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Fervid czech chicks open up their fannys with buttplug and huge fuck toys
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After 9 years working on the Mars terraforming project Sabine and Anton had finally completed their contract. They both looked forward to claiming their own' little piece' of Mars they could call home, saying that their 'little piece' was 15000 acres which was an in group joke. 3 other specialist couples had worked on the project and all had chosen an area away from the main settlement complex, each had worked on many terraforming projects but finally decided to settle down away from the overcrowded earth.

Sabine and Anton had chosen Lunae Planum a large plateau covered in grasslands and woodland, only 1 other couple had settled there but they were over 2 hours way by supersonic speeder. Though all the settlers were allowed to do what they wished with their stakes they were still required to start off supporting the main settlement with materials until it became self-sufficient, this meant that a their lands would be divided between crops, livestock and woodlands for timber.

6 months had passed and everything had settled into routine when one morning Sabine was shocked to find a strange looking caterpillar crawling on one of the leaves of the crop they were growing. Trying to scoop it up in a glass beaker and failing Sabine grabbed it without thinking with her bare fingers, as she dropped it into the beaker she felt a wave of pin pricks run across the finger and thumb and an almost pleasurable sensation ran up her arm.

Looking at her hand Sabine could see 3 tiny red dots on each digit that had touched the creature, quickly putting the lid on but making sure the air holes were open she cleaned the punctures. When Anton finally returned home she quickly told him about her discovery, looking sceptical he followed her into the almost empty lab to see it. When they both looked at the container Sabine was shocked to see a dried up husk, looking like nothing more than a seed pod. Picking up the container Anton's hand came away covered in a clear sticky substance that leaked out of the air holes coating the side and part of the table top.

Sabine was upset when he dismissed it as a prank on her part but said nothing more and disposed of the whole container. A few weeks later as Anton was away working as a shuttle pilot, Sabine woke one morning with a strange feeling of disconnection, as she lay in bed she felt her breasts ache and her nipples tingle, drowsily she remembered the dream she'd had, an unseen person had been teasing and sucking her breasts and nipples, confused Sabine sat up, she could not remember having erotic dreams before even when Anton and her had been dating.

Rising and going to shower Sabine looked in the bathroom mirror as she passed and her eyes were drawn to her breasts, her nipples were erect and her eyes widened as she noticed 3 little red welts round each areola and a 4th on the very top of each nipple. Worriedly she called for a med unit which arrived quickly, examining her the robot gave an all clear report and by this time the welts had almost disappeared.

Trying to forget the incident Sabine worked hard all day in the fields and finally after a light meal drifted off to sleep. Again the dreams started, unable to move Sabine felt an unseen person stroking up her body it felt almost like the person was using feathers, though instead of tickling it made her aroused. Struggling to wake Sabine felt like she was falling deeper asleep when she felt her breasts tingle as if being pricked with pins, followed quickly by a prick on the end of her nipple.

With that her breasts were swept with an intensely pleasurable wave of feeling and Sabine couldn't stop the moan from escaping her lips. Again she felt a small stabbing round her nipples and a pulling, almost sucking feeling round them, trembling Sabine moaned louder as she felt a featherlike touch across the top of her thighs and a pricking there making her thigh muscles spasm and jump apart slightly.

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Feeling another stroke and a second pricking she couldn't stop her legs opening wider. The sucking feeling on her nipples was almost unbearable now as Sabine's breasts shook with the ripples of pleasure, Sabine gasped as the feather like stroking started across her exposed pussy, gentle ripples followed the movement down it and back up again.

Sabine gasped again and again as the stroking became harder and harder. Suddenly Sabine sat up, eyes wide shaking hard almost orgasming with the dreams power, she felt her nipples throbbing and her pussy pulsing but she was alone in the room.

Sitting up and hugging herself she knew if she went back to sleep it would all start again.

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Rising she went to the kitchen for coffee as she walked Sabine felt her inner thighs covered in something, rubbing her hand over them it came away covered in a clear sticky substance which Sabine knew instinctively did not come from her body. Collecting some she decided to test it when she could, sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee until day break Sabine called one of the other couples and asked if they could meet to talk.

Worriedly Sabine tells the woman about the dreams, and what she had found that morning, waiting for her to finish the woman thinks for a little while and then explains that the different atmosphere, diet and her being alone could account for everything, the discharge could be her body's way of dealing with the changes. Feeling reassured Sabine decides to forget about it and disposes of the liquid without testing it.

That day Anton returns and tells her he has 2 weeks off so he can help her round the stake. Relieved she doesn't say anything about her dreams. Falling asleep beside Anton, Sabine's dreams return to normal that night. The next morning she feels relief and her nerves calm as nothing happened. Working hard they both start catching up with all the chores on the stake and the 2 weeks just fly by.

The night before he leaves Sabine starts to feel nervous about being alone again, and Anton suggests she ask a friend to come stay for a little while. After trying several times to contact their nearest friend Sabine feels foolish and thinks it must be all in her mind.

Fixing herself a light meal she settles in for an early night.

Hours later the dream starts again, more powerful this time the stabbing in her breasts is almost violent and she cries out loudly feeling as if something is digging into them.

The sensation on her nipples is painful, a strong pulling like being milked, whimpering now Sabine thrashes about on the bed, the unseen molester 'stings' her upper body and it goes limp as the sucking lessens and the pain turns to pleasure again. As before the stroking on Sabine's thighs starts again, gently but insistent, getting stronger just before she feels the prick causing her legs to spasm open, once, twice three times now she feels it and her legs jump open wider that in the last dream.

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Sabine's breasts start to shake again as the muscles contract in waves making her moan more and more. With her increased moans she feels the feather like stroking against her bare pussy lips again stimulating it. Feeling herself dampen then become soaked with the teasing strokes Sabine is shocked when she feels a hard ridge appear along the soft feathers.


It rests along the line of her pussy lips as around it the stroking increases in tempo, feeling her stomach tighten Sabine's cries multiply and suddenly the hard ridge is forcing her pussy lips apart, it seems to thicken as it slips inside them pulling the feathery touch with it. As it sinks all the way in Sabine finally orgasms, screaming long and loud as the ridge pushes on her hardening clit and undulating along its whole length, the sucking on her nipples increases in time with the writhing of the ridge and Sabine almost passes out from pleasure.

As her pussy juices flood out uncontrollably she feels as if something is sucking them up almost quicker than they leak out making her orgasms even harder.

Panting and screaming Sabine passes out just as she feels a hot sensation along the whole length of her pussy almost like when Anton fucks her and pulls out before he stops cumming! Waking late the next morning Sabine's body is one huge aching mass, looking at herself in the mirror this time she sees the large welts with red circles in the middle and the whole area including her nipples are covered in the clear sticky substance.

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As she wipes her nipples and tries to clean it off Sabine sees a white liquid leak from them, she realises her breasts are producing milk. She has to brace herself on the counter or risk collapsing with the shock.

Trying to clean her sore aching pussy is a nightmare as each time she touches it with a light clothe Sabine orgasms again and again, finally managing to clean it she looks at the cloth sees a little blood and a white substance mixed in with it.

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Unable to bare it she showers again and again trying to clean the memory as well as the liquids from her abused body. That night Sabine is trembling when she goes to bed fearful of what might happen she takes some medication to try and help her stay awake so she won't dream again.

Lying in bed late into the night she feels drained without having done anything.

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Hours later Sabine feels a light tickling along her outer thigh and a sudden stab of pain, thinking she's been bitten by something Sabine tries to move but to her horror she's paralyzed. Slowly the tickling moves up onto her stomach and slowly towards her breasts, moving her head as much as she can Sabine tries to scream as a large hairy caterpillar like creature comes into her view, but whatever has been injected into her stops her from making any sound.

The caterpillar slides up her body slipping between her breasts, as it raises itself up Sabine realises that this is a grown version of the little caterpillar she had found months ago.

Shaking now she watches as it lifts its body up and the end starts to split in two each half moving towards her breasts and nipples. As it closes on them each rounded end bursts open, splitting in 3 and peeling back, Sabine can see what looks like a tiny hook on each piece and a pointed spike in the centre. She tries to struggle but only manages to rock her body slightly, the caterpillar suddenly lunges forward and its spikes dig in, Sabine feels her breasts convulse and a wave of pleasure sweeps over her immediately making her moan, as it settles each end on her breasts the hooks sink in deep and she feels the flesh around them pulse harder with pleasure, Sabine knows the creature is pumping something into her to cause these feelings but can't stop it.

As the spikes contact her nipples she feels them push deeper and deeper making them harden more and more as it floods them with the same substance. This time Sabine screams in pleasure long and loud as she feels the mouths on each end start to pulse suckling her breasts. The creatures lower end start stroking her legs and without her meaning too Sabine opens them wide before it can stab her thighs, Its now thick body slipping between her legs and coming to rest on her pussy lips, immediately it start to pulse and undulate across them making her pussy throb in time and her juices to flood out uncontrollably.


Again Sabine feels the juices being sucked up almost faster than they can come out but this time she is horrified to understand that this creature is milking them from her unwilling body by making her lose control with the pleasure. Sabine suddenly finds herself arching her back as wave after wave of the most powerful orgasm she's ever experienced wracks her body.

Almost lifting her body off the bed as she arched her back, only her head and lower legs on the bed Sabine sees the creatures body start to thicken between the 2 limbs, elongating into a 3rd limb that stretches up towards her face.

Flopping back to the bed Sabine can do nothing but scream as the creatures lower body hardens even more rubbing and pulsing on her throbbing abused clit, her mouth wide open as she orgasms she screams, Sabine is unable to stop the limb pushing into her mouth the feathery flesh pricking her mouth causing her to pant and gag at first, she feels the flesh change becoming smooth and slick as it slips further into her mouth, pulsing in time with its other appendages.

Crying with pleasure now Sabine feels the shaft in her mouth pulse and spurt down her throat, unable to do anything but swallow she feels the liquid sliding down her insides, suddenly she feels disconnected and the creature rises up as it splits into 3 the 2 outer, new creatures slither to the side as the 3rd keeps filling her mouth with its excreted juices. Sabine tries to scream again as the new creatures lower end elongates even more and she feels it push inside her hole and her pussy goes into convulsions as it throbs harder and harder, then her insides burn as she feels the creature pumping its juices deep inside her swollen pussy.

Finally it slips off her shaking body onto the bed beside her, confused Sabine feels herself rise unsteadily and as if through someone else eyes she sees herself in the mirror, her breasts and nipples covered in huge red welts, her pussy streaming the creature's juices down her thighs.

She walks to the vid phone and watches as she punches in 2 numbers, recognising them at the last minute as the homes of the 2 other couples on the plateau, as they answer Sabine hears her voice inviting the 2 women over for an evening meal and drinks, shocked she hears them agreed knowing that both their husbands are away working with Anton and will not be back for at least a week!

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Turning Sabine feels herself drop to her hands and knees as the 3 creatures move towards her, before she passes out she feels 2 of the creatures start stimulating her holes as the 3rd pushes into her open mouth, it is then she realises that she has been controlled and has now invited her two friends over for the evening and knows that they're going to suffer the same fate as she now is, the final waves of pleasure engulf her body and she knows she has become the 1st slave and food source of the pleasure worms of Mars, she slips into unconsciousness&hellip.