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Jill Kassidy In The Secretary
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The story so far: Phil has fallen out of love with his girlfriend, Sadie, and instead is besotted with her daughter called Kiara. Kiara however has her own boyfriend: Jake. Whilst Sadie was away for the week, Phil was out drinking, and heard some untrue stories about what the teenage couple had been getting up to.

In a drunken rage, he came home and raped Kiara in her room. This chapter is set the day after. The morning sun streamed in through Kiara's bedroom window, illuminating the pillow and disturbing Phil from his drunken slumber.

He blinked his eyes open against the harsh light and tried to swallow. He sat up alone in Kiara's bed, coughing with a dry throat. Totally dazed, he looked around the room, wondering why it was her walls he was looking at. He put his hand to his forehead, then his eyes happened upon the scarlet stains on her sheets.

"Oh god." he croaked hoarsely, remembering exactly how they got there. Some vague memories started to come swimming back: The vulgar stories at the pub, the angry walk home. then. Tears. Torn clothing. Dreadful screams. He could've sworn it was all just some sort of dream, yet the stark red stains were right there as evidence. His lips curled upwards slightly, happy at finally having actually fucked his girlfriend's young daughter.

His smile soon faded though as a sharp ache racked his head. He coughed again, harder this time and got up, feeling a little woozy as he exited the room. He was still in just his shirt from yesterday, and his cock hung flaccid between his legs, still covered in dried blood and cum. "Kiara!" he called out, getting no answer. He wandered lazily down the stairs and entered the living room, finding her cowering under the covers on the couch. She stirred drowsily as she heard her name being called and slowly rubbed her eyes to focus her vision against the daylight.

She sat up as he entered, His voice sounding reproachful, like she'd been caught doing something bad. She looked up and saw him, and was about to ask what he wanted when she noticed his lack of clothing. She grew scared at the mere sight of his cock again.

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She looked away and got to her feet, ignoring him and starting to fold the blanket. She set it back in the cupboard under the window and turned around. "What?" she asked bluntly, her voice just above a whisper.

It was still very hoarse from all of her shrieking last night. An icy shiver ran down her spine at the very memory.

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He stumbled over to the mirror and checked his reflection a little. "You'd better get your sheets cleaned up.


your mum will be home later," he said, facing away from her. There was no response so he turned and came over to her, patting her on the shoulder reassuringly and stepping closer. "Hey look. That was great last night. You and me. But not a word to your mum ok?" Her body stiffened at the touch of his hand and she nodded glibly, trying not to listen to him.

Her face looked drawn from no sleep, streaked with dry tears. As he turned his head back, he panicked as he spotted the clock showing half past eleven. "Shit. I've got to get ready. She'll be back in a few hours." She was starting to feel sick at his presence and couldn't bear to spend one more second anywhere near him.

She didn't want to cry in front of him, so she pulled away sharply and rushed up the stairs into her bedroom, slamming the door shut and sinking down to the floor. She hugged her knees tightly against her as she gave into her emotions and bitter hot tears ran down her cheeks. How could he have described raping her as 'great'? He talked as if it was an everyday occurrence: Brutally forcing himself inside her.

Now he was going to just act like it never happened? Pain and despair washed through her, hurting every nerve in her body. He eventually made his own way up the stairs to take a shower. As the hot water flowed down onto him, he reluctantly washed the evidence of their first time from his cock.

Slowly more pictures flashed up in his mind of her last night, parts of her body exposed to him as he pounded mercilessly away inside her tight warm pussy. His cock grew hard as he lathered it up with gel, but he chased the thoughts away for now. He was already planning on making the short trip to the shops, picking up some chicken and other ingredients, then coming back to make her mum's favourite dish, ready for her return.

After crying for several minutes Kiara forced herself unsteadily to her feet again, not bothering to wipe her face as she peeled the soiled sheets from the bed and pushed them to the bottom of the hamper. She covered them with other dirty clothes so the blood wasn't so noticeable. The mere sight of it was a vivid reminder of the non-consensual sex from the night before, and it made her feel queasy. Luckily she found some fresh linen in the basket for her bed, and brought it back in to quickly change the whole lot.

All morning she tried to keep her distance from him, staying huddled up and terrified in her bedroom. By the time it got around to two o'clock however, her hunger pangs were too much to bear. She forced herself up and walked nervously down into the kitchen, bringing her sheets with her and shoving them into the washing machine.

The room was filled with steam, pans bubbling away on the rings like little cauldrons. He was stirring one and he smiled as she came in. She stood up from the machine and turned around, trying to pretend he wasn't even there as she went to prepare herself something quick to eat. "Come for some lunch?" he asked her cheerily as she quickly shoved some ham between two slices of bread.

She nodded quickly and went to sit at the table, her back facing him as she started on her meagre sandwich. She was trying her best to ignore the appetising smells whirring around the kitchen. "Your mum will be on the train by now I'd imagine." He chattered on, trying to make idol conversation.

In return she only offered silence. Despite her hunger, she couldn't even finish her food. She was soon getting up and tipping the rest into the bin, placing the crumb-covered plate on the draining board. If she'd moved any closer, her arm would've brushed against his, and the thought of any sort of contact right now sent fear shooting through her. On top of that, his whole smug demeanour and act of denial right now was really starting to get to her.

She decided there and then, regardless of his attitude, she would tell her mum as soon as he wasn't around. But first, she wanted to tell her boyfriend and she planned to do that straight away.

"I'm going to Jake's," she muttered as she turned to leave, wanting to go up and change into some fresh clothes. He screwed his face up as he heard her announcement and turned the heat down under the pans. As she came down the stairs again, he was waiting for her by the front door. "Remember what I said last night Kiara.

I don't want to hear any more about you doing things you shouldn't, right?" he tried to corner her but she backed up frantically. Instead he just pointed to emphasise his words. "And make sure you're back by five. You're mum will be back and will want to see you. I'll be serving the dinner up then too." She scoffed, trying to subside laughter as he lectured her. "Maybe you shouldn't rape your girlfriend's daughter then," she mumbled, just loud enough for him to hear.

She pulled the door open, her blood pumping fast as she made a very quick exit. He glared as she slipped through the door, and then called one more time after her. "Hey! . just don't." he put his finger to his lips in a cautionary sign before heading back to the kitchen.

She swore now to tell Jake as soon as she got to his, the horrible images from last night still seared into her brain. Her heart beat fast in her chest as she walked, now eager to reveal the painful truth to her trusted boyfriend. The air felt fresh in her lungs and she breathed it in deeply, tasted the freedom.

She felt better with each step, taking her further and further away from that dreadful monster back in her home. Phil smiled confidently to himself as he thought of Sadie's joy once she got home. This was definitely his way out of the perfect crime. His cock came to life again as he absently mixed the sauce and thought of last night. He grimaced though as he realised the only outlet for his lust any time soon might be to fuck Sadie, and the prospect of that sex didn't interest him at all anymore.

He began to think of when he might get the chance to get in her daughter's bed again. If only he was able to do that, he could try and convince her that sex with him was actually enjoyable if she didn't struggle so much. Kiara rushed quickly up Jake's path and knocked frantically on the door.

Her excitement was quickly cut short when his dad, Sean, opened the door, and peered down at her. He smiled a little though he seemed a little fragile from his own hangover. "Hi," she said meekly. "Is.

Is Jake here?" Her voice was now pleading and she could clearly see the corners of his lips curl up, sparking anger inside her.

After all this man was responsible for spreading nonsense about her last night and triggering Phil's fury in the first place. "No sweetheart," he answered warmly. I'm sorry, you've just missed him. He's gone to football and won't be back for another hour or two. You can come in and wait for him though if you want. Come on, we can have a proper little chat." He gestured and though the thought sounded totally absurd, she became curious and made her way inside.

She sat herself down in one of their plush armchairs, Sean sitting on the sofa where her and Jake sometimes made out when left alone. "I saw your stepdad last night in the pub. Did he tell you?" She looked down at her hands and tried not to clench them into angry fists.

"Yes," she said croakily. "He did tell me yeh. Mr O'Neil, why did you lie to him about me and Jake last night? He told me you were telling all sorts of horrible stories." The green flecks were visible in her imploring eyes as she looked over.

He raised his eyebrows and shrugged dismissively. "Oh that! That was all just a little joke. I could tell he'd had a right skinful and I was just winding him up about stuff.

Sorry sweetheart. I didn't think he'd tell you." He leaned forward with concern in his eyes. He didn't actually take any of it seriously did he?" She sat back in her chair, sniffing back tears.

Her pussy was still painfully sore and nearly made her wince as she moved. She suddenly felt dizzy and sick to her stomach. It was all just a joke? Didn't this man know what his stupid joking had caused?

She quickly got to her feet, steadying herself against the mantelpiece as she looked over at him. "N-No. He was fine. I think I might go now Mr O-Neil. Tell Jake I was here please." He looked over at her, disappointed, but she couldn't bear to stay any longer and made her way dazedly to the door.

Once Phil had finished preparing the food, he mixed it all together in a Pyrex dish, placing it in the oven to stay warm for later. He glanced at the clock on his phone and wondered if he had enough time to go upstairs and make himself cum to relieve the pressure a little. He bit his lip and decided against it, instead getting his shoes on and heading straight out to the car. If he drove to the station now he'd just about be in time for Sadie's train coming in.

He pulled up at the back gates, watching passengers teaming off the train and out in various directions. He kept the car ticking over, staying eagle-eyed for her. Kiara trudged dejectedly back home, feeling hurt and deserted.

All she could think about now was her mother. She would definitely spill everything out to her tonight and soon enough she would never have to see Phil ever again. She came in and went directly upstairs to freshen up.

After she'd washed and styled her hair into curls, she dressed herself in a smart body-flattering shirt and shorts, then applied some discrete make-up. She pulled out the small gift she had bought for her mother and looked at it. It was a collection of little gemstones on a bracelet and she had saved most of her money to buy it. All five gems were engraved with a letter to spell her mums name out: 'Sadie'.

They were wrapped in a pink box with a silver bow and she placed it in the middle of the dining table all ready. She smiled, cramming the memories of last night right to the back of her mind. Phil took one hand from the steering wheel and waved as he saw Sadie weaving her way out of the station and over to the kerb. She spotted him and walked over, her red curls bouncing off of her shoulders as she went.

Her lipstick was plastered on so thick the colours almost matched. "Hi!" she squawked shrilly as she climbed in beside him, putting her bag over into the back. He gave her a weak hug and a customary kiss on the cheek. "Hey!" she squealed in protest and he embraced her properly on the lips. He set up the car and began to take them home, listening to her relating the tale of her trip away. She'd only gone to her sister's, supposedly because she was ill.

He knew however that their consistent rowing beforehand had had more to do with it. "How's Kiara been?" she asked after a silence. He kept to his word and reported that she was fine and had behaved perfectly. He obviously neglected to tell of her alleged kissing with Jake, and her proven sex with him. Kiara sat up as she heard the front door open and came over to greet her mum happily.


Sadie held her daughter tightly in her arms, obviously pleased to see her again. She quickly put her bag away and they all went through to the kitchen.

"You're looking really well Kiara," she complimented. The girl thanked her mother and smiled. They discussed the corresponding weeks they'd spent apart from each other as Phil dutifully dished out the food.

Kiara felt her fingers twitch and she wanted desperately to just blurt everything out about last night, but his presence was somehow overpowering and she just couldn't bring herself to. Not yet. Sadie squealed in delight as she saw the finished meal. "Oh honey, you didn't need to make this all for me!" She leaned over and smacked a kiss loudly against his cheek, leaving a pair of visible red lips on him.

As he went to wash them off, Kiara handed her mum the present. She gasped with glee as she opened the little box, her eyes going wide and she squeezed her daughter tightly to her, almost crying with gratitude. She slipped the bracelet on immediately, admiring it from all different angles by the window.

Phil deposited all three plates onto the table and came to sit down. They all began eating. As for Kiara, she was determined to stay away from the pair of them until she could get her mum alone.

She started to eat her dinner hurriedly. For Phil the evening was going like clockwork. Sadie couldn't stop smiling as she ate, chatting away cheerily to the two of them.

Phil suddenly noticed her daughter bolting down the food and waved his fork in her direction. "Wow, you taking part in an eating race or something?" he asked, chuckling.

She stopped and looked up, holding back the urge to just slap him squarely in the face. Her mum followed his gaze and looked disapproving. "Don't eat like that sweetie, you'll get indigestion." Phil continued to eat his food slowly, pushing his chair a little closer to Sadie's around the circular table. He watched her happily enjoying the meal and realised he felt just as much disdain for her as he did a week ago when she'd left.

But now his acting had to be impeccable, everything depended on him keeping those painted lips smiling. "How was it at Jake's?" he quizzed Kiara as he ground a little salt over his meal. She grimaced at the sound of the question. She took a deep breath and forced a small smile. "It was okay, we just talked a little bit." She lied deliberately, knowing the idea of them together would at least irritate him.

She quickly went back to staring at her food and poked it with the fork before deciding she couldn't stomach any more. The sight of Phil trying to suck up to her mum now just made her feel too nauseous. "Thanks for dinner, but I'm not hungry anymore," she muttered as she scraped her chair back and went over to dump the remaining food into the waste bin, leaving the plate on the worktop.

"Hey Kiara! Don't be so." her mum called after her but she'd already left and they could hear her feet thudding on the landing and into her room. She slammed the door shut, jumping into her clean bed and lying flat on her stomach. She began to sob quietly into the pillows, Warm fresh tears leaking down into a puddle on the fabric. Phil saw the annoyance in Sadie's eyes and stroked her arm, giving her a gentle kiss. "Hey, she's just at that age, that's all." She frowned back at him.

"I know but you worked hard on this." He grinned and took his last bite, before laying his knife and fork together.

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"I'm big enough to take it. As long as you enjoyed it baby." they looked at each other and he touched her knee. "Look, Sadie. I. I really missed you whilst you were away you know? I'm so sorry for all that nonsense we went through before. I. well. things have just been really bad on the site and. I don't know. I'm sorry. I love you." Her eyes almost brimmed over with tears as she dropped her cutlery and clutched him to her.

"I know Phil. I love you too." He'd tried to make his words sound as heartfelt as possible and he almost convinced himself for a second as they hugged, He knew now though, like he'd known for a long time, that they were well and truly over. He didn't love her at all. Any connection they'd had, whether it had simply been lust, or a phase, had now passed.

The bear-faced lies though somehow seemed worthwhile, necessary even as if it meant he could put his stiff frustrated cock back into her little girl. In her room, Kiara sat up in bed and looked down at the floor, spotting the book that she'd been reading the night before. She leaned down to retrieve it and studied the pages to find where she'd been forced to leave the story. She shook her head as she skimmed through it before finding her place and settling back on the bed to read, not bothering to remove her make-up.

She nestled herself into the comfort of her bed and began to get back into the book, trying to shut out all of the world outside for a while. Downstairs her mum continued to sniffle into Phil's shoulder as they hugged warmly. Her sickly perfume filled his nostrils and he swallowed to stop himself from spluttering. "You know what else I missed?" She whispered as her hand snaked over to his crotch, her sharp red nails almost scratching a hole in his trousers as she squeezed. He cleared his throat and shuffled awkwardly in his seat.

His cock did twitch at her touch, but it was her daughter's half-naked youthful body that came into view in his mind, writhing underneath him, her slippery virgin pussy lips massaging his cock. "Maybe tomorrow night then baby yeh? I'm shattered tonight to be honest. Right now I just want to curl up in bed next to you and fall asleep with you in my arms." Her disappointment was quickly replaced by doe-eyes from his attempted romance. "Aww ok baby. Sure." She pulled her hand back and cleared the rest of her plate.

Their sex did admittedly used to be electric, when they'd first met. The magic was soon lost though and nowadays her ever expanding waistline, vivid red make up and shrill voice just repelled him. Her appetite for sex used to attract him. Now it just made her look more and more desperate. Recently he'd been spending most of his evenings late at the pub, hoping to stumble home long after she'd already drifted off to sleep.

They cleared the plates and stacked the dishwasher together, then wandered through to the lounge to enjoy an evening of dull television and cuddling. Phil stuck to her like a limpet, not wanting to let her out of his site lest Kiara should actually let anything slip about last night.

Sadie was tired from her long train journey and she soon began to yawn. He ruffled her hair sympathetically and kissed her forehead. "Come on sleepy, let's go up to bed shall we?" She smiled drowsily up at him and he switched off the TV.

They walked slowly upstairs, going through their familiar routine of preparing for bed, then slipping into it. She was out like a light as soon as her head hit, and he was left lying awake next to her. He turned away, facing out to the wall and trying to forget the tingling in his cock which only seemed to be getting stronger.

Kiara read on, listening out for her mum possibly heading to bed on her own. It was too much to hope for though and as the night went on she could barely keep her own eyes open.

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She soon found the words were becoming blurred and her head was drooping over the open book. She yawned and folded the corner of the page over to mark her place before putting it down. She got up, too tired to think about changing now as she slapped her hand against the light switch.

It plunged the room into darkness and she stumbled to find her way back to bed. Once there, she laid herself down and pulled the cover from under her to lay it across her body, snuggling into the comfy mattress.

She was facing away from the door and was soon drifting off into a more sound and peaceful sleep than the night before. She would tell her mum everything tomorrow. That would be fine. In the room next door, Phil was lying on his back and trying to ignore his erection, now raging inside his boxers.

But he just couldn't sleep and the heavy breathing beside him was not helping any. He took his cock in his hand and gently stroked himself, instantly feeling a little relief. He turned to look at Sadie's sleeping face, trying to use the similarities to imagine her little girl.

It was just no good though and he couldn't bring her pretty features clearly enough to mind. As if drawn, he stood up and walked silently across the carpet. He could still hear her mum's deep breathing as he pushed Kiara's bedroom door handle down and went in.

By now, the room was pitch black but for a tiny glint of moonlight shining in through the curtains. He shut the door silently, his skin tingling as he walked over to stand by the head of the bed.

He peeled his boxers down over his cock and they fell to the floor at his feet. He stepped out and pushed his hips forward, jerking faster now as he tried to make her face out in the dim light. Soon it was just not enough and he was desperate to feel more.

Her eyes were shut and he was dying to see those bright turquoise pearls again as he pleasured himself. It didn't feel at all as good with her blissfully asleep. He wanted her to be awake and helping him get off. Making him cum with her body and then dealing with the mess. The idea became too much and he lifted the covers, pressing his weight down on the sheets behind her and pushing up against her back.

He instantly put his palm over her mouth and rolled his hips, feeling friction on his hard cock from her panties. His sensitive tip rubbed along her pussy through her shorts, making his cock twitch. "Sshhh don't say a word now," he murmured breathily into her ear. "I just need you for a second." She jerked awake, startled and frightened. Her eyes widened as she realised who it was holding her mouth shut, her body rocking slightly from his movements.

She could feel him pressing into her from behind and knew exactly what he wanted. She tried urgently to struggle free. It was her worst nightmare coming true. She'd only just been able to get through the day and suppress all the horrific memories of it, and now here was her rapist again, horny and in her bed.

Fear rose in her as she realised there was no escape.


She tried to scream but He pressed his hand harder, turning the sound into a muffled ineffective squeak. He ground against her harder trying to create more friction but he couldn't feel much. He started to move up the bed, tipping her onto her back. He was soon kneeling up, wanking his cock ferociously with his free hand and looking into her sleepy eyes. "Now when I let go of your mouth, you can open it to scream, but when you do I'm putting my cock in there and you'll be gagging on it." He whispered his intentions quickly down at her.

Even with his head clear from alcohol he wanted her badly. Right on cue, he did exactly as he said, freeing her, then pushing the back of her head forward, ramming his cock against her mouth. Precum dripped from his slit and coated her lips as she pressed them firmly together. She trembled violently at the contact, his movements becoming vicious again like last time. Terror flooded her whole body like icy water and she stayed petrified to the spot.

She gasped out, then quickly gagged with disgust as he forced his cock right to the back of her throat. She instantly started crying, her muffled screams and pleads completely futile, yet she couldn't help but let them out anyway.

She looked up helplessly at him, unable to do anything else but stare into his cold eyes, her own widened with fear as he started to ram his cock back and forth in her mouth, using it callously for his pleasure. He groaned out his satisfaction as the warm feelings flowed along his shaft. He was finally getting relief, and this time he could focus on her pretty face in crystal clarity as he fucked it. She sobbed harder, and it took all her will to stop herself from sinking her teeth down into his flesh.

Only the fear of a beating or possibly another vicious fucking made her resist the temptation. She just tried to make her mouth as tight as possible and to force his cock out, struggling for breath as he continued to thrust mercilessly. As her tongue fought against his cock, it only served to rub against it, giving him more pleasure.

He growled deeply as he moved, letting out all the frustration of the day. He tried to keep the noise to a minimum, even with his cock squelching loudly as it plunged into her throat.

He reared up, pulling her hair harder and fucking her pretty face relentlessly. His heavy balls slapped against her chin, starting to get wet with her dribble.

Her nose jabbed against his stomach, tickled by his pubic hair on each impact. He heard the occasional squeak of protest, but mostly just wet strangulated noises.

"That's it," he whispered encouragingly down at her. "Suck it deep, that's the way. Take all of it right down." He continued to rape her inexperienced throat, stretching it wide.

Sometimes he held his cock in deep, feeling her throat clamp around his tip as she tried to swallow. He grinned down at her, her full lips slurping along his whole length. Her eyes seemed to glisten up at him in the moonlight as they stung and helplessly watered. Before long his balls were tightening and he struggled to stay quiet. He was just about to warn her when they started to empty into her mouth. Cum flew from his tip, shooting out and blasting down her throat.

As it spewed out, she pulled back, trying to escape it. In fact she only served to bash her head against the wooden headboard. She screwed up her face in disgust, though her throat reflexively swallowed, drinking the wet sperm down into her stomach. To stop herself from choking on it, she gulped and accidentally ingested more. As soon as he pulled out, she could feel the remainder still gathered on her tongue.

She leaned over the side of her bed and spat it out into her little basket bin. She sat up, a large headache forming and the strong taste of his seed still at the back of her throat. Tears continued to run down her cheeks, now distraught at the fact that this obviously wasn't going to be just a onetime thing.

"My head hurts" she whined, crying in earnest and choking on her tears. She coughed quietly every now and then, trying to get rid of the foul taste of cum and sweat. He knelt back down on the edge of the bed, wiping his brow and looking at her. He grinned malevolently and reached to touch her cheek, then thought better of it. "Sshhh. quiet. get some sleep. It'll help your head." he got off the bed and scrabbled around for his shorts. The pressure now felt so much better and he was already heading for the door.

"Sleep well," he wished her as he went to leave, almost as if he'd just been in to read her a goodnight story instead of forcing her to suck his dick. At his last glance over to her, his only regret was that he didn't have time to unbutton her top and pull her shorts off. That could wait. He could always screw her pussy next time.

It would be something to look forward to. He crept out again and got back to his own bedroom. His heart settled as he could already hear her mum still lightly snoring.

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He climbed back in beside her, resting an arm over her and laying down, ready to sleep. Kiara lay her head onto her pillows in the suddenly silent room, the only sound now being that of the floorboards creaking slightly next door. She tried to stop her mind from buzzing, but her body twitched, occasional warm tears still escaping her eyes. She had to stop this somehow. She refused to just become some kind of fucktoy for Phil's use. She wasn't brought to this house just to have her body used by him whenever he felt like it.

She hated him with a passion. She felt like she despised him more than she'd ever despised anyone in her life before. She despised that he'd just torn her virginity away like it was nothing, that she could now never have her first time again, that every time from now on that she'd think back to her first sexual experience, it would be his menacing grin that would haunt her thoughts.

She snuggled down deeper under the covers, her body hunched up in a tight ball. She would tell her mum straight away tomorrow. Every time she thought about it though, a stark image of her mum's smiling face came into her head.

The pure delight in her eyes as she'd sat with Phil that evening. Could she really do that to her mother? Could she be so selfish, just to keep herself safe from that monster?