could use the 'pull out' method on her." Ryan chuckles, "Girls are smarter then that." He throws the ball against the door and catches it in his hands.

"One of the reasons Sarah wont do it with me, is because I might get her pregnant." "Well, I am gonna try it with Railie." I catch the ball in my hands and forcefully shove it through the hoop. "Are you ready to be a dad?" Ryan asks… suddenly not interested in basketball anymore. "I think so… I am ready to see Railie pregnant." I hog the hoop and ball to myself and start making baskets one after one.

"Finances are good in my family. I have a job…" "Ok… whatever. Fuck up your life and Railie's. Screw up everyone's hopes and dreams for you, Callumn." Ryan goes downstairs… I stay up in his room and flip him off behind his back. Ryan has always been a 'goody goody'. The next day, I go home and lay on my bed. Mom and dad are going out of town tonight, so I would have the house to myself. I pick up my phone and press the 'back' button and see a picture of Railie and Me at the lake last summer.

I smile seeing my beautiful girlfriend in a glorious pair of mini shorts and a tank top outlining her perfect 36 b tits.

"Callumn?" My mom knocks on my door and opens it. "Callumn, I left $100.00 on the counter for you. In case of emergencies or for food. Were gonna leave now." I stand up and follow mom down stairs. "So you'll be back when?" "Around 7:00 PM Monday night" Mom goes into the kitchen to refill her water bottle. "Everything is loaded into the car, Margie…" My d ad comes into the kitchen.

"Ready to go?" My mom nods and waves to me. "Bye Callumn…" She waves and they leave. I have been left alone before so this was a regular procedure.

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After I heard the car drive down the road I ran up to my room and grabbed my phone and pressed 'Call' to Railie. She answered with her so super sexy voice and I replied with an invitation to come over and spend the night. "Yeah! Your parents are gone tonight right?" Railie says, talking into the phone.

"And tomorrow night as well." I say, grinning. "Was hoping you and I could have some fun tonight." I take a condom in my hand and snap it in half with a pair of scissors.

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"Mmmm, really? So was I!" I could hear the excitement in my girl's voice. She sounded so cute and so sexy. So fuckable!

"Come on over, babe…" I say, dumping out the whole box of condoms and take two in my hand and cutting them in half. Wasting them so I have non left and a good excuse&hellip. 'Lent them to my dad for the weekend…' "It will be about an hour, Cal." She says, in her honey sweet voice. "That's fine, babe. Be here soon though…" I through the divided condoms into my trash can and take them out to the big dumpster out back. "Soon, as in VERY QUICKLY please!" "Ok, I will make it forty minutes instead of an hour, ok?" God, so sexy.

"Yeah, that's fine babe. I love you." I hear her say good bye and I already have a bulge in my pants just from talking to her. She really turns me on.